As the nation celebrated on Tuesday night, one Sunderland was busy coming up with a strange claim.

England had played really well against Colombia, one goal up through a Harry Kane penalty on 57 minutes.

In truth, England should have had the game already won by that point, such was their superiority.

However, just like so many times when we have watched Newcastle in the past, as the game went on the Three Lions retreated and tried to see the game out.

The almost inevitable happened, Mina equalising in the third minute of added on time.

The 30 minutes extra time was a bit of a non-event, Colombia the better team without really creating much.

So we came to penalties…

Colombia scored and then Harry Kane scored England’s  first, Colombia successful again and Marcus Rashford the same for England, Colombia put their third away and then Jordan Henderson’s turn.

Hearts sank as the Liverpool player saw his penalty well saved.

Leading to this claim from a Sunderland fan on Twitter, who has an account that basically just slags off Newcastle United and the fans.


“In a Newcastle bar tonight, Three Bulls, and the locals celebrated when Henderson missed his spotkick.

“I’ll be in Newcastle on Saturday watching again…hope to have a good day out without regional rivalry getting in the way again.

“I have my doubts though.”

As it happens…I was in the Three Bulls watching the game (unlike our Mackem friend?) and this categorically didn’t happen.

By his reasoning, surely we would have all been cheering as well when Jordan Pickford didn’t save the first three penalties.

Even if they were still playing for Sunderland it wouldn’t have mattered but why on earth any Newcastle fan would supposedly having a problem with somebody like Henderson, who left Wearside seven years ago aged 21, after only 60 league matches, is beyond me.

Fair to say that most Newcastle fans are a lot more bothered about NUFC than England but there is no conflict when the national side is playing, it isn’t like they could relegate us, unlike Mike Ashley.

You have to be a pretty sad character, such as this Sunderland fan, who after England reach the World Cup quarter-finals, his first thought is to try and ‘prove’ how sad Newcastle fans are, supposedly preferring England to get beat rather than somebody who left the Mackems seven years ago being part of a winning team.

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  • I.Think.Therefore.I.Am

    Likewise, well done England, we all had a kicking night ;-)

    I luv the Bulls, oh my head!

    Pathetic lies…

    • Dillon Tovak

      Maybe, more thinking?

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    An interesting but poor World Cup.
    as with the premiership the football seems to be getting worse rather than better.
    as for England we won fair enough, but that team of Mega Millionaires is poor.

    • I.Think.Therefore.I.Am

      Yep, agree, the sad state of affairs at our cherished club, makes sterile football like this the norm, tho the company does make the difference :-D

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    I have a problem with Harry Kane who put Lejeune out of the game for two months and Ali who cheated by keeping hold of the ball to long when it was our free kick and got Shelvey sent off. Have no problem with Henderson as he pretty hopeless for an international player.Will ask Alan the manager if it was true when I see him next.
    England have been far from good so far losing one drawing another and just beating a poor Tunisia side in the last minute. However the standard this year is lower so they have a chance even with few class players.

    • Peaky

      For me Cavani against Portugal has easily been the stand out individual performance…superb all round centre forward play.

    • TheFatController

      Yes, I think Shelvey speaks to his psychotherapist mainly about Alli holding on to that ball too long.

      There are ‘ball holding too long’ helplines, for anyone affected.

  • Peaky

    Henderson has had a decent World Cup….along with Kane,Trippier & best of all Maguire….I’ve criticised Pickford on here previously but hands up the lad played well last….bring on the Swedes… the saying goes “you can only beat what’s in front of you”…

    • Billmag

      I’ve criticised the boy also Peaky but fair play to the boy even though I still think there’s a mistake in him waiting to happen.

  • Leazes.

    It wouldn’t be the first time that people on football blogs made things up…. for instance authors here, and having one or two writers with a plethora of nom de plumes putting their own right wing political stance through every utterance.

    Of course its got to be a lie, but don’t deny that the City centre pubs are usually awash with people from outside of the city, Sunderland and other places and Students aren’t exempt! ….and as well as that you are in the middle of the Halls of residence around the ground…. the fans there are more likely to be Man City fans than anything (that’s the second biggest congregation of fans in Newcastle city centre according to twitter). He implies the dislike of sunlun supersedes the excuse to cheer on the Spuds…. quite clearly the rambling of a small minded oaf.

