Disgraced presenters Andy Gray and Richard Keys are thankfully not on UK TV screens.

However, by the power of today’s technology it is difficult to ignore then still, via the internet/social media.

Richard Keys has always made clear how much he dislikes Rafa Benitez and regularly attacks the Newcastle manager, usually using lies (fake news/facts?).

This weekend sees him (Keys) playing a more minor role, as it is Andy Gray who takes it upon himself to praise Mike Ashley and have a go at Rafa Benitez via lies and twisted versions of events.

On beIN Sports this weekend, the pair have debated this summer’s latest transfer spat between Mike Ashley and Rafa Benitez, with the hopeless former Mackem boss Peter Reid joining  in with the nonsense.

Peter Reid:

“In the modern era now, the coaches look after themselves. Jose did it at the start of the season and Rafa Benitez is doing it, letting the public know he hasn’t got the players he wants.

“It happened to me but in our day we used to keep it quiet but in these days the coaches are strong people in strong positions, letting everyone know.”

Andy Gray:

“In Mike Ashley’s defence and I’m not taking sides with anyone…

“Rafa was given the biggest budget in the Championship from his chairman: ‘Get us up’ and he did that.

“Mike Ashley then invested another £100m (last season) to make his group better.”

Richard Keys:

“Interest free loan from Mike Ashley to Newcastle, stands at £144m.”

Andy Gray:

“Every year, has Mike Ashley allowed Rafa Benitez to improve the squad?

“I have to say yes.

“£100m last year, seven players they have signed this year: Dubravka the goalkeeper, Kenedy they have got back on loan and they’ve added five (other) new players and they haven’t lost anyone who you’d think ‘Wow, that’s a blow’.

“Dwight Gayle? No, not really. You’ve got Rondon in, Mitrovic, he didn’t want him, never played. Mbemba was in and out of the side.

“So they haven’t lost anyone that you think was a real blow to Newcastle, yet they’ve got seven new players in.

“So Mike Ashley can sit there and say ‘Listen, we finished tenth last year, I’ve allowed you sign seven new players, that you want, because you’ve signed them’.

“So I have given you a better squad than you had last year.”

Peter Reid:

“What Rafa has done, what Rafa has done, and Rafa is very good at playing the media and looking after himself, the net spend is £20m down, he’s let that (be known)….(that Mike Ashley has) made £20m in the transfer market.”

Where do you start?

Well for starters, whilst Rafa spent a very decent £50m (but still made a £40m profit with £90m of players sold) in the Championship season, Aston Villa actually spent £76m – so that is fake news or lie number one from Andy Gray.

As for him saying Rafa then spent £100m last year, it is just shameful to claim this. It was actually around the £35m mark with a net spend of approximately £15m.

Then we have the…’Listen, we finished tenth last year, I’ve allowed you sign seven new players, that you want, because you’ve signed them.’

Once again Rafa having the 10th place used against him. On the final day of the season we could have ended it as low as 15th if results had gone differently, it was only through his expertise that we finished 10th, our players as individuals were very much relegation strugglers, and indeed we had a relegation struggle until the final month of the season.

Then to say that Rafa has got the seven players that he wanted because he has signed them. Hmmm.

So when he sold Mikel Merino, did Rafa say to Ashley/Charnley, of all the midfielders in the world I want to go for 29 year old free transfer Ki Sung-yueng?!!!

Just like last season when he brought in Manquillo, Atsu, Joselu – it wasn’t because they were his choice, it was because he had to get bodies in and they were all he could afford. With Merino out for £10m, he should have been able to shop for a £20m replacement if he wanted to, instead the reality was very different. Rafa wasn’t even allowed to try and buy Kenedy, so if he proves a success this season there is no way Newcastle will keep him, certainly if Mike Ashley is still here.

Richard Keys chirped up with Mike Ashley’s generous interest free ‘loans’ to the club.

