Sky Sports have highlighted what every club’s main strength is going into the new season.

The broadcaster looking at what happened last season as a guide to where each club can be expected to be strong again this time.

When it came to last season, one thing stood out.

Sky Sports highlighting that 67 through balls were made, more than any club outside the top six.

No surprise as well that Jonjo Shelvey was responsible for most of them.

With no team strengthening on what NUFC had last time, fans will be desperately hoping that Shelvey and Diame can repeat their post-February form this coming season.

Sky Sports:

Newcastle United

‘Pass masters

‘Outside last season’s top six, no other side made as many through balls – 67 – as Newcastle did, with most coming from Jonjo Shelvey’s boot.

‘And if the mercurial playmaker is on song again this time around, then expect another mid-table finish for the Magpies.’

One strength that Sky Sport have missed out, is the fact that team understanding should be very high, considering the absence of any new first team starter candidates so far…

The real strength for NUFC last season though was surely the stats that showed how good Newcastle United were defensively when Jamaal Lascelles was in the team.

In brief, these are the strengths Sky Sports picked out for the other 19 clubs.


Arsenal had more different players (17) who scored in Premier League last season than any other club.


On Stoke won more aerial duels than Burnley last season.


Scored more goals (16) than any other PL team from set-pieces and retrieved more points (21) from losing positions, including the one that they won despite trailing 2-0 at home to Newcastle.


Conceded less goals than any other bottom 10 club.


Scored more goals (15) than any other Championship team from set-pieces.


Scored the most headers (17) in the PL last season.

Crystal Palace

Ore successful dribbles (12.7) per PL match than everybody apart from Man City and Chelsea.


Made more defensive clearances (1,229) than any other PL club, no surprise considering Sam Allardyce’s defensive tactics!


Comfortable on the ball – averaged 60.39% possession last season in Championship.


Relied more than any other PL club on attacks down right, 42% of Huddersfield’s coming from that route.


Only Man Utd and Man City had better chance conversion than the 18.24% rate Leicester had (Vardy scoring 33.90% of his chances).


Created 26 scoring chances from ‘fast breaks’, scoing nine of them – more than any other club.

Man City

Got 100 points – enough said!

Man Utd

Kept 19 clean sheets, every other game on average – David de Gea with 18 of the 19.


Only conceded once from penalty spot, equal best in Premier League – not exactly the greatest thing to shout about!


Won 23 of the 25 games they took a lead in, drawing the other two.


Their goalkeepers made only 95 saves, only clubs at the top (Chelsea, Spurs, Man City, Liverpool) had goalkeepers who made less.

West Ham

Only conceded one own goal (a very desperate strength to highlight!).


Scored more goals (82) than any other Championship club last season (Newcastle scored 85 in 2016/17 Championship season).

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Jonjo picks up an injury for a month or so and we`re Donald Ducked.
    we were lucky with injuries last season, it may not go as well this

    • Garry Norman

      Was it luck, or has Rafa changed something in the background? For years we were getting so many training ground injuries and niggles which is a disaster with our paper-thin squad.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        His training regime did help but it can`t account for bad challenges

      • JEz_Brizzle

        I totally agree… we had an awful injury list prior to Rafa… we know he likes to take extra time to get players back fit…. so may be its the old addage of short term pain for long term gain. May be he also does not push them quite as physically hard, more mentally – though I think we are one of the fitter teams in the premiership (anyone seen some stats on that?)

      • Soldier

        they were being trained by Pardew & Carver, Rafa has top professionals training them that`s why there`s less injuries

    • Not really, we have Ki now who can at least emulate Shelvey, along with Longstaff who looks great next to Diame. We have options, we are not simply a Jonjo Shelvey team.

      • Soldier

        No we are not, but he can`t be replaced by what we have in the squad, there isn`t 1 player in his class or anywhere near him

  • toonterrier

    In our case it has to be the supporters backing the team even though they’re boosting fatty’s bank ballance

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Sports Direct are blocking quite a lot on Newcastle supporters so it looks like they are getting the message & the Fat One will know as well

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Who was doing this? It’s normally the usual W****** like Wise & Tony Gale they absolutely love a go at us, you can see their pants twitching as they say it

  • TheTradge

    *fewer goals, if you’re going to try journalism, at least use correct grammar!

  • Soldier

    another busy doing nothing day in the transfer market

  • Anonymouse1

    reports in the media Fulham willing to pay £16m for Mitrovic, Newcastle want £18m