The Summer has been a familiar tale for Newcastle fans, spend is low, tempers are high, and confidence for the coming season is almost non-existent.

Here on The Mag we see a daily parade of articles disparaging the owner, mocking the futility of our lack of forays into the transfer market, and the endless comparisons to the business done elsewhere in the league. None of this is new, in fact, after 11 years it begins to feel like we are watching repeats of the same dull drama played out year after year with a slightly different and cheaper cast.

The thought behind this article will probably not be a popular one with most…for the misty eyed football fan who still sees the romance of the game, or for the apologist who stands by the claim that the owner doing what is best for the club, this won’t be an easy pill to swallow.

We seem to have a majority who love Newcastle United, and despite the bitterness and disappointment the current ownership breeds, their love is still strong. We then have a minority who claim to love the club, but steadfastly refuse to see the damage done by the owner, whether these people are trolls or fans of other clubs is open for debate, but both sets of people appear to be missing the obvious.

Your love for the club, your support of the club, your hatred of Mike Ashley, your energies and efforts spent in defence or prosecution of Mike Ashley, are all completely irrelevant, Mike Ashley is Newcastle United and vice versa.

He owns the club lock, stock and barrel, so whatever you feel about or towards Newcastle United is what you feel towards Mike Ashley. You can say until you are blue in the face that the supporters are the club, that we will be here long after he is gone and you would be correct in most cases. However, none of that changes the fact that he owns the club and we do not, therefore whatever action you take in support of or against the club is an action for or against Mike Ashley.

He is not a custodian, as he is so often described, he is not an invading force or a disease, he is not a parasite or a tumour, he is Newcastle United by virtue of the fact that he owns it.

Should the whim take him he could snuff out Newcastle United tomorrow, should he wish to he could turn the stadium into the world’s biggest S***** Direct Mega store, he could also make it a viable footballing enterprise, but we all know that is not on his agenda.

To believe otherwise is to buy into the lie, the same lie that Newcastle United somehow owes Mike Ashley money, that he is generous enough to not expect interest and only denies the club some paltry advertising fees, that he doesn’t limit commercial growth by handling merchandise without revealing exactly what percentage of profit goes where. If you believe that Mike Ashley and the club are separate entities then you admit the possibility of truth of all of the above.

We need to understand that the supposed debt is of his own creation, he owes the money to himself because of the poor decisions of himself and those whom he appointed, there is no debt other than a tax exercise on paper. Therefore there is no generosity regarding interest, there is a simple reduction of cost to make this particular business less costly and more able to perform the function for which it was purchased, to advertise the high street tat shop.

What we as “fans” have left to do is wait for a day when Newcastle United is no longer Mike Ashley, when it is no longer a subsidiary of S***** Direct. Then we can rejoice, then we might have a football club again, but please don’t think for one minute that your action of support does anything other than extend the time it takes for that day to come.

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  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    I’ve mentioned this before. But as a form of non-violent protest, fans should start streaming games. Hurting the fat turd’s wallet is the only way he will move on anything. Yes it is illegal, but sometimes you have to cross that line in order to affect positive change.

  • Big Hairy Man

    Making every televised game toxic for Sh*te Direct and his other brands is the only way he will take notice.

  • Burt Humperdink

    Not exactly on point of this article but nowhere else to ask this. Was there a loan fee for Kenedy? usually there is. Additionally there would surely be a signing on fee for Ki and we know there is a fee set by the tribunal for the young lad from Young Boys.

    • Samuel Brown

      Hi, the reported loan fee is £5m plus salary, so around £7-8M in total. The fee quoted to buy him was £25m, which will undoubtedly increase if he has a good season. Personally, as far as investments go, Kenedy would be a sure bet, we should have paid the exra £17-18M
      Ki, signing on fee was minimal, he wasnt in demand, expect him and his agent to collectively get under £1m
      Same with the lad from young boys,
      Therefore, with the Dubravka deal, we are looking at a spend of around £13m
      around 27 players (including youth) have left since last season, you could probably include Silimani too to make it 28. The combined annual salary saved will be more than that. Merino, Gamez and Haidaira probably earning around £2m a year each.
      Then there’s the fee for Merino, that’s another £10m
      and finally there’s the £80-£100m profit made from last season.

      • Burt Humperdink

        £5m sounds about right for Kenedy for a year so I think its fair enough. So presumably by that there must be some money up front even if it was only £10m.

        You have to assume it is either Mike is selling or there will be a few more deals at least. As even he hasn’t been this stingy before.

        He could spend another £40m and pocket the profit from last year as the sales of Mitro (£20mish), Mbemba (£7-8m) and Selz (£3m) on top of Merino £10.5m) would set that up. That would at least get us a decent striker for around £20m ish and a decent Full back for £10-£15m.

