After seven weeks of this summer transfer window, Newcastle United have still only ‘splashed out’ £4m.

Martin Dubravka now signed on permanently and Ki Sung-Yueng arriving as a free transfer after his Swansea contract ran out.

With Dubravka expected and the South Korean midfielder seen as more of a squad signing, fair to say that the transfer window hasn’t really taken off for Newcastle fans so far.

This entertaining World Cup has obviously helped in deflecting some of the negativity at the lack of action but as the clock ticks on, supporters wonder if this is going to be another summer of continuing to tread water. With Rafa Benitez trying to keep our heads above the surface with a raft made of budget materials, as the competition sail ever further away by showing relative ambition.

Recent days have at least being more interesting where transfer speculation is concerned, after weeks and weeks of the newspapers even giving up on inventing Newcastle transfer interest stories, we have now seen a succession of claims linking NUFC to high value players/signings.

Newcastle fans are split on how they see this, not necessarily with fans on either side of the debate, but really individual supporters wavering between the two opinions.

On the one hand you have the cynical/sceptical part of you wondering whether it is simply very convenient that links to big money signings have come along as the renewal deadline for season tickets was on Tuesday.

On the other hand, you look at the situation as with now only five weeks to go the transfer market is set to get very lively, and as deals are done and players allowed to leave, Newcastle United are set to do their fair share of trading this time.

Suddenly, we saw claims/reports that Newcastle were serious about bids for all of Andros Townsend, Kenedy and Alassane Plea, a trio who could easily cost up to £70m.

Even the most cautious of us could feel a little bit that this kind of trading could be possible, when at the same time there are reports/claims of players such as Merino, Mitrovic, Ritchie and Mbemba, potentially leaving for a combined £50m or more.

The hardcore doubters point to now that the season ticket renewal deadline has passed, many of the reports on potential big money signings appear to be going the way of suggesting various issues could stop any/all of them happening.

What does look certain though is that for any chance of these type of (relatively) stellar signings happening, Newcastle do need to offload a fair few players first/at the same time.

Like the rest of you, I do want to believe it.

That Rafa Benitez has made a couple of cute signings so far in Dubravka and Ki Sung-Yueng but that finally he is also going to be backed in bringing in at least a couple of players who will confirm that he is being fully supported.

However, for my own mental state I will have to keep to my usual reasoning, in that I will believe it when I see it.

That is what 11 years of Mike Ashley has done to myself and thousands of others, the reality is that Rafa Benitez can only do so much by himself, if starved of realistic funds once again then we will all once again be paddling furiously to stay afloat.

If players who can create and score goals are not signed, then you are always going to be up against it.

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  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Latest striker to be linked with Newcastle, Yussaf Poulson, scored 5 goals last season
    Trio of players for £70m, more krap that`ll be lapped up by the Divvies.

    • Wor Lass

      5 goals! That`s 25% more than the Hoss!!

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        We`ll never get rid of him, he`s not even good enough for the

        • Wor Lass

          He`s a good lad and he`s good in the air. Unfortunately, his job is to score goals …. Oh well!

          • MP01

            To quote the great patches o’houlihan….. the Hosssss is about as useful as a c***-flavoured lollipop.

          • TheNutJob

            good in the air, the problem seems to be his headers go to the opposition

          • Rich Lawson

            If only he was a helicopter pilot !

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Well a bid has put for one players and talks going on for the other two so yes it is true.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Yip, £10m below the asking price

    • jack

      Yeah the Hitler diaries were real , and Elvis was spotted in hartlepool

  • Paul Patterson

    This club only do deals that are put right under their noses at minimal cost and effort. However, if a player is to be sold for big bucks- No problem, lay out the red carpet, fire up the chopper, what times the meeting? Yes, sir, just call if you want to talk, etc etc.

    • mactoon

      I think that just about sums up my opinion. I seriously doubt any bids have gone in.

  • Peaky

    Load of bollox…’ll be “someone ready to buy the club” next….

  • Wezza

    Simply convenient to coincide with the season ticket renewals. Remember the, also conveniently, late accounts filing which was put out to make out that we are broke and the TV money covers it. All lies.

    Does any other club use a PR machine to use the press to lie and fool the fans?

    • Leazes.

      The late accounts were because they’ve moved the financial year to be more in step with the season and transfer window and its in line with most clubs now…. but you are right about the local lie machine! That is the sole purpose to churn out this stuff…. most regional papers (all produced in Salford Media City) have to share back pages between various clubs…. not here….

      …there’s one voice bellowing out and its a conservative voice…. a reactionary rhetoric…. big them up when they arrive and slag them off when they leave for better things or to escape…. Townsend will be embarrassing for Ryder!

