Some Newcastle fans still believe that Mike Ashley wants to sell Newcastle United.

Amongst all the other lies, they believe that this is the case.

Of course, the driving force for most of them is the most powerful thing of all, WANTING to believe it.

However, clearly he has no intention and whatever was going on last October (2017) and whether or not Amanda Staveley was a willing accomplice, Mike Ashley was having a right laugh at our expense.

He didn’t choose Newcastle United by accident when buying a football club back in 2007.

Outside of the successful clubs, Newcastle were the only one to pack out their ground every other week, with 50,000+ inside St James Park.

We weren’t Aston Villa, Sunderland, or whoever, we were the perfect platform and backdrop for his retail empire.

Even his people told John Hall that the reason he was buying the club was to help drive the expansion of Sports Direct, using Newcastle United to do so via the massive worldwide exposure the Premier League enjoys.

When advertising anything you want a positive image, so rows and rows of empty seats next to SD advertising hoardings is a big no no.

Plus of course you have the act that season after season Newcastle United are consistently chosen for live TV games more often than any other club outside the top six. Indeed, we have a number of times been shown more often than some of that ‘big six’.

The fanbase is why Mike Ashley bought Newcastle United and it is because of the fanbase that we are finding it so hard to get rid of him.

Last Saturday Newcastle United played their final pre-season friendly.

An opposition (Augsburg) that couldn’t be less exciting, a lower Bundesliga team with nobody having heard of any of their players.

Newcastle United having no exciting signings on show.

A club that is heading for a £30m profit in this transfer window.

Hatred of Mike Ashley at an all-time high and everybody doing what they can to get rid of him, with all kinds of protests taking place and planned.

A meaningless pre-season friendly.

Yet, 21,331 turned up and paid to watch it.

These were the last season average home attendances for certain Premier League clubs (including those now promoted):

10,640 Bournemouth

19,896 Fulham

20,164 Cardiff

20,331 Watford

20,623 Swansea

20,688 Burnley

Newcastle United getting more for a meaningless match where there was every reason not to go, yet getting a bigger crowd than these clubs get for first team matches.

You also have the likes of Palace (25,063), West Brom (24,520) and Huddersfield (24,040) who only get a few thousand more for Premier League matches than that NUFC friendly crowd.

The true potential of Newcastle’s support hasn’t been remotely touched.

That Augsburg friendly crowd probably included 75% of them who don’t regularly go to Newcastle matches, yet more people who would love to go regularly if Newcastle United were ever successful.

Mike Ashley bought a fanbase, not a football club, the problem we have now is ‘encouraging’ him to sell us.

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  • Ron

    You only need to turn on the floodlights and 10,000 will turn up.

    • Leazes.

      If an hour is a reasonable commute time to SJP then we have a large catchment area unlike other clubs who have to share that fan base…. that means north Northumberland to the Tees…… I remember SJH saying he was surprised where Uniteds fans came from.

      • Burt Humperdink

        Its true there is a huge potential catchment area in part because Durham and Northumberland don’t have their own club. Being from Durham with one parent from Shields the other Crook its easy to see how this can happen.

        Only spanner in the works is those from east Durham often support Sunderland and those in South (where I am from) often associate with Teesside and then support the Boro pseudo Yorkshireman that they are.

  • Leazes.

    John Hall wanted a Stadium of 60.000 because he’d filled the place with premium seats and the chavs were excluded…. but he didn’t get around to it before selling out.

    Several walk aways and Ashley shuffled the fans around creating the cheap seats on level seven….8000 of them…. the family enclosure.

    …the very people who the larger stadium would have accommodated, but after downsizing the product on show, there wasn’t the need to do anything….. he can fill the stadium without improving the product…. driving fans out.

    ….. It doesn’t look like a strategy of an owner who is planning to Sell the club but the strategy of a long term stay…. with minimum spend, and a compliant press whipped into shape by Keith Bishop PR Agent!

    No football people at all building the squad, just an idiot playing moneyball overseen by a Lawyer and Land asset expert Justin Barnes.

    Ashley is in it long term…. lets shift him!

    • Ben Jones

      I think you’ve all already sussed he’s decided to sell and you’re all gonna make out it was ‘the push to shift him’ that did it & everyone gets a pat on the back from each other for slaying the dragon. Saddos . He’s going, EVERYTHING points to it

      • Kenny

        Ashley is vermin 🐁
        Like you troll 🤡

      • Danimal

        Like letting the transfer window close? Who would risk buying it now? Same scenario as last year.

        • Ben Jones

          The club looks a whole lot better a prospect now than it ever has ever before, plus he needs to get out before Rafa’s contract expires

      • NeilMcDonaldFanClub

        Wot a 🛎 eend

        • Ben Jones

          Down the pub and pats on the back after?

          ‘Hey john did ya see how I stopped that lass gettin them trainers for a young-un, I was p¡ssin meself when a bairn started crying’

          ‘A na Keith it was class, stickin it to the man’

  • Ben Jones

    What should we do to the 21,331 men women and children you speak of Dean?

    • TheFatController

      Ben, are you trying to move a very simple thing into a hugely controversial thing that the writer should be ashamed of?

      Ashley’s a bad owner, no one is saying ‘do’anything unlawful or nasty’ to anyone but Ashley. Probably because they don’t have the bizarre malicious mind you’ve shown yourself to have. Don’t tar with your brush.