Well, much of these generous ‘loans’ relate to when he bought the club, he paid off the £50m mortgage that was still owed for the rebuilding of St James Park but that is in reality a part of the sale price. As in, the club would have been worth £50m more if that mortgage wasn’t still owed. He then puts it in as a £50m debt the club owes him! This is the same with money he ‘loaned’ to pay off money still owed on players bought by Hall and Shepherd, once again this is all part of the cost of buying the club and yet is now showing as a debt owed to Mike Ashley now. Don’t accept for one minute that this is something he knew nothing about, as the accounts published each year clearly show what is still owed to other clubs for players, plus of course what is owed to Newcastle United – these are/were NOT hidden commitments he’d have known nothing about.

Then we have our old mate Peter Reid. He claims that Rafa Benitez is clever at using the media and maybe he is – but the fact Newcastle made the biggest profit in this summer transfer window isn’t something that only the Newcastle manager is cheekily putting forward, much of the media put up tables showing how laughable it was that Newcastle are making tens of millions of profit this summer in the transfer window, whilst nearly all of their competitors are committing to net spends some £50m+ more than NUFC.

Andy Gray and Richard Keys, still a disgrace.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Rafa is now happy said so himself and he has called for Unity and the Supporters to get behind the team. The very minor protest in injury time yesterday when we were down to ten men damages the team and was great for Spurs. However these few hundred supporters want us to get beat anyway or they would be chanting pro Newcastle songs in the hour of need.

    • Anita kick up the Hoop

      No they don’t … are you a super fan then?

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        Not a super fan but you will find me at every game roll on Cardiff. Protesters stay away.

        • Anita kick up the Hoop

          Part of the problem, loved by Ashley .. betrayed Keegan and showed that we’d turn up no matter what he did.

        • Brent Jackson

          Yep,Tenner on the mangy dog!

        • Big Al 1967

          Is this the same Cardiff where you bragged you had your ticket long before the club even advertised them?

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            I did not brag I had my ticket but I do have four reserved for every away game and one from my season ticket.

          • Big Al 1967

            July 6th, your post on this very forum when the opening TV games were announced

            ‘Brain fine all booked for Cardiff Palace and Man City enjoy your trip to the Merto Centre with your Gran’

            Nothing has been added or taken away from this quote by you. I even left in the spelling mistake!. So I will ask again… How did manage to book a ticket when they did not go on sale for another month. And would you like to share with the group how it is possible to have 4 tickets reserved for all away games plus the one for your season ticket?

    • drc74

      wereas you hope to beat mike ashley off

    • Big Al 1967

      Still waiting to hear what part of Monkseaton you are from…..or is your google maps not working at the minute?

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        Near the Monkseaton Arms in every day with proper supporters.

        • gordon

          Interesting. I live very near the Monkseaton Arms. Only people in there during the day are a couple of old winos and a mangy dog. Please describe yourself so I can tell which one of these you are.

          • Brent Jackson

            Tenner on the mangy dog!

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            I only get in during the day on Sundays but half five weekdays.

        • Big Al 1967

          Interesting I live 10 minutes away Shall we meet for a pint and discuss things

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            Yes no problem in every night but just half five till seven at the moment as got to make sure my dad ok as he not good at the moment. You just need to ask the bar staff or any of the regulars for the football supporter and they will point me out. Will not be in Saturday as will be at Cardiff but will be in Sunday one till three and eight till half ten.

      • Leazes.


    • Ba ba.

      Zzzz 😴

    • panther

      no he isnt happy, just cant change it now

    • TheFatController

      Oh Mugpie your novelty wore off long ago on here .

      Reverse psychology day in day out, keep it up, I enjoy its lack of novelty quite a lot. Because Ashley will die one day and now you know when he does, I’ll be dancing and cheering.

      • Brent Jackson

        I regard them as hilarious naughty children bedazzled by billionaires and every last person who speaks out against the giant parasitical slug as a geordie hero. simple.

