Mick Quinn is on great form yet again.

The Newcastle United cult hero having his say on the latest shambles at his own club.

With Mike Ashley currently sitting on a summer transfer profit of £10m+ and Rafa Benitez having no transfer budget unless he sells players first, Mick Quinn calls it ‘absolutely pathetic’ what is happening at St James Park.

Quinny once again reminds everybody that NUFC have a world class manager and that once again in this window, Mike Ashley is making the manager ‘wheel and deal like a second-hand car dealer.’

It is great to have people in the media on our (the fans’) side, especially when it is somebody like Mick Quinn who knows so much about the club, the player turned radio presenter declaring ‘It is embarrassing for a club of that stature to get a pittance (to spend on players).’

Mick Quinn speaking on Talksport:

“This all boils down to lack of transfer money, I don’t know if he (Mike Ashley) has promised or not.

“But when you have Brighton and Huddersfield outspending a mighty club like Newcastle United in the transfer market…

“Not for one window, not for two, three windows, it is embarrassing…it is embarrassing!

“You talk about competing in the Premier League financially, trying to get the best players, trying to get the best at your club.

“Rafa has had to wheel and deal like a second-hand car dealer in the transfer market, to bring players on loan.

“They have had I think, at the last count, 11 players (including many who were out of contract such as Gamez, Haidara, Good and other younger players) walk out that door, for one reason or another, had to sell them, or frees, or whatever…

“And they have brought back Kenedy who was on loan there last season, one undisclosed fee (Dubravka) and three (Ki Sung-yueng, younger players such as Yannick Toure) they haven’t paid a penny for.

“Now the frustration is there.

“Rafa Benitez, in my opinion, is a world class manager, and he needs backing.

“He’s got the backing of the fans but he needs backing from the owner, to give him the money to take Newcastle to the next level.

“That is what they need and it is pathetic the transfer money that he (Rafa) has been given, absolutely pathetic.

“It is embarrassing for a club of that stature to get a pittance (to spend on players).”

  • Sid James

    What a Carry On

  • Wezza

    There is no defending the indefensible. MA is in full on spite mode and has pocketed the TV money. That’s why Rafa has to wheel and deal.

    • Phildene

      Think it’s more like extra greed mode. Yes he’s been pocketing OUR money for years and will carry on until something-stops him like bad press/money stopped

  • SuperDesHamilton

    One of the only people who gives us a voice in the media

  • Elvin Burdon

    Well said Mick stating the obvious to all bar Ashley it seems

  • Soldier

    when it comes to Ashley i`m afraid it`s futile, he is of his own opinion and won`t change

    • Leicester Mag

      Unless pressure is brought to bear on his beloved Direct Tat brand

  • Peaky

    Looks like Steve Bruce is going to be available…..be aware,very aware……could think of nowt worse…..

    • Steven05

      I agree. But that’s now where we are at isn’t it – It could be worse – yes we are homeless and have terminal cancer and no one to turn to to – but we could also be naked?

      • Ba ba.

        Wtf? .. Terminal cancer

        • Steven05

          I mean as a club he has reduced us to “it could be worse”

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      He`ll most likely replace Pardew at the top of Fatso`s list

  • Steven05

    We need more of the same

    Public exposure of how tacky shitedirect is too?

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      He couldn`t give a Flying F about bad publicity

      • Steven05

        Does he own that company 100% too like he owns NUFC, or are they anyone else involved with any say?

        • MichaelMaximusMoose

          He`s the major shareholder in S/D so he can veto the other shareholders and has done on many occasions

          • Billmag

            He didn’t manage to get £15ml handout for his brother so he doesn’t get his own way all of the time, and 💩 Direct doesn’t like bad publicity because the shareholders have pulled him over the coals about minimum wage scenario.

  • Ba ba.

    Brilliant but tbh mickey the fat man won’t even know who you are.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      you could put money on that

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Looks like Mbemba`s replacement is to be Fabian Schar £3.5m

    • Leazes.

      Spanish second tier….if you have to look it up its disappointing….well as disappointing as finding out who these players are really.

    • HarryHype59

      I fear he could be Lascelles replacement!