      So maybe stop being self righteous – it doesn’t suit you.

      • Ben Jones

        You’ll see them in the chat, not you, others, they say things like ‘happy clappers’ they self identify, they’re the ones boiling up inside, I worry about them

      • Andy Mac

        FC don’t feed the trolls they’ll only come back for more 🙄

        • Ben Jones

          Welcome back Andy

    • Kenny


  • Alan Pardew

    We might not be able to compete with big clubs in terms of finance but what we can compete with is in terms of fanbase.

    • Leicester Mag

      Of course it’s a massive asset when used positively. But clearly exploited by Ashley.

  • Leicester Mag

    The beano (aka Chronic) now reporting Rafa furious no one else coming in. No sheet Sherlock. Being run into the ground deliberately. Anyone expecting a change is living in cloud cuckoo land this is brinkmanship sadly history says fans will blink first let’s hope not

  • TheFatController

    Would it make any difference if you turned up at 11am Saturday ?

    To Ashley? Probably not. He’s never going to sell. So why even start?

    Let’s let the movement collapse at the first attempt. Because if everyone turned up, he’d have to worry about what happens when Rafa does actually leave next May.

    So, either you show the potential, or you let it die at the first attempt.

    And with it the club will die. Slowly. But it’ll die. Because ashley will leave us only when it’s beyond help (see Mackems) and not before. He’ll have gambled and lost, but he’s got other ways to make money so, hey, you know, you turn a few rocks and see what’s under when you’re loaded.

    It dies Saturday at 11am if you don’t turn up. Rafa decides to leave in May on Saturday at 11.30 if you let him down by letting his support groups look trivial.

    So maybe you do make a difference by turning up. To Rafa, to what the club has stood for for 125 years. But maybe it’s just not really that important. I mean, it’s not like Rafa can’t be replaced with someone equally good. If not better.

    Hello Alan Pardew.

    • FatParosite

      Yet another insight with surgeon precision….. Do we really have a club worth saving now though…?

    • Ben Jones

      Yeah.^^^^^ Take no notice of this guys, the club is primed for sale, he’s already outgoing, these muppets just want to feel like they’ve forced him out via hassling some single mums wanting a cheap PE kit for her bairn in sports direct. It’ll make them feel all empowered, pats on the back all round etc etc, it’s all about them and their wants. Resist hassling innocent shoppers on Saturday, enjoy the weather, bevvy up and look forward to the new season

      • NeilMcDonaldFanClub

        Wot a 🛎 end

        • Ben Jones

          Come on let’s smash the place up


          The staff are complacent in his operations, without them, hows he gonna sell his tat? Think about it, THEY give him HIS wealth


  • Jimblag23

    More like 150m reasons why.

  • Paul Patterson

    The trouble is, he could have HAD a perfect backdrop for S****s D****t IF he had appointed the right manager AND backed him and not put people in above him.
    Sadly, in backing the likes of Dennis Wise and Jimanez, he lost whatever chance he had of having the perfect backdrop.
    Ever since Keegan walked he has been intent on having his cake and eating it. He doesn’t give a stuff about the football side, merely if we a safe amount of point above 18th place.
    Everythime there is a smidge of success or a positive, it’s followed by a negative or a spanner in the works and it creates problems for the football club but attention for- you’ve guessed it- S****s D****t.
    I would question if he even looks at the results, merely the table after all the games are played.

  • Leicester Mag

    Seems another dip in bargain bucket underway someone from Swansea who I’ve not heard of for £6M. Last year last minute cheap CF this year cheap defender

    • Kenny

      Ashley’s vermin like his trolls on here

  • Kenny

    Had a nice cup of coffe in Carluccio’s, guess what’s 2 doors up, Troll beads well I just had to go in and ask if Benny was there today,
    Sorry sir, I believe he’s in our Manchester branch

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    He will disappear quicker than Lord Lucan if someone comes in with a stupid bid for the club !

    • FatParosite

      Disappear where…?

  • Leicester Mag

    Huddersfield now signing a player for 17.5M we are being taken as Mugs

  • MadMag83

    The problem is those that say protesting against the regime is a waste of time. They hate Ashley and they know he’s killing the club, yet they still hand over their money.

    I can only hope the transfer surplus is being saved for a January splurge once the inadequacies of the squad are evident, but I doubt it.

  • FatParosite

    I hate everyone who sets foot in SJP. They are WILLING accomplices.

    • Geordiegiants

      I’m not sure I hate them, but they pissme right off! When I’ve spoke to people on here about it, I really don’t think that they are human half the time. Brian for argument sake admits everything we say is true, but has been going for years, all the chairman except a few have been poor so it’s normal and his pals go so he goes!
      WTF?????? It’s really like sheep, I’m not trying to be derogatory about anyone, but there simply isn’t any other way to put it. Lambs to the slaughter is another way to put it I suppose. It really really doesnt make sense.

  • Micky

    21,331 didn’t pay to watch it though. There was an event on to do with the Exhibition on the North thing, free to take your kids to and they gave you at least a pair of free tickets.

    My gaffers missus took his bairn on the Friday and got 8 tickets for seating in the Platinum Club. Didn’t cost me a penny to attend as one of the 8.