Monday morning brings reports that Newcastle United have had a bid for Federico Fernandez turned down.

The Argentine international central defender was the subject of a Newcastle approach according to the Chronicle.

They say that their information is that NUFC went to Swansea wanting the player on loan, whilst the Swans wanted £10m…

With the shocking position Rafa Benitez has been put in, in this transfer window, you can believe just about anything is possible when it comes to transfers.

The Newcastle United squad left short with Chancel Mbemba’s departure and Florian Lejeune’s shock injury, Paul Dummett can also play at centre-back but Newcastle have nobody else who can play left-back (Manquillo not good enough).

With no cover for DeAndre Yedlin either (apart from Manquillo…), it only leaves Rafa Benitez with five fit defenders who are up to the job: Lascelles, Clark, Yedlin, Dummett, and Schar – if he proves to be able to handle the Premier League.

Federico Fernandez was an £8m buy from Napoli back in 2014 and has been first choice with Swansea for the four seasons, including this last relegation season when he started 30 PL games.

Like the injured Florian Lejeune, Fernandez is a commanding centre-back (6ft 3 tall) and looks a decent option if Newcastle could sign him.

However, this is Newcastle United and with such limited funds and so many positions needing strengthening, little wonder that Rafa Benitez has been forced to try and loan him.

At normal clubs, it is usually the Championship club loaning a player off a Premier League one, not the other way around!

What would Swansea have to gain from loaning out a 29 year old established first team player?

He would then go back to them aged 30 and with a falling transfer valuation.

Common sense tells you that they would surely only let him go if it meant they then had funds coming in to help fund a promotion push now.

  • Paul Patterson

    10 days to go and this is what we’ve been left with . .
    #Wheresthemoneygone 💰👋🚁

  • Vodkamagpie

    I’m going to try be objective. Most fans ask where has the TV money gone, round it off , let’s say 130mil per season. Fair enough question, let’s forget about paying wages, debts, other expenses etc, let’s just say we get 130mil per season. Now in the last 4 season’s, you take 130mil ×4 = 520mil. So out of 520mil, Newcastle has roughly spent 213mil, almost half, which doesn’t sound to impressive. However , if you look at the majority of the club’s in the premier league , they have spent less than 200mil, and factor in mind, we got less the one season due to being in the championship . Can anyone explain this?.

    • TeessideMag

      I take it you have chosen not to include the fee’s we have received for selling players?

      • Vodkamagpie

        I don’t see the point of that. Is it fair to say Newcastle mainly receive their out going transfer fee’s in installments . Most likely more than any other club, maybe excluding the top 6

        • cmrowley

          Quite correct to disregard it! And correct to arbitrarily decide to start counting from 4 seasons ago, why on earth would you consider all the data when trying to present a solid argument eh? These idiots on here will try and paint you as a troll from Manchester but just ignore them.
          I like to look at things in terms of weeks, if you disregard the player sales (why wouldn’t we) you can see Ashley has spent 13 million while receiving NO income, pretty impressive I’m sure you’ll agree.
          These Ashley haters just can’t see the woods for the trees mate. Leave them to it.

  • Leazes.

    Tell us something about him then! Is he any good at stopping teams scoring? How did he get on with Swansea last season?

    • Toontaff

      He’s shyte!

  • Leicester Mag

    The club yet again resemble the panicked mother who suddenly realises their child has no sports kit on first day of the new term. They don’t even like sport so anything will do even better why not borrow it.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Scrambling around begging lower league teams to loan players, how’s tgat good business.

    • magpiefifer

      That’s what it’s come to with Stashley!!!

      • SuperDesHamilton

        Like a fat squirrel hiding his lowey

  • Yearnie

    The rondon deal is held up on wage demands he’s 29 and wants a big pay day that’s what’s coming from the West Brom neck of the woods

    • Leazes.

      He’ll want a large wage because he’s not going to make any bonuses for goals or assists because he scores less than Mitro…. a reasonable request then.

    • Paul Patterson

      He won’t get that here . .

  • GlasgowMag

    FFS how many explayers from relegated clubs are we going to have for the start of the season!!! Doesn’t look good for our relegation fight, guys who have already put up the white flag with their former/current clubs!! Our once proud club is now a laughing stock wake up and smell the coffee guys only way forward fat boy out!!!

  • Desree

    The Mag is rebranding to THE APOLOGIST

  • Nut

    Rondon’s record for West Brom doesn’t make great reading until you look at the context of how he was played under Pulis.

    Pulis had Rondon play in a way that kept a specific shape to the team.

    Not gonna big up the man in anyway but when P45DEW came in he gave him a more free role and it payed off.

    Towards the end of the season under the caretaker manager after P45DEW Rondon was back to his best.

    At every club other than West Brom Rondon has managed a 1:2 ratio if played right at Newcastle he will do that here.

    • Down Under Mag

      Some are claiming the deal, with Gayle going the opposite way, is a loan deal with an option to buy (plus a bit of cash on our part). I just don’t get this at all. We’ve almost just shuffled the deck but still couldn’t find a King or an Ace. Loans, loans and more loans and come the end of the season (should we manage to stay up) Rafa will no doubt be gone, we will see a load of players leave and be back to square one looking to rebuild…no doubt in the hands of a clueless lump-merchant like Pulis or Warnock. I wouldn’t bet against Ashley giving them a huge amount of cash to blow on dross either just to prove who is boss and try and put the blame of Rafa. Either that or we will see a load of players sold, the club shortly after and Ashley walking away with us firmly in a large hole as he sails off into the sunset with a pocket full of cash and the club left to struggle for years to come.

  • Toontaff

    I just saw the picture and thought we were ting to get Cyril the Swan on loan!

  • Jonas

    He’s getting worse
    its getting worse
    we are given less investment than Coventry in the mid 90s.