        • Jezza

          There will be nothing but loans and free transfers from now on and I can guarantee the loan fee for Kennedy was nothing like £5 million. Probably £1 million at the most. The only thing you have got right is that Ashley will “pocket the profit” as he always does.

  • Leicester Mag

    One answer and only one answer stay away. The oxygen for his shoddy business is advertising. What impact an empty ground? Sadly won’t ever happen. Surely though fans must realise that this will end in disaster. One more relegation and this time there will be no bounce. Watch it happen or try to stop however futile I know where I sit

    • Andy Mac

      It doesnt have to be futile. Organised protest will win the day.

      • Leicester Mag

        Maybe a respected fanzine could get of its rs and instead of righting tat about raggy ar$ed rovers down the road stand up and be counted and lead the protests. Over to you Mark. Forgotten the spirit of Walker Dan?

  • JonMag

    much easier just say the guy`s a C NUT

  • Andy Mac

    The only thing wrong with this article is “What we as “fans” have left to do is wait for a day when Newcastle United is no longer Mike Ashley, when it is no longer a subsidiary of S***** Direct”

    We dont have to wait. We can grow a collective set and desert the stadium for as many games as it takes. I’ve done it and many others have too. We need the rest of you lot out there to do the same otherwise face up to the future of Fatman owning this club for the next twenty years or more ??????

    • magpiefifer

      Agreed Andy – I’ve done it too,but unfortunately not enough of us will do it to have the necessary effect – our loyalty will always be too strong,and doesn’t Ashley know it!!!

    • East Durham Mag

      The sheep won’t do it. Lots of them have known nothing different to the Fat [email protected]@rd and his disastrous 11 years as owner of the club. Some f¥ckw!ts even sneer at the Keegan era.

  • Arty Hume

    When I worked full time I used to see battered wives every week and would advise them to re evaluate their future with respect to their husbands or boyfriends, and leave them as they would ALWAYS be subject to abuse! The protagonist see’s a weakness and exploits it to his full advantage and glorifies in causing pain to the battered wife. The inconvenient truth however was/is that the wives almost always went back for more abuse.
    Go figure, substitute Wife > Fans, abuser > FCB!
    Makes sense???

    • Leicester Mag

      Long shied away from this analogy or that of the abused pet but nevertheless it is difficult not to draw parallels. The way people are manipulated at present in all aspects is truly frightening

    • I Think Therefore I Am – Will

      Oh my, that sure puts things in perspective, Stockholm syndrome? Which I’ve witnessed with a much loved one myself, it was like there was no one else in the planet, dreadful 😣

  • pedrodelgardo

    I always chuckle to myself when I notice my reaction when I hear on the news that a helicopter has gone down…….

    • East Durham Mag

      If only.

  • Mark Andrews

    Mike’s mugs have been very quiet today . Wonder why ?

  • ghostrider

    It’s not about being a troll just because you accept having Ashley.
    I’d willingly take another owner but we don’t have another owner and any owner we may get, has to be better than what Ashley is giving us.
    What owner can better what Ashley is doing?
    Does anyone know any that’s lining up to take the club on at the price asked?

    Then, until one comes to the fore to better Ashley we have a football club owned and run by him and who he employs to do so….correct?

    So therefore why spend too much of your energy hating him one minute and then throwing in the old, “maybe we were too harsh” or ” oh look, he’s spent big, maybe he’s seen the light” or “oh he’s asset stripping the club” or ” he’s deliberately trying to destroy the club” or he hates the fans and is a Tottenham/ Chelsea fan”….and so on and so on and so on.

    The man has been here for 11 years and in that 11 years there’s been excitement, despair, hope, love and hate…but mainly nothing to shout about on the big scale.
    Guess what?
    We’ve rarely had any decent run on those scales. It’s always been bit part whether Ashley owns us or whoever in the past.

    Yes we had the flirts with Hall’s gamble at a time when there were few big hitting owners capable of it.
    Walker being one who basically bought Blackburn the title.
    Hall nearly bought us one.

    The oil tycoons and Sheikh’s have been doing it ever since…but not on one big gamble and then scarpering. It was a case of try try again, because they could afford to do so….because money was literally no object for those people.

    Not so for Hall and certainly not so for Ashley who has suffered extreme hatred since taking over this club….none of it deserved.
    The man did and does deserve to be slated, not hated….ever.

    Ashley had a go at first and learned quite quickly that no matter what he does he will always be in line for bile and hatred, even if he gave out presents.

    What he is willing to do, is run the club….his way. It may not suit many who want bigger signings and bigger transfer fees paid with records broken and big wages paid, plus an owner who is willing to be as ambitious with his money as the manager who puts in zero pounds.

