Newcastle Unted have been linked with Thiago Maia regularly through this summer transfer window.

The 21 year old Brazilian midfielder only joined Lille a year ago but with their poor financial position, Maa is one of a number of players expected to move out.

Three weeks ago Le10Sport reported that Newcastle had made a loan offer with an option to buy.

Now that same source are saying on Tuesday morning that Newcastle have made a fresh loan offer for the coming season, which would include a buying option of around £22m (25m euros).

He did well last season for the French club after joining for £12m, so with his age and potential, that kind of valuation (£22m) could be in the right ball park if he did do ok in the Premier League on loan.

Obviously, like all transfer stories we will believe it when we see it, but with Newcastle so short of quality players and Isaac Hayden desperate to leave as well, maybe this regular supposd interest in Thiago Maia could just maybe have some truth in it.

Le10Sport claim that the deal could happen very soon, which with only nine days to go until transfer deadline day…

The Mag – 9 July 2018:

Over in France, Le10Sport are reporting that Newcastle have made an offer for Thiago Maia,

They say that it was a loan bid with Newcastle also wanting it to include an option to buy.

However, they state that Lille have turned down the offer for the 21 year old Brazilian midfielder.

With the transfer window closing four weeks on Thursday, even the most positive Newcastle fan is keen to see the odd major signing through the door to settle the nerves.

Whether a defensive midfielder is high on the agenda only Rafa knows, fans would see creativity and goals as top of the list but there again the manager surprised us when making a new goalkeeper (Matz Sels) his first priority and signing back in summer 2016.

Guessing he will be interested in any decent quality player he could potentially land and whilst Ki Sung-Yueng has come in ahead of Merino’s imminent departure, with Jack Colback also set to go and Isaac Hayden not convincing in the Premier League last season, another midfielder may well be on the agenda.

As for Thiago Maia, it is worth pointing out that Le10Sport actually reported/claimed a month ago (see below) that Newcastle had seen an offer to buy Maia turned down. So if that transfer claim was true, it is difficult to see how a loan offer would have any basis in truth now. Lille are strapped for cash anyway and it would make no sense for them to allow one of their better players to leave unless it saw significant money coming in straight away.

With Sunday bringing reports of Newcastle supposedly very close to signing Kenedy once again on loan, let’s hope this week brings Newcastle fans some transfer action, especially with the squad flying off on Wednesday for pre-season training in Ireland.

The Mag – 11 June 2018:

Last Wednesday there were claims that Newcastle had had an offer rejected for Thiago Maia.

Now 21, the Brazilian midfielder only joined Lille last year for £12m.

The young midfielder impressed in his first season in Europe despite Lille struggling both on and off the pitch.

With finances stretched at the French club, they more be forced to sell some of their best players.

However, they still decided to reject an opening offer from Newcastle United according to Le10Sport last week.

Now, the claimed Newcastle offer (and rejection) appears to be confirmed, with La Voix du Nord now reporting that this is the case.

La Voix du Nord is a regional newspaper with its headquarters in Lille and Get French Football News (who are very good themselves), describe the NUFC transfer news as ‘hyper-reliable’ with it coming from this source.

Newcastle fans will hope that this is evidence of bids being made for credible targets, as things have been very quiet apart from the Martin Dubravka transfer which had to be done by the end of May for NUFC to get him for the loan agreement price of £4m.

The Mag – 6 June 2018:

Wednesday morning has seen reports that Newcastle United have had an offer turned down for Thiago Maia.

The 21 year old plays for Lille in France and Le10Sport say that the Ligue 1 club has turned down the NUFC offer.

No number has been put forward as to the alleged offer but Lille paid Pele’s former club Santos £12m last summer for the defensive midfielder’s services.

Fair to say that after impressing in his first season in Europe, if the French club were to be willing to sell, then they would be looking for at least that £12m as a minimum, probably more.

If there is genuine interest, Newcastle may be looking to take advantage of Lille’s current situation, as they are far removed from the club that won the French league and cup double back in 2010/11, featuring the likes of Cabaye, Hazard and Debuchy in their team.

They also moved into a brand new fifty thousand capacity stadium in 2012.

With twenty thousand empty seats on average last season and a near miss with relegation – they finished 17th, the club is also struggling financially.

The French media outlet say that Newcastle have been watching Thiago Maia for some time and indeed, the likes of Juventus, Chelsea and PSG were credited with interest when he was still playing in Brazil, before Lille eventually put the money up.

Interesting/intriguingly, Le10Sport do say that Lille have indicated they are not wanting to sell….’at least not at the price Newcastle have offered’, an indication that the French club may be tempted to sell to Newcastle, or whoever, if they get the right offer.

At one point, hearing of supposed Newcastle interest in a promising young player in France was almost a daily occurrence.

