Newcastle United were claimed to be trying to buy Miguel Almiron in the January 2018 transfer window.

Nothing came of those media reports (see below) back in November 2017 but now once again it is claimed Rafa Benitez wants the Paraguayan international.

This time The Guardian are the ones who say Newcastle United are interested in signing Miguel Almiron, with West Ham also looking at the playmaker/number 10.

They report there are no bids as yet and that his club value him at around £20m.

It would take some leap of imagination for Newcastle to be paying that for a player with this week’s revelations from Rafa Benitez about a seemingly non-existent transfer budget.

The situation so depressing for Newcastle fans as they see pretty much every other  club prepared to pay around that £20m figure (and in many cases, more) for their top targets this summer.

Back in November it was claimed Miguel Almiron was available for £15m after impressing in his first MLS season, scoring nine goals and getting eight assists in 28 starts (plus three as a sub).

The MLS are midway through this current season and in 21 starts, Almiron has scored eight goals and got nine assists, putting Atlanta top of the Eastern Conference by a point, so you wouldn’t imagine they’d be too keen to lose their star player.

The playmaker is clearly a top player at MLS level with 17 goals and 17 assists so far, despite only 49 MLS starts so far. The question being whether he could translate that form to a higher level, such as the Premier League.

Though of course by far the biggest question for Newcastle fans is imagining Mike Ashley allowing anybody to be bought for more than the 13 year old £16m Michael Owen record, never mind adding a few more million on top of that.

The Mag – 3 November 2017:

Newcastle United are chasing the signature of Miguel Almiron according to reports this morning.

The 23 year old playmaker/number 10 is claimed to be on Rafa Benitez’ wish list to replace Ayoze Perez.

The United boss failed to get the backing from Mike Ashley in both January and the summer to inject some much needed quality into this key position.

In the Championship Mohamed Diame and Ayoze Perez shared the role but after a really poor pre-season from Diame, Rafa has been forced to go with his fellow Spaniard all this season – so far.

A regular for Paraguay, Miguel Almiron first came to notice playing for Cerro Porteno in his home country, before moving to a higher standard of football in Argentina with Lanus.

However, since moving to Atlanta United in February this year, three days after turning 23, his career has really taken off.

The MLS side have had great value for money with the £7m transfer, Miguel Almiron involved in 17 goals (scored 9, 8 assists) despite only starting 28 league games plus 3 sub appearances.

A number of clubs are reported to have been watching the Paraguayan playmaker, including Newcastle.

Italian media outlet Calciomercato report that Inter Milan are facing a challenge from Newcastle United, with Arsenal also keeping an eye on the player.

With Atlanta United set to more than double their money in less than a year if he moves, the reported £15m price tag would represent the biggest transfer made by Rafa Benitez so far, if a transfer did indeed happen.

Some people will have doubts as to whether Almiron could step up from the MLS but then with any signing you pay your money and make your choice.

Obviously the problem for Rafa so far has been that he hasn’t had the money to make a proper choice, in bringing in the kind of quality playmaker/number 10 that his team is desperate for.

Whether it is Miguel Almiron or whoever, Newcastle supporters will be hoping that both that number 10 role and the main striking one will be strengthened in January.

Whether the club has new owners or not is irrelevant, going into the second half of the season without adding quality in the forward positions would be a massive risk.

  • Ram Kishore

    I do hope we sign him and he proves to be the right type of player we need and not another one of them who doesn’t have the right attitude.

    • KRS1

      Have you not been paying attention, there is no chance of us signing him.

      • Ram Kishore

        Just like u i have read Rafa’s interview and reports in chronicle and Mag .
        I’m a bit annoyed as the situation is to different last summer except for Rafa’s public outcry which unsettled almost anyone including me..
        This time he’s being a bit more diplomatic..
        I’m ready to wait until the end of the window to slag off anyone ..
        Because at the end the jan window we had 3 incoming which made our season end fine..
        So I am ready to be patient..
        Just being realistic.
        Rafa needs to take some responsibility for the problem that is ensuing in this window.. Failure to agree to even a 1 year extension.
        Last summer we were atleast making some movements in the window but clubs hierarchy is using Rafa’s action as a reason for not backing him..

        Right now I have criticised Rafa but because of this u may think I’m defending Ashley .. I’m not .. I’m being balanced because trust works both ways …if both Ashley and Rafa are playing to get their own targets achieved. It’s harming only the club in the window .
        I believe we are with the same squad strength as we ended the season . With a new striker we maybe a bit improved. If Rafa believes the same squad isn’t going to improve on the 10th position without signings..
        The reason for that is not just Ashley but Rafa is a way too.
        This has made Rafa to wheel and deal and go for loan and free signings
        So Rafa won’t be able to spend without selling Mitro ,mbemba , Colback, Sels or other goalkeeper .

        • KRS1

          Ram, I appreciate your argument and I do understand that you can criticise Rafa without being an Ashley apologist. However I cannot agree with you that the inaction in this window is in anyway Rafa’s fault. No one should expect Rafa to sign a contract with a man he cannot trust and Ashley has time and time again shown he cannot be trusted. He has been shown to be dishonest in courts of law and in his dealings with club legends like Keegan and Shearer. Ashley wants to spend the absolute minimum but things have changed and nearly all the clubs in the Premier League are showing ambition – it is not good enough to be starting the season with a squad that may be “a bit improved”

          • Ram Kishore

            Yes times have changed we must be spending good sums in improving the squad with the huge windfall.
            There’s too much gloom and doom at Mag day in day out since we beat Chelsea .
            And the transfer window being a bit slow for us makes it even more bad..
            On Mike Ashley not backing Rafa..Yes it’s true since last summer .
            And i really don’t care about him being called dishonest in the court of law..
            Because everyone’s dishonest at some point of time for their own reasons.
            It’s a humanity thing and comes due to many reasons.
            He should have acted in a responsible way to clear the air with shearer about how he wants to appoint a person with experience in managing like Houghton.. it shows Ashley doesn’t have the capability to face a person when he backs on his promise..

