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Andy Gray backs Mike Ashley and calls out Newcastle United fans as celebration of stupidity continues

3 years ago

Andy Gray is the latest to give Newcastle fans the benefit of his expertise.

The presenter declaring ‘I dunno what Newcastle want? Do they want Mike Ashley to say here’s a quarter of a billion pounds of my money you can have it and spend it how you want Rafa…’

Isn’t it great how idiots like Andy Gray can ignore any kind of reality and come out with outlandish claims as to what Newcastle fans are supposedly demanding.

This is on a par with Mike Ashley saying how he couldn’t compete with ‘sovereign states’ in reference to Manchester City.

Absolutely crazy, when in reality Newcastle fans are upset about (amongst other things) the fact that we can’t compete with those well known sovereign states Brighton and Huddersfield in the transfer market, rather than Manchester City.

Newcastle fans are unhappy because this summer Mike Ashley made a transfer profit of over £20m, the biggest in the Premier League, one of only two PL clubs to make a profit – the other being Watford due to the sale of Richarlison for over £40m.

The likes of Huddersfield, Wolves, Fulham, West Ham, Brighton, Cardiff and many others had a net spend this summer at least £50m higher than Newcastle United.

How can Andy Gray not even grasp that this is severely hampering Rafa Benitez?

Where is the rationale for Gray to take unhappiness from Newcastle fans at a £20m+ transfer profit and that then equal those supporters are demanding Mike Ashley should put in £250m to pay for transfers?

Nobody knows for sure but I think in the case of Andy Gray, his ridiculous comments are probably more due to being thick and lazy, rather than any kid of vindictiveness towards Newcastle fans and/or support for Mike Ashley.

When your whole job is talking about Premier League clubs, how can you be so lazy and reckless in the comments you make. What is so difficult about doing research and understandng wat you are talking about before you say it.

I think a lot of the problems with the likes of Andy Gray and others, is that they have such a high opinion of themselves and really believe they are experts, so they need to also believe that then this naturally means football fans aren’t up to their level.

I think key to this latest nonsense is that Andy Gray totally hasn’t got a clue about why Newcastle fans are worried.

He somehow thinks that it is down to Mike Ashley as to why Newcastle finished 10th last season, failing totally to understand that if it hadn’t been for Rafa Benitez, last season’s squad would have almost certainly been relegated.

As as been said many times before, even on the last day of the season Newcastle could have ended up 15th in the PL, if results had gone differently.

Yet Andy Gray seems to think that the very worst that can happen this season is that NUFC repeat 10th place and believes that Newcastle supporters are demanding that we should finish higher than 10th this time.

The reality of course is that most Newcastle fans know last season’s squad were very lucky to end up 10th and could easily have been 16th or 17th, or even worse.

They also know that because of lack of transfer backing, it is very dubious as to whether this current squad is any better than the one that ended last season at St James Park.

Newcastle fans fear Rafa Benitez walking away at the end of the season because of Ashley undermining him, whilst more immediately, fans worry that we might be relegated even with Benitez’ expertise, due to all of the competition strengthening.

One example should surely tell Andy Gray all he needs to know.

Back in the day he was a top division striker and so how can he not see that last summer Rafa was forced to bring in £5m Stoke reserve striker Joselu as his main forward purchase, whilst this time it is £2m loan forward Rondon, who has averaged eight goals a season in his three years at West Brom in the Premier League.

As for players now wanting to come to Newcastle, that is just nonsense.

Of course some players will want to go to London as opposed to a club outside the capital but for most, especially foreign players, they simply want to come and play in the Premier League and find the most ambitious club possible.

This is shown by big money signings (by Newcastle standards especially!) heading to Huddersfield, Bournemouth, Everton, Leicester, Brighton and elsewhere.

Those players could just as easily have signed for Newcastle United if Mike Ashley didn’t run the club the way he does.

The fight goes on and part of that is countering the stupidity of clueless morons such as Andy Gray.

How can he be totally unaware that as well as the first team squad, Mike Ashley as also left Newcastle trailing well behind when it comes to investment in the training complex and Academy?

He says Mike Ashley ‘has done a really good job’ because Newcastle ended up 10th last year, so what does he have to say about the fact that Ashley already has two relegations in the previous eight PL seasons at NUFC, plus only one finish in the PL top nine in his 11 seasons at the club?

Andy Gray speaking on beIN Sports:

“You have to be very careful because Newcastle fans have an expectancy maybe beyond what they should have.

“They haven’t won a domestic trophy since 1955, that’s a long time since they haven’t won any trophy since the Fairs cup in 1968.

“Yet they (the fans) still think they are entitled to whatever Mike Ashley has got, whatever his millions are.

I think Mike Ashley has done a really good job with them, they finished tenth last year.

 “I heard last year that Mike Ashley was ridiculous (because) he didn’t give Rafa enough money – they were this, they were that – they finished tenth.

“Rafa spent more money and brought more players in and they might finish ninth this year.

“I dunno what they want?

“Do they want Mike Ashley to say here’s a quarter of a billion pounds of my money you can have it and spend it how you want Rafa, it’s not going to happen, It’s not going to happen.

“If you look at the investment he’s made in Newcastle I don’t get the stick he gets I really don’t. Then again, I’m not up there seven days a week the way the Newcastle fans are. I don’t know what they want from Mike I really don’t.

“He’s brought in Rafa Benitez he gets no praise for that, he brought him in he was the man that said I’m going to bring Rafa Benitez into the club and yet he gets no credit for that.

“It’s a difficult place to attract the very best players because most of the foreign players that come to the Uk want to play in London, Manchester or Liverpool they don’t want to play in the North East of England. So it’s difficult to attract the very best players up there.

“If they finish between sixth and tenth most years and win a cup or have a cup run unless they do a Leicester and surprise us all, I think that’s where they are.”


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