News from London on Monday morning that a deal for Aleksandar Mitrovic to move to Fulham has reportedly already been agreed.

The 23 year old striker is due back in the UK this week (previously reported by the Chronicle he is due back at Newcastle on Wednesday 25 July) but according to Football.London, instead of Newcastle United’s training ground he will be making his way to London.

They report that their understanding is that a deal has already been agreed between the two club.

A transfer fee of £20m having been settled on, with as usual Mike Ashley insisting on it being paid in instalments.

With Besiktas goalkeeper Fabri also set to sign for Fulham, it would take the promoted club’s net spending to over £50m when Mitrovic is included, with also other targets still to be pursued.

As for Rafa Benitez, he is waiting for players to be sold before he is allowed to buy any players, so hopefully at the very least he will get a striker in if/when Mitro eventually departs.

With a medical at Fulham apparently set for midweek, that then gives only two weeks at the most before the transfer window closes.

Despite the savage restraints Mike Ashley has imposed on the manager’s ambitions this transfer window, last week Rafa Benitez did say he was at least confident he would get a striker.

That increasingly looks likely to be Salomon Rondon, with Mitrovic’ departure very likely waited for before that deal with West Brom can be confirmed.

Monday morning has also seen the Chronicle claiming that Rafa wants at least one more signing before the club leave for Portugal later this week, with games against Porto on Saturday (21 July) and Braga next Wednesday (1 August) to come.

If indeed Newcastle are to have a new main striker for the new season, little doubt that Rafa will want him involved in as much of these last two and a half weeks of pre-season as possible.

‘It’s believed a deal for the striker (Aleksandar Mitrovic) is done between the two clubs.

‘With Fulham paying the £20million fee to Newcastle in instalments, although a medical is still to be completed.’

  • Mrkgw

    Disgusted. Pure idiocy selling to Fulham which leaves us woefully inadequate up front. And there is the possibility that his replacement will be…Rondon. Cripes. Meanwhile, Rafa may well leave us anyway. ASHLEY OUT!

    • Ben Jones

      So rafas decision to sell him is pure idiocy as Rafa’s choice of replacement will be someone you won’t like meanwhile after inflicting all this damage rafa may well leave anyway and all of this = Ashley’s fault


      • Geordie-7676

        i have read the entire thread and throughout, as soon as someone has thrown any kind of accusatory comment at Ashley you have, whilst not directly, defended him or his regime.

        I have to ask you, why on earth are you offering any kind of defence to a man who is single handedly destroying the club that by being on this site would indicate you support?

        Just this comment on its own is enough to boggle even the simplest of minds – ALL of it is Ashley’s fault. Rafa leaving for example, why is that? Rafa has openly stated that he would happily stay for 10 years, BUT he wants assurances that he is going to be given the tools he needs to compete. He wants to know that he will be in a position to compete. He is NOT getting those assurances. So far we have spent £4 million this window….Fulham are going to of spent £50 million by the end of this week. Rafa can not compete. His hands are tied, the club is handicapped because of the financial restrictions that Ashley is putting in place.

        In another of your comments you talk about the Wijnaldum/Sissoko installment money……well WHERE IS IT? Rafa certainly doesn’t have it, if he did we wouldn’t be 17 days away from the close of the window having spent only £4million.

        Is it any wonder that people get called trolls when they display the absolute idiocy that you clearly buy into.

        • Mrkgw

          Very well said.

        • GeordieZebra

          100% bang on

        • Billmag

          Well said mate.

        • Ken

          Well said

        • Ben Jones

          Tottenham have spent nowt, loads of clubs have brought in just a few players, naturally you’ll look for any club who’s done a bit of early business to have a whine, it’s all you ever do, the installment money from past sales is in the bank, don’t wet your knickers, you want our balance public knowledge so the other clubs know what we’ve got to spend?, you probably do. How many players do you actually want to buy before you’d think about trying to shift some? If we’re 35 strong and need to slim to 25 are the clubs were hoping to offload to gonna play fair?