            Kevin Keegan issue had happened a decade ago.. which is not something that should be the only reason or stick to criticise..
            I would say we lost a lot of money due to Steve McLaren 10 months at the club..And many other factors too..

            I am just waiting until the end of the window to despise Ashley…

            Anyway it’s good to have a sensible chat with you pal..
            If it had been someone..I would have rubber stamped as a troll by now or regime sympathiser 😂😂

  • JonMag

    Rafa must be on San Miguel if he thinks Fatso will be forking out £20m.
    rated at £9m they want £20m

    • KRS1

      Penfold will offer £2 million take it or leave it, and they will leave it!

  • Geordiegiants

    Why bother writing an article that’s says we are after any player, then write he is valued at £20m?

    • JonMag

      they should just put reports like this in the shredder

  • Paul Patterson

    “They report there are no bids as yet and that his club value him at around £20m.”
    A couple of years ago, I would have said we’d bid £8m and not get him. These days, putting ANY bid in seems pie in the sky . .

    • Geordiegiants

      People seem to be forgetting he has said he isn’t spending any more money as he wants rid. He then sent out another message saying nothing has changed.

  • Weyhhadaway

    I watched the Orlando City v Toronto game last weekend. The standard is barely third division. So that worries me.

    • TheNutJob

      don`t worry, he won`t be coming to the Toon

      • KRS1

        You can bet your house on that!

    • glassjawsh-got-banned

      last year’s Toronto side may have stayed up in the Championship. And that was a historically good MLS team…

  • MinnesoToon

    Please don’t use MLS performance as a measure of a player and his quality. MLS is League One level I’d say. Diomande was average player at Hull and has scored 9 in his first 7 games in MLS.

    That said Almiron does look a quality player, no chance of us getting him away from ATL though really. They just had 70,000+ show up vs Seattle, and he seems happy there. Next!

  • TheNutJob

    Newcastle up against Inter Meelan & Arsenal


  • KRS1

    I met Miguel in the lift at the Four Seasons in Atlanta last month. He said he would love to play for the Toon but he had heard our Owner was a fat wa#ker who refuses to spend any money.

    • drc74

      see your being rather unfair there, last year he backed rafa to the sum of £600 milion, you see what people don’t realise on her is, when it comes to finance at Newcastle united, its like selling your house…….BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH

    • Geordiegiants

      Ha ha 🤣😂

  • Leicester Mag

    As the arms race hots up in the PL Ashley joins CND (campaign for nee dosh)

  • robbersdog

    He might be a star in MLS, but the Prem is an entirely different proposition. At £20m, it would be a hell of a gamble.

  • TeessideMag

    I stopped reading when it said we are “interested in buying”… at that point I knew it wasn’t true.

  • panther

    no chance theyll expect a fee

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    MLS is notorious for driving a hard bargain when selling a player (the single entity structure they have is still bizarre) so there is no chance this comes through

  • Soldier

    has an MLS player been a success in the premiership ?

    • glassjawsh-got-banned

      A few keepers (Howard, Keller, Friedel, Guzan). also Clint Dempsey and Brian Mcbride to an extent. Does Claudio Reyna count?

      • Soldier

        before my time

        • glassjawsh-got-banned


          • Damon Horner

            Carlos Bocanegra or Landon Donovan?

          • glassjawsh-got-banned

            definitely bocanegra. Donovan only ever had two (successful) short term spells at Everton. Moyes tried to buy him after both, but MLS refused to sell their most marketable American.

          • Soldier

            He`s good

      • Geordiegiants

        Landon Donovan done ok during his brief stint.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      He’s spent most his career in Argentina so I’d class him more as that then an MLS player. Most Americans are solid nothing special, their keepers are usually good. We had Fridel here but couldn’t get a work permit & went to Turkey. Brian Mcbride was the best though

    • Nart

      Oguchi Onyewu (I joke)

  • GToon

    The second it says “the club value him at” is when I stop reading. If it said the club are giving him away for free then maybe.
    My son has had a Newcastle shirt for his birthday since he was 6. He’s now 20 and has got so fed up he’s said he doesn’t want one this time. Heartbreaking to hear your lad say that. Thanks Ashley.

  • Stephen

    Please stop wasting everyone’s time with this drivel

  • Tynewalker

    Those defenders were nowhere near Northern League standard. Couldn’t believe the space he had. Doubt if Rafa is looking at him.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    The clubs don’t set fees the actual MLS does. He’s playing for the only good thing about MLS Atlanta, Tata Martino is building a good little team with Almiron & little Barco as the centre pieces

  • Taz

    Stopped reading at 20 mill because I had to go and change as I had pi5$3e myself laughing. Fcw to spend 20mill on any one, pull the other one

  • molend

    Mind, it’s been a canny dryin’ day for a Thorsday, hesn’t it?

    • MinnesoToon

      Kiitos Jumalille!
      Hail Thor!

      • molend

        Seems to me you’re swinging the le(a)d, pal.

  • Alreet

    Yawnn………. what time is eastenders on?!?!.

  • Mike

    ha ha we cant compete with ANY prem team

    • Angelswithdirtyfaces

      We can barely compete with top half Championship teams :(