    I don’t agree with some of what Ashley does but I’d rather we played along as we are than throwing vast amounts of money at players who will end up as mercenaries, in my absolute honest opinion.

    I’ll always be labelled a troll because my opinion is not shared by the majority and the majority follow the same path on 99.9% of things. It’s basically a follow on of one extreme to another and is deemed correct by mass against minor counter opinion.
    Those minor counter opinions render those minor counter opinionists as trolls and not real fans, etc, etc, etc, simply because it’s much easier to do that than to have to give reasons for alternative thoughts.

    • Megatron1505

      Your thoughts aren’t alternative, they are ridiculous.

      • Jezza

        Don’t feed the troll, marra, just block all of his many different ID’s.

        • I Think Therefore I Am – Will

          In all honesty, I find it all amusing 😊

      • FatParosite

        Come on Megatron1505… you should know better than to be suckered by this 7wa7 although judging by your article, you don’t….

        • Megatron1505

          Don’t be fooled into thinking that there aren’t some actual qislings out there mate. This one might be a wind up merchant, but the genuine apologists exist and need to shouted down at every opportunity.

          To quote Rorschach “never compromise”.

      • I Think Therefore I Am – Will

        Well said!

    • Mark Andrews

      I’ll give you some credit for coming on today. All of the other ashley apologists have been silent so far after rafa’s comments . However the reason no-one wants to buy is ashley’s 400m asking price . Another 200m for redevelopment of the training ground and academy and getting the new players we need and it’s looking a bit pricey . Does he even want to sell ?

      • Jezza

        By “All of the other ashley apologists” you mean ghostbuster’s brother who post as bobbifleckman among various other ID’s. There are only two of them, two brothers from Manchester, season ticket holders at Old Trafford who have been trolling this site for years using around 30 or 40 different ID’s.

        • Wezza

          Beat me to it Jezza, I keep trying to warn people as well.

      • FatParosite

        It’s amazing how this ghostrider cretin fools so many with his paid for trolling.

      • ghostrider

        I’m not sure if he wants to sell in truth but I would say he’s stubborn enough to hold out for what he believes the club is worth, whether people like it or not.

        I tend to agree that the club is worth it when you consider the sickening money bandied about with TV and such and if this club is touted as the sleeping giant and one club in one city of super loyal fans, then surely it has to be worth the investment by some super rich owner(s)….right?

        Why should Ashley sell it for cheaper?
        If the fans loved Ashley then the argument would be that this club is being sold too cheaply…but the hatred for him means it’s overpriced and fans can’t see that they’re actually putting their own club down by saying that, basically just in spite of Ashley, really.

        Like I said before. He owns the club and he’s been here for 11 years and we are still a premier league club in a better position than half of the clubs in this league. We are in noi financial trouble but we cannot fight the fight with the money bag clubs and sustain it for any period of time without falling on our own sword, just like most clubs who will attempt to have a go and suffer the consequences of a so called ambition.

        I always ask people what they want from Ashley and the answer is always the same. ” We don’t want big names and big transfers…just players that can compete.”

        We actually have that but it’s never enough, yet people are scared to actually say they want super stars and top challenges for fear of being called over expectant and what not.

        The reality is, Ashley is hated because he doesn’t provide messiah’s with what they demand, which is called managerial ambition, only with spending someone else’s money…yet wouldn’t sneak a finger in their own wallets for the same type of so called ambition if they had it to give.

      • Lewis

        The transfer movements would imply that he is trying to sell at his price. He is not willing to put in his own money for transfer signings, neither is he going for a bank loan that may affect his valuation of the club.

        For whatever TV money that comes in later, it may be used to make any loan moves permanent and again, that’s not going to be from his pocket.

        I’m not sure if he is gambling with the threat of relegation again, but it seems like a 10th place finish has given him much confidence of risking it all.

    • Lewis

      To be honest, you are a pragmatic thinker. Don’t change.

  • david clark

    Imagine this guy was in charge at Liverpool. He’d be ran out of town. The stores would be empty and you wouldn’t dare step foot in his crappy shops. Newcastle fans are so passive it’s embarrassing.

    • Down Under Mag

      Because the scouse friendly media still dreaming of when they were top flight Cchampions wouldn’t stand by and let it. You notice how they prefer to take enjoyment in the state of this particular club though.

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      I guess most stores are empty in Liverpool.

  • FatParosite

    You could not be more wrong Megatron1505…. Those supporters who go to the game have POWER. You are perpetuating pathetic self defeating myths like “Support the team not the regime” Utter bunkum. Empty seats will have him out I absolutely cast iron GUARANTEE it.

    • Megatron1505

      11 years of apathetic acceptance suggests otherwise.

  • Peter C

    What total sh#te, is Megatron just trying to be provocative.