  • Anita kick up the Hoop

    Vile people all round .. Peter Reid, best pals with Allerdyce .. fingers in the Soccer Aid pie .. jolly up on expenses plus fees .. but it’s all “for charity”… Gray & Keys … one trick ponies, talk loud as if everything they say is gospel .. but with very little factual basis.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Reid ruined Michael Bridges career. Refused to sell him unless he let his agent represent him, waited till an 18 year old Bridges was stinking drunk on pre season cornered him in the bar made him with the contract & took a % of his earnings all his career


      • Anita kick up the Hoop

        Allerdyce tactics ..

        • SuperDesHamilton

          correct. Remember fergie throwing his toys out the pram when BBC exposed his son as a crook too.

  • Tweed Mag

    Well, we’ve already got the pantomime villain, here come the ugly sisters. They are just after some cheap publicity for their has-been careers.

  • Awaymag

    **** off Andy Gray and Richard Keys

    • Leicester Mag

      Succinct 🤣

    • TheFatController

      Sky in fairness did their bit for the sake of humanity.

      They claimed it was a conspiracy against them..

      Yes, I know, who could believe anyone would stitch them up to get them out of their lives at last?

  • Leicester Mag

    Astonishing how cheaply people sell their integrity these days and how little the inconvenience of truth matters. Still these 2 clowns lost their right to a voice years ago yesterday’s men hardly does it justice.

  • Billmag

    Larry, moe and curly take your pick.

  • Leazes.

    I don’t remember them saying Man United have £400m worth of Debt and they’ll have to economise for the next twenty years, while letting the London Clubs take up residence in the Euro spots.

    When the first lie went in a dozen years ago it gave ammunition to journalists who had hated the resurgence of United, the artificially created bill for the stadium rebuild wasn’t added to the purchase price of Ashleys shares…… Ashley proceeded to run the club into the ground…. and they loved it.

    The biggest problem for our club is that there were no friendly journalists, not in the London or Lancashire media hubs, (remember Rupert Murdoch’s toongate) and when our own ‘local’ journalists(sic) bought the lie of a debt then that signalled the end…. they had fallen for it god knows how or why!

    We have had a dozen years of attacks on the club from within the regime as well as from journalists…. its a bloody wonder that the shell of the club that is left hasn’t totally disintegrated.

    Thank you Evening Chronicle and Journal…. thank you Ryder and Douglas, thank you Bird, Brown, Starforth, Lowes, and Anderson, thank you MacDonald, thank you Keys and Gray, Bellamy and Lee…. and thank you Ameobi….


  • GlasgowMag

    Bein sports says it all really take out the e and that’s exactly where these 3 spouting their garbage should be!! On another note looking at the chron this morning you would of thought being a local rag they would of least of done an article on the protest yesterday. Has Ashley also bought shares in the chronicle very strange they cannot at least be @rsed to report the event!!!

    • Leazes.

      Tyne Tees did a bit on it…..but the BBC boys from Barrack Road didn’t….not a mention, really surprised as they are so hard up for news items to fill their programme they have enlarged the region to North Yorkshire where most of our ‘local’ news now seems to com from…. the media up here is non existent!

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      That was hardly a protest more like a meeting of shoppers old woman etc. The protest was a failure and they still have not bought the club. Nothing at all in the papers today.

      • TheFatController

        enjoy this year’s cup runs, mike ruins the cup for you, the super loyal fan, yet you back him?

        Not very bright, are you?

        • 1957

          He says he is only 15th on the super supporter list (I didn’t even know they had such a list and a friend tells me he enquired where he was and was told they don’t divulge supporter information). I mentioned a guy to him recently who I met a few years ago who would be toward the top of any loyal supporter list, but our friend didn’t reply to say he knew him, something rotten in the state of Seghill Monkseaton I think.

          • Monkseaton Magpies

            I said the no 1 supporter lives in Seghill what was wrong with that.

      • Brent Jackson

        Feel good laughing at people who actually care and stood up for their club does it?
        They have friends so you wouldn’t understand them boy.

