Yoshinori Muto is on his way to Tyneside, that is the breaking news from Sky Sports on Thursday morning.

The broadcaster reports/claims that a £9.5m transfer fee has been agreed with Mainz.

The player having flown out of Haneda (Tokyo) Airport this morning (Japan is eight hours ahead of UK time) and told reporters that he was set to join a new club but couldn’t say which one at the moment.

The player himself then posting a photo of himself on social media, on the plane.

Yoshinori Muto cost Mainz £2.5m in 2015 and last season scored eight goals and got two assists.

The Mag earlier today (Thursday 26 July 2018):

Yoshinori Muto has flown out of Japan on Thursday morning.

The striker giving an enigmatic answer on which club he is going  to join.

The 26 year old stating ‘I can’t say yet but I should be able to deliver good news soon (on identity of his new club).’

However, he does admit he is looking  forward to playing in a more ‘competitive environment’ and trying to get into double figures in this coming season.

Yoshinori Muto did score 13 goals in Japanese domestic football one year but eight goals last season had been his best in the Bundesliga in the three years at Mainz.

Newcastle were first linked with the forward back in March (see below), the German media claiming Rafa had been having the player watched throughout the season.

This week has seen the link resurface and along with many other players who were out in Russia, this will be the time when Yoshinori Muto and many others at the World Cup (he played just once, the 1-0 defeat to Poland), will be returning to their clubs, or signing for new ones…

Media reports have claimed a big difference in valuations, with Mainz supposedly holding out for £17m and Newcastle/Ashley only willing to pay £9m.

The media in both Germany and Japan seem pretty confident this deal is on, so it will be a relief if Rafa Benitez has landed at least one of his targets. However, he doesn’t look like the out and out  goalscorer who potentially looks capable of getting the 15+ goals that Newcastle were desperate for.

In our Mike Ashley reduced circumstances though, he looks a decent signing (if it comes off) and one who will work hard as well as hopefully get that double figures goal tally.

Mainz were almost relegated last season and stayed up in 14th (of 18) spot, with Muto starting 20 of the 34 league games. He has started 30 Bundesliga matches the last two years and  in the same time been named on the bench 20 times, so again, we have to be realistic about who we are signing here, and not expect him to be the total answer to our poor goalscoring of last season.

With Aleksandar Mitrovic surely set to leave despite no quick deal happening, you would hope/expect that if Yoshinori Muto does indeed sign, then Rafa will be able to bring in at least one other attacking player capable of scoring goals as well.

Kyodo News:

Japan striker Yoshinori Muto on verge of sealing Newcastle deal

Japan international striker Yoshinori Muto is closing in on a deal with Newcastle United…

According to sources, Newcastle are in the final stages of talks with the German club.

Muto told reporters at Haneda (Tokyo) airport Thursday:

“I can’t say yet but I should be able to deliver good news soon (on identity of his new club).

“I believe I’ll grow as a player if I put myself in a competitive environment.

“My goal is to net 10 goals, a number I haven’t reached during a season (outside of domestic football in Japan).”

The Mag – 29 March 2018:

Newcastle United have made an approach for Yoshinori Muto according to reports from Germany on Thursday morning.

Kicker say that Newcastle have been watching the Japanese international throughout this season and have now made an enquiry regarding a potential transfer this summer.

The German publication say that a number of clubs have shown an interest but only name Newcastle United.

They add that the striker is desperate to move to the Premier League and follow the path of Leicester’s Shinji Okazaki who also played for Mainz.

On the surface, the goals record of Yoshinori Muto isn’t outstanding since moving there from FC Tokyo in summer 2015.

The striker scored seven league goals in his first season in Germany, then five last year and seven so far this time.

However, playing for regular relegation strugglers (fourth bottom last season and third bottom currently), the striker’s job has been a tough one.

When it comes to goals per games started though, his record looks a lot better.

Yoshinori Muto has scored 19 goals (and eight assists) so far in only 45 Bundesliga starts (plus 17 appearances as a substitute).

Now 25 years old, the Japanese international has only one more year left on his four year contract and any transfer fee should easily be within Newcastle’s reach.

The striker has an interesting story, having combined studying for an Economics degree whilst still playing for FC Tokyo, completing that degree a few months before moving to Germany.

A mobile versatile striker who can complement a main striker, obviously that is exactly the role that Rafa Benitez is desperate to fill.

Obviously that is a long way from Newcastle actually bidding for Yoshinori Muto but he is yet another one for the pile of potential targets, that would be affordable.

  • Lewis SG

    We need a playmaker!!! Where is Oğuzhan Özyakup?

    and a leftback!!

    and a record-signing striker!!

    • 1957

      Our contributor from Monkseaton will probably have news on them…

      • MadMag83

        Apparently the lift is out of service, and fat Mike won’t take the stairs, so no updates I’m afraid.