          Fans like you want EVERYTHING done the least efficient most costly way . Poison

          • Geordie-7676

            Who said anything about most costly, or least efficient? you are throwing around accusations that have no substance. For example, most costly – did i mention anything about how much we should be spending, or that the club should announce how much money is in the bank? No, i did not.

            Least efficient – well that’s a great one, where do i start. Where, and how is the club being ran efficiently in your eyes under Ashley? The only answer i can come up with is that he isn’t spending, which as we all know from past experience is far from efficient, but extremely detrimental to the club as a whole. Ashley will tell you that the reason we are where we are is because of relegation – why did we get relegated again? oh yeah that’s right, abysmal management decisions, lack of funding and quality playing strength. Now who, in your mind, was responsible for that? Bad tactics in the last relegation were McLarens fault, but he was only there in the first place, and given as long as he was because of Ashley’s own incompetence.

            The bloke is a retail businessman, and at that he is clearly very good. Unethical, without a doubt, but successful, undoubtedly – his bank balance will tell you that. But here’s the thing – Ballerinas are great at dancing, so are break-dancers, but you don’t see MC Hammer strutting his stuff in the nutcracker do you. The guy hasn’t got a clue what he is doing, and because of his egotistical nature, he will not bring in people who do to run the board.

            Back to your points – current squad size is 28 not 35, and includes a couple of perennial loan players, like Toney and Armstrong. so we don’t have that much trimming to do, and the majority will be loans – Sels, Armstrong, Toney and probably Yannick Toure will all go out on loan, if not sold.

            And finally, Tottenham have bought nobody – I shouldn’t even need to say this, and I am now pretty confident that it is pointless anyway as you are either 9 years old and haven’t a clue what your saying, a troll, or just plain stupid, but here goes – Tottenham do not NEED to buy players. Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG do not NEED to buy players, they WANT to. Big difference. We NEED to buy players and WANT to, but we ARE NOT ALLOWED.

            That is the difference. Poison you say? Sometimes the ones who call poison are the ones holding the bottle.

          • Ben Jones

            No you never mentioned how much the club should be spending.

            You did say ‘So far we have spent £4 million this window….Fulham are going to of spent £50 million by the end of this week. Rafa can not compete. His hands are tied, the club is handicapped because of the financial restrictions that Ashley is putting in place’

            Which suggests you’re not happy at what we’ve spent so far and you’re comparing what we’ve spent to what Fulham have so far, suggesting we’ve not spent enough and we need to be more like Fulham.

            So I take it back, you did mention about what we should be spending

            Yes least efficient and most costly, I see it all the time amongst the whiners

          • Geordie-7676

            Whoever you are, I am not comparing us, or saying anything about spending X amount because Y has spent that much. You are still to answer any of my questions (another tell-tale sign of trolling) and do not have a reasonable answer for supporting the method with which the club is being ran.

            If you truly are a fan of NUFC, who truly does believe that the installment money that you so brazenly hark on about exists, and is currently residing in our vault, complete with Post-it, and you truly believe that Rafa has access to that cash, just is choosing not to spend it (Which must be the only sound justification for the lack of transfer business by your reasoning – there cant be another can there?) then you must really be watching, reading or listening to reports from another dimension.

            And lets just clarify shall we, once and for all. True fans don’t care about how much money gets spent, or how many transfers get ‘over the line’. We don’t even care about transfers at all really, provided that the current squad is good enough to give us a realistic chance of competing at a high level. Champions League, not demanded or expected. Titles, not demanded or expected. FA Cup, not demanded or expected. Competing in them to the best of our ability, to lay the foundations giving us a future chance of MAYBE being able to have those as realistic objectives? Demanded and expected, but shouldn’t that be standard for every team?

            It isn’t about how much Fulham have spent, it is all about them improving their playing squad (And i used Fulham as an example to further highlight your absurd opinion on the finances at NUFC – promoted club able to outspend a club that last season finished tenth; outspend a club that had how many televised games? 18, 19? outspend a club that has a stadium twice the size of theirs? outspend a club that has so far this summer reduced the playing squad at a current total of an estimated £15million, with the Mitrovic sale reportedly to be complete any day, pushing us to £35million, £31million after Dubravka’s purchase.