  • Paul Patterson

    Ok we get it. You lot from sky/bein sports hate Newcastle. We can take it. Now naff off and leave us to it, we have enough problems with our owner as it is.
    Keegan, Shearer, Lee etc will always fight our corner. They are the true legends.
    It’s criticism from the likes of Shola I can’t abide with . .

    • ghostrider

      No you don’t have any problems with the owner, except the ones you make yourself.
      There are no problems at this club that any of us fans need to worry about.

      The most we have to think about is the next game and who will play or who is injured, etc.
      No need for anything else outside of team/player/manager/coach, affairs.

      Unless of course you’re happy to constantly look on the bleak side of the club just because.

      • Danimal

        No, we’re just not happy to turn a blind eye while Ashley shafts the club.

        • ghostrider

          You have no clue how to run the club.
          You’re a fan that sees players make a team on a pitch, managed by a manager who sets them up.

          Unless you’re on the board, that’s about your in house limit.
          The rest is all handed to you by media and Chinese whispers that you can decipher as anything you wish.

          If you know any clubs that have went out of business, then you may be looking at clubs that have been shafted.

          As it stands after 11 years as IS….we are a premier league club and nothing will change that until the time comes when it may change….but that goes for all clubs overtime.

          • Tweed Mag

            What a load of waffle.

          • BanJones

            Toast Raider knows exactly nowt about the beautiful game, he proves it everyday you will learn nothing from him, i’ve blocked him as i’m not even laughing at him anymore he’s just a dull troll with a fool’s hobby.

          • Tweed Mag

            Correct. His ramblings (and some others) make all the other sensible comments look much better. There can’t be many left who take the wind-up merchants seriously. They just spoil things for themselves.

      • Brent Jackson

        and again, Ashley is a lowlife thieving pish taker disgracing a fine tradition and football in general and you madam are an idiot troll defending the indefensible as some kind of perverse sadomasochistic hobby.

        • ghostrider

          Ashley is disgracing nothing of the sort.
          He’s actually running a football club that’s been neglected to such an extent as to force the banks not to bail it out.
          Ashley had to become his own bank to do that when he took it on.

          Or did that escape you?

          • nufcslf


  • Steve Smith

    “they haven’t lost anyone who you’d think ‘Wow, that’s a blow”

    That’s actually really fair logic, I don’t think we can fault them for it.

    Rondon and Kenedy will be “lost” as they’re loans anyway.

    Muto wouldn’t be a blow to lose.
    Ki wouldn’t be a blow to lose.
    Schaar wouldn’t be a blow to lose.
    Fernandez wouldn’t be a blow to lose.
    Dubravka would be a blow, but of all positions in the team is the one we’ve got the most cover for.

    • Sickandtired

      We’ve never been allowed to sign anyone who would be a blow to lose!

    • Leazes.

      Cover?….. Elliot god help us!

  • ghostrider

    It’s good that people are actually looking at the situation with Newcastle with a realistic evaluation.
    The main of the fans know the club is running fine.
    We all want more but we all don’t demand it.
    Most of us just hope for better.
    The minority of fans who are hell bent on disruption will do more damage to the team/managerial set up than they will to Ashley.

    All I can say is, literally support the manager and the team and don’t even think about the regime, because it’s wasted energy and not what you come to the stadium or support Newcastle United football club for.

    If we paid 40 million for Muto what would fans expect from him and what would the argument be?
    Ashley’s reckless spending?
    Rafa knows his players and he must be worth it?

    Or would it be…not bothered what he’s like as long as Ashley doesn’t turn a profit in the window.

    Some minds of fans are strange when they’re filled with bitterness.

    • Brent Jackson

      and you as usual make no sense whatsoever in consensual reality now do you?..protests will do ‘more damage to the team/managerial set up than they will to Ashley.’ and yet Tottenham Hotspurs were very fortunate not to lose yesterday and Ashley is clearly squirming for all to see..conclusion Rafa is brilliant, The players will fight and care for our club, Ashley is a lowlife thieving pish taker disgracing a fine tradition and football in general and you madam are an idiot troll defending the indefensible as some kind of perverse sadomasochistic hobby.