This summer, the fact remains that Rafa Benitez will have to use his expertise to find value for money, wherever it can be found and whatever his budget actually is.

As for Thiago Maia, if by any chance Newcastle did land him, then he would be unlikely to be adding many goals, last season he managed only one in 37 appearances for Lille

  • Paul Patterson

    Oh goody, another loan deal. Dear lord let’s hope this mean the owner is going to p!ss off at the end of the season .

    • steve

      But we only have one at the moment, that’s less than the last few seasons.

      • Ben Jones

        Which turned out to work very well for us, transformed last seasons fortunes

        • pedrodelgardo

          I thought I told you to stand in the corner.

          • Ben Jones

            Not sure, your user name doesn’t look familiar

    • Kneebotherm8

      We’ll be doing loan deals till kingdom come……..and he’ll still be the owner then……

    • Neil O

      Two excellent loans last season – Dubravka & Kennedy. In my view it is a good option to “try before you buy”.

      • Vodkamagpie

        Quite frankly that’s the only way we should buy players. Loan them with a fixed price, see if the player settles in the team or not, instead of been tied to a player for 3/5 years.

        • Neil O

          Yes, completely logical. But some just stick to the same old process – lets stump up a fortune – realise he’s pants after 6 months – then eventually take a considerable hit to get rid 3/4 years later – very wise….. not…………. ;)

      • Wezza

        Good point but we don’t even buy at the moment.

        • Neil O

          We do, and we have. As “Steve” has pointed out, we have only loaned one. The rest are buys. Not massive buys, but buys nevertheless.

  • Ba ba.

    I’ll take this kid but will we do the deal I’m not holding my breath

    • Leazes.

      Did you bother to look at the stats?

      • Ba ba.

        He’s young and will be managed by a world class in our current ownership who do you think we should target and realisticlly attract?

        • Leazes.

          Anyone who comes in will be managed by Rafa surely.

          So of all his stats for attributes…. ‘he’s young’ is the main selling point?

          No I’m not scouting for the club unless they give me a budget.

          • Ba ba.

            Your budget is loan players or players with less than a, year on the contract

      • Vodkamagpie

        Hayden is most likely leaving, we would need a replacement

    • Viru leckworth

      That’s very good of you!

      • Ba ba.


      • SuperDesHamilton

        He’s thick, he’ll of not understood

  • TheNutJob

    £22m from the Fat Gringo

    • Leazes.


      • TheNutJob

        that`s more like it

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Lille were an absolute train wreck last season from appointing Bielsa then a DOF who bought non of the players he wanted (shades of Wise/KK) the only player he wanted was Maia who was brilliant up until about Xmas with everything going on money struggles players & fans fighting multiple managers a don’t know how they stayed up. But I think he’d be a canny signing on his early form

  • 1957

    Bringing in a midfield player is all well and good but where’s the striker?… oh no worries he’s already here 🐴

    • TheNutJob

      chomping at the bit

      • 1957

        Let’s hope he isn’t wearing blinkers this year

        • Ron

          Wasn’t it a blindfold?

  • Scott Robinson

    Never been so excited since we signed Bobby Shinton. When you think things are bad …

    • Colin Brumwell

      And the legendary Bill Rafferty to partner him

  • Wor Lass

    I was just reading some quotes from him in the Comical. Apparently, he found it difficult settling in because of the food – he wasn`t getting exotic ingredients like rice, beans and meat until his mam arrived to sort him out. I think his underpants were getting a bit smelly as well.

  • TheFatController

    I’d like us to sign some big money players, because then we’d be better off and the out campaign could take the credit.

    But as our only real hope is a fast no nonsense sale of the club, I just look to get as many players in as we can within the current transfer framework.

    This I hope we don’t sell first team players and get in on loan or free transfer players that can do a job keeping us up for another season.

    I don’t mind this lad or Rondon on loan, because they’re bringing talent in that we can’t really afford at the moment. It’s all about the ST. If we’re mid table we stand a chance of a buyer paying cash up front – if we’re slumming it, no one will touch us unless it’s done for Jan. Sound familiar?

  • Tino11

    Another article that has to quote at least 3 of the previous articles on the same subject just so there is enough words to read!

    • MadMag83

      It’s an attempt to flesh out an article written on gossip.

  • MadMag83

    Lille are struggling financially and Charnley wants a loan? What a joke! Knowing the fat man, if he can get him on loan he won’t take up the option to buy, not at that price.

  • Blackburn1066

    that’s a lot of dosh for the fat man to spill.

  • glassjawsh-got-banned

    the 12 million Lille paid for him is well out of our price range, so even if this post wasn’t complete nonsense, we still wouldn’t have any chance of buying him for 22 million at the end of his loan.

  • Wezza

    Loan with 35M transfer window profit plus 126m tv money. Disgrace!!