When talking about transfers, or lack of them, under Mike Ashley, most of the talk is usually about the failure to beat the 13 year old Newcastle transfer record.

What isn’t mentioned as much, is that in 22 years Newcastle have failed to pay more for a player than that £15m that brought Alan Shearer to St James Park (apart from that Michael Owen deal).

The first 11 years after Shearer arrived there could be seen to be excuses for that but in the 11 years of Mike Ashley, along with rapidly increasing transfer fee levels, it is quite astonishing.

However, what I really wanted to talk about, was the lack of signings at even a slightly less ambitious level.

This is the more than £10m level, which is very much the norm for many (most) Premier League signings now.

In total, Newcastle have paid more than £10m for only nine players in their entire history.

You had the Shearer and Owen signings, then in the 23 transfer windows under Mike Ashley, it has only been repeated another seven times.

It gets even more bizarre though…because you had £11.3m paid for Coloccini in summer 2008, then £12m for Matt Ritchie in summer 2016, BUT all of the other five came within a seven month period of the 2015/16 relegation season.

Yes, after stockpiling money and weakening the squad to very dangerous levels, Mike Ashley and Graham Carr in summer 2015 then pursued a disastrous route of buying young players from weaker European leagues (in the hope they would grow in value) to try and turn around a team that had just survived relegation on the final day of the season.

So we saw Mbemba come in for £8m, as well as three for more than £10m – Mitrovic (£14.5m), Thauvin (£13m) and Wijnaldum (£14.5m).

Then when still relegation threatened in the January (2016), £13m was twice laid out for Shelvey and Townsend. Talk about (relative) feast and famine.

Quite incredible that in the three transfer windows since promotion, Newcastle haven’t spent more than £10m for a player.

It gets much worse when you open your eyes and start to compare us with clubs that Newcastle fans would automatically think we should be competing with. In fact clubs that supporters would have thought we were way ahead of not so long ago.

From summer 2016 onwards, Newcastle have only once spent more than £10m on a player (Matt Ritchie), whilst Leicester have done it 11 times and Everton on 10 occasions (see below).

To add insult to injury, in that time period Leicester have beaten the £16m Newcastle transfer record six times, whilst Everton have done it nine times!

Newcastle United signings costing over £10m:

£16m – Michael Owen (Summer 2005)

£15m – Alan Shearer (Summer 1996)

£14.5m – Gini Wijnaldum (Summer 2015)

£14m – Aleksandar Mitrovic (Summer 2015)

£13m – Florian Thauvin (Summer 2015)

£13m – Jonjo Shelvey (January 2016)

£13m – Andros Townsend (January 2016)

£12m – Matt Ritchie (Summer 2016)

£11.3m – Fabricio Coloccini (Summer 2008)

(Amongst the players to have been bought by Newcastle for £10m are Obafemi Martins, Dwight Gayle, Albert Luque, Papiss Cisse, Jacob Murphy)

Leicester City signings above £10m from Summer 2016 onwards:

£27m Islam Slimani

£25m Kelechi Iheanacho

£22m James Maddison

£22m Adrien Silva

£20m Ricardo Pereira

£18m Ahmed Musa

£16m Wilfred Ndidi

£14m Nampalys Mendy

£13m Danny Ward

£13m Vicente Iborra

£12m Harry Maguire

Everton signings above £10m from Summer 2016 onwards:

£45m Richarlison

£44m Gylfi Sigurdsson

£26m Jordan Pickford

£26m Michael Keane

£26m Yannick Bolasie

£24m Davy Klaassen

£21m Morgan Schneiderlin

£20m Theo Walcott

£20m Cenk Tosun

£13m Ashley Williams

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  • Leazes.

    Not just the signings but the whole wage structure was revised, a club like Crystal Palace has at least three players on over £100k pw…. we have none! Our top earner is Shelvey on £70k.

    The club has been downsized alarmingly without a whimper in the local press…. you can only get away with this asset strip with the abdication of inquiry from Mark Douglas and the chronicle…. and no amount of bigging-up these third rate players is going to wash I’m afraid!

    Its not a case of Journalists fiddling while Rome burns…. its more like holding a torch for Ashley the arsonist.

    • Wezza

      Exactly and the majority are on less than 45k a week!
      Leazes, have you blocked Duh? I think that’s Kevin Lee!

      • Leazes.


        • Wezza

          I figured!

  • Duh

    The focus should really be on squad quality, entertainment value and league position/cup success.

    Of course the two are correlated but, not on a 1:1 basis. It was not long ago that we as a fan base demanded only players that tried.

    There is an obsession about signing big money signings for the sake of it.

    For sure, player investment is required, you sometimes need to spend the money to get what the manager needs and that has not happened.

    I would say that the bigger concern is the mismanagement of the club which means a lack of modest investment leading to a failing academy and the commercial income opportunity that is not fully exploited.

    Addressing those 2 issues would help generate revenue for the club which would allow for the company to spend big when needed, at least more often.

    I don’t think Mikey is pocketing all of the money, I think the club makes limited income which it spends on high wages. There is no external debt (including for players) and he’s not investing any additional money into the club.