            All of this while it is blatantly obvious that we need strengthening. i don’t care if we break our transfer record. it would be great but i don’t care, as long as we improve, and improve where we NEED to improve.

            Why can’t people like you get it through your heads… isn’t about how much we spend, it isn’t about breaking records or being top spenders, it is about trying to do better, which we just aren’t, because of one man and his dictatorship rule. Mike F*****G Ashley.

    • Billmag

      Gayle will score more than Mitro this season I hope.

  • Paul Patterson

    So that’ll be £5m tops for Rafa to spend. This policy is holding us back.
    Ashley a good businessman? B******s! He’s shafting the club.

    • Graham Chapman

      I never thought Ashley was a good businessman, he’s a p*sshead who sells Donnay socks and tat. I doubt that he has any involvement in any of his estate.

      • mentalman

        he’s a self made billionaire he’s good at something

        • Paul Patterson

          Or he had a little bit of capital behind him and was extremely lucky.

    • Ben Jones

      Why 5m tops to spend? If it’s because we’ll sell him for 5m a year over 4 years then ok I get where you’re coming from, but I have to ask why are you not including the 5m+ per year we’ll be getting from Sissoko and Wijnaldum etc?

      • Toontaff

        It’s all over his fireplace.

      • Paul Patterson

        Because the article is about the Mitrovic deal.

        • Ben Jones

          In that case the article is about the sale of Mitrovic, so why are you talking about purchasing other players and reducing the spend by 75%?

          • Paul Patterson

            All I’m saying is, Rafa will get the first instalment to spend, whatever it is.

          • Ben Jones

            Sorry, I thought you were saying that only 5m of the 20m will be made available due to selling on a 5m per year for 4 years basis, as this is a solid reason to whine, but only stands up if someone doesn’t point out that the policy means we’ll be getting money in from previous sales, but that’s not what you were saying, apologies

      • I’ve got the Ki

        Yeah okay, where’s that money then?

        • Superdooperhooper

          Yeah exactly . Where is it ? Not getting spent on new players that’s for sure

    • Dillon Tovak

      He’s good at making himself money, literally abysmal at running businesses people trust or want to be affiliated with.

    • Kneebotherm8

      And the fans…..

  • SuperDesHamilton

    I’m so sick of hearing about Mitrovic, let’s put this bed. We’ll sell for £20 mil & Ashley will give Benitez £4 mil to spend

  • mentalman

    with rafa leaving this should be a year long loan deal with fulham picking up his wages

    • Mxpx

      110% agree

  • East Durham Mag

    More money that will never be seen again. The signs at SJP turnstiles should read
    All ye who enter here abandon all hope.

  • Dillon Tovak

    It’s terrible that I’m starting to hope we sign Rondon. We need somebody, anybody that doesn’t leave us pinning our hopes on Hos.

    Why is it that we only seem to offer these fantastic drip fed transfer fee’s? We don’t seem to be able to sign anyone where we pay in instalments.

    • Kneebotherm8

      It seems Ashley pays cash up front when buying……….and prefers cash instalments when selling…….strange financial goings on which apparently gives him the excuse to plead hard up when potential buys are mooted…….he’s tekkin the pss methinks……….must think we’re all a bunch of thick Geordie gullible twts…….

      • Peaky

        Bent and nine bob note springs to mind….

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    I would think that Rafa`s agent will already be looking for a new club,
    to be honest i wish he`d leave now and drop the Fat [email protected]@king Pig in it.

    • kingfisher

      Well said Moose.

  • Milo79

    Why does it seemingly take us ten times longer than any other club to complete even the most basic of deals. All parties want the move, just agree the price and move on. FFS.

  • MadMag83

    Why is it in installments again?! I can understand that we may get an increased fee for a player Vs a cash up front deal, but surely that amount is negligible when you factor in the knock on affect of limited transfer funds?

    Let’s say we get £20m in installments for Mitrovic rather than £15m cash. Year one we only receive £5m of that to spend on transfers. With that £5m we can only afford a Joselu, meanwhile a potential relegation rival has a £15/20m striker. Lets then suppose that the difference in quality sees us relegated, how much money does the club then lose in the Championship? I bet it’s more than £5m or so.