      • Mark Potter

        12 years behind. The accounts have been submitted to cover from 1 July to 30 June every year since 2006. There has been no change in that time.

        Up to 2005 they were submitted to cover 1 August to 31 July. In order to make the change they submitted accounts for 1 Aug 2004 to 31 January 2005, and then 1 Feb to 30 June 2005. They submitted the form to change the accounting period on 3 July 2006, and it appears to be signed by Freddie Shepherd.

        You have a year from the end of an accounting period to submit the accounts to Companies House. Since 2006 they have usually submitted in March or April. Twice they have been submitted in May – in 2007 (covering the 2006 accounts) and in 2018 (covering the 2017 accounts). In neither case were they “late” where they would incur a penalty from Companies House, they were simply later than you might expect compared to the other 10 years.

        Since this is all a matter of public record, which is easily verified, I’m not sure why you make stuff up. Then have the nerve to refer to someone else as the “local lie machine”.

        • Wezza

          The last set of accounts were conveniently released several weeks past the deadline.

  • Leazes.

    Newcastle fans are split are they?….. then its an unequal split of a dwindling number of ‘Happy Clappers’….. You have on one side Ashleys mouthpiece Lee Ryder and the Chronicle and on the other every sane person!….

    ….Hardly a split, although some of the London based ‘snack media’ sites do go hunting for tweets to confirm things like…United fans overjoyed here at the tavern about the prospect of 6’2″ ace! or £45k a week star, or ‘Prolific Latvian league goal machine….. look hard enough and you’ll find them….or make them up!

    Is there any sane person who thinks Ashley has been good for the club over eleven years….. Split….. you are having a laugh Dean!

    • Wor Lass

      50,000 plus in the ground every game …

      • Leazes.

        All with smiling faces?

        • Wor Lass

          When we win!

          • Leazes.

            Its a morgue with flags.

          • TheNutJob

            he`s bad man

          • Leazes.

            Nice executive overview and synopsis.

        • Rich Lawson

          The wheel still came off !

      • TheFatController

        Yeah, but that’s like saying that if you can prove a number of women are still with physically violent husbands, women are split on whether physical abuse of women is a good thing….

  • TheFatController

    Once we sell players and free wages, we’ll firm up with bids on some players.

    The beauty of being a massive European football club in all but success is that even with a bad owner, you can spend some money.

    Probably an amount that is similar to the huge amounts other PL clubs spend less the costs of the relegations and stagnated commercial revenue shortfall.

  • TheNutJob

    the Fat Gringo is up to his old tricks, Andros will be the new Bas Dost he`ll once again disappear until the next window. we already have Matt`s replacement his name is Murphy & Mitro`s replacement will have us all diving for Google again.

    • 1957

      No need to Google, Stoke had the perfect striker on loan last season, Jese.

      A player who somehow managed to get a transfer from Madrid to PSG and didn’t last a season with them before being loaned out. He’s never got close to double figures for goals in 6 seasons of top flight football, but like our other Spanish superstar striker he has been described as a hard working team player.

  • Mike

    ha ha and I believe in Santa

  • magpiefifer

    Once again,I won’t be holding my breath on the prospective new signings!


    I would be surprised if even 1% of fans believe Fatman will sanction 70 Mil. To spend that kind of money Rafa would need to raise 280 Mil in outgoing transfers then he MIGHT be given the 70 Mil raised from upfront portion of the fees.
    Football has shocked me a good few times over the years but it would be the biggest shock of all if Fatman backed Rafa. 11 years at the club, 11 years of lies, why would things change now.

  • Leazes.

    The mystery is how Ashley has got away with it for so long, and could he have done it without Lee Ryder and the chronicle’s persistent compliance?

    The first years were met with open hostility by the radio broadcasters Lowes Anderson and Macdonald….. not toward’s Ashley but to anyone who questioned him and his asset stripping! This was backed up by the chronicle who went with the regime despite the protests…. these were reporters with tenuous links to the club, none of them we proper fans just ex-players or people paid to be pundits such as the chronicle boys…. who did they support from childhood….Liverpool and Blackburn! These aren’t people who were going to question the asset strip and downsizing policy..they had backing from accountants who said the books were genuine and there was a debt…. yes you can owe yourself money in the world of accountancy but you don’t need to hold it in the accounts if you own everything and at some time plan to sell then the mortgages would have to be raked in.

    They the press bought the lie of the debt, which was nothing of the sort, but they had backing for the attacks which we knew would come from a hostile and malevolent regime. United didn’t do business any differently from any other club but during the growth years of the entertainers and Hall and Shepherd we managed to put the face of the London press out of joint….how dare we jump ahead of Spurs and Arsenal and Chelsea and claim an elite spot!

