Around the World, here are the channels you can watch Porto v Newcastle Live TV.

The global TV listings are featured below for local (to you) coverage on Saturday night (8pm kick-off).

Please note, this is a change to the previously announced 7.30pm kick off time.

Checking online, it appears that Portugal has the same time as the UK for the game.

Not a load of channels/countries listed but no doubt plenty of you will be able to access one or more of these channels.

This is Newcastle’s third friendly of pre-season.

Rafa’s players beat St Patrick’s Athletic 2-0 in the opening game, then snatched a late 2-2 draw at Hull.

You also have the choice of watching Saturday night’s match via the club’s official NUFC TV, they are charging £4.95 to watch the Porto game and/or the Braga match on Wednesday.

Listings courtesy of LiveSoccerTV:

Angola         Sport TV África

Cape Verde Sport TV África

Mozambique       Sport TV África

Portugal      Sport TV1

(*If you don’t see your country listed – You can email [email protected] and ask them whether there is a channel showing Porto v Newcastle – or if they have their info wrong on any country/channel, please let them know via that email address)

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