    • Ben Jones

      Why are you not counting the money we will be receiving this season for Sissoko and Wijnaldum etc? Explain in explicit detail why you have chosen to leave this CRUTIAL fact out? On purpose or stupidity?

      • MadMag83

        Because I’m viewing it in ISOLATION, something you should clearly be kept in given your stupidity. Go back under your bridge TROLL

        • Ben Jones

          Ah right, in isolation, of course, that enables perpetual moans = win-win for your type. Ok guys answer madmag83s questions while ignoring the big pile of cash sitting on the table from previous transfers . Don’t even look at it! It’s irrelevant despite its huge number . Remember it’s a question in isolation ok guys

          • Paul Patterson

            So ok, there’s a big pile of cash waiting for Rafa to spend (ha). Do you honestly think we will use this cash to buy a £20m+ replacement for Mitrovic? I can pretty much assure you that recieveing money in instalments enables said instalments to go on operating costs.
            Receiving money in instalments benefits one person and it ain’t Rafa nor the team.

          • Ben Jones

            Madmax says you ain’t allowed to talk about the extra cash, this is just about 5m mitro money in isolation. I believe it’s for a school project on hypothetical scenarios or summit

          • MadMag83

            Ignore him mate, it’s another fake account.

          • HarryHype59

            The syntax and plain barmyness of the logic remind me of the arch fool Clarko!

          • MadMag83

            Yeah, the insults and inability to process reason where a giveaway mate. As was the mindless fixation on minor detail to justify an argument.

          • MadMag83

            Right, and what table exactly is this “big pile of cash'” sitting on? Because it certainly isn’t on Rafa’s desk. There’s a big pile of something,yes a big pile of dog excrement coming from you.

            Is it Ben Jones, or should​ it be Ben Dover for Mike Ashley?

            Obviously another invention of the troll twins, surely nobody can be that stupid.

          • Ben Jones

            I’d imagine it’s inside the vault at the bank with a post-it note with NUFC written on it, we’re receiving cash installments from previous player sales, this is true, if you’re suggesting that money is going missing then the onus of proof is on you to state where/when/how, anyone can just say stuff

          • MadMag83

            Whatever you say Clarko.

          • Ben Jones

            You broke your own rule, you started talking outside the isolation, how am I supposed to converse with you when you chop and change what’s allowed?

            Behave yourself!

          • HarryHype59

            Ben Jones is Clarko mate . Best block the idiot.

          • MadMag83

            I have done mate 😂

          • HarryHype59

            I had the same argument with the arch knacka Clarko over this issue. This year’s payments for Sissoko, Wynaldum, Mitro and Mbemb add up to around £16m.

            The manager may just have enough to trigger the release clause for journey man striker like Rondon. He will not have funds needed to bring in the better quality players he needs. Even if the accounts show a significant ‘paper’ profit.

          • Ben Jones

            Right, so the installment money from Sissoko Wijnaldum and Mbemba comes to around 16m plus the 5m from Mitrovic is 21m to spend, whereas if we didn’t do this method we wouldn’t have nothing from previous sales and 20m from Mitrovic(assuming Fulham have it upfront), I don’t see your point? You’re making out all the clubs that bought our players would have paid the same and had the cash upfront to do so but Mike’s deferred the payments on the dodgy . It’s insane thinking

    • HarryHype59

      Selling on instalments isn’t an issue IF Rafa is able to bring players in on staggered fees. If he isn’t, it creates cash flow issues and an artificial glass ceiling on players the club buys.

      • MadMag83

        Yeah it would be beneficial if we could buy like that, I agree. But Ashley’s business model (if you can call it that) is to buy cheap with cash up front, and sell on finance. Think of Ashley as a used car salesman, he certainly looks the part.

        • HarryHype59

          Problem is buying cheap gets you the…Hoss.

    • Peter C

      According to the idiots who run the club, the year we spent in the championship, meant that the club made a £90 million loss. Published a few weeks ago, in the clubs’ accounts. (Not That I Believe This Figure)

      The books are well and truly being manipulated. You would think that Ashley, would want to avoid such an occurrence again.

