A lot of Newcastle fans, and those at other clubs, still seem to be under the impression that Championship clubs are almost certain to struggle when getting into the Premier League.

The perception being that usually a couple of relegation spots will be filled by clubs instantly returning to the second tier.

That may have been true at one time but not now.

Indeed, in these past eight Premier League seasons, only eight  of the twenty four relegation places were filled by clubs just up from the Championship.

Of course last season we saw all three stay up relatively comfortably, with Newcastle, Brighton and Huddersfield spending almost no time in the relegation zone all season.

With Mike Ashley refusing to back Rafa Benitez, any Newcastle fans thinking promoted clubs will provide a bit of a comfort buffer this coming season, could get a nasty surprise.

At one time, when clubs were promoted they were seen as typically to have good team spirit and momentum from their promotion, but not having funds of Premier League sides, almost guaranteed to struggle.

That has all changed, Championship sides are coming up with that team spirit and momentum, but now they are also spending tens of millions of pounds to try and ensure they can compete. With their minimal net spend last season, Newcastle United are now very much a rarity.

Brighton and especially Huddersfield were seen as hot relegation favourites but never looked in any real danger.

This time, Wolves are set to sign Moutinho and bring their spending up to around £45m so far, Fulham will take theirs beyond £50m when Mitro completes his move, whilst even Cardiff have spent around £30m so far.

The info below, shows how promoted clubs have got on after promotion and in these past eight seasons, only eight going straight back to the Championship.

One other very interesting stat I did also take from this, is that 13 of the 20 clubs competing in this coming season in the Premier League, were promoted in the past seven seasons.

What that tells me, is that clubs coming up are not only having a 66% chance of staying up, but are also then continuing to invest in their squads and giving themselves every chance of becoming a Premier League regular. Despite crowds of only ten thousand, Bournemouth are a prime example.

The only Premier League clubs not to have been promoted in these past seven seasons are the ‘big six’ and Everton.

Positions in Premier League that clubs promoted from the Championship finished in, in their first season up:

2017/18 Premier League final positions:

Newcastle (10th), Brighton (15th), Huddersfield (16th)

2016/17 Premier League final positions:

Burnley (16th), Middlesbrough (19th), Hull (18th)

2015/16 Premier League final positions:

Bournemouth (16th), Watford (13th), Norwich (19th)

2014/15 Premier League final positions:

Leicester (14th), Burnley (19th), QPR (20th)

2013/14 Premier League final positions:

Cardiff (20th), Hull (16th), Crystal Palace (11th)

2012/13 Premier League final positions:

Reading (19th), Southampton(14th), West Ham (10th)

2011/12 Premier League final positions:

QPR (17th), Norwich (12th), Swansea (11th)

2010/11 Premier League final positions:

Newcastle (12th), West Brom (11th), Blackpool (19th)

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  • Leazes.

    There’s nothing between mid table cannon-fodder and relegation fodder…..the bottom positions deemed by circumstance, injuries, cup runs,and selling your best players.

    The success of the magical mystery bus will see it emulated this season by half the league while the other half scrap for Euro places.

  • Ben Jones

    Impossible and incorrect stats, we’ve been consistently told that we can’t compete with Brighton and Huddersfield and yet in a massive schoolboy error you’ve listed us finishing 10th and Brighton/Huddersfield in 15th & 16th last season .

  • TheFatController

    Most championship clubs value the fans and manager that got them promoted. They back the manager and reward the fans.

    In fact all of them do. Barring us. Who’d have thought… it’s almost as if theowner is too much into vendettas to be a fit and proper owner, either that or he uses the club for his business. Which points to not being fit and proper in my book, but the FA seems fine with it…

    • Leazes.

      Yes and that’s why Mark Douglas jumped the gun writing ‘Inside the Rafalution’ before anything had happened.

      Nobody thought that with a manager of this calibre that the club would fight against him! Especially when the matchday program, the advertising around the concourses of the stadium and merchandise proclaimed ‘Join the Rafalution’.

      Douglas did say he wouldn’t get stung like that again….well not until next time…. remember Keegan’s ‘return of the King’ publicity….. I do!

      • TheFatController

        Plus I haven’t seen SD pay for their advertising yet? Unless I’m missing something ?

        • Stephen

          They don’t pay anything for advertising nor does the sale of merchandise go into the club.

          • TheFatController

            There was a statement a year or so ago saying they would start.

            Probably similar to ‘every penny’, if you ask them ‘start’ will be vague, as in ‘didn’t give a date though did we ?’

          • Leazes.

            Yes there was.

    • Ben Jones

      It’s almost as if the world is upside down isn’t it? All the ‘sane’ people can obviously see the hideous acts that the mean bad man is doing to us and all the ‘crazies’ think there’s nothing dodgy going on and that he’s taken no money out the club. What’s going on man??!?!!

  • TheNutJob


    • Ben Jones

      There’s only one thing for it mate, and wilkos have a sale on them very bedsheets, obscure colours mind(browns and burgundy etc) but we’ll work around it fella :) we’ll show him!

  • Vodkamagpie

    Is there any guarantee of premier survival baring the the top 6. What is the correct way of running a premier league club, spending hundreds of millions to potentially fight off relagation, or run a club as a business and potentially fight off relagation.

    • TheFatController

      Are Huddersfield and Brighton not run as businesses ?

      Can you prove this?

      • Vodkamagpie

        Can you prove that they are run like a business ?. Just like villa and Sunderland right

        • TheFatController

          That’s not an argument. You’ve generalised two specific poorly run big clubs.

          So you’re talking about big clubs when trying to show examples of small clubs overspending and thus being poorly run, which is a woeful lack of logic.

          Then you generalize that specific events at two clubs might, if you’re lucky and for no other logical reason you can give, might repeat and thus you win the argument.

          Not really making me fear your intellect and cognitive abilities, are you?

          Google it…

          • Vodkamagpie

            Oh excuse me, depends on which teams you define as big or small clubs. I can suggest maybe a QPR, Hull , Charlton, Birmingham , would that fit into your small club scenario.

      • Wezza

        Another Lee brother trolling. Very sad.