A league table of the 2018/19 Premier League sponsors has just been published.

A chance for us to see how Newcastle United compare to the other 19 clubs.

The figures relate to only the main shirt sponsor for each club, not including any sleeve sponsorship.

Last season saw Premier League clubs allowed to have individual sleeve sponsors for the first time and Newcastle United featured MRF tyres as their sleeve add-on.

At the time it appeared to be only a one season deal and with nothing announced since, it remains to be seen if they are continuing that sponsorship, or Newcastle have found a new one.

No surprise to see Man Utd at the very top of earnings from Premier League sponsors, their ongoing deal with Chevrolet set to bring in another £47m this coming season.

Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal have closed the gap somewhat, all increasing their deals by £10m per season and along with Chelsea, each bank a minimum of £40m.

Tottenham predictably complete the top six, their ongoing deal netting them £35m.

After that, the best of the rest sees West Ham with £10m and Everton £9.6m, both over £3m clear of both Newcastle United and Crystal Palace, who are joint ninth/tenth on £6.5m each.

I’m guessing that most Newcastle fans would feel that if the club was being ran properly, with ambition, NUFC should be capable of earning a lot more than Palace and to be at least on  a similar level as Everton and West Ham.

This Premier League sponsors table is compiled by the excellent Sporting Intelligence who report on sport’s relationship with money.

premier league sponsors

In total, Premier League sponsors are adding £313.6m to club revenues this coming season.

This averages out at over £15m per club, way above Newcastle’e £6.5m, although massive gaps between Man Utd at the very top with £47m and Huddersfield and Brighton on £1.5m each – but who are both continuing to vastly outspend Newcastle United in this summer’s transfer market. What a joke.

  • GlasgowMag

    I think the difference is most other clubs don’t go to fat boys favourite curry house!!!😂😂😂

    • Clarko

      HAHAHA! 10/10 🔥🔥🔥 Savage! 😂 😂 😂 LMAO! 💯 💯 💯 Top!👌

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      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        Heh heh, Clarko, are you hoping fat Jezza will unblock you?

      • TheFatController

        Little bit over sensitive there, Clarko?

  • Ron

    This is only the shirt (not sleeves) and nothing else, I suspect we’ll be even lower if everything is included. I’ve said many times that we aren’t commercially aware and it reflects in the transfer budget, along side the tightness of the owner of course.

    • Down Under Mag

      The only commercial avenue Ashley cares about is getting his SD brand plastered over everything in sight at the expense of any actual club revenue. To be honest though i’m pretty impressed we are as high as we are.

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        The SD advertising is said to be quid pro quo the free borrowing. It’s hard to argue that this arrangement is not good for the club.

        • TheFatController

          Yes, there is that. But surely an honest businessman would just make it all above board?

          I remember a rock band manager saying if the band finances were short in the early days, he always put his own money to make it up so the band had no reason to think he was doing anything dodgy

          Make it transparent, basically. Then all the criticism of it would stop overnight. It’s not rocket science

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            There is good reason why SD do not pay NUFC.

            SD are a listed company with a majority shareholder (around 53%) in MA.
            NUFC are 100% owned by Mike Ashley.
            If there is one thing the city hate is a majority shareholder abusing their position. If MA forces SD to pay NUFC it would look rather bad. So, to ensure NUFC are not in a bad position, he forgoes the interest on loans.

          • TheFatController

            No. That’s not the reason. Why would the city stop SD paying up front for the advertising, and then stop Ashley taking money out as interest on the loans.

            That way, the fans would be more angry about the way Ashley keeps adding to the debt, and not finding ways to generate revenue to reduce it.

            The main pointt isn’t that it’s not done above board, it’s that Ashley can’t find ways to reduce the debt despite football being awash with money

            Yet again you let me inform fans who already hate Ashley that by not paying interest on debt he’s been able to build debt unchallenged by fans

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            You are not understanding the situation. If NUFC charges SD £2m for the advertising then the shareholders of SD could well see it as MA giving his 100% owned company money – that does not look good does it?

            Why would MA not want his debt reduced? I suspect fans would be far more concerned if the debt was reduced each season.

          • TheFatController

            Either way, let’s not distract ourselves from the point that he’s a terrible owner, and we can’t get new owners whilst he over prices the club for whatever his reasons are.

