In my humble opinion, we are at a crossroads for the future of our beloved Newcastle United. The heartbeat of our city. An integral part of us all.

I do not want to get into a debate about the pros and cons regarding Mr Mike Ashley. You will quickly realise by the content and tone of this message what I want us to try to achieve.

It is apparent that there is an intention not to spend any of the funds the club generates back into the football club. For years the club has not benefited fully from the advertising and marketing revenues it should generate.

For the first time in years we have a world class manager who wants to be at Newcastle and has engendered a link between himself and the fans. Despite the lack of investment, communication and downright disdain for the fans, we all support the manager because we realise that he has a genuine affection for the football club and has our best interests at heart.

The public proclamations from Mr Mