Newcastle fans need to take a deep breath…

The next eight weeks will see:

The World Cup finals completed

Complete NUFC pre-season preparations

Newcastle United training camp in Ireland

5 pre-season friendlies

Remaining 33 days of the summer transfer window

Playing in the second round of the League Cup

First four Premier League matches of the season

Plus of course lots more incoming transfers….

These next two months (eight weeks) will also include Newcastle United live on TV four times (five if the League Cup game is selected).

Yes, the club that no longer means anything and nobody cares about, has been selected to be on live TV in each of the four opening matches.

Put it another way, England will play again after their World Cup (winning…?) campaign before Newcastle United play on a date they were due to play, when the fixtures originally came out on 14 June.

There is a fascination with Newcastle United that is widespread, pretty much everywhere but in the residence of a certain M W Ashley.

Rafa Benitez and his squad have met up once again this past week and the sun is shining.

What could possibly go wrong?

For many of us, we simply don’t want the sunshine or this World Cup to ever end.

Nevertheless, it will be back to reality on Saturday 11 August. A bit of a Groundhog Day moment as Newcastle United face Tottenham at St James Park.

The same fixture that kicked off last season but let us all hope that it doesn’t come at the end of such an unambitious transfer window this time, as it did in summer 2017.

Back then we were sold the story that austerity was necessary after a season of reflection in the Championship.

No such excuses this time, Rafa Benitez needs to be given the tools to do the job.

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    NOT going to happen

  • Leazes.

    So there’s nothing at all to look forward to then?

    • Rich Lawson


    • pedrodelgardo

      We can look forward to the bits that don’t go wrong.

  • Ram Kishore

    Saying the same thing in a different way…Nice try
    Well written article

  • TheFatController

    Fortunately Ashley has no day to day involvement.

    Unfortunately it seems nothing can be done without his say so.

    I presume therefore that once every fortnight or so Ashley checks his NUFC emails and gives answers back to Penfold, maybe via Barnes, who then tells Rafa what will be happening.

    In those two weeks the agents of any players targeted have probably worked out it’s tinpot here.

    And based on this, they hope Rafa will sign up to 5 years of being the fall guy in this process ? Well, I don’t know Rafa we’ll enough to know how he thinks, but…

    • Leazes.

      That’s exactly why they want Rafa!

      Rafa could go down the Allardyce ‘journeyman’ road and get himself sacked within a year or two years with a huge pay off, so the question for Rafa is now how honest he’s going to be with the fans?

      Either way they are playing games with him.

  • Paul Patterson

    There’s always an excuse or smoke and mirrors with this owner . .

    • Down Under Mag

      Only thing that comes to mind is deliberate deception to confuse the masses and ensure complete unaccountability by the owner as he syphons money off.

      Why is it that every time there is any excuse we see the debt levels rise and yet whenever there is a supposed profit achieved due to player sales and lack of spending this is always mysteriously unavailable the following window while the debt doesn’t go away?? It may be ashley’s club so he can technically do whatever he wants BUT surely there still needs to be some transparency for the HMRC??

  • Another one of those articles is not helping anybody.
    There is still time to sign the right players and still time to sell/loan out ones we don’t want.
    I think we are all waiting for Mitro to join Fullham and Stoke to up their bid and sign both Gayle and Ritchie. If those happen next week, we will move on targets immediately and sign replacements + others.
    Rafa has already deemed Lazaar and Colback “freeloaders” and will be with reserves, unless loan/buy offers are made.
    Same is true for Sels and Saviet, although Sels could get a second chance if an offer comes for Darlow.

  • Stephen Paylor

    Do we get an installment on all these players that were sold but i seem to be told every year that is not how ‘accounting works?’ If not we will recoup 10 million for Merino, 20 million for Mitrovic and probably another 5 million Colback/Lazaar/Sels/Saivet. So 35 million (and maybe 6 million from Sissoko installment if we ever get that money). 42 million should be enough to go and grab Kenedy and Townsend (and even keep Ritchie). All we need then is to actually spend 25 million on replacing Mitrovic with an all round striker that has pace, runs in behind but can also, hold the ball up, be a threat in the air and play with his back to goal. Has Loic Remy retired yet?

    • Angelswithdirtyfaces

      Still instalments on Wini etc. to come in too apparently – so maybe more in the pot. Won’t make a blind bit of difference to MA.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Aye the regime love to twist the figures and facts to suit there agenda. And about remy he’s with Las Palmas spent last 6 months on loan at Getafe & shows the odd flashes but looks finished mostly

    • Down Under Mag

      This is the biggest problem I have – the lack of transparency at the club when it comes to finances… I’m not expecting to know exactly what goes on as a fan and I don’t think announcing how much you have to spend is a great idea since it jacks up prices straight away, but there is always something fishy about what we are told versus what we see in the markets. We hear stories of players sold for inflated fees on installments but then we refuse to do the same when we buy, insisting on the fee and wages all being accounted for. We see players sold and then a fraction of the money spent on incoming replacements. It all just seems shonky to me. As if the club select what they are releasing and how they sell/buy to make it as murky as possible hoping to confuse the masses when the accounts don’t add up and suddenly our debt has increased while making profits in the markets… no wonder the tax man has been investigating.