Tuesday has seen Sky Sports bring a ‘breaking’ news story to viewers, reporting that Newcastle United are now in talks to sign Alassane Plea.

The 25 year old looks guaranteed to leave Nice this summer and it appears to be a case of just which club he will end up at.

Earlier this morning we brought you news (see below) that Patrick Vieira had confirmed the striker didn’t turn up for the first day of pre-season on Monday.

This followed/coincided with an exclusive from Le10Sport over in France, reporting that Plea had been the subject of a Newcastle United offer, which Nice had instantly knocked back.

The claimed NUFC bid said not to match Nice’s £18m+ valuation of the striker.

Always tricky with Sky Sports ‘exclusives’, as you know whether they are indeed…exclusives.

Where Newcastle are concerned, Sky Sports have regularly been given the nod by NUFC on many transfers previously, thanks to their special relationship with Mike Ashley.

Not always the case, but pretty regularly the broadcaster has been first with NUFC transfers.

As for this Alassane Plea one, it is hard to tell whether it is just recycling the news from elsewhere, or indeed their ‘sources’ are real this time.

It was interesting that when Ki Sung-Yueng signed on Friday, nobody at all, including Sky Sports, had a clue about it before the day of the deal actually happening – which including the player having had his medical, been interviewed and videoed/photographed for the club to put out as part of the announcement.

The Mag – Earlier Today (Tuesday 3 July 2018):

Newcastle United are claimed to have made their first offer of money for a new player this summer.

The momentous event reported to have happened on Monday.

It was contained in an ‘exclusive’ by Le10Sport over in France, they say that whilst clubs such as Borussia Monchengladbach and Monaco had made enquiries for striker Alassane Plea, it is actually Newcastle who have made the first firm offer.

They say their information is that the offer was made by Newcastle, but instantly rejected by Nice.

Le10Sport say that one thing they are certain of, is that Nice are insisting on a transfer fee of over 20m euros (£18m+) before they will let the player go.

Not bad business for someone who they paid Lyon just £400,000 for back in 2014. There has been claims of West Ham offering £27m for Alassane Plea but that figure looks unlikely/over the top.

The 25 year old made a slow start to his Nice career, scoring only three and then six goals in his first two Ligue 1 seasons at the club.

However, these last two seasons have seen a much improved and dangerous player, league goals returns of 11 and 16 which have coincided with the arrival of Mario Balotelli at the club.

Alassane Plea can play through the middle or on either wing and has a lot of pace, with Balotelli playing as the main striker it makes Plea’s goal return look more impressive.

He actually got 21 goals and seven assists in all competitions last season and looks like he is definitely leaving Nice this summer.

A French Under 21 international, Alassane Plea has made further headlines, with Nice boss Patrick Vieira having now confirmed that both Plea and Mario Balotelli didn’t turn up for Nice’s first day of pre-season training on Monday.

No explanation has been put forward for Balotelli’s absence but other French media have claimed that Alassane Plea had experienced ‘airline issues’ in his attempts to make the first day of training.

With now only 37 days until we get to the Premier League transfer deadline day, it would be a help if indeed Newcastle are starting to offer money for players.

Whilst Ki Sung-Yueng is a credible squad signing, as Newcastle fans have season ticket renewal deadline day today, it would be encouraging to see a guaranteed first team signing or two arriving in the very near future.

  • Pacey striker who can play off the shoulder and take players on, exactly what Rafa wants. I recon we keep Joselu and play both, Joss can link up play quite well.

    • Dan Robson


  • Paul Patterson

    Not sure at that price like . .

    • TheNutJob

      you`re not the only one

      • Peaky

        Got to be better than The Dane…surely.

        • TheNutJob

          the Hoss is better than the Dane

          • FatParosite

            Not sure about that like….

          • TheNutJob

            6 and two 3`s, both are useless

      • KRS1

        More chance of Japan winning the world cup

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Could be a bad Summer for the Mag as things are stating to move.

    • Brian Standen

      I’m with you on that but please bear in mind not mag contributors are negative!
      I’m open I do think Ashley has been a major let down to say the least but looking better when compared to ‘chas and dave’ who took over down the road !
      On the transfer front however it’s good to see things are moving just hope this kid is not a Rivière, however I think Rafa knows a bit more than me

    • Lhc#Freetommyrobinson

      It will be, all in good time.

    • TheNutJob

      you got one on Jezza there Munk, if it`s true

    • Chuck D

      As I’ve always said, under Ashley I’ll be relieve when I see it!!

