This is now the 50th day of the summer market for Premier League transfers.

The window opened on 17 May 2018 and already there has been significant business done.

In terms of total spend by the 20 Premier League clubs, this has now passed £400m (as per amounts on all agreed deals below), an average of £20m per club.

From the Newcastle United perspective, only £4m paid out so far, with Dubravka becoming a permanent signing, then Ki Sung-Yueng a free transfer.

This window closes in England at 5pm on Thursday 9 August, so 35 days of fun and games still to go until deadline day.

Over in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, their windows opened on 1 June and run until 31 August.

So once the Premier League window closes, clubs in other countries can still potentially buy players from English clubs for another 22 days, though English clubs will no longer be able to buy.

Confirmed Premier League transfers so far in the 2018 Summer Transfer Window as listed by BBC Sport:

2 July

Adam Masina [Bologna – Watford] Undisclosed (Reported to be £5m)

Sokratis Papastathopoulos [Borussia Dortmund – Arsenal] Undisclosed (Reported to be £16m)

1 July

David Brooks [Sheffield United – Bournemouth] Undisclosed (Reported to be £10m)

29 June

Mohamed Elyounoussi [Basel – Southampton] reported £16m

Ki Sung-yeung [Swansea – Newcastle] Free

28 June

Bobby Reid [Bristol City – Cardiff] reported £10m

Alex Smithies [QPR – Cardiff] reported £3.5m

26 June

Stuart Armstrong [Celtic – Southampton] £7m

21 June

Fred (Shakhtar Donetsk – Man Utd) £47m

20 June

Juninho Bacuna (Groningen – Huddersfield) Undisclosed (Reported to be £5m)

Lukasz Fabianski (Swansea – West Ham) £7m

James Maddison (Norwich – Leicester) Undisclosed (Reported to be £22m)

19 June

Issa Diop (Toulouse – West Ham) £22m

18 June

Rui Patricio (Sporting Lisbon – Wolves) Free

15 June

Marc Navarro (Espanyol – Watford) Undisclosed (Reported to be £4m)

13 June

Greg Cunningham (Preston – Cardiff) Undisclosed (Reported to be £3.5m)

12 June

Raul Jimenez (Benfica – Wolves) Loan

Josh Murphy (Norwich – Cardiff) Undisclosed (reported to be £10m)

Ramadan Sobhi (Stoke – Huddersfield) £5.7m

11 June

Gerard Deulofeu (Barcelona to Watford) Undisclosed (Reported to be £11m)

8 June

Jonny Evans (West Brom – Leicester) £3.5m

Vicente Guaita (Getafe – Crystal Palace) Free

Terence Kongolo (Monaco – Huddersfield) Undisclosed (Reported to be £17.6m)

6 June

Diogo Dalot (Porto – Manchester United) £19m

5 June

Ryan Fredericks (Fulham – West Ham United) Free

Stephan Lichtsteiner (Juventus – Arsenal) Free

1 June

Benik Afobe (Bournemouth – Wolves) £10m

Willy Boly (Porto – Wolves] £10m

Ben Hamer (Leicester – Huddersfield) Free

30 May

Martin Dubravka (Sparta Prague – Newcastle United) Undisclosed (Reported to be £4m)

28 May

Fabinho (Monaco – Liverpool) £39m

Naby Keita (RB Leipzig to Liverpool) – Fee of up to £66m depending on extra payments (Deal agreed in summer 2017 and will go through on 1 July 2018)

25 May

Florin Andone (Deportivo La Coruna – Brighton) Undisclosed (Reported to be £5m)

Ben Wilmot (Stevenage – Watford) Undisclosed (Reported to be £1,5m)

Joseph Tomlinson (Yeovil Town – Brighton) Free

22 May

Leon Balogun (Mainz – Brighton) Free

19 May

Ricardo Pereira (Porto – Leicester) Undisclosed (Reported to be £18m)

  • HarryHype59

    Ashley will turn a profit in this window! This club is run like an outlet of Sports Direct.

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      Ah ha, Harry. I bet £25 that we don’t make a profit this window.

      Also, is there a settlement of our previous bet due?

      • jack

        We already have a wager , not looking good though is it

        • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

          We do, I had one with Harry last year, not seen the colour of his money yet.

          • jack

            Well there won’t be any problems here

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Good, I sense that we’re both true to our word.

          • TheFatController

            Bobi Davro, you won a bet on that paltry net spend last summer?