            There’s too much distraction on here from the very basic point that everyone is miserable – the fans (aka customers) Rafa (aka hugely influential employee)!, even Ashley and his associates now we are fighting back like shareholders unhappy with a business owner

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Wonder what the stadium advertising is, since we give up such opportunities to make money by having Ashley’s tat empire plastered all over

    • MattAnt1979

      We’d be rock bottom if they did a stadium advertising table, Makes me sick to my stomach seeing all that sports direct sh*te plastered every where, I can’t wait for the day he’s gone and we see skips full of his tat outside the ground!

      • SuperDesHamilton

        Mate, he charges the coaching staff at the training ground for there training uniforms that’s how tight he is

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      Stadium advertising, as a rough rule of thumb is 1/2 the income from shirt sponsorship. i.e. the entire stadium advertising income is worth about £3.25m on this basis.

      • TheFatController

        Is that right?

        Of course, the problem with attracting stadium advertisers is that the share of voice (media term for share of ads seen as a percentage of all the ads seen) is so low due to the 300 SD signs, thus the value of their signs loses value.

        The associations with SD really do reduce our earning capacity. You don’t need to be a media buying professional to work that out, but I am one and so have.

        • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

          If you look at the accounts where club separate the income, it runs at about 50%.

          The exposure SD gets is very good, I’d agree and it may well reduce the income from other advertisers.

          Everton are a good comparative as are a similar sized club, they took under £4m in advertising.

          • TheFatController

            Yes, we both agree it’s all a mess of Ashley’s making.

            It’s such a shame for the club to have such a ‘non-transparent’ selfish business man as owner, particularly one who is, by his own admission, rubbish at understanding the business of football.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            There is a problem with your comprehension old chap. I neither expressed or implied there was “a mess of Ashley’s making.”

          • TheFatController

            But that’s the truth. If you don’t agree with truth in life, you’re deluded. That’s what deluded means, unable to see the truth in something.

            You know, I know, we all know Ashley is bad for the club. Even he admits it. He’s clueless on running a football business.

            He can’t even keep his employees happy, nor his customers.

            If it wasn’t the loyal newcastle, the club would be non- league by now no doubt, or like Coventry, or Portsmouth, where they can’t attract a Rafa to get them out of a downward spiral.

            I mean, I am sure Rafa didn’t come to us to work with Ashley as the main attraction ?

          • Will In Despair!

            The latter post is intended as a redaction! Possibly? As if there’s any unclear misunderstanding aimed against the current odious owner, it has to be crystal clear their intent and ❤️!

            These apologist can only be seen as to promote the excellence of the current owner – that’s the payroll for you!

        • Superdooperhooper

          Yep if I owned a business I wouldn’t want it advertised anywhere near his downmarket tat shops. Bad for the image unless you own a scrapyard or something!

      • SuperDesHamilton

        Is that every single part accounted for I.e Inside outside etc ?

        • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

          The really valuable advertising is only that which is seen on TV. Advertising in the concourse, outside the stadium or on the west stand is not very attractive / valuable. There are only a few static advertising boards on the West side.

  • Steve Smith

    Absolutely absurd not to have a sponsorship fee increase clause on retention of Premier League status at the end of last season.

    6.5m is fair for a club that could have been relegated, pure shoddy business to have that amount going into a second top flight season.

    • Ram Kishore

      I think there’s a increase of .5 million for PL retention.
      All the 13 clubs were relegation strugglers last season…
      How do u say 6.5 is fair for a club that could be relegated?

      • Steve Smith

        .5 is nothing in the context of what we should be getting.

        But fair in that we’re a well covered club that’s always in the media for one reason or another. We’re still one of the iconic English teams despite lack of success, and our matches are on sky etc probably 2 of every 3 weeks in the season.

        • Ram Kishore

          Yeah u r probably right but the relegation season and on field performances affect the market value since we just got newly promoted last summer..
          U may have seen, most of the sponsors on the bottom half are Gambling sponsors not the conventional corporate or industries ..
          IMO the conventional ones are not willing to pay a lot for bottom half, only the gambling ones are ..
          Too many Gambling sponsors reduces the rate to certain extent because of competition

  • Nut

    Skewed by the fact that the clubs in champions league places “big 6” are on amounts which far and away smash anything anyone else will get.