  • Westdentoon

    That’s Chancel M’bemba gone for 7mil, replaced with a 3mil player. Mitro’s impending departure for probably 17mil, replaced with a 9mil player. Good business maybe, but wonder what will happen with the surplus 12 mil? What do you you think will happen there ladies and gentlemen?

    Oh and could there also be some spare change from the merino exchange?

    • Wezza

      The spare change along with the tv money 💰 is in MASH Holdings!

      • Westdentoon

        Aye, I’ve no doubt it is.

    • HarryHype59

      I want to know what has happened to last season’s £126m TV money. It appears to have been embezzled by someone within the SJP hierarchy.

      • Westdentoon

        Ask one of our resident expert accountants, they know. Apparently it’s all been spent on signing on fees, stadium expenses and wages in advance for the duration of player contracts.
        Creative accounting, cooking the books, call it what you will..

        • HarryHype59

          The “creative” accounting is probably behind the HMRC investigation. Btw, it seems to have gone awfully quiet on that issue.

          • Westdentoon

            Very quiet indeed. I just hope they find something and expose the bloke for what he really is, but I have a feeling he is too clever.

  • Desree

    His highlights reel has the same goal shown about 3 times and then a load of misses

  • Bowlsey

    If Sky Sports are to be believed then this constitutes somewhat of a start, but there’s no getting away from the fact that we should have had the bulk of our transfer business done and dusted weeks ago! I don’t know much about Muto except to say that the law of averages suggests that he will score more goals than Joselu….surely!

    • Jezza

      Not much of a start. More like another big step backwards. Even if this is true all it means is that we will be spending the same kind of money that middling Championship clubs pay for strikers in this day and age and less than what we ourselves were spending on strikers more than a decade ago.

      • Bowlsey

        Yes I know all that and agree completely. I was just trying to be positive.

        • Jezza

          Fair do’s.

      • Toon

        Why not wait to see him play before jumping to conclusions! I hate Ashley as much as the next person but have seen numerous good players written off by fans before kicking a ball

        • Jezza

          Let’s be realistic. He’s costing the kind of transfer fee that middling Championship clubs pay for strikers in this day and age and he’s got a personal best of 8 goals a season in European football. I think we all know what to expect here and it certainly isn’t another Alan Shearer.

          • MichaelMaximusMoose

            he isn`t even another Gayle or Mitrovich

          • Whitehurst

            What are you wanting another Xisco or Guivarc’h instead then? FFS!! 💥😵🔫

          • Whitehurst

            Howay man…the bloke hasn’t even signed yet ffs!!

          • Jezza

            Just read my comment again and take on board what I said. Or put it another way, this time last year, were you happy to wait and see how Joselu turned out before passing judgement on how good a striker he was likely to be for us in the Premiership?

            Believe me, if we were signing a striker for £25 to £30 million who was coming to us with a career average of 16 to 18 top flight goals per season I would be a lot more positive, optimistic and excited.

          • Wezza

            Totally agree, and I wondering how far down the list Muto was and he fell into the >15M bracket.
            It’s just bargain shopping and doesn’t fill me with any excitement at all.

          • Whitehurst

            I don’t need to read your comment again Jez!! You need to review my comment again tho fella!! Have you heard of sarcasm before? Anyway why bring up Joselu….what’s he got to do with this article? And you want another Alan Shearer mate? Now that’s wishful thinking at best!! Anyway you of all people should know under the current regime…signing anyone decent within the realms of £20-£30m ain’t going to happen…therefore it’s about cutting our cloth accordingly!! Anyway Muto might indeed turn out to be crap…what do you expect for £10m? There are still bargains to be had despite the overinflated current transfer market! Besides, despite you criticising him for only “scoring 8 goals per season”…in the grand scheme of things he’s still averaging a goal every 4 games for a struggling team in one of the best leagues in Europe!! I ask you what did Gayle & your mate Joselu average per game last season fella? So surely, anything else is a step up? I rest my case!! 🤔

          • HarryHype59

            He might be the best the Club can get, as Fatso appears to have
            imposed a ten million pound ceiling on new players.

  • TheNutJob

    Mitro`s replacement arriving and the Fat Gringo pockets another £10m

    • Peaky

      I knew it….fluent already……see an earlier post to Moose..

      • TheNutJob


    • Mike Adam

      How is he Mitro’s replacement? Mitro played 89 minutes last season.

      • TheNutJob

        In financial terms

  • Pc07

    Would this guy most likely play a number 10 role? His goal record isn’t great but his movement is supposed to be fantastic. And he’s got some engine on him from what I hear. Could push Perez on having competition. Still need that number 9

  • Mxpx

    Not sure about this one don’t know much about him scored 8 bundesliga goals last season and Wikipedia says 14/25 for Japan which is very respectable but I know not alot about him can’t be a downgrade on joselu though surely? So I suppose good news there

    • 1957

      Only 2 goals in 25 for Japan nothing in his 8 appearances since 2015. I think the 14/25 is starts to overall appearances but I agree probably an up grade on Hoss

  • robbersdog

    Well, he’s not a Malcolm Macdonald or an Alan Shearer, but neither is he a Joselu. So we should be thankful for small mercies.