            You’re smarter than your posts led me to believe. Well done.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            That’s right, £12,500 is nothing but Jezza didn’t cough up. I’d have been OK if he said that he misundersttod and offered £125 or even £25 but to pay pennies was an insult.

          • TheFatController

            I refer you to my above post mocking your bet as no indicator we’ve had a good window.

            All bets should start at £50m net. Bear in mind Everton spent £40m + on Sigurdsson alone, and Leicester are at £22m already for Maddock. It’s all relative …

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            I’m not suggesting it’s a good window, I do suggest that my opinion seems to be closer to reality than some others.

            I said elsewhere that the interesting purchases seem to be Southampton’s, both were at a £10m price rather than in the £20m’s but I can guarantee, had we bought them, the great thinkers of this forum will have been shouting the usual expletives.

      • TheFatController

        Bobi Davro, given we are on the football gravy train, it’s be hard for the club not to have a deficit on trading, even when we just do a couple of loans due to serial inadequacies at the club we’re not in profit obviously.

        Only when relegated do we make a profit on sales’ values.

        Your bet is a joke therefore, in that you winning doesn’t mean we’ve had anywhere near what could be called a successful window.

        However, if you want to take a bet on us spending £50m net…?

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Just waiting for the…’we only have money we generate, Ashley serviced the debt, season ticket sales etc…😴😴😴

    • Fireman Sam

      Where’s the TV money gone?

      • SuperDesHamilton

        All accounted for according to the fatty apologists. Remember him saying every penny the club generates will be used on transfers…

        • Wezza

          Yes yes that’s right it’s all there in the NUFC bank account. Yes yes every penny Rafa can have yes yes. (Sarcasm)
          Yes yes don’t worry nufc fans Rafa will have spent over 126M plus player sales yes yes every penny. (More sarcasm)

          The lies from this regime are staggering.

          • TheFatController

            In fairness they have apologised for the one lie that was revealed in a court of law.

            So clearly that’s restored trust in the relationship, I think we can all agree .

          • SuperDesHamilton

            What’s more staggering the lie or the fans who believe the lies though

  • Toon

    Boo hoo! Get a grip, nothing worse then constant crying by people who then go out buy season tickets. Sit down, have a brew in your free Sports Direct mug, wear your new shirt and dry your eyes.

    Or if you don’t like it DO something about it

    • Leazes.

      In a way everyone is a Sports D****t mug but it hasn’t come free.

      • Rich Lawson

        ”Shoplifters of the world unite ”

    • Big Hairy Man

      No season tickets left. Monkfish Mugpie has mortgaged his house and bought them all for his 1000 friends.

  • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

    Great article, 6 transfers since you ran the same article 2 weeks ago. The interesting transfers out of that lot are Southampton’s, two players who have done very well in poorerl leagues who, had we bought them wought have the great thinkers on this board shouting ‘fatty has us buying in the bargain basement, fireplaces, tat shop, pocketed the money etc etc.’ I particularly like Mohamed Elyounoussi.

    • Fireman Sam

      Where’s all the TV money gone Bobbi davro? Even the sheep are starting to ask questions. And the fake accounts havnt fooled anybody.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        that guy`s bordering on insanity,

      • Ram Kishore

        Just because we haven’t spent any sums until now doesn’t mean we won’t in the next few weeks ..
        TV money doesn’t disappear. It’s with the club..
        Criticize and slag off for right reasons..

        • HarryHype59

          The way the club does transfer business creates an artificial ceiling for incoming transfers. Selling players on staggered payments whilst insisting players are bought outright severely handicap s the managers ability to compete in the market.

          • Milo79

            We’ve all seen year after year the glacial speed of Penfold’s transfer business…five weeks still to go, and some are still supremely confident of a good window. Amazing really.

          • Ram Kishore

            I do accept the artificial ceiling fact.. but when it comes to the staggered payments issue…I would like to tell that we wanted to sell Wijnaldum for 25 m and sissoko for 30.. both Liverpool and Spurs were willing to pay the fee but demanded that the fee will be paid only in Staggered or structured payments..
            We may have demanded upright payment but what if Spurs were insistent..
            Thats the real problem in transfer deals which involves two parties with different stances.. in order to get the full amount we may have accepted that payment method.. All deals are complex nowadays..
            Nothing is revealed as to the details of the agreements..

            You may have noticed the recent windows ..Almost all the transfer fees paid for all players in English league are undisclosed..
            Just check the BBC transfer page as most are undisclosed..