    • JEz_Brizzle

      Had a chat with Fatty, and he said ‘why replace that chap in defence when he hasn’t played this year and cost me money’ – the squad was good enough last year – we nearly made the top half – if we’d had Dubro keeper guy and Kenny on the wing at the start of the season, we’d have made Europe. We have them now, so what’s the point of spending my money’

  • Gareth Jones

    Every time/season this goes on is making it crystal clear that this is a deliberate act of sabotage. Never mind it being a sport, it’s part of a multi-billion entertainment industry – yet we somehow have to go along with early cup exits, relegations and looting. Where has OUR money went Mike???

    • Leazes.

      That’s a different problem for the club ‘sport as entertainment’ where people turn up to watch a spectacle filled with drama and have a nice day out….. its a sport which has been got at!…….. the TV and media don’t dramatise other combative sports to anything like this degree. In my opinion the scripting of the contest by the media has destroyed the essence of the beautiful game. and no other club anywhere has been so over scripted by poor journalists as us!

      • Gareth Jones

        Totally agree. Analysis overkill and brand before ability.

      • Davey drape

        strange how footballs popularity (from late 1880s-1890s) was helped by a) factory workers being given a half a day off on a Saturday and b) newspapers printing and reporting on results

    • JEz_Brizzle

      There are other clubs that suffer/ have suffered too, though I don’t think any as severely tortured as ours.

  • Billmag

    The more people in the media having a go at fatty the better well done Micky, I know fatty has skin like a Rhino but he still doesn’t like bad publicity, he’s never forgotten the protests when KK left.

    • JEz_Brizzle

      I think he doesn’t care, or actually enjoys the harassment of it. Quite happy to sit back and do a chubby chequers smile while raking the money, blood and soul of the club.

      Whilst I love the club and think Rafa has done a marvellous job, I reckon he should walk, and spit feathers about not being backed. There will be plenty of other clubs for him and it would be a HUGE loss for the Toon Army (our soul destroyed even more), but a manager of Rafa’s stature, walking because of years of Fatmans lies…. that would be a big message, and perhps would spark the protests at the club that are probably needed every game, and may be pickets outside the gates to encourage attendees to boycott the matches to get the message through.

      Unfortunately I only see years more pain, that will just eat and eat deep in my chest. I have hope, but it’s so suppressed that I’m not sure I can cope with Ashley really selling up !

      • Billmag

        You have contradicted yourself there mate saying he would glory in the haressment of it all, why would it be any different if Rafa left.

        • JEz_Brizzle

          Sorry you read it that way, but if you re-read it, I state my opinion that Fatty does not care. I then make an opinion that Rafa should walk…. two unrelated statements. I did not suggest that RRafa walking would cause issue to Fatty, but rather that it might be the bit that gets the (local) fans outraged enough to protest enough to get through. Fatty’s thick skin wont care but empty stadium because of protest might be a different matter.

  • Leazes.

    Quinny supported Ashley for YEARS as did Lowes and Anderson, MacDonald, Brown, Starforth, Ryder and Douglas (Great friend to the regime) even the sainted Shearer has taken a decade to say something despite having his name cashiered unceremoniously(sic) from the wall of the Strawberry Place Bar!

    All sold the nonsense about a ‘club in debt’ and willingly went along with it led by the chronicle!


    • FatParosite

      Those traitors need to know that they will not be welcome in a post Ashley era. The comical has been suckling at Ashley’s teat for nothing which makes their treachery worse.

    • Davey drape

      a few years back & pointed us the local ppl kept that paper alive all these decades & pointed out his policy should be backing the fans but he never replied

  • HarryHype59

    Well done Mick Quinn for mentioning Newcastle United plight under the far miser on Talk Sport.

    If I hear another southern “talking head” in this station, waffling on about how Ashley saved the club and has put “lot’s of money in” my radio is going to switch permanently from TS.

    These people need educating.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Quinny was saying the same things this time last year and what difference has it made ?
    We have all manner of people talking about Ashley and his lack of transfer funds but it has just become a debating club without any results.

    • Leazes.

      That’s why we need to change the law on football club ownership… to stop owners like Ashley simply hiding from the public whilst stripping the club of assets…. a petition to parliament is underway….

      … “The Petitioners therefore request the House of Commons to take action to prevent unscrupulous football club owners from exploiting the clubs, their fans and local communities, with particular reference to Mike Ashley and Newcastle United FC.”

