Newcastle United have brought in three signings so far this summer.

Martin Dubravka was a no-brainer, to come straight in and do what he did against Manchester United on his debut, that tells me he is our type of player. You need somebody who can handle Premier League pressure and 50,000 fans, so many previous signings have failed on one or both counts.

As for Kenedy, very similar to the keeper but at the other end of the pitch.

I am gutted that no attempt appears to have been made to buy the Brazilian, I don’t think we will have a better chance to do so in the future (unless he turns out to be rubbish…), but purely in terms of this upcoming season the winger has to be seen as a great (return) addition.

As for Ki Sung-yueng, a solid signing. Can obviously hold his own in the Premier League. Obviously I would rather we brought in players who you would see as better quality than what we have already got in the first team but if either Shelvey or Diame falter, the South Korean captain will do a job.

I feel positive about all three signings to various degrees, even though disappointing we won’t see whether Mikel Merino can play once again for Newcastle like he did in those opening months.

So anyway, happy overall with that trio of summer signings, but I do have one major issue.

I think these are signings that we were lacking 12 months ago.

If Kenedy, Dubravka and Ki Sung-yueng had all been brought in last summer, then that summer 2017 transfer window would have been looking almost credible.

If Newcastle had bought (no loans) Kenedy, Merino, Ki Sung-yueng, Dubravka, Lejeune and taken a punt on the promise of Murphy and an odd squad signing such as Manquillo, then I would have been pretty happy. Only really a decent striker missing off the list in terms of a good window as a promoted club.

However, instead what we got last summer was bargain basement signings and Florian Lejeune, and potentially Mikel Merino, as credible Premier League level signings. Nowhere near enough.

Rafa Benitez has even now commented on the fact that despite signing these three players, Newcastle are no further forward than they were at the end of last season.

As it stands, I honestly think we are a whole year behind when it comes to transfers. The three signings putting us close (minus a striker) to where we should have been for the start of last season.

With deadline day less than four weeks away, for me Newcastle have to do a whole summer’s worth of business in these next 26 days.

At the end of last season we just about got a full team on the pitch who could do a job but there was next to nothing really beyond that, to even get an 18 man matchday squad that could be strong enough to get us through the season, I think we need at least another six players brought in.

We need to play catch up and quick, or else it is another relegation struggle lies ahead. Last season NUFC were very lucky when it came to so few big injuries to key players, I don’t think you get that lucky two seasons in a row.

Newcastle can’t get by with just 10 or 11 players who might be good enough, the quality of the team and squad needs serious strengthening now, rather than desperate loan signings in January to try and save the day again, we definitely won’t get that lucky again as was the case with Dubravka and Kenedy making such a big instant impact.

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  • Wezza

    A year behind? We are light years behind any other premier league club. We have a one man board! An owner who takes hundreds of millions, corrupt, lies, that’s why he is never seen.
    Even if we were taken over it would take a few years to get back to any kindness of normally running football club.

    • Billmag

      Correct the only way this club has improved is we have a world class manager now but for how long god only knows.

  • JonMag

    Dream on, it`s a bargain basement cloob, expect the worst & you won`t be disappointed

  • jack

    Yeah light years behind . Ashley has never invested since the day he came here. Only when they seem like to be relegated .This season is like no other season , we talk about all the people we could sign and should sign but it never happens , and knelt kenedy is a great signing but should have been a permanent signing , and now the chance to sign him permanently I think has gone , basically there is no war chest , no budget , no transfer kitty ,only what Rafa can create through sales , that’s the reality , even if we had a huge surplus from previous season we wouldn’t see it , it would disappear into some made up accounts .Even the sale of the club was a con

    • FatParosite

      Rafa is waiting for January when he can talk to other clubs without being fined. By then those clubs will be desperate for his signature & he will take the pick of the bunch and get a pay rise to boot. Nearly all of those clubs will have a better transfer policy than make do and mend.

      • jack

        Yeah Rafa’s only here on sufferance till contract runs out , I think it will be very difficult to sign and players when they know what the situation is likely to be , not that they would have spent any money in the first place .You know there’s only one way to get rid of Ashley ? A concerted effort by fans and local media alike , make it so difficult for him to stay , his shops , st James , everything boycotted , I know it’s cutting your nose to spite your face , but it’s the only way to get our club back , empty terraces demonstrations and total local media backing

        • FatParosite

          A partially empty SJP will have Murdock and Scudamore on the phone to Ashley within minutes.

          • jack

            Even a half empty stadium would probably force him out , we’ve had eleven years of rubbish from Ashley , I won’t be re .-newing this year , I’ve been going to St James since 1959 and it’s part of my life , but decided it’s the only way to see him gone , people say you should support the team not the regime , but with Ashley if you support the team you are supporting the regime .I’ll still support them but only from home till he’s gone

          • phildene

            My other half is now 75 and has been going to matches since he was 8 so that’s one heck of a record, but as said previously, we stopped going couple of years back and will not return until Ashley has gone.

        • phildene

          Nice to see someone with the same thoughts as us! We chucked our season tickets in years ago and still support the team. We will not and do not support Ashley and will not put any more money into his back pocket. One greedy, waste of skin has killed our club off and the surrounding area, only Benítez being here makes it bearable.

          • jack

            Just wish he was gone , fifty thousand supporters could force him if only they realised the power they actually had .

  • Wor Lass

    Jaysus! I can`t wait for something to actually happen.

    • TheNutJob

      you`ll be saying that next summer as well, Howay Croatia

      • Wor Lass

        Allez les Bleus!

    • jack

      You’ll wait in vain , could even be another Anita type transfer window ,

    • Rich Lawson

      Go to the neighbours for a barbie 2moro and hope they stuff Croatia,free beer for the whole village ?

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Merino went because he could not get on the bench never mind the squad. Murphy signed for twelve million hardly got a kick and Haydn and Clark got little game time after the turn of the year. Yes we need four more players and we will get them but this has the makings of a good team but once again doom and gloom from the Mag.

    • jack

      Dream land , what’s it like there

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Promoted Fulham paid more for one midfielder than our full midfield cost

  • MetalMickey

    In Lascelles, Lejeune and Dubravka we have quite possibly the strongest trio guarding our goal, than we’ve had for generations. Dummett last season finally became what many feared he never would. An absolute monster lb. Shelvey since the turn of the year dropped his foolishness and became Shelvey 2.0 and Diame was immense and Kenedy reminded us what sexy football looks like.
    We need a no.9 who knows where the net is, a true no.10 who stays on his feet and shares the goals, a clone of Kenedy on the right and we’ll have the potential to touch the European positions. Something special in how they gel and who knows.

    • FatParosite

      Cut the dosage.

    • Nut

      We might have a decent 8 or 9 in Dubravka, Lachelles, Lejeune, Yedlin, Dummet, Diame, Shelvey, Kenedy and Perez should he continue form of last season. The new mid to replace Merhino could also be decent as Shelvey suggests a good relationship there.

      However as for the rest they are hardly setting the world on fire yet….

      I still think with the results of Rafa’s coaching we may still see a few more in this side come good after all Rafa must see something in them to continue working with them.

      However we also have an awful lot of dross we have been needing to move on for a while now.

      Until these players go we are unlikely to make headway with other incomings as they have big wages. That’s the main issue we have too many happy to stay and pick up a wage for doing absolutely nothing here!

    • robbersdog

      Ahhhh bless!

  • Nut

    Merinho didn’t have it so stop going on about Merinho this and Merinho that, he obviously wasn’t good enough or maybe in willing to compete for a place and he won’t make it with that attitude.

    We had players last season improving under Rafa’s stewardship and I expect there will be further improvement this season.

    Until certain players are moved on we won’t see incomings and that probably won’t happen until later on in the window.

    Fulham for example could shoot themselves in the foot if they bought Mitro off us now as they will likely be competing with us in their view. So if they buy him early and we then had less on the wage bill and cash in our pockets we might bag one of their targets.

    On top of this many of the teams that came up have lower wage bills than we did when we came up from the championship and don’t risk being hit by financial FairPlay if they spend/rise their wage bill.

    I think once some of our players are moved on then we will see others moving in.

    But at present if you take a look at the squad with open eyes you see players bought in under a succession of managers who simply are not good enough and are on high wages!

    They need shifting and it’s no easy task. Colback on 40k+ he won’t move because he does not want a pay cut so we are being pushed to pay him off which we don’t want to do because that gets expensive.

    We have a ton of players just like Colback who are not moving on because they don’t want to get less money elsewhere and that sucks for us.

    Until we can manage to move these players by hook or by crook we will be struggling to bring anyone else in.

    • Dillon Tovak

      Is that his Portuguese brother?

    • Mike Adam

      Sorry Nut but it is alittle ridiculous to say a 21 year old playing their first season in the PL doesn’t have it! Especially when he did play well and lead the team in takles in the first half of the season before his back injury. Then for whatever reason, he was barely played again.

      • Nut

        If he left the club to go to a lesser one in Spain then he probably couldn’t cut it at this stage in his career.

        Much like Thauvin when he was here. That isn’t to say he won’t make it but if he isn’t willing to compete then he won’t.

        There is nothing ridiculous at all.

        • Mike Adam

          Of course, you are right!

  • Mrkgw


  • Paul Patterson

    We’ve been set back year after year. You can’t build a side when the policy is to buy low and sell high and not replace. Hopefully Rafa is resisting this . .

  • FatParosite

    If we have a successful window we will remain standing still. However this is a league where you get punished if you only make minor improvements.

  • Rich Lawson

    Buy a prem’ quality centre forward,buy a prem’ quality centre forward,repeat ad infinitum.

  • Superdooperhooper

    A year behind? You’re being generous there . More like a decade

    • Fireman Sam

      Totally agree

      • Superdooperhooper

        Outspent by Huddersfield ? It’s embarrassing

  • Fireman Sam

    Running about 10 years behind on transfers. Net spend averages £4million a season under mike Ashley. It should be fair to assume the ticket sales money, say £25 million, put into the club by supporters plus the profits from merchandise, say another £3million (which was pre Ashley level) should be going on players.

    Therefore we are owed about £200m in investment in the team from over that period, which is what we have underspent teams like Everton and West Ham during that time.

    With the extra tv money over the last year, bringing in a few quality players is not too much to ask.

    Instead, the money is going elsewhere and the club is being held to ransom by MASH.