How many players have Newcastle United got, who are good enough?

When I consider whether players are good enough, I think what would happen if they left St James Park?

What kind of club would they end up with and whether a case of moving to be a first team regular or squad player.

I have gone through the first team senior squad as it stands, with 26 players – including Yoshinori Muto who is waiting for his work permit.

So categorising the players into three groups, I wonder that if they moved on, would it be to another Premier League club as a first team player, or to be a squad player, or the destination would be Championship club or lower.

I make it Newcastle have 10 players who are first team, eight who are squad, and eight who are Championship or lower.


First Team Players: Martin Dubravka

Squad Players: Karl Darlow

Not First Team Squad: Rob Elliot


First Team Players: DeAndre Yedlin, Paul Dummett, Jamaal Lascelles, Florian Lejeune

Squad Players: Ciaran Clark, Fabian Schar

Not First Team Squad: Javier Manquillo, Jamie Sterry, Achraf Lazaar


First Team Players: Matt Ritchie, Kenedy, Mohamed Diame, Jonjo Shelvey

Squad Players: Christian Atsu, Isaac Hayden, Ki Sung-yueng

Not First Team Squad: Jacob Murphy, Rolando Aarons, Henri Saivet


First Team Players: Yoshinori Muto

Squad Players: Dwight Gayle, Ayoze Perez

Not First Team Squad: Joselu

As you can see, the 10 I consider as first team are: Dubravka, Lascelles, Lejeune, Dummett, Yedlin, Diame, Shelvey, Kenedy, Ritchie and Muto.

A bit worrying at how few we have at the moment, plus Lejeune looks out for most/all of the season, Muto still waiting for work permit, whilst Kenedy is just on loan.

For me, we have to wait and see how Schar gets on, whilst many of you would have Perez as a first teamer, but for me I don’t think he has the consistency to get a move elsewhere as first choice in the Premier League.

A lot of work for Rafa Benitez still to do and very little time to do it.

As was shown at the end of last season, Newcastle could just about claw together 10 or 11 players good enough to make up a first team but pretty much zero depth after that, in terms of the team not being hit if a first team regular wasn’t playing.

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  • Soldier

    so Mutu is a first team striker having never played at this level as opposed to Perez who was top scorer last season.

    • Peaky

      It beggars belief,I’m starting to rapidly lose interest in this whole site…’s so full of 💩….

      • TheFatController

        I’m finding this site guarantees no more than we are guaranteed

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        It`s a mess

      • Ram Kishore

        Finally peaky 😀

    • MadMag83

      And (Swiss international?) Schar is only of squad player quality…..

  • ghostrider

    Plenty of players and still some to come.
    The quality is plenty good enough to play among this premier league outside of the elite 6.

    Do you think all the rest of the teams have the quality that Man City etc have?
    Most clubs are spending big money on the odd player and filling their squads up with whatever they can scrape in.
    It guarantees them no more than what we are guaranteed.

    Let’s put it into perspective.

    We have brought in Dubravka, permanent after a half season loan.
    We have Kenedy for an entire season after a half season loan.
    We’ve bought Fabian Schar, Ki Sung-yueng and most likely Yoshinori Muto subject to work permit.

    As it stands that’s 5 players this club has in it’s ranks for the entire season as a minimum for most if not all.

    I’m fairly confident we’ll add another 2, maybe 3 to that…but let’s stick with what we’re dealing with, as is.

    The players we sold or got rid of hardly kicked a ball for us last season apart from Merino who gave us a handful of decent games.
    The rest didn’t feature at all or rarely featured enough to effect anything of our season…and yet we finished 10th and, if anyone is honest, we could easily have finished higher.
    The reason is, there were no teams better than we were overall, except for the elite 6.

    And yet we’ve added to the squad, 3 new players and tied down one success in Dubravka as well as a full season loan of a quality player in Kenedy.

    Now here’s the key to happiness, acceptance or unhappiness.
    If fans decide that these players are a step down because we need to be heading for champions league qualification next season, then I’d agree you’re likely going to be unhappy throughout.

    If fans accept that we’ve added to the quality of the squad given that we’re buying players to actually be part of it and play and can have us competing at top 10 level and potentially a nudge better, then I’d be in full agreement.

    As for happiness….it’s all down to how fans want their season to run.
    Watch and hope we do well enough and cheer the team on without worrying about what goes on behind the scenes of the boardroom….or start up/be part of a big Ashley out campaign just because it feels good to be part of some kind of movement, regardless of whether things don;t actually look as bad as is being made out.

    The team not the regime.

    • TheFatController

      ‘It guarantees them no more then they are guaranteed’

      I won’t disagree on that one. Useful insight.

      • ghostrider

        Try reading that bit again and maybe you’ll see your error. lol

    • East Durham Mag

      God loves an optimist

  • benton mag

    They are better than half the Premier league and are all Premier league players

    • Soldier

      if that`s the case why is the manager continually begging for better quality players in most positions. he knows the squad isn`t good enough & i trust his judgement on that

  • Paul Patterson

    It’s funny the way people see certain players.
    If you take the last six months of last season (after Kenedy and Dubravka arrived) everything clicked.
    The defence looked solid, the midfield looked creative, the no10 looked a menace and scored goals. Everyone looked the part. Judge the side on that six months, not the first half of the season.

    • Soldier

      you`re right, but only time will tell if they can keep up that form this season

      • Jezza

        True and the other thing to consider is that the teams who finished below us last season are all a lot stronger now after their summer transfer dealings.

        • MichaelMaximusMoose

          Fatso`s rolling the dice again

          • Jimblag23

            Once upon a time he rolled the dice, it came up snake eyes.
            He took this as a sign to employ Dennis Wise.

        • mentalman

          you could say that Burnley, Bournemouth and Palace haven’t improved their squad that much

    • mentalman

      Obviously the improvement in quality the likes of kenedy and Dubravka brought into the squad had a big impact but i don’t think you can overlook the fact that rafa stopped fiddling with the line up as much after january and players were able to settle in to a position and partnerships

  • Ba ba.

    Playing devil’s advocate here. Rob Lee Andy Cole, Scott sellars, Lee clarke, howey, pav, etc all started in the championship and developed into great premiership players.
    Some of the lads we have are now prem players and hopefully the likes of Murphy, arma can break through.

  • benton mag

    You have to improve your team all the time I am just saying these set of players don’t get the respect they deserve there are more than 9 premier league players at the club and in my opinion proved it last season they will be sold as Premiership players at Premier league prices I for one would love nufc to buy marquee players and spend the money we have but it’s not going to happen with fatty in charge of the kitty

  • GlasgowMag

    Really Perez is not a 1st team player!! Take away his contribution/assists/goals last season and we would be playing championship football this year. We need to start to give credit where it’s due on this platform. There is a reason Perez is still here and Mitro’s away as our manager see’s Perez as a better all round player which I for one fully agree with his judgement!!!

    • mentalman

      perez’ performances will be much better this season if we get a decent striker for him to play off

  • Kneebotherm8

    The opinion that Muto is a first team quality player and Ki and Schar are squad quality players is strange to me…………time will tell…..there’s some very debatable assessments in this article….

    • Jimblag23

      Especially as Ki is a proven performer in the prem and he’s most likely never seen Muto kick a ball.

      • Kneebotherm8

        My thoughts exactly………Ki has a lot of premier league experience……….I hope for the best with Muto but he’s making a big step up into this division…….

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    Murphy is probably a bit better than you have him rated

  • Ram Kishore

    And Phil Yates is the next manager

  • Philippines

    I think Perez is ‘talked down’ by many on this fan site.