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Who are Newcastle United fans to stand in the way of a very rich man having fun at our expense?

3 years ago

I have not had an article published on The Mag before but recent events at Newcastle United… so here goes.

Hashtags, bedsheets, boycotts, perhaps a parliamentary petition – There are many novel ways people think we can remove Mike Ashley from our club.

There is a naivety in these novel ideas, I’ve worked in enough large companies to know the balance between making your opinion heard and making your opinion heard, join the union and make your voice heard, just not too loud or someone else, not so loud, will take your place, and here in lies the problem with Mike and he knows it.

Don’t renew your season ticket, don’t go to the matches, don’t buy a pie, or a pint for that matter, all out of protest, because that one pie will make all the difference to Mike, just like that one season ticket.

Yes the season tickets are down this year, do you think Mike is crying himself to sleep on his pillow made out of £50 notes? Maybe if you didn’t renew yours, it could be the one, you could be the one, as part of a collective who brought the fat man down, maybe.

Maybe when Rafa goes and we all go, Mike will care. But we won’t all go, some will still attend, some will still renew, enough will attend occasionally keeping it financially viable.

However, if 50,000 all put away £100 a month we could…We won’t.

If all 50,000 just didn’t turn up one week…enough will still go.

Why don’t half of us not turn up, form a picket line and shout scab at those who do, in a blind hope we might beat a southern capitalist regime, as if history has taught us nothing.

Mike is rich, I mean really rich, and there aren’t many people as rich as him who want to own NUFC.

There are lots of people with enough money who could afford to buy the club, even at Mike’s inflated valuation, but why should he sell? He’s having fun and who are we to stand in the way of a very rich man having fun at our expense? Many years ago I can remember making one of my fat mates do the truffle shuffle for a pint because he was skint, those were the days.

I wouldn’t advocate a boycott, simply because I don’t think enough will boycott and it won’t work, I don’t suggest protests because Mike doesn’t care. We’re stuck with Mike and he is not going to change, it’s best to just accept it and then make an informed decision if you still want to care any more.

A couple of years ago, I used to go to the match to see the lads, have a few beers and boo Sissoko. Then Rafa came along and it all started to feel like it did when Bobby was here – but then Mike does what Mike does.

On the plus side, in a year I can go back to seeing the lads, having a few beers and booing again.


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