    Outside of that 10 million is tops and we are currently on 6.5 which isn’t bad when you consider that was a deal negotiated when we were relegation material, when make a new deal that will likely go up.

    • TheFatController

      Yes, you make a very good point.

      But we really need to not get relegated therefore. You achieve that by spending money.

      I know you’re not an apologist but every time it’s pointed out why we have less money than others, it always comes back to an Ashley mistake.

      If we didn’t have the Ashley mistakes, we’d be way better off financially and on the field seems the recurring conclusion.

      It’s very sad. No one enjoys bashing Ashley, they just want a club that tries and has responsible owner(s)

      • Kneebotherm8

        No mistakes by Ashley………just cold,calculated financial decisions for his business empire………

  • TheFatController

    On a broader point, why do apologists try the distraction tactic of saying we, as fans, are in debt with the club? And should be grateful to Ashley therefore?

    He owns the club and the debt. He also created whatever the debt is now (£130m?) less the manageable debt we had before (£70m) where it is laughable to think we might have gone under when we make £170m a year now.

    Why are we the ones in debt, and grateful to him for covering it?

    He makes loads of money at his club out of us and the PL status Hughton and Rafa have secured us when he’s messed up. Yet he can’t get on with the fans, Hughton or Rafa? And then all of a sudden it’s our debt as fans? Talk about a lack of accountability…..

    • Down Under Mag

      Because certain london based media outlets enjoy perpetuating the myth that the club is nothing without Ashley and the fans are deluded/ungrateful/have expectations above where they should be. The truth is the club should and COULD be so much higher in revenue stakes and league standing let alone overseas branding had Ashley ran us in the way that any other owner tries to run their club. We’ve gone from challenging for Europe and having the profile and income associated with some of th ebig names to being relegation fodder and begging for scraps at the footballing table through no fault of the fans, it is one man responsible for the state the club is currently in.

      • TheFatController

        Yes, I don’t think the media are that influential however, most fans of other clubs are grateful they don’t have Ashley.

        They may say they think he’s alright really, but they only say that when harbouring latent aggression about all things in life, so being contrary is a release of that anger in a passive aggressive way.

        Every healthy football fan thinks Ashley and other such owners do football a disservice so hate him because they love football, even if they hate or are apathetic to us.

        It’s similar to how we hate Ellis Short’s type of ownership, irrespective of which club he owned

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        Oh, can we please stop this “london based media” chip on the shoulder stuff.

        • TheFatController

          Yes, you are right. The London media can be positive if they’re balanced, not all are unbalanced and bitter twisted old fools unable to evaluate a large amount of information and make an obvious simple conclusion that the club is poorly run.

          So yes, it’s only a percentage and we are often finding media people also agreeing he’s useless. FourFourtwo did a great piece recently pointing out why Ashley is useles, in broad summary.

        • Superdooperhooper

          No we can’t because it’s a fact . The arsenal fans hounded wenger out and nowt was said . Ian Wright was encouraging it and he’s a BBC employee! It that was us we’d have been slaughtered for it

      • Will In Despair!

        I’ll always remember this once, and waiting to fly back to Newcastle, I pick up a well know news paper someone had discarded, immediately looking at the back pages.

        When home, out of curiosity I decided to check out the same paper in the airport, back pages again; and WOW! A Boro game, they certainly took offence to the smoggies!

        Yes, I get they’d certainly be bias in their reporting, but it was more than that, Northern prejudices bordering racism, never bought that paper again, well actually never bought at any point! Lol.

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      I don’t think anyone has suggested the fans are in debt to the club. I’ve suggested fans should buy the club off MA if they want to take action.

      The current debt is £144m. The debt when MA took over was over the £130m he financed at the time.

      So far, he’s not made any money out of the club but may do if he sells.

      • TheFatController

        I don’t think it was £130m, only because it was only the £70m Ashley claims not to have known about, despite presuming he was going to sell the club quickly at way above the £130m and £70m debt he was paying.

        But if you can prove it was the £130m it is now, I’ll stand corrected.

        Either way, let’s not distract ourselves from the point that he’s a terrible owner, and we can’t get new owners whilst he over prices the club for whatever his reasons are.

        There’s too much distraction on here from the very basic point that everyone is miserable – the fans, Rafa, even Ashley and his associates now we are fighting back.

        There are no winners. Maybe you as a troll get a kick but no one else.

        • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

          There were a few other liabilities but these were the significant ones:
          Overdraft: £11m
          loans £68m
          Creditors (mainly football transfer debts) £52m

          I’m not getting a kick out of anything, just correcting incorrect claims and trying to add some context.

          • TheFatController

            Yes, every club has creditors though, again you’re using the ‘manipulative accounting’ tactics the regime also use to twist the obvious main fact that Ashley is a woeful owner.

            Perhaps rather than challenging me, one person, you’d be better challenging the 15k twitter followers all motivating as a collective to turn Ashley over anyway they can?

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Having creditors is fine, having creditors that are due without the finds to pay them is not fine.

            I didn’t list the debtors figure as Ashley was not going to need to finance this but as you asked, the debtors figure was £5,964,000 that’s £5.94m owed to NUFC and £52m owed out.

            I challenge the Twitterarti but very few have a clue. I have nice little debates with Chris Holt of this parish who is fair in admitting when he’s not right.

          • TheFatController

            Either way, let’s not distract ourselves from the point that he’s a terrible owner, and we can’t get new owners whilst he over prices the club for whatever his reasons are.

            There’s too much distraction on here from the very basic point that everyone is miserable – the fans (aka customers) Rafa (aka hugely influential employee)!, even Ashley and his associates now we are fighting back.

          • Ben Jones

            ‘Either way’

          • TheFatController

            Either way, let’s not distract ourselves from the point that he’s a terrible owner, and we can’t get new owners whilst he over prices the club for whatever his reasons are.

            There’s too much distraction on here from the very basic point that everyone is miserable – the fans (aka customers) Rafa (aka hugely influential employee)!, even Ashley and his associates now we are fighting back like Rocky when he’s on the ropes

      • pedrodelgardo

        Free World Wide Advertising counts for nowt?

        • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

          About £2m – £3m a year, the interest on the loans would be around £9m so we’re better off.

      • Jimblag23

        Your bowels must be exhausted, pulling all these figures out your ar$e.

        • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

          It’s called being able to read & add up. If fans did that before posting nonsense, the level of debate would improve.

          • TheFatController

            Oh, I think no maths or literacy skills are needed to know the club is heading for disaster with the only glue holding it together, Rafa, leaving in 9 months.

            It’s always on the cards and now will happen, because I doubt Rafa will want to be near Ashley come next June. Ever. Just a hunch…

            We’ll see the player exodus and loss of motivation from everyone. We may even be down then already, given wolves and Fulham don’t want to take a chance on relegation

          • Jimblag23


        • Gallowgate Dave

          His figures are correct actually. The difference is the Hall/Shepherd years debt was built up trying to compete (with varying degrees of success). Under Ashley though ultimately the debt has still grown despite the fact that the club doesn’t even try to compete with the top 6 and has suffered two relegations. That added to Ashley’s litany of mistakes means his tenure as owner has been poor and he has no interest in building a relationship with the city and the fans.

          It reminds me of the Tories sweeping to power in 2010 promising the deficit would be gone by 2015. Instead we’ll probably still have a deficit beyond 2020 so the debt has grown despite years of austerity.

          If Ashley had set his stall out to belt tighten and reduce the debt (we weren’t in great shape financially) so we could then kick on and compete and communicate his ideas well that might be fair enough but instead we’re in more debt than ever and it’s been 11 largely joyless years. Grim.

      • Will In Despair!

        What a complete utter pile of stinking 💩💩💩

        The odious owner has never made ‘any cash’ whilst owning Newcastle United, how ludicrous, thus goes to show how deluded you actually are, debt, lol, don’t make me laugh!

        • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

          Now Will, can you show how this cash has been made?

          Yes, the club is likely to be more valuable than it was but until he sells, he’s not seen the cash benefit.

          In cash terms, over the course of his ownership, money has gone in, not out.

          Your argument would be better with more evidence and less emogi

    • Wezza

      Whats more is they troll that same point on their multiple ID’s. They are trying to sway our opinions – it is pure propaganda and lies. I’ve also seen multiple troll ID’s state that Ashley has never taken money out of the club. Yeah right.
      They are trolling and are pure shills.

  • Jimblag23

    Funny that the end of year placings will look very similar to that table.

  • GToon

    Everything about our club, every table showing this that or the other just shows what a third rate outfit we now are. Thanks Ashley.