  • TheNutJob

    Daily Express reporting Newcastle to pay £27m for this lad
    sorry compadres but i don`t believe the Fat Gringo will pay that sort of dosh

    • MP01

      Smashing our (longest standing) transfer record by £10m? i will believe when i see him standing under some awful Sports Direct signage at SJP!

      Probably an Agent chasing a bigger Agents fee by spreading chat of submitted bids…

      • TheNutJob

        it`s hard to believe

  • FatParosite

    £27M..??…. Bishop at it again….

    • Peaky

      You’re right….Keith Bishop is the real comedian not John..

    • Ram Kishore

      I dont think the quoted fee is from our administration .. probably the Agent or the selling club..

  • Tino11

    1 season where he has scored 20+ goals (in all comps, so not just the league) the previous 2 seasons total was pretty shocking. If we are buying a striker from France, Holland or even Germany or Spain he needs to have scored a minimum of 15 league golas in his past 3 seasons/clubs, even that consistency won’t guarantee he will make it in the Prem but it will give us a better chance of landing a decent player.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      To be fair he has been brilliant the past two seasons & he’s very rarely played as an out & out striker

      • TheNutJob

        so what is he then, a winger, a number 10

        • SuperDesHamilton

          He played behind balotelli last season & kept changing every so often with Maxim. Balotelli was injured nice had a terrible start to the season & plea carried the goal burden well. He’s not an out & out striker by any means though

  • TheNutJob

    Penfold may have went rogue, does Fatty know about this, does Rafa know.
    the minion may have cracked under the pressure


    • FatParosite

      Penfold has nothing to do with this….

      • TheNutJob

        I know that

  • Fatwatch

    Isn’t today the ‘new’ deadline for season ticket renewals? I’ll just leave this here…

    • Toonrobbybobson


  • SuperDesHamilton

    Wonder who’ll be leaving then, as history tells us we never add to our squad just replace.

    Anyone seen the tommy Robinson lover today? Last seen on here having a meltdown

    • Dillon Tovak

      Hopefully he’s locked up with his lover boy, crying each other to sleep mumbling something about free speech.

      • SuperDesHamilton

        ‘Yis just don’t understand, I was there when Newcastle were founded’

  • Dillon Tovak

    Some witty word play about Fatty trying to get a Plea bargain, dunno I’m hungover.

    • Wor Lass

      If Fatty was with you you`d better sluice that fireplace out!

      • Dillon Tovak


    • MadMag83

      “Ashley answers Rafa’s PLEA for new signings…”

      How’s that?

  • Anonymouse1

    my dog says Newcastle are interested in him

  • Wor Lass

    I`ve never seen him play but based on his stats for the last few seasons I don`t think even Ron Atkinson would be paying £27 mill for him.

  • robbersdog


  • Nut

    Nice were one of the sides interested in Mitrovic, would not surprise me if we had a swap deal lined up.

    Sounds like this guy could make a good number 10 with pottential to play in both 9 and 10 roles as supporting striker behind in the hole or as a lone out and out striker himself.

    He sounds like a player with ability to play a number of roles wing/striker/in the hole, that’s something Rafa will have been looking for as he likes players that can play a number of possitions to give him tactical flexibility.

  • Desree

    We are in discussions. Usually short lived when anything above 10m is mentioned

  • Weyhhadaway

    Wow, what a concept, we are actually offering money for players!
    we will be buying one those fancy new fax thingy machines next. Just how do they squish those pieces of paper down a phone line? doesn’t it get all wrinkled? we are such a progressive club, I mean they even stopped going to the chippy for lunch, apparently salads and that pasta stuff the Italians eat is better for you. divvent naa aboot that like.

    • Toonrobbybobson

      ‘Season ticket deadline day’.

      • Weyhhadaway

        Ahhh, the old bait n switch. Plea today and a rejuvenated Joselu, like a new signing tomorrow.

        • Toonrobbybobson

          Im still waiting to class Joselu as a signing first time around.

          • Weyhhadaway

            LOL, Isn’t there another Ameobi brother out there? or maybe a sister would be a better bet.

    • MadMag83

      The only time salad is on Ashley’s plate is when he has burger & chips at one of those gastro pubs.

  • Rob Brown

    Isn’t it amazing how bloggers alter the facts and expect fans not to notice.
    Some French paper claim we are the first club to make a cash offer for Plea and you change it to he’s the player we’ve made an offer for.
    I’m assuming you are aware that these are 2 different things

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    so he benefited greatly from Nice lucking into Mario Balotelli for 2 seasons? better sign him for 20 million and 80k a week!

  • ivanlogan

    Agents drumming up supposed interest that’s all this is

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      In this case, I think you are right.

  • Warwick Hunt

    Sky sports = ashley’s mouthpiece