This is now the 58th day of the summer market for Premier League transfers.

The window opened on 17 May 2018 and already there has been significant business done.

In terms of total spend by the 20 Premier League clubs, this has now passed £600m (as per amounts on all agreed deals below), an average of £30m per club.

From the Newcastle United perspective, only £4m paid out so far, with Dubravka becoming a permanent signing, then Ki Sung-Yueng a free transfer, and Kenedy on loan.

Since Tuesday alone, a massive £182m has been paid out by PL clubs, with even Fulham contributing £35m of that on two players.

This window closes in England at 5pm on Thursday 9 August, so 27 days of fun and games still to go until deadline day.

Over in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, their windows opened on 1 June and run until 31 August.

So once the Premier League window closes, clubs in other countries can still potentially buy players from English clubs for another 22 days, though English clubs will no longer be able to buy.

Confirmed Premier League transfers so far in the 2018 Summer Transfer Window as listed by BBC Sport:

13 July

Jannik Vestergaard [Borussia Monchengladbach – Southampton] Undisclosed (Reported to be £18m)

12 July

Kenedy [Chelsea – Newcastle] Loan

Maxime le Marchand [Nice – Fulham] Undisclosed (Reported to be £29m)

Jean Michael Seri [Nice – Fulham] Undisclosed (Reported to be £6m)

11 July

Andriy Yarmolenko [Borussia Dortmund – West Ham] Undisclosed (Reported to be £22m)

Matteo Guendouzi [Lorient – Arsenal] Undisclosed (Reported to be £7m)

10 July

Angus Gunn [Manchester City – Southampton] £13.5m

Riyad Mahrez [Leicester – Manchester City] £60m

Lucas Torreira [Sampdoria – Arsenal] £26m

9 July

Jack Wilshere [Arsenal – West Ham] Free

5 July

Bernardo [RB Leipzig – Brighton] £9m

Ben Foster [West Brom – Watford] Undisclosed (Reported to be £3m)

Ken Sema [Ostersund – Watford] Undisclosed (Reported to be £2m)

2 July

Adam Masina [Bologna – Watford] Undisclosed (Reported to be £5m)

Sokratis Papastathopoulos [Borussia Dortmund – Arsenal] Undisclosed (Reported to be £16m)

1 July

David Brooks [Sheffield United – Bournemouth] Undisclosed (Reported to be £10m)

29 June

Mohamed Elyounoussi [Basel – Southampton] reported £16m

Ki Sung-yeung [Swansea – Newcastle] Free

28 June

Bobby Reid [Bristol City – Cardiff] reported £10m

Alex Smithies [QPR – Cardiff] reported £3.5m

26 June

Stuart Armstrong [Celtic – Southampton] £7m

21 June

Fred (Shakhtar Donetsk – Man Utd) £47m

20 June

Juninho Bacuna (Groningen – Huddersfield) Undisclosed (Reported to be £5m)

Lukasz Fabianski (Swansea – West Ham) £7m

James Maddison (Norwich – Leicester) Undisclosed (Reported to be £22m)

19 June

Issa Diop (Toulouse – West Ham) £22m

18 June

Rui Patricio (Sporting Lisbon – Wolves) Free

15 June

Marc Navarro (Espanyol – Watford) Undisclosed (Reported to be £4m)

13 June

Greg Cunningham (Preston – Cardiff) Undisclosed (Reported to be £3.5m)

12 June

Raul Jimenez (Benfica – Wolves) Loan

Josh Murphy (Norwich – Cardiff) Undisclosed (reported to be £10m)

Ramadan Sobhi (Stoke – Huddersfield) £5.7m

11 June

Gerard Deulofeu (Barcelona to Watford) Undisclosed (Reported to be £11m)

8 June

Jonny Evans (West Brom – Leicester) £3.5m

Vicente Guaita (Getafe – Crystal Palace) Free

Terence Kongolo (Monaco – Huddersfield) Undisclosed (Reported to be £17.6m)

6 June

Diogo Dalot (Porto – Manchester United) £19m

5 June

Ryan Fredericks (Fulham – West Ham United) Free

Stephan Lichtsteiner (Juventus – Arsenal) Free

1 June

Benik Afobe (Bournemouth – Wolves) £10m

Willy Boly (Porto – Wolves] £10m

Ben Hamer (Leicester – Huddersfield) Free

30 May

Martin Dubravka (Sparta Prague – Newcastle United) Undisclosed (Reported to be £4m)

28 May

Fabinho (Monaco – Liverpool) £39m

Naby Keita (RB Leipzig to Liverpool) – Fee of up to £66m depending on extra payments (Deal agreed in summer 2017 and will go through on 1 July 2018)

25 May

Florin Andone (Deportivo La Coruna – Brighton) Undisclosed (Reported to be £5m)

Ben Wilmot (Stevenage – Watford) Undisclosed (Reported to be £1,5m)

Joseph Tomlinson (Yeovil Town – Brighton) Free

22 May

Leon Balogun (Mainz – Brighton) Free

19 May

Ricardo Pereira (Porto – Leicester) Undisclosed (Reported to be £18m)

  • Billmag

    One word EMBARRASSING, especially for a club of our size.

