Matt Ritchie returned to Newcastle United’s training ground with the rest of the NUFC squad on Friday morning.

The winger having been the subject of much discussion n recent days, with claims he is set to be off to Stoke City (views from their fans below)

Various claims on how far the deals/talks are along but the widespread reporting has been that Rafa Benitez wants Andros Townsend, with Matt Ritchie to be sold to pay towards that deal.

Friday afternoon has seen an update from Sky Sports.

They say that their information is that Stoke City have so far offered a best bid of £11.5m but that Newcastle are holding out for more than £15m.

As for the reported potential replacement, Sky Sports report that Crystal Palace have put a valuation of £17m on the winger.

Whilst £17m would be higher than the £13m Newcastle bought and sold Townsend for back in 2016, it is far lower than the recent claimed price tags of up to £30m for the Palace winger.

Hopefully we will see major breakthroughs on incoming transfers very shortly, as the NUFC squad fly off to Ireland for their pre-season training camp and first friendly on Wednesday.

The Mag – Friday 6 July 2018:

Stoke fans have been reacting to the news of their club’s interest in Matt Ritchie.

The Potters are reported to have offered a ‘staggering package’ to land the Newcastle winger.

As well as a £15m transfer fee, they have also allegedly offered a wage package of up to £80,000 a week.

Little wonder that Stoke would be interested in Ritchie, a player who registered astonishing stats in terms of being involved in goals as both Bournemouth and Newcastle United were promoted from the Championship.

The relegated club have already shown their intention to get instant promotion with the purchase of Nigeria’s 22 year old World Cup star Oghenekaro Etebo and the signing of Benik Afobe.

Interesting to read what the Stoke fans are saying about the potential Matt Ritchie signing, the overwhelming reaction is that he is a no-brainer in terms of ability, though concerns from some about the financial side of things…

Stoke fans react via their top Oatcake message board:

‘Shaqiri will not be here next season , so it is the clubs job to find the best player , in that position , that is available. Matt Ritchie would probably be top of that list , the club should be applauded if this comes off.’

 ‘I wonder why Newcastle want to get rid?’

‘Because they need the funds.’

‘Rafa is under pressure to build a better squad but Ashley has pulled the purse strings…ultimately it means selling your best stock.

If I was Newcastle I would snap Stoke’s hand off.’

I can see Rafa going elsewhere given the chance.’

 ‘It’d be big money but we’d struggle to find someone with a better record at this level. Going off his history on Transfermarkt he’s not missed any games through injury for several years either (touch wood)

In his promotion season with Bournemouth (14/15) he was involved in 33 goals (15 scored and 18 assisted) in 51 games

In Newcastle’s promotion season (16/17) he was involved in 26 goals (16 scored, 10 created) in 42 games

That level of return near enough mirrors Liam Lawerence’s contribution when we last went up. Lawrence won Overall Championship Player of the Year and got voted into the 07/08 PFA Team of the Year too.’

 ‘Be a great move if we signed him, no need for financial concern and owners to be applauded.’

‘1- he’s not worth £15 million

2- £4 million a year is ridiculous

I have no idea what the club are doing, seems a bit of a panic to me, he’s a good championship player yes but that’s all he is, £10 million max and should be on far lower wages, if he wants more then move on, don’t get desperate and be ripped off for a bang average player.’

‘Each player has a market value. Obviously it’s not good to overpay for a player. Now that we’re in the Championship, it is even more of a risk. £77,000 per week is a hell of a lot of money for a player who turns 29 in September.

‘Would you also be moaning if we offered £30k a week and he turned it down.’

‘We’re not talking risks here. It’s good, solid money on top level Championship player, which will give us a good, fighting chance.’

‘These kind of deals are okay if we promote this season or next but not if we’re still in the Championship in 4-5 years time.’

‘If we don’t do these deals then we probably will still be in the Championship in 4-5 years.’

‘You’re assuming that there is a wide player that we want, who is available, and better than Ritchie, that we can get for £10m.

There has to be some benefit to having multi-squillionaire owners, and if that involves them splashing their cash, it’s not really for me or you to question.

We paid £18m for both Imbula & Wimmer. We’ll never get worse value than that, ever again.

The owners seem to be very serious about getting back up. That’s what we all wanted, was it not.’

‘We have to do what it takes to get some players, players like Ritchie that will make the difference. I’m not concerned about this fee/wage deal as we’re not doing this for everyone. We can also probably afford it.’

‘If we get Ritchie, sign another striker and a wide man and hold on to Butland then we’re as good as promoted.’

‘If true, it’s a staggering contract.

However he is a quality player so if we can get him in it would be brilliant news. Sign players like this and keep the best ones we already have ie Bauer and we won’t be spending to long in the Championship.

Come on Stoke!’

  • Paul Patterson

    I’d be disappointed to lose Ritchie, but effectively it would be like paying £4m-ish for Townsend. A decent deal all round . .

  • Desree

    Graham ‘one article rehashed 7 times’ Porter

    • Leazes.

      Simon ‘one article rehashed 7 times’ van der Velde if you want his real name.

      • Desree

        So that’s what happened to the singer in Duran Duran

  • Dillon Tovak

    I’m really starting to zone out with all this transfer speculation, it’s just the same shyte everyday.

  • Soldier

    Ritchie is worth every penny of £15, Townsend is worth the £17m, so therefore if a £15m bid does come in for Ritchie it`s in the hands of the manager who he wants

    • Paul Patterson

      Bit cheap £15 like . .

      • Soldier

        not really looking at his age & he was a bit below par in quite a few games last season

        • Paul Patterson

          Yeah but £15?

          • TheNutJob

            i`d keep Matt but i`d also like Kenedy

  • Gary Linskey

    There’s no doubt Matt Ritchie was amazing for Newcastle in the Championship… But up in the Premier League he had more poor games than he had good.
    If Newcastle did get £15 mil for him it would be good business by the club. Plus, Townsend played some of his best football under Benitez at Newcastle, so hopefully Rafa & Co could get him performing like that again?
    So IMO this could be a deal that suits all parties.

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    🐸 2 up, yuk. Jaws mustn`t be hungry today

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    Ah now there’s the sticking point…… other clubs wanting real money for players and not Charnley’s magic beans.

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