      But if there was ever an example of a false economy, and how not to run a football club, the way Ashley runs Newcastle, would be a prime example of the wrong way to do it.

      Another relegation, beckons.

      • MadMag83

        The thing with the supposed £90m loss is, is it actually a loss? If they are saying they earned X amount in the Premier League, but during the Championship season they only made Y because of a fall in TV revenue, then technically they haven’t made a £90m loss but net income is down £90m.

        I haven’t studied​ the balance sheet so apologies if I’m inaccurate on that.

        • Peter C

          I haven’t either, and I’m not an anorak who has the knowledge to do so. But I believe, as you suggest, it could be a question of semantics.

          However, reading on this forum, there does seem to be a few with the specialised financial background who have.

          And the consensus of opinion was, that the loss was in the region of £20 to £25 million pounds, which isn’t chicken feed I know, but it’s a hell of a lot less than the 90, which was stated.

          Whatever way you look at it, Ashley’s pleading poverty.

          But the question which really puzzles me, is why would anyone seem to be sabotaging a their own company, by not maintaining it.

          All you here by business people, is that you have to keep investing in a company, or it will metaphorically die.

          Is it not worth spending a bit of money to keep us up, say in the region of 40 to 50 million, generated also with sales, as opposed to what the alternative could be. Another relegation, huge loss of income, and massive devaluation of the club as a whole.

          There’s no guarantee that we would come straight back up for a 3rd time.

          And Ashley’s stake in the club would take another nosedive, and he would be back to square one.

          I just can’t figure out his reasoning of running the club, the way he is.

          He’s supposed to be a financial whizz kid, but I had my doubts, when he bought the club, without looking at the books first.

          You would of thought, that would be the first thing, anyone would do when you invest so much money into anything.

          • MadMag83

            I would think a £25m loss sounds far more realistic, the operating costs of the club can’t be high enough to explain a £90m loss. What he’s talking about sounds like a £90m drop in income, not a loss.

            Ashley seems intent on peddling the club as “self sufficient”, it only spends what it makes, nothing more. He wants investors to wowed by the prospect of a low risk investment (they won’t have to plough money into the club). The real truth is, he wants us all to believe he doesn’t have the money, “it’s all tied up in wallpaper” etc, an excuse for not spending any of his ‘own money’. He can’t be the only owner of a Premier League club who’s money is tied up in stocks/shares/business loans etc, or is every other owner sitting on huge piles of cash tucked away in some huge vault?

  • 1957

    I was told a couple of weeks ago a deal was already agreed in principle and Fulham were unhappy that NUFC were stalling and had an agent trying to drum up interest from continental clubs at a value less than Fulham’s offer.

    I guess Fulham have called Charnley’s bluff

  • Alreet

    Staggered payments keeps the vat man away. In addition we dont allow rafa a big purse and make sure we buy in a lump sum.

    Ash and his methods of business never cease to be obscene.

    • Ben Jones

      The flaw in your logic of course being that the installments from previous player sales are also income which add to this year’s purse that wouldn’t have otherwise, it’s all swings and roundabouts

      • HarryHype59

        Not really as the club would need to sell £100m worth of players to earn £20m a season over five years. It isn’t a problem if Ashley allows that £20m to pay for instalments for players bought. Insisting the fee for incoming players is bought outright massive!y handicaps the manager, due to cash flow issues.

        • Ben Jones

          The insisting the incoming players fee is paid outright has been largely abandoned, you’re arguing something that isn’t happening

    • MadMag83

      With the added benefit that the fans might forget these transfers with the passage of time, enabling Ashley to siphon more cash off the club.

  • Wezza

    Over 50M net spend by Fulham and we continue to slip behind our competitors. Only Rafa can save us from relegation unless he goes.

    • MadMag83

      I hope he’s got his wand, something tells me the competition have moved on.

  • HarryHype59

    According to last night’s Chronicle, this deal has stalled as Fulham are looking at other options. Fulham a newly promoted club with no TV money from last year, have bid £26m for a striker from La liga.