  • Leicester Mag

    This can hardly be a shock and outcome no less difficult to predict. We start the season behind everyone in respect to signings even the promoted clubs. Surely any doubt regarding intent is starkly exposed. Twenty two windows and counting when will fans wake up to cynical and systematic exploitation?

  • Soldier

    so what`s new, state normal with Ashley

  • Peaky

    🐷🐷🐷 OOT OOT OOT
    🤓🤓🤓 OOT OOT OOT

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Not much action from Burnley, Palace and Chelsea either. The time to judge it is at the end of the window. The two most important things were to get the keeper and Kenedy for the season and that is done. With that team we are capable of beating most teams and with a further four signings will be good season.

    • JonMag

      some Mothers do `ave em and yours certainly hit the jackpot with you.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        When visiting my father in hospital on Thursday (age 89) his first words were Southgate should be sacked for not taking Shelvey to the World Cup and for the next hour repeated very much the same thing sack him.

        • TheFatController

          When is he 90?

      • Jezza

        Don’t feed the troll, lads.

        • Monkseaton Magpies

          Mackem for the rest of your life your words not mine.

    • Milo79

      Of course by ‘get them’ you mean get them back. We haven’t strengthened, we’ve (just about) kept last season’s team together – and Benítez hasn’t signed an extension, casting uncertainty over the club beyond the next 10 months. But yeah, a very propitious window thus far.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        Yes and kept a vey good squad of players together at that one which should finish in the top seven.

        • Milo79

          Ha ha. Top seven…you think?

        • TheFatController

          We weren’t even close to the top 7 last season. We were in the also rans where a few points covers 10th to relegation places.

    • Ram Kishore

      Monk I’m one of the positives guys but I feel Burnley, Chelsea are much more stronger than us..Just as Rafa pointed out.
      I am patient enough to wait till the end of July to see how our club works in the window but it’s important not to compare us with clubs that are not active..

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Rafa’s Eyes & ears you are, keep up the good work. He’ll need a scout at old Trafford next season

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        Wonder if Jezza will walk along to the Charlton match for the first game. Would not bet against it.

        • SuperDesHamilton

          Could have a pint with you then, you don’t live far from sunlun

    • TheFatController

      Shame Rafa doesn’t read your posts. He’d soon sigh a new contract. All in the garden is rosy, clearly.

  • Jonathan Gibson

    3 quality signings for a combined £4m absolute bargain… 3 or 4 more to follow, carthorseavich and the ginger Pirlo out the door not about how much you spend its about who you spend it on and being smart with the money. Fresh squad, no world cup hangovers will hit the ground running with a win over spurs. Tickets for Hull and Porto purchased, back on the road to watch the lads..

    • Jezza


      • Leazes.

        Ah now the competition is to guess which one it is?

        My guess is its the young stupid one Kevin.

        • Wezza

          Yep, I’m going for the dopey one, Kevin.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Ha ha, Wezza, are you really calling someone out as dopey?

        • Jezza

          Definitely one of those two, that’s for certain.

      • Jonathan Gibson

        Troll? proper fan that supports team no matter what u mega depressive ugly hippy, chip away with your negativity at will..

        • TheFatController

          Rafa started it by not signing a contract. Talk about negativity around the club, he clearly wants to leave…once the £6m golden handcuff is off, he’s running for the hills.

          But you stay positive.

          • Jonathan Gibson

            Negativity breeds negativity, positivity is we finished 10th in the PL last season, we have obtained in this transfer window for nxt season 2 players who were instrumental in that run from new year. Without question i firmly believe we will bring in a few strikers after mitro sale. Im optamistic about the season being bettered. I look at mackems and see how easy it can be to implode, im not arsed about ashley anymore, same craic for years, just want to get behind the lads that represent us on pitch.

        • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

          Jezza is a bit strange, just humour him.