    Newcastle United isn’t Mike Ashley, and Mike Ashley isn’t Newcastle United. Yes he owns the club, that’s obvious, but there will come a day when he doesn’t.

    Yes I take your point on many of your statements. But there will come a time, maybe not before a die, but Mike Ashley will no longer be associated with Newcastle United. And he certainly won’t be remember with any fondness or affection.

    He will be remember, a bit like Hitler is remember in Germany, you will always get a few idiots, who thought he was the best thing since sliced bread, but the more rational, see him for what he is, a self serving manipulative, untrustworthy capitalist.

    • Megatron1505

      If you find the truth provocative, then I guess for you that’s what it is. Mike Ashley and Newcastle United are currently one and the same, he is sole owner.

      I’m not talking in an emotional sense, i’m not talking about what exists in the hearts and memories of fans, I am talking about as a legal single entity.

      The fact that so many choose to view them as separate things is what leads to his ability to convince the general public that there is a debt, there isn’t.

      • Peter C

        You state the obvious, he is the sole legal owner. That doesn’t make him, the only element that goes into making Newcastle United.

        As far as the dept goes, I know that there isn’t one.

        Ashley repaid the money that the club owed to Barclays Bank, prior to him buying it. So how can one own money, to oneself, I get it.

        Newcastle United and Mike Ashley aren’t a single entity, as you state, they are two separate constituents, obviously with a huge connection, as he owns it.

        But it’s more than likely in a hundred years time, Newcastle United will still exist, you, me and Mike Ashley won’t, and I doubt his current influence will either.

        • Megatron1505

          Wrap it any way you want pal, but regardless of what you say Mike Ashley and Newcastle United are currently the same thing by any definition other than how you feel about them. And that feeling is exactly what his ownership relies on.

          • Peter C

            Maybe in yours,but not in mine.

            If you were to ask Man U supporters, that the Glaziers were Man U and Man U were the Glaziers, I think you wouldn’t get the answer that you want.

            And I’m not your pal, pal.

          • Megatron1505

            Congrats on your failure to grasp simple concepts, and inability to separate your emotions from reality PAL.

          • Peter C

            What simple concepts have I failed to grasp.

            Mike Ashley owns the club, and he can do what he wants with it


          • Megatron1505

            See, I knew you’d end up agreeing with me. Now we can be friends.

          • Peter C

            I somehow, doubt it.

          • Megatron1505

            Does the C stand for cvnt?

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      Nothing wrong with being a capitalist, isn’t a capitalist the opposite of Hitler?

      • Peter C

        No there’s nothing wrong with being a capitalist, generally, as long as they have some sort of moral compass and conscience.

        But there is when, they look to exploit and ill use others.

        And as far as Hitler goes, I think you’ll find, he certainly wasn’t a socialist, even though he did belong to the National Socialist German Workers’ Party,

        And what of I can remember of my history lessons, I think you’ll find that it was an ultra far right organisation, which today is not quite akin, to that of UKIP or the Conservative Party, although they do all share the same immigration policy.

  • Craig Lindley

    #AshleyOut !!

  • skarabrae

    I’m no expert, but as fans.. the only power we have left is to boycott home games.. & it has to be done en masse with loud vociferous “PEACEFULL” protests outside the ground & continue to boycott!!

    This may do f*ck all…. but it is the ONLY thing we can do.. continue
    to attend home games…. is to accept the status quo.

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      No, the only way to get rid of MA is to buy his shares. If 150,000 fans but a a few quid in, the club is run by fans.

  • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

    We’ll, there’s 5 mins wasted on misinformed nonsense.

    Well done for trying Nott’s but your facts are not true and the rest is emotional.

    The implication that you are superior for not going is flawed. A boycott is only effective if you usually go, if you don’t even bother to go to away games on your doorstep, the effectiveness of your boycott is nil.

    • Megatron1505

      Thanks Robert, as this sites main provider of financial waffle without proof i’ll take that as a compliment 👍

      And as I never mentioned not going to the match in the article I will equally assume that you didn’t read it.

    • I Think Therefore I Am – Will

      Apologist, trolls like you make me 🤮 well not really.

      In fact never! As all insignificant trolls like your ilk, that post inconsequential dribble and nonsense, with the only aim to try embellish how the current regime’s running of the club is actually a thing of beauty, like MA himself!

      Thankfully, in the real world an increasing majority can clearly see, similar to how this article leans towards, that NUFC is mismanaged and ran to the benefit of only one lousy lump of 💩 of a person!

      In reality, it’s actually immaterial what your like post 😁😁😁

  • I Think Therefore I Am – Will

    As someone post a while back, and I’ve often wondered since; what action the Premiership would take, if any, if say the majority of fans boycotted all televised games etc. There’s only so much cameras can hide, an empty stadium would prove a massive headache?