If you have been reading the media in between World Cup matches, a move for Andros Townsend back to Newcastle United appeared to be only a matter of time.

However, Roy Hodgson has rubbished those claims.

The Crystal Palace boss declaring ‘We are not a selling club at the moment, far from it.’

As for the former Newcastle winger in particular, Hodgson has stated: ‘Andros Townsend has got three years on his contract and we have no interest at all in selling Andros Townsend.’

The one-time England manager says he isn’t surprised that Newcastle and other clubs would like to sign Andros Townsend but that he feels the same about many players at other clubs, he might want to sign them but understand those clubs don’t want to sell their best players either.

As transfer squashing reports go, Roy Hodgson’s words are surely as clear as he could wish to hear.

Where this leaves Newcastle United and supposed interest in the winger is anybody’s guess.

The claims of NUFC interest had suggested that West Ham landing Yarmolenko for £17m, meant that now Michail Antonio would be allowed to join Palace for around that figure, which then would ultimately mean Newcastle signing Townsend and Ritchie moving onto Stoke City.

Maybe there is still a chance if Palace do sign targets but from what Hodgson says, it sounds very dubious as to whether Newcastle ever stood the faintest chance of buying Andros Townsend.

That chain of claimed events never really stood up totally to scrutiny, when you take into account Townsend was one of Hodgson’s better players last season. The winger was available for 37 of Palace’s Premier League matches last season and started 35 of them, coming on as a sub in one of the two where he started on the bench.

Roy Hodgson speaking to Football.London:

“There can be as much speculation as you like….Andros Townsend has got three years on his contract, and we have no interest at all in selling Andros Townsend.

“I am not surprised that other clubs would be interested (in Andros Townsend), and there are players at other clubs who aren’t for sale that I wouldn’t mind, but we are not selling players.

“We are not a selling club at the moment, far from it.

“We are working very hard to keep the players we have got, players of big importance, and Zaha and Townsend are right up there as players we want to keep.

“And speculation can continue, the fun can continue if people want to read it, but I have no interest in it.”

  • Alreet

    Good.. i dont want former players who arent that good anyway.

  • Soldier

    most likely the rumour was started by the Chronicle, as was the £20m bid for Plea that Nice knew nothing about

  • Paul Patterson

    Playing for Rafa Benitez or playing for Roy ‘I’ll stick Harry Kane on corners’ Hodgson?
    Yeah, it’s a tricky one . .

    • mentalman

      He’s chose woy over rafa once already.

      You can argue he picked the premier league over the championship, but if playing for rafa was important to Townsend he could have left on a season long loan and waited to see if we got straight back up

  • jack

    All rumours are started by Ashley’s Pr machine , all to make sure we are good supporters and buy our season tickets and to give us false hope that they are actually trying to sign someone , I fear this could be one of our worst transfer windows on a par with the Anita window and it’s all Ashley’s spite because Rafa won’t sign a contract , blackmail

    • Wezza

      Spot on and I’ve used the key word there as well… SPITE.

      • jack

        Yeah it’s all spite , and not the first time .People need to waken up

        • Wezza

          I think some people can’t quite believe this is happening and just prefer to focus on the football side of things. I try and do the same at times but you just have to know exactly what is going on and what is happening is just plain wrong.
          There are trolls on here though who are pro ashley and not genuine NUFC fans and its best to block them.

          • jack

            Had many arguments with them , but it’s time people , true supporters stuck together , and concentrating on the football side of things isn’t enough , because we are slowly becoming the joke of the premier league because of Ashley , and it’s not as though we couldn’t do anything about it , because we can .We all love our team but blind love is no good

          • Geordiegiants

            The point I’ve been trying to make the whole time.

          • jack

            Unless everyone sticks together ,I can’t see it changing , short term pain for long term gain ,

          • Geordiegiants

            It’s THE only way. Until everyone goes with an idea that will work it’s never going to change, the problem we have now, is a lot of the real fans have stopped going and they have been replaced by spectators more interested in their social life.

  • Billmag

    Makes little difference what woy says, CP need to balance the books they are looking to offload Benteke so he will need to be replaced and strikers cost big money, if Zaha stays then I think Townsend will become surplus.

    • leomick24

      benteke is going nowhere. neither is Andros and wilf.

      • Billmag

        You know that for sure CP are heavily in debt by all accounts, watch this space they will sell all three to service ground improvement’s.

        • leomick24

          money for ground improvements is secured already .separate from transfer funds. we don’t need to sell.

          • Billmag

            Wait and see, you seem to be well informed so I will just sit back and observe the prospect of one the three to go in my opinion is pretty high.

          • leomick24

            fair comment. cant see it happening though.

  • Hdeagle

    Palace are not in debt and have very rich owners but they are limited in what we can spend on players and wages by the size of our ground and the related lower allowed amount of spending under FFP hence the new £100M stand is required.
    Palace will not be selling Zaha or Townsend as Roy Hodgson has confirmed.
    The money for the new stand is not related to transfer funds available as those funds are already in place and are not governed by FFP.

    • Billmag

      Any reason why you were the last club to hand your account’s to Companies House you were even threatened with being dissolved.

      • leomick24

        don’t know the reason it was submitted late but it showed a profit of 17 million for the season i believe .

        • Billmag


      • Hdeagle

        Palace have explained that they submitted their accounts but there was an administrative mix-up which led to the slight delay.

  • Mrkgw

    Shame that Roy Hodgson did not show our club any respect when exploiting the clause in Townsends contract when we were relegated. Press ahead I say. Whether the regime choose to do so is another matter entitely. ASHLEY OUT!

    • Dillon Tovak

      Roy wasn’t manager.
      However one thing Roy did do was not take Andros to the euros. If I were Townsend I’d want away from him, to Rafa who had always shown faith in him.

    • Ram Kishore

      It was pardew and Townsend wanted to leave

    • leomick24

      why blame roy. why blame any manager. that’s football. Andros didn’t have to leave . he chose to. blame the player.