This is the time of year when all football supporters are usually able to have at least some blind optimism that things will be on the up in the new season, for Newcastle United fans though, that is proving a little difficult…

This is also the time of year when fans and media alike, are making their Premier League predictions for how the season will turn out, often backing it up with cash at the bookies.

If you read what some journalists are saying about Newcastle United, there appears to be some real blind optimism/positivity that would usually be associated with supporters.

Despite a near £30m profit so far in this transfer window whilst every other club is spending money strengthening, some of the media just assume Newcastle will be ok, based seemingly on the 10th place of last season, as well as the presence of Rafa Benitez and 50,000 fans, plus Newcastle United being a ‘big club’ – which has counted for nothing when Mike Ashley has relegated NUFC twice in the last eight PL seasons.

Interesting then to read what 13 national journalists thought when asked what would happen this season in the Premier League.

The Mirror asking their top writers who would win the title, finish top four, who will win the FA Cup, who’ll win the League Cup, team to be surprise package, player to take PL by storm, as well as who will be relegated…

Of the 13 asked the questions:

0 said Newcastle would win the title.

0 said Newcastle would finish top four.

0 predicted Newcastle to win the FA Cup.

0 predicted Newcastle to win the League Cup.

0 predicted Newcastle to be the ‘surprise package’ this season.

3 predict Newcastle United to be relegated.

Writer Jon Livesey says: ‘Newcastle have endured a torrid pre-season, and with Rafa Benitez looking ever exasperated, I fear for them.’

Out of all the predictions there was only one small positive, with Aaron Flanagan picking out a Newcastle player to take the Premier League by storm: ‘Kenedy. He’s been known in the Premier League for a few years now but this is his first chance to play a full season in a starting XI at a team he wants to be at, with the backing of the manager and supporters.’

Imagine though a scenario where Rafa Benitez had been properly backed in the transfer market. A club promoted and having finished 10th, full of momentum with some quality players, a world class manager, and a club at last all pulling  together…

I can guarantee you that with that scenario, Newcastle United would be getting selected in a positive way by a number of these journalists,to maybe win a cup, to be the surprise package and who knows, maybe even the odd mad mention of potentially even getting close to that top four, if ambition had been shown in backing Rafa to bring in real quality (relatively expensive) attacking players.

Instead we have this reality.

Extracts from The Mirror journalists’ Premier League  predictions:

Simon Mullock:

Who will be relegated?




Adrian Kajumba:

Who will be relegated?




Jon Livesey:

Who will be relegated?




“New boys Cardiff will struggle – badly. Neil Warnock has never sussed how to keep a team in the Premier League and I can’t see that changing with his current team.

“Newcastle have endured a torrid pre-season, and with Rafa Benitez looking ever exasperated, I fear for them.

“Huddersfield, meanwhile, will soon discover that the second season in the top flight is considerably more unforgiving than the first.”

Aaron Flanagan:

Which player will take the Premier League by storm?

Kenedy. He’s been known in the Premier League for a few years now but this is his first chance to play a full season in a starting XI at a team he wants to be at, with the backing of the manager and supporters.

  • Mrkgw

    Not many favour us. Not sure why, but they just don’t. That said, the club is an absolute shambles under this hapless regime. ASHLEY OUT!

    • Leazes.

      Because you cant run a campaign with a manager who doesn’t want to be there, with a weak squad only reinforced with fourth choice players on the understanding that all of your key players will remain injury free….. last season was lucky on the injury front, and the back to the wall tactics worked.

      Counting on luck isn’t forward planning.

      • Ron

        The injury list isn’t empty already is it. So as for luck, not a chance. Ashley needs to go, must sell, that’s the only way we can keep Rafa and hopefully buy enough in January – new funds permitting.

    • TheFatController

      I think they don’t favour us because the club is an absolute shambles, in fairness to them.

      That they predict Huddersfield will encounter ‘second season syndrome’ of struggling, maybe we will find it harder also.

  • Paul Patterson

    Not looking good for Newcastle, Huddersfield and Cardiff if these three are anything to go on.

    • Kneebotherm8

      They’re a united front on that one…..not sure how Brighton don’t get a vote somewhere along the line……

  • Down Under Mag

    They are quick to say we will go down but none of them will openly criticise Ashley for failing to invest. Somehow it will be the fans fault for being unrealistic and yet Ashley should be praised for giving Rafa as much money to spend as he has.

    Having said that, didn’t they all tip us to go down last year as well??

    • Leazes.

      In order for Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea to get Euro places the london press need United to remain cannon fodder…. they’re happy to back Ashley.

  • Derek

    Good joke. Next please…

  • Andynufc

    YAWN. These same idiot experts said the same thing last season. Listen, we will be fine. It will be a tough season again but this team is also tough. It’s a close knit group of players who have went through a championship and PL season together. We’ve got some new additions. Maybe not the ones Rafa originally wanted but still look decent. The players who have left, didn’t really feature under Rafa and weren’t first team players. However if Nufc are to stay in the PL long term than this club needs to be sold. Penny pinching by Ashley will only keep you in the PL for so long.

    • Paul Patterson

      Well he’s already taking a massive risk this summer.

  • Lord

    Suddenly our heinous starting fixture list looks like it could cause headlines come end of September.

  • Ben Jones

    Its belt around the arm time guys, Usual crack copain served up from Porter

    • Kenny


      • Squintytoonarmy

        Three national twats predict glory for the toon; ghostrider, clarko and one from the other 20 trolls. Personally I think we will be ok but would be well clear of any relegation with a bit of ambition

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Can’t wait to see the bile they cook up when we haven’t won a few games

  • Weyhhadaway

    I think we will be comfortable in the 10-13 slot. Not bad enough to be relegated, just good enough to float below the tryers section of the league.
    That could all go west if there is continuing politics. Dragging the team and moral down. But I see what happened last season, Rafa making noises in the pre-season then knuckling down at kick off. Can’t wait for Saturday! HTL

    • Garry Norman

      How dare you be optimistic! Think you’ve come to the wrong forum!

      • Leazes.

        Optimism in the current climate is stupidity…. and that’s a troll that you are getting chummy with.

        • PhilK

          I saw no-one being “chummy” with you. Now where did you get that impression ?

  • Hughie

    Daft speculation. Wolves, Bournemouth, Fulham, Watford and Brighton also highly likely to struggle. Burnley, Palace and Southampton also high risk,so many potential candidates to go down

  • Garry Norman

    Odd choice of pic. Wasn’t that taken when he was celebrating after just scoring a goal, not a face of sadness at the prospect of being relegated?

  • PhilK

    And remember it’s the Mirror
    That should explain their braindead spite I first remember it when we lost the league to Man U and the dirty tricks they were doing to try and upset our applecart – Albert wants to go to Old trafford” was one that I remember they’ve been FAR more guilty than even the Sun – and remember -they’ve each chosen the same teams as if they’re copying off each other in a school test – which kind of sums them up

  • Sumit Sengupta

    I don’t think Newcastle will be relegated unless Benitez decides to walk out mid-season. This is most probably going to be his last season at the club and he will do his best to place the club in a decent position before leaving. Maybe not top half but safe anyway.