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Rangers fans have their say on Newcastle United supporters trying to get rid of Mike Ashley

4 years ago

Rangers fans have had plenty of experience of Mike Ashley.

Their supporters seeing the SD supremo helping to drag their club down due to his part ownership and grip on the merchandise side of the club.

With the launch of #IfRafaGoesWeGo and growing unrest amongst Newcastle supporters as they try to end the tyrannical 11 year grip he has had on NUFC, Rangers fans have been talking about the situation at St James Park.

Interesting to see what they are saying in the blue half of Glasgow but you do have to accept that the situations at the two clubs are very different, though with some similarities.

The sheer scale of the money involved and what Mike Ashley gains at Newcastle United, is on a totally different level to what was the case at Rangers.

The TV/prize money in Scotland is quite literally pennies compared to what Ashley can bank from the Premier League.

When in the Championship in 2016/17, Newcastle United’s £41m parachute payment for that season was more than ALL of the Scottish Premier League clubs received that year in TV/prize money from their participation in the league. Newcastle also got around £6m extra that season in Championship prize money on top of the parachute money.

Of course, the main reason Mike Ashley wants to keep control of Newcastle United is the worldwide free TV coverage that he gets for his retail empire via being part of the Premier League. Ashley’s people told John Hall that this was the reason why Mike Ashley was buying the club back in 2007 and those benefits are simply growing season after season.

As always, any football fan doesn’t really know all the ins and outs of what is happening at another club, but I appreciate many of the sentiments expressed below by the Rangers fans.

Thousands and thousands of Newcastle fans have already walked away because of Mike Ashley but there has always been somebody willing to take their place.

However, it does now look like we are heading into a critical time in terms of deciding the future of Newcastle United, hopefully collectively we can somehow find the key to getting rid of him from St James Park.

Rangers fans comment via their popular message boards Follow Follow:

‘Looking like they are in the middle of a battle with Keith Bishop Associates (remember them).

Feel sorry for these guys, they know what they are up against but the wider Newcastle support remain total sheep.

I know we aren’t quite out of the woods yet when it comes to the fat man, but at least the end is in sight for us. These guys are right in the thick of it.’

‘Only way for Newcastle to get out of his grip is for him to drop down dead then his assets get sold from his next of kin.’

‘Fingers crossed…’

‘Good on the Newcastle fans who are at least trying, most of them are loyal lap dogs and do nothing to assist their fellow fans in the fight.’

‘I bet with the proposed takeover of Newcastle collapsing around Xmas there, that part of the conditions were something to do with long term onerous contracts on the merchandise the slimy snake!’

‘Some of them have woken up to the fight but I reckon most of them haven’t got a clue about how much he is shafting them for.’

‘Good to see that at least some Newcastle supporters have balls.’

‘Frightening to think how close the fat man came to getting his grubby mitts on all our assets.’

‘Yes if it wasn’t for Dave King and the 3 bears we would have been Cactus.’

‘He coulda had our retail tied up forever – zero streams of income being invested in the first team

We would’ve been leasing Ibrox and Auchenhowie back from him for perpetuity for extortionate fees.’

Is Ashley not meant to be a fan of Newcastle as well?

If he’s doing that to them, what damage he would have done to our great club. Makes me even more grateful for Mr King & co.’

‘This is an opportunity to join up with them and both support each others fight.’

‘I drink with a Newcastle supporter and he hates Ashley.

Problem is that most of the fans are apathetic to their situation.

They know there is no chance they are getting rid of him unless someone pays top dollar and Ashley get his money back.’

‘Thought I had read somewhere he was a Newcastle fan (but now know he isn’t). Guy’s just a parasite then.’

‘They seem to be encouraging an online campaign against Bishop and any businesses associated to Ashley. Sports Direct haven’t tweeted for several days.’

‘They couldn’t give a sh.. about us. I care as much for them.’

‘From what I know a lot of the Newcastle fans know exactly what he is, and that they need to get rid.

But it’s a lot harder for them as it was for Rangers, given how much damage he can do if he leaves.’

‘He should be banned from football.

He doesn’t ever act in the best interest of the clubs and FAs should veto any dealings with him in future.

In fact he’s a leech.’


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