          • Jonathan Gibson

            He humours me with that picture. Cracking looking lad, The freak is blocked

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            I honestly thought he was a brave trans guy

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Don’t block him, you don’t want to stoop to his level.

    • TheFatController

      Shame Rafa doesn’t share your optimism and is leaving in 10 months.

      Enterr guardiola ? Or Pchettino? Can’t wait.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Hello Monkseaton mate

  • Mrkgw

    ASHLEY OUT! This bloke has utterly destroyed out club. Squeezed out all enjoyment. We are no longer regarded as a well respected, big premiership outfit. We can’t even complete for signings against the newly promoted clubs. ASHLEY OUT!

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      Another one of the MAG’s great thinkers, who if the promoted clubs have beaten us to a signing?

      • Mrkgw

        Look at the signings the lowly clubs make, the prices paid. We simply refuse to keep up. ASHLEY OUT!

        • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

          Which of those players do you want? Are Spurs forums moaning that Cardiff have bought players?

          • Mrkgw

            Spurs are in no real state and have a sufficiently strong side. We stand to lose Hayden, Mitro and possibly Ritchie in coming days and our squad was already paper thin. Ashley has spent a measly £4m thus far. Compare that with say, Fulham who have just signed Seri for in excess of £17m and Mitro will likely cost them a further £20. And their spending won’t stop there. Will Ashley spend that much? Has he ever spent that much? Not a chance on earth. His stewardship has been a miserly, miserable 11 years or so of pure recession. For that reason, I’m sorry but it can only now be a continual ASHLEY OUT from me. He has had chance after chance to put things right. Enough is enough.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Which is fine, assuming your little group of great thinkers, Leazes’, Jezza, Micky love, Wezza etc have intellectually out witted Ashley and he just goes, what then?

            You’ve all had 11 years to have a whip round. You’ve all saved £6,000 by giving up those season tickets why not get some like-minded intellectuals to buy him out. Do you have a plan except to post Ashley Out on a forum that is mainly seen by morons.

          • Mrkgw

            Bit harsh as you yourself, are also a regular on here. It’s not about out witting Ashley but frustrations are bourne out of a decade of pure under investment. His distinct disinterest in the club. Just look at that latest transfer made by West Ham – it blows the archaic Owen deal out of the water. Newcastle deserve better than this – surely you can see that much.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            The point being, none of those purchases would get into our team. Personally I’d have liked seri but he’s not a Rafa type player.

  • Rev

    Nobody is surprised, the Owner hasnt broken any promises, you know what kind of season its going to be, you can see that one or the other has to back down at the end of the season, you know the ground will be full if we can survive and you know the knives will be out but people will keep going anyway and buying the shirts etc. even if we hit a rocky patch. Its not the hope that kills you, its the fact its so predictable. The owner isnt going anywhere, you either accept it or dont go. It was grim underDinnis, Mcfaul and Ardiles but it never seemed hopeless, now i am not so sure. Vote with your wallet / feet i guess

  • Jezza

    Balance sheet champions once again. We re untouchable.

  • Nut

    We bid for Plea but the issue is that the club were told unequivocally that it wasn’t enough and that we would have to pay xyz, only for another club in a different league to go offer what we offered and have that bid accepted!

    We were informed it’s one price for us and a different price for clubs other than us in other leagues!

    That’s not the way to do business.

    • Vodkamagpie

      Well said, I totally agree with most of it. I find it hard to believe, Newcastle have spent over 200mil on players in the last 4 seasons, an average of over 50mil per season. And yet most fools on here claim Ashley doesn’t spend money, no more players will be bought, we only get free and loan transfers etc etc. Fans just moan without looking at the facts, very sad

      • TheFatController

        Makes you wonder why Rafa is leaving in 10 months when we’re such big spenders?

        Maybe he’s an idiot. Write to him and tell him about the £50m per season we spend …?

        • Vodkamagpie

          Newcastle amount spent on transfers into the club over the last 4 seasons.
          14/15 – 37.9mil
          15/16 – 75.2mil
          16/17 – 55mil
          17/18- 45.6mil
          so people saying Ashley doesn’t buy players, or won’t by players, are widely off the mark

          • Taz

            Unfortunately the fcw doesn’t have a clue, he employs total $h1t3 for managers and gives them money to spend. The thing is they were all muppets. Now we have a guy with a brain as manager he won’t splash the cash, what goes on in the fat [email protected] head is beyond me, the bloke is a disgrace.

  • Desree

    Either invest in the youth set up or in the playing staff. There is no plan for this club.

  • Taz

    I’m surprised the fat to$$3r has even spent 4mill