    • TheNutJob

      that`s the problem at the Toon, Fatty`s conditioned the fans into accepting this standard of player

    • Jezza

      That is just how much Ashley has lowered standards at our club. This seems like a player who is a bit better than what we have already got but still well short of what we need. There is extremely little to be thankful for here truth be told.

  • TheFatController

    Yes! At last, broken our transfer record for a striker…from japan.

  • Rob

    I can see Ashley’s thinking. It’ll be good for Asian merchandising and fans will like having Yoshi on their shirt…

    As a striker if he’s fast on the counter it could work. If not I think we’ve potentially wasted £9 million not buying a proper striker again.

    • Jezza

      I agree entirely but the thing is, as far as Fatso is concerned, this isn’t £9 million wasted on a mediocre striker it’s £9 million of NUFC profits invested into promoting S****s D****t in the Far East market.

      • Leazes.

        Cynical, this is so bloody obvious on the back of the Ki Sung-yueng.

        Nothing to do with football or perfect team building.

      • Gallowgate Dave

        You looking forward to the apology you won’t get when the transfer window closes from the pro-Ashley nutters on here? Your prediction is starting to look spot on. I have zero faith in Ashley but even I thought it wouldn’t be as bad as free’s, loans and sell to buys (in profit so far) and yet here we are halfway through pre-season and that’s exactly where we are!

    • Vodkamagpie

      Who is a proper striker? . It’s not a simple thing to go buy

  • Jate Legend

    The positive here is at least we seem to be able to conclude some transfer business. Whatever anyone says, we just aren’t going to know of this guy is any good or not til we see him play. In terms of the net profit, I’m going to judge the window at the end of it and not get my hopes up in Tue meantime. What else can you do?/if muto is another okazaki then great.

  • Leazes.

    Market value £5.4m, I’m just looking at his data on Transfermarkt and it brings up comparable players and one of them is…….. Luke de Jong.

    • Natturner26

      Ha he couldn’t be as bad as de Jong.

  • Wezza

    Merino 10M for Ki – Free
    Mbemba 7M for Schar 3.5M
    Mitrovic 18M? for Muto 9M

    Still a profit!

    • Stephen Paylor

      and installments from previous sales such as Sissoko and Thauvin i think?

      • Wezza

        Wijnaldum too so major profit and more for MA to sneakily transfer to MASH holdings.

    • Down Under Mag

      Yup…either Ashley is going to hand the next manager 100m+ and come out in the media to say “I told you so” to rafa, or the money will mysteriously disappear into MASH and never to see the light of day again.

      • Wezza

        Judging by Rafa having to sell before he buys and wheel and deal the TV money is already in MASH Holdings.

  • Mrkgw

    Wikipedia has Muto as a Newcastle player.

  • Megatron1505

    From Muto’s Wiki Page…….

    “Yoshinori Mutō (武藤 嘉紀 Mutō Yoshinori, born 15 July 1992) is a Japanese football forward who plays for 1. FSV Mainz 05. Muto is currently subject to a move to the World famous Newcastle United. Rafa Benitez has seemed fit to bring him in so he can E-Honda thousand hand slap Mike Ashley across his fat smug cockney face. Also to score a goal or three. You can meet Yoshinori on a Saturday night in Hana Hana chomping live squid . Uuuurgh”


    • Leazes.

      Streetfighter blimey that goes back a bit….or 8

  • Down Under Mag

    Looks a hard worker. At any other club signings the likes of Ki and Muto would be a huge boost in potential market share for S.E. Asian fans, but here you can bet they won’t try and market the club with these players for more revenue, unless it goes straight to SD.

    At least we are signing players that potentially improve on those leaving but there is still such a long way to go before I am convinced the first choice XI has been improved significantly enough for the coming season. Right now all I can see is we have maintained our first team by signing Dubravka and getting Kenedy back on loan and bolstered our bench a little with Ki, Shar and hopefully Muto. But in terms of moving forward?? No, not for me…

  • Natturner26

    Good signing Ayoze needs competition. The team is shaping up with the additions of Schar, Muto, Sung-yueng, and Dubravka and Kenedy. Yes, Kenedy was here before. But I don’t think many of us thought he would be back this year.

    My dream would be to still buy a fullback and a more expensive attacker to replace Mitrovic if he is sold.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      All they’ve done is replaced out going players, we’ve not bolstered the squad one bit

      • Natturner26

        We kind of have because the signings replace players who weren’t playing.

        • SuperDesHamilton

          Is the squad stronger?

          • Natturner26

            I’d say more competition for places = stronger.

            I liked Mbemba, Merino, and Mitro but players who are frozen out make the squad weaker.