    Is there a likelihood as the fan suggest a less than full support for London United (tottenham in red shirts)… well here….north of the water I’d say yes, but that’s not to say that people here whose ancestry is Northumbrian, Scots or Irish won’t use the world cup as an excuse for their dislocated nationalism or an excuse for a party.

    The result is one small step for London United and one giant leap of faith for ugly bald men with round heads and no necks, in bland white ASDA England shirts.

    … and the London media!

    Martin….. thats a name from Cornwall as well.

    • Desree

      I would imagine most fans would have been angry at Henderson for missing and being a SMB

  • Paul Patterson

    ‘a Sunderland fan on Twitter, who has an account that basically just slags off Newcastle United and the fans.’

    Should have just ignored the comments then . .

  • Philip Saint

    Pretty sad bothering to even read the tweet, let alone take time to centre an article around it. Rearrange these word – life a get

    Sad of me to even bother responding!

  • TheFatController

    I think he either wanted to believe it happened so much he convinced himself it had, or he feels he would cheer of say, Shelvey missed a pen for England so tars everyone with his brush, unable to entertain the concept that not everyone thinks in as bitter and twisted a way as he does…

  • Christopher Edwards

    Does anyone know if the lads currently on International duty are likely to be available for the first game of the season. Obviously we aren’t really affected unless we buy someone still at the world cup, but with the season starting 5 weeks on Saturday, when England play Sweden, Tottenham still have Kane, Alli, Trippier, Rose, Dier, Vertonghen, Lloris and Dembele as the ones I can think of off the top of my head away. Even if they were all knocked out in the quarters they will have some rest time before they start pre-season training again. Even Son, Eriksen and Sanchez have only been knocked out recently. Just wondering if anyone knew the likelihood of these players being available as Tottenham could be missing almost their whole first team.

    • Leazes.

      Excellent news hopefully they’ll all be jet lagged as well.

      • Mark Potter

        Moscow’s only two hours time difference. How do you get jet lagged from that?

    • Mark Potter

      Nice thought, but we bought players who played at the WC before, and I don’t remember them not playing at the start of the season. The Spurs players will all miss a few weeks of pre-season, but will probably only miss the game if they return injured.

  • Antenociticus

    I guess he drinks in the ‘Bulls because the bars in sunlun’ have had thir tellys nicked.

    • paul mclaughlan

      Is there actually any tellys in sunlun?

      • Leicester Mag

        Museum vaults has a 1970s telly as you walk in. I’m not kidding.

      • Leicester Mag

        You can also see the Townie Tubbies there.

    • simonjames60

      he had to come to newcastle – all the pubs in sunderland were full of astronauts

      apparently NASA send them there for training because there’s no atmosphere in the town at all.

      • Jonas

        got to say i went out once down there on a Friday night for a works thing, went to a bar downstairs and apart from our party there was two other people in and I’m not sure they weren’t staff sitting idle.
        point blank refuse to ever go their again.

  • Jo

    Deffo Sad MB, I remember watching England Friendly at Stadium of Sh1t3 and the mackems were booing townsend everytime he touched the ball

  • Martin Rooney

    Henderson was the best player on the pitch surely missing the pen was the only reason he didn’t get the mom award, and I really don’t like the kid or Pickford either but they rank well above anyone bred south of seaham, including all of the half breed kids of most of the commentators on here.

    • Brian Standen

      Agree on a couple of points but in my eyes def not next player on pitch – average in all departments

  • paul mclaughlan

    In extra time Colombia were the better side in the first 15 minutes. We were better the second half. Although I do agree we should’ve wrapped things up during the 90 mins.

  • Steve Smith

    Have to be sad to write articles about random league 1 club fans also.

  • Scottie Chugger Dearden

    So,, I live in Glasgow the whole of Scotland cheered when he missed! Probably a handful of fans and that’s supposed to reflect the whole pub? Who can forget their pettiness when Shearer was picked over Philips for England at the sol!

  • Toon

    Who cares? How can you even be bothered to care? Get a grip

  • Jonas

    Get Michael Owens lawyers.on the case.
    i was waiting for a bus across the road from the bulls when the penalty was awarded and scored – heard the screams, so find this unbelievable before the fact that Henderson is a non-entity amongst every toon fan i know of (its not like them with Shearer).

    i hate England but even in the privacy of my own home wouldn’t celebrate a.mackem missing a pen against Colombia much less surrounded by hundreds of knuckleheads.