Gregoire Defrel is claimed to be a target for Newcastle United.

Italian sports journalist Gianluca Di Marzio reports that the 27 year old is now attracting Newcastle after they missed out on other targets.

The likes of West Ham, Crystal Palace and Everton have all previously been linked with the Frenchman but with Newcastle now said to be showing interest.

Gregoire Defrel is a versatile attacking player who can play right across the frontline.

The Frenchman has played all his professional football in Italy, appearing for Palma, Foggia, Sassuolo, Cesena and now Roma.

Last summer, Eusebio Di Francesco left Sassuola to manage Roma and he took Gregoire Defrel with him, the forward costing around £18m.

However, after scoring an impressive 28 goals in 78 Serie A starts the previous three seasons, including 12 for Sassuolo in 2016/17, Defrel found time on the pitch hard to get at Roma.

The attacker scoring one goal as he made 20 appearances in all competitions, though only seven as a starter.

Roma are looking to move the player on and fitting in with the current state of play at Newcastle United, reports that Roma are willing to initially loan Gregoire Defrel out, will make a potential transfer sound more of a possibility to Newcastle fans.

Defrel sounds a similar type of versatile attacking player to Alassane Plea, who Rafa Benitez wanted to bring in. Only for Borussia Monchengladbach to buy him for £22m whilst imaginary tales of Newcastle bids were fed to the English media by Mike Ashley’s PR people.

As well as stating that he has to sell before he could potentially buy anybody else, Rafa Benitez yesterday also made clear he has being putting in a lot of work on sorting possible loan deals.

  • panther

    More loans, what a mess

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      It`s going to be loans or free`s.

      • Wezza

        Yep just like Jezza called it.
        Once Rafa goes we will be in deep do do so then and finally then will action be taken!

      • Ram Kishore

        It’s just a media speculation..
        It may not be true ..
        Just being realistic
        Just as Rafa told yesterday 95% of the names are not even the players they are looking for ..Maybe 5% is true..
        Either a media invention or Roma or the agent sounding out

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Sounds like another Dud that nobody else wants

    • HarryHype59


    • SuperDesHamilton

      Just like Doumbia

  • molend

    Eleven years in charge of the only club in a large football-daft city and this is what he’s reduced to. There’s no way to spin this, bonny lads and lasses

    • JonMag


  • Peaky

    No idea….not going to even bother Googling and Alexa has just told me to fu*k off….

    • JonMag

      Alexa know`s a fool when it hear`s one, Penfold does transfers through it

  • MadMag83

    Stupid question but, is there a limit on the amount of loan signings you can have? I think there’s a limit on the amount per club but not an overall limit.

    • He’s an Injury prone liability

      2 Max

      • Don’t touch with a barge pole

        Biceps femoris muscle injury Oct 17
        Minor wound Oct 17
        Bruise on the knee Dec 17
        Muscular problems Mar 18
        Not in squad Apr 18
        Knee-OP April 18
        Knee-OP May 18

  • JonMag

    Does he speeky the English cos if he doesn`t he could be out on his a$$ like

  • He looked really outclassed in Roma this season (AS Roma are my second fave team to NUFC :D). Then again Salah didn’t do too hot with ROMA when Liverpool bought him and looks what he did :D Could be worth a gamble if he’s 10-15m tops.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Completely lost in Monchi’s first transfer window with last season, saying that I didn’t think he tore trees up at Sassuolo either, that was More Beradi, Duncan & Vrjsalko

  • Mxpx

    More than up for a loan deal with an option to buy but want results before we buy but only want to loan the lad if we’re actually going to play him