    The attacks started, first on Keegan’s failings and then on the regime itself, who the Murdock papers in particular wanted to nail down…. and of course with the sale of the club falling into the hands of Ashley one of their own, it was manna from heaven, they had their own insider to do the destruction!

    Where was Ryder, Lowes and Anderson, where were the friends of the club? Sorry you’ve all got to wear hair shirts for eternity because the club overspent during our brief day in the sunlight!….. that’s why the accounts have not been amortised….. to control the compliant local press!

  • NUFCDan

    Putting low ball bids in that they know/hope will be rejected more like. Just wait until Everton or Wolves pay the £30m Chelsea want for Kenedy while we’ve wasted weeks trying to get him on loan again..

  • Desree

    The secret to being a happy supporter. Expect relegation and no signings then anything more is a great season!

    • Rich Lawson

      Sad,but true !

  • nevfur

    To be more accurate the bids are rumoured to be app £27m for Pléa and max £20M for Townsend with Kenedy on loan (albeit a loan fee would be probably due). This makes £47M in my maths not £70M. With a suggested total in excess of £52M inbound from Mitro, Ritchie, Marino and Mbemba that should cover it and Dubravkas fee with Ki joining on a free. Fee wise that’s nowt spent although of course agents and signing on fees add a lot to the deals.
    Putting it that way it’s more than feasible.
    Not saying I think it will actually happen mind just putting a more realistic slant on it.

    • Come&TakeIt1836

      I think your math is fine but the hope/requirement might be to buy Kenedy (so total then approaches £70M) and use the loan slot for another player (maybe a second/third striker?)

    • mactoon

      The generous £52 million you quote for player sales will be paid over 5 year deals so the total amount available this financial year will be in the region of £10 million (assuming Ashley will make it available which I doubt) Also don’t believe that any bids of £27 or £20 million are being prepared for players because Ashley will only spend money that is in the bank and he has already used the excuse that we lost “£90 million” (from last years accounts) in order to justify the excuse that we have no money.

      • nevfur

        The amounts I’m quoting are the general quotes from the press for both incoming and outgoing deals. As you say incoming will likely be in instalments so the question being will we buy on the same deals. Who knows yet. Like I said originally though not saying anything will happen just putting a different slant on the figures. Somehow I doubt we will be paying over £20M for anyone either. We’ll see but not holding my breath.

        • mactoon

          Yeah it’s the press reports i’m rubbishing, not your post mate. Ashley has been ‘outed’ in the past by his own staff who confirm he won’t bid over £15 million for a player so I don’t believe any of the quoted bids. I wouldn’t be surprised if contact has been made between Rafa and the selling clubs and once the price has been confirmed nothing more is done but the press are quoting this contact as ‘a bid’. I would be very surprised if Charnley has done anything other than work on outgoing transfers.

  • King K

    We are always having rumours of signing a decent player and it never happens,
    We need Kenedy that’s a fact, he kept us up and got us in top 10, Merino would develop into a world class player, it a shame he wants to go.
    I don’t know whether Benitez is better off just signing a cheap unknown striker from Europe like Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden and pray he develops into a world class player like some other clubs.

  • Atilla McNamee

    Ashley treats the club like a business and looks at the cost/benefit analysis. Should he provide £50m for Rafa to spend (extremely unlikely) the probability is that highest we would finish would be 7th which only bring in an extra £5-6m. He doesn’t see a high enough return to warrant investing any more than will protect his PL place

    • Down Under Mag

      To be honest that is the way football is going…why bother trying to sign anyone decent when a top 4 place is pretty much unattainable and should a club dare to challenge you can be sure that the likes of Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool etc will all come calling to buy their biggest stars and ensure their mpnopoly at the top while keeping the other clubs down. While i’m no fan of Ashley, the fact is we are essentially playing for 7th every season now and what does that cost to achieve versus what it brings in over finishing 10th or even 15th? A few extra million in TV money against 100m spent to achieve that?? The Premier League has all but killed competition by pandering to the top few clubs and seeing the rest of us now as just making up the numbers. Sad state of things but unfortunately the way things are at the moment.

      • True. Most fans here think if we spend 150m it would somehow “guarantee” us a top 6 finish or something.
        The biggest problem is not the transfer fees, but salaries.
        Top 4 clubs can afford to pay 200,000 a week to players, which is a disgrace. I don’t mind clubs paying 200,000 bonus per goal or assist, but salaries must be capped to something reasonable like 50,000 a week max.

  • We will sign players once we move more players out. All those deals are waiting in the background when we get decent offers for some of the players we could do without or replace with improvements.