      • ghostrider

        If the so called protests stay as mild as they did yesterday then the team or manager will be fine…and the club and the crowd size.

        And you’re right we could have got something from Tottenham with players that have fight.

        That’s what we go to see and we got it.
        We’re not Man City but we have a squad that’ll fight.

        So it’s all good….and Ashley may squirm a little. He’d rather there were no protests to disrupt the club….but there’s always a minority that will protest as a hobby.

        Because the way I see it is, we’ve improved the squad and we finished 10th last season.
        What’s not to like other than Rafa making a decision whether to stay or deck out.

    • nufcslf

      Why do you talk such a load shyt, go to matches and seem to like the f**king fat idiot that is driving his club into the ground? I just don’t get that at all. Enjoy all the seem. Each to there own, I suppose.

      • ghostrider

        I don’t worry myself over Ashley. I look forward to seeing what the assembled team/squad can do over a season.
        I don’t sit and panic over not getting a trophy signing or whether Ashley has 20 million tucked in his boot.

        I have no reason to spew bile at a man who saved this club from a bad fate.
        I have no hatred for a man who tried to do the things he thought were what the fans wanted but quickly learned that appeasement is a lot harder to do than to just run the club as an owner and not a fan or to think like one.
        It’s dangerous to do that because it catches you in the end.
        I will not hate a man who’s finally realised that a big north east club will never play among the elite for any sustained period of time in the future.
        It may flirt once in a while like many teams will, because not to be allowed that would render the premier league as a dead stick.
        Hence Leicester being allowed.

        So Ashley may not bow down to the fans but he does run a good ship. A tight ship and a ship that is fully solid in it’s own right…owing nothing outside of it.

        What I see on that pitch is not Ashley or Charnley or even Rafa.
        What I see on that pitch is what I pay for, not Ashley or Charnley or Rafa.

        The players are what count, no matter who they are, as long as they give 100% to the cause.

        It’s basically as simple as that.
        When the protests are going on just ask yourself what the reasoning is behind them, as in what would need to be done to immediately stop them.

        Would it be, breaking a record for a signing? Would that stop protests?
        The club to have a net spend every window and never make profit?
        Or is is just a hate for Ashley and for him to walk out of the club no matter what…even if him doing so puts the club into dire straights.

        Because people do not seem to be too clear on what they actually feasibly want from the club. It seems to be a mixed bag, as if fans are sort of hanging back in case they say something that makes them appear delusional.

        Any ideas?

  • Sickandtired

    Aye, but really, Ashley has a transfer profit of over £20 million since Rafa arrived. 13 year transfer ceiling still to be broken.
    These two, Shola, and the Ashley appeasers on this site really need a good rogering with a broom shank.

    • Leazes.

      £33m profit.

    • FatParosite

      Even if you pasted uncontestable facts on the end of the shank they still wouldn’t get it.

  • Lord

    Who listens to these fools any more? Shearer almost lost it last night and he’s got a far wider reach than these uninformed losers.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Again?! If you ignored them like the rest of us in the world they’d slowly disappear back into there little hole

  • Stephen

    These two had jobs from heaven and blew it.
    Imagine being paid to talk about football?
    And then they did what Simon Dee(remember him? Google it if you don’t) and more lately Geramy Clarkson started to believe there own hype.
    They thought they were irreplaceable.

  • Superdooperhooper

    Send in the clowns . Don’t bother they’re here

  • robbersdog

    Keys and Gray were once the biggest names in football punditry, but now they’re a couple of has-been dinosaurs trying to be a bit controversial on a channel that most people have never heard of. F*ck ’em.

    • FatParosite

      I wish that was the case but lies like these stick. They keep forcing this propaganda and the lazy hacks in London turn it into facts.

      • nufcslf

        Worrying to say the least.

  • Hughie_Gallacher

    L’un des grands branleurs du foot anglais.

    Translate that, you Scots pillock.

    • Leazes.

      Aren’t you Scottish Hughie?