          • HarryHype59

            Selling players in staggered fees isn’t a problem if a manager is allowed to buy players on the same terms. Rafa could offer £18m for Kenedy and fund this from the three remaining payments owed by Spurs for Sissoko. The stubbornness of the owner to allow this, means the manager is hamstrung in the transfer market.

          • Ram Kishore

            Let’s wait until the end of window and hope for the positive

          • HarryHype59

            It’s hard to be positive after eleven years of the Fat shop keeper!

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        It’s always gone into the Nufc bank account.

        Fake account? I’d love to know my others, Jezza? Leazes’ perhaps? I could be you.

        • TheFatController

          Bobi Davro, it’d be great if we upped the commercial revenue into our bank account.

          With a commercial revenue team.

          Talk of ‘contracting out’ doesn’t answer the ‘why has it stagnated whilst other big clubs are growing theirs at fast pace ..?’

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Well, commercial activity now creates as much profit as we turned over in 2007, that’s a good thing?

          • TheFatController

            Not when I compare it to Spurs, no.

      • Wezza

        His other aliases have the same IP as well. Checkmate.

  • Fireman Sam

    As Alan Shearer pointed out after fat Mike refused to back Rafa in January, our net spend since Ashley hijacked the club has been £4m a season. So I wouldn’t get your hopes up for signing new players.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      the 4 millions gone then on Dubravka, the writing was on the wall as soon as they replaced Merino with a free transfer

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        A bet Mickylove, you could be £25 better off if you believe a word you say.

    • Wezza

      It’s ok though because Ashley gave McClaren 70M to spend so he is a good owner. (Sarcasm)
      We must have faith cos remember the illustrious owner promised Rafa can have every penny generated! Generated as in tv money! So Rafa has over 100M to spend and more! (More sarcasm)

      It’s just loans and bargain basement deals. Money first football a distant second, collect tv money, transfer to mash black hole = happy days.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    The Fat [email protected]@k takes the p1$$ every window,
    Talk of Ritchie bringing in £15m means we`ll sign the like`s of Towsend,
    i wouldn`t be putting money on that.
    Mitro around £20m + Mbemba at £7m, that`ll disappear.
    Talk of £20m plus strikers coming in & £18m midfielders will turn out to be the usual Bull schitt from the Fat Scumbag & his Minions.

    • Ram Kishore

      All of this are only told to us by media .. the value..The players linked ..
      We have no clue as to whom we are bidding for until few hours before the signing..
      Why do u think the money from the sales of Mitro and Chancel will disappear?
      Aren’t we taking a loss of Mbemba?

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      Now then Mickylove. You have the chance to put money on your words. £25, back those words up.

      • Billmag

        Why don’t you up your amount from the£10m you mentioned to a more realistic amount say £70ml then you might get a few more taker’s, that amount is not unreasonable for a Premiership club that needs improving on.

        • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

          Because Mickylove hasn’t claimed a spend of less than £70m, he claimed a zero net dpend

        • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

          Apart from the fact that is not what Mickylove is claiming, I think it’s more money than we have or certainly at the absolute upper end.

          With income at around £170-£200m, I can’t see us having £70m profit or surplus for transfers and extra wages unless we borrow more & Mike has been pretty clear about that.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Judge everything at the end of the window not now as deals are in place both ways.

    • MP01

      “deals are in place”…. what deals?

      • TheFatController

        Mugpie has a ‘special relationship’ with Ashley – like the government had with Trump til Trump told them they actually didn’t …

        • Monkseaton Magpies

          Only time will tell. I said six players in and I stand by that.
          Three or four will be big signings. Already got two signings.

          • TheFatController

            They should be big signings, we’re a big club.

            Bear in mind some teams spend £30m on players, so careful what you term ‘big’ – you may mean big relative to our paltry usual transfer window net spends, which reflect the serious financial mismanagement of the club caused by the two wholly avoidable relegations …

          • Kneebotherm8

            Couldn’t have put it better…..

          • TheFatController

            I’ve been generous, some teams spend £80m on players here in the UK, but I put a figure applicable for clubs like Leicester or Everton that we should be competing with.

          • Kneebotherm8

            Exactly………we’re not even big fish in the small pond…….

          • Chuck D

            One free and one which was a loan signing from last season.

            I judge at the end of the window, and 9/10 times it’s sh*t!

      • HarryHype59

        Free transfers, loan deals, ones for the future and bargain basement punts.