      I would suggest partial ownership by fans which would be at least 25% of the club, in other words the enforced sale of a quarter of the club (every club) to local people allowing a place on the board in order to be able to bring some sort of relationship back.

      United existed from the East End club of 1881 to Ashley purchase from the despicable Hall over 125 years owned locally, Local ownership that is the only way forward, taken out of the hands of vicious venture capitalist owners (to coin Douglas)

      Ashley has shown no regard for the Club, the City or community, or history with his dumb silent contempt and recidivist damaging actions!

      Lets change the law for all clubs!

      • magpiefifer

        Totally agree Leazes,but will it ever happen with the powers that be in football? I hope so but I’ll not hold my breath,but something has to change to help the supporters.

        • Leazes.

          We can go around the Premier league and FA, they aren’t fit to run football.

          • mactoon

            The parliamentary petition will do nothing more than raise awareness (It’s the height of summer, there will probably be less than a dozen MPs in the house!) The FA will just do as they please regardless of any adverse publicity. They only speak in money terms.

      • mactoon

        I don’t disagree with the concept of part ownership of a club by fans but essentially you are saying there should be a law in place to force any buyer of a company to sell 25% of his own property. That will never happen.

        • Leazes.

          Force the issue….it isn’t just United fans who have had their birthright sold off…. something has to be done about these owners.

      • ScreamStevie

        Who would decide what is a fan and at what price they’d buy (how many of the 50,000 or so ticket holders, for example, could afford £2k for their trivial share) ? What control would there be over transfers of holdings to stop them falling into the hands of ‘non fans’? Even if it was practical, with 75%, Ashley could still run the club as he wanted. Naive I’m afraid…

      • Davey drape

        the best ever comment i have seen from yourself

  • Mike

    over to the local press and radio

  • magpiefifer

    Well said Quinny,he always tells it like it is – unlike the journos who either haven’t a clue or are in Ashley’s pocket.
    It’s so good to hear someone in the media who says it like we fans.

    • Leazes.

      No he doesn’t…. he’s supported Ashley from the start, but its reached a point now where the Chronicle hacks are finding it a little bit difficult to sustain that support. Douglas (Sports Editor) saying two days ago that he supports the regime and is a good friend to the club.

      I’m darn sure in Douglas’s mind that a debt occurred to the Hall regime because United had to buy their way to the entertainers and enlarge a ground fit for the 20th century. He believes that the paltry sum that Ashley inherited as repayments was to be the fans ‘hair shirt’ for eternity. Ashley hasn’t only refused to Amortise the account he’s held it up and watered it for the chronicles writers!

      The Tyneside press corps are responsible for Ashley being here after 11 years of misery…. I maintain that if we had been a Lancashire club or a London club this owner would have had his marching orders and the fact he’s still here is down to them….. Douglas Ryder and the soft touches!

      • SuperDesHamilton

        None of the local press have so much as said a mean spirited word about the current regime.

  • Arty Hume

    IMHO its all down to season ticket holders reinforcing TFCB’s hold over the club, he obviously thinks he can do no wrong now. After all he has stated he cannot compete with the top clubs and stated the manger can have every penny the club generates, what could be more convincing for fans to embrace his graceful management of the club? Would it really be so hard to boycott a few games to get the message across his time is over??? BTW, I’m not sorry if it offends S.T holders sensibilities, in fact I hold you directly responsible for keeping me and other older ( genuine supporters ) from supporting our lifelong team. We are in exile and will remain so until there is a cleansing or purge of the owner at our club! We will come storming back when there is a regimen change and reclaim our seats which are only being kept warm by the current incumbents, bit like the owner really!

  • Mrkgw

    Quinn is absolutely right. ASHLEY OUT!

  • I Think Therefore I Am, Will

    It’s a real shame that Uefa’s ‘The European Council’s Nice declaration Of 2000 Stating that the specificity of sport is only applicable if football is run “on the basis of a democratic and transparent method of operation”.

    Sadly, this declaration regrettably has no legal basis.

    I bet As💩y would be the biggest offender!

  • Jonas

    Its a reassurance to know people in the media get it. It balances out the idiots who still don’t and the sorry excuse for journalists and experts that cant even be bothered to research fan feeling by looking at a forum or comments and articles here.