      • Hughie_Gallacher

        Geordie born and bred.

        I wasn’t suggesting all Scots are pillocks.

  • panther


    • Jezza


  • FatParosite

    No research = hot air

    This is worse than that. This is clinical and shameless spin-doctoring

  • Desree

    Until St James Park is empty on match day, this is all we will hear.

  • TheFatController

    They’re just not very bright are they?

    It’s was a good try at intelligent debate. Who is to blame that it backfired so spectacularly? The producer I presume.

    And I bet they’re not bright either.

  • Awaymag

    These two are totally irrelevant and have nowt to do with our club do us a favour and stop bringing out articles out every time one of these mugs opens thier gobs.

  • Paul Cannell

    Keys and Gray are just desperate for attention. Peter Reid looks rather thin these days, he needs to get those feet to peel and eat more banana’s

  • Wezza

    What those idiots don’t also realise is that the club uses PR to fool/lie to the media and fans. Nobody can defend that.

  • Peaky

    Keys & Gray remind me of the lecherous old men who used to frequent the floating nightclub on the Tyne many years ago…..odious pair of fuckingcreeps…

  • Shipcote Willy

    Are they after a job in Miser Mikes empire? Put them in the warehouse on zero hours, although that would an insult to the staff who work there

  • Big Hairy Man

    Watch out for Richard Keys on August 26th… The next full moon.

  • Carverlier football

    I thought when they were banished to the footballing wilderness it meant we didn’t have to listen to them any more… Maybe we should stop seeking out what they’re saying. I’m pretty sure when I see something in my newsnow feed that Keys said, it’s the Mag/Chron/etc reporting it second hand, not the original source

  • HarryHype59

    In the letter to the Culture, Media and Sports Minister, the Ashley camp admit the so-called debt stood at £82m when they bought the club. It now stands at £144m. The increase is down to mismanagement from Ashley’s failed “blue print” of running the club.

    These two old [email protected] would be up in arms if this happened to Man U, Spurs, Liverpool, Chelsea or Arsenal.

    • Down Under Mag

      Mismanagement and refusal to take responsibility. He essentially failed to do due diligence and got stung, mismanaged the club resulting in failed transfers, two relegations and rather than take responsibility just put any money that HE cost the club back onto the debt the club owes him. People claiming that he saved the club and that he doesn’t take anything out are clueless…we’ve increased the debt since he took over AND he wants it back, that’s why he can’t sell because he expects whoever buys the club to pay the going rate for a club that needs a LOT of work now thanks to a decade of mismanagement AND they are expected to pay the debt … essentially he expects a new owner to come in and pay for Ashleys mistakes. And yet constantly the eejits in the press are happy to go along with the rhetoric from the clubs PR people rather than actually look at the facts.

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      The debt was £148.2m I have the Accounts. Debtors £8.7 M Liabilities 156.9m

  • Martin

    I find it very easy to ignore them apart from when they are quoted here.

  • Jezza

    Sad, pathetic, has been, desperate, creepy, pervy, dirty old men who should be on the sex offenders register.

  • nufcslf

    I’m sure there was plenty of sheep at the match on Saturday who are all on board with any praise that comes the jolly fat c**ts way. Pathetic and find it very hard that he gets any support at all. Going down.

  • Kathy Varney


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  • Rafa wanted a proven striker, winger and competition for Dummett, Shelvey and Perez. All he got was competition for Joselu and Perez and more depth in midfield. Murphy looks way out of his depth in the Prem (hope he proves me wrong, but he’s nowhere near what Ritchie and Kenedy can do). Atsu after those injuries is a shadow of his former self (powerful winger who could score and shoot outside of the box).
    Don’t get me wrong, Rondon, Muto and Ki are great additions to our team, but we lack a goalscoring midfielder, winger and fullbacks who can cross.
    Make no mistake, our goal is Survival as it was last year, and it will be next year if Ashley is in charge.
    How long will Shelvey, Lascelles and Perez stay at a club which has no ambitions but survival?