    I believe there is some shady stuff going on with the merchandising and the advertising deal is also iffy, even though it aledgedly is offset by loan interest.

    To say a billionaire sees the club as a means of profit I think is incorrect.

    It’s just another asset to him that he’d sell for the righ (inflated) price. In the meantime, he is not prepared to take any financial risk and this, notwithstanding the merchandise/advertising, is what a club that operates with the money it generates (without borrowing) looks like.

    Quite frankly he’s not really bothered what the fans think.

    • Soldier

      i think you should read your own post and redress it, to say he isn`t making money is laughable

    • Wezza

      “There is an obsession about signing big money signings for the sake of it.”

      Not true, since transfer prices have gone up and up and up over the years we still think it is the year 2000. We’d have to break our transfer record just to be able to compete.

      “I don’t think Mikey is pocketing all of the money, I think the club makes limited income which it spends on high wages. ”

      He isn’t pocketing it all just a massive chunk of it. The proof is happening right now. Massive negative net spend, 126M TV money etc. The club by no means has high wages. The highest earner is Shelvey and the next closest is 45k and downwards! Other premiership clubs have MUCH higher wages with a lot less income from attendances. That is also a misconception as well. We make a huge chunk from out gate.

      “To say a billionaire sees the club as a means of profit I think is incorrect.”

      Well he certainly doesn’t see it as a ambitious football club does he?
      This summer has been the most profitable yet and still MA refuses to even invest the clubs money. He flat out lied about ‘every penny’ two years in a row and treats our world class manager with contempt and has lied to numerous times. There really isn’t anything to defend him on, we need him out and we need him out asap so we can get our football club back.

    • I Think Therefore I Am, Will

      Oh my, Mikey! Not yet another one/same,

      You totally lost me right there – Mikey, lol ❤️❤️❤️ show him the luv 🤮

      Of course it all correlates, it always has since day 1, the odious goit retains most of the wealth, while stripping the squad (& much more) by selling and then buying in unproven total utter gambles at times, whilst disparaging, and showing the utmost disrespect to a very distinguished and respectable manager in the game of football.

      But Mikey is ok!

      Lol, ask ask the average SD worker, as I have often over the last decade, not good either! Poor Mikey! 🤮 Just misunderstood? 🤮🤮🤮

  • Ben Jones

    Since 2016, the season we were in the championship and the first season back up from being in the championship vs 2 clubs who didn’t have the financial hit of being in and recovering from a season in the 2nd level, hardly like for like

    • BenJonesBellEnd

      Leave the proper comments to the adults, go back to calling people ‘dude’ whilst wanking over photos of your mother.

      • Ben Jones

        You know a poster means business when mothers are brought into discussions, what would yours think about how you speak about others?

        • BenJonesBellEnd

          That’s rich coming from you, the way you have spoken to people on here the past week has been nothing but Trump IQ level trolling. I bet your mother would tan your backside if she read what you’ve written, but you’d probably enjoy that and have a hard-on at the same time.

          • Ben Jones

            And you have a semi at the thought?

          • BenJonesBellEnd

            Only at your mother, not the milkman’s offspring.

    • I Think Therefore I Am, Will

      Regardless of your statement, the very fact that you are attempting to defend (Mike 😜!), and even trying to justify! It’s the direct fault of the owners blatant disregard and mismanagement of the club since day one!

      Tho you are sincere ❤️ Mike!

  • Paul Patterson

    The biggest problem up until 2016 was that the owner gave too much trust to Graham Carr and more importantly Steve McClaren.
    Carr’s luck with finding gems was always going to run out and I wouldn’t trust McClaren with Barcelona not to screw things up.
    Now, we have a top manager and he refuses to spend accordingly. It’s gross negligence and he can’t plead ignorance or poverty, especially if we end up relegated in the next two years when the glue that’s holding the whole ship together (Rafa) walks in May 2019.

    • Ben Jones

      Interesting. So he gave too much freedom to the head scout and manager to run the football side as they seen fit(being football people) and of course he was WRONG to do this, so presumably Mike should have been more hands on with the transfers than he was according to Paul. It’s an unorthodox opinion but fair play for expressing it, no one should feel like they can not express themselves on here

      • Paul Patterson

        If you polled every Newcastle fan, I’d bet 90% would have said no to McClaren and then when he proved to be out of his depth, the club (Ashley/Charnley) dithered. End result, we got relegated.
        Owners fault.

        • I Think Therefore I Am, Will

          Nutshell! 😉

      • BenJonesBellEnd

        So if you feel like everyone should be able to express their opinion why are you going around trolling their comments? You’re just another fake Ashley loving troll who knows nowt about the club or football in general.

        • Ben Jones

          I’m not trolling his comment, he commented and I responded stating I thought it was unusual for a football fan to want the chairman of a club to be more hands on with the player recruitment, especially if they don’t come from a football background and have hired people who are specifically for that reason. I thought it was fair comment

          • EveryoneBlockBenJones

            But you have been trolling comments from various other people all week, ever since the school holidays started.

          • Ben Jones

            Right, let’s run with this theory of yours that I’m a school kid, as people like you are impossible to talk with, are you saying that schoolkids are not allowed on the mag and that they are not allowed to have an opinion? Are you the rule disherouterer on here? If you’re not saying that then why bring age into it?

          • EveryoneBlockBenJones

            “Deal with it”

          • Ben Jones

            Yes I knew you’d take the opportunity to explain what you meant via some perfectly reasonable questions to your attack on me

          • EveryoneBlockBenJones

            Have you been ‘reasonable’ in all your comments to others this past week?

          • Ben Jones

            Bless the little lambs, they can give it but can’t take it can they?

            Let me explain something to you ‘everyoneblockbenjones’ once everyone has blocked me, I can still see, read and reply to their posts, it’s them who can’t see my posts or indeed respond to them, so I hope everyone does block me, as what will happen is I will leave my own sarcastic take on their opinions, exposing them for what they really are and what they really mean, and anyone reading will see that the person I’ve responded to have no comeback.

            I’m happy with that outcome

          • EveryoneBlockBenJones

            Being ‘sarcastic’ is that what you think you are doing? 😄 Sarcasm requires a degree of intelect, you don’t have it. A good troll wants to see responses to their comments and to keep the banter going, so if people aren’t even responding to you because you are blocked you aren’t even a good troll, not very bright are you!

          • Ben Jones

            I’m happy to be blocked, what do you not understand!!

          • EveryoneBlockBenJones

            Your come backs are getting poorer every time, you’re even using two exclamation marks now because you are losing the argument and are getting frustrated 😄

          • Ben Jones

            Dear me you’re a bore, literally have no time for childish stuff like this which is why I’d rather you blocked me and went back to your original account where I’m hopefully also blocked. Sorry bud but this is poinless

          • EveryoneBlockBenJones

            😄😄😄😄 “Bless the little lambs, they can give it but can’t take it can they?”

            Your own words apply to you! Ben Jones = Owned

          • Ben Jones

            Says ‘everyoneblockbenjones’ . Frustrated much?

          • EveryoneBlockBenJones

            Not in the slightest, I am showing everyone exactly what you are, you’ve even admitted you think you are making ‘sarcastic’ comments and you don’t care if people block you or not. So basically everyone now knows to ignore every comment you make, whether that is to someone that has blocked you or not. You think you are being funny whilst everyone else just thinks you are a pathetic little pleb.

          • Ben Jones

            No. I’ve seen reasonable posters on here make valid points and they are met with – troll, one of two brothers (Lee brothers apparently) from Manchester(plus father now also), same poster multiple accounts, or grammatical errors are singled out, pretty much anything than have to deal with, or put a counter to the posters comment, you think I’m gonna enter that charade? I’d rather cut out the accusations and just expose these people for what they are and what they’re saying, with no reply would be nice as, well, look at the state of you

      • I Think Therefore I Am, Will

        LOL, Mike, Mike Mike, says it all with bells in, Mike ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ = brown tongue.

        Wow, I sincerely wish I knew the guy so close enough to call him MIKE, Not!

        A known apologist troll! 🤮

        • Ben Jones

          Christ sorry, Mr Ashley it’ll be in the future, I’d hate to give you morons another single word to pick from a comment to base your whole reply on

          • Will In Despair!

            You are showing familiarities by referring to you’re grotesque chum in this manner.

            Familiarity’s, which only brings one to the conclusion of; apologist, paid troll, arzse kisser, bottom fun friend and brown tongue.
            An alias: monkseaton, fleckman and ghostrider etc. again, on the pay roll, a Manc, unwashed or any other fan that loves to troll 😍

          • Ben Jones

            Well I hate to say it but I’ve seen people who hate Mr Ashley call him Mike, so it blows your childlike theory out the window . Soz like

    • TheNutJob

      He`ll walk ok, at about 180 paces a minute

  • Superdooperhooper

    I’m all in favour of recycling but from football 365 ? The mag is as bad as ashley and charnley for rummaging in the bins

    • TheNutJob

      i believe every word of it when it comes to how much Fatty has spent,
      or should that be what he hasn`t spent, you don`t need to read about it,
      we`re living it

      • Superdooperhooper

        I believe it aswell . They just lifted it from another website

        • TheNutJob

          everybody pinches everybody`s articles

  • TheNutJob

    Red Arrows blasting over the hoose, who let them use Newcastle airspace to benefit the Mackems

    • Superdooperhooper

      Fatty’s sold the mackems his helicopter space. Kerching!

  • TheNutJob

    anyone interested the Toons on sport 365. live tonight

  • Wezza

    Says it all really. I often wondered over the years where all the money goes and now we know.

  • Vodkamagpie

    Amazing , they have highlighted the only two teams ( excluding the top 6), who have spent more than Newcastle on transfers in the past 4 years.

  • Garry Norman

    So is a there a point to be made about still being a Premier league side DESPITE having spent so little (I didn’t realise it was that little tbh) and the number of Muppets we’ve had in charge? There are championship and probably league 1 sides that have beaten our spending since Ashley took over.
    Maybe an article should be written about the other side of the coin……

  • Mrkgw

    Terrible, terrible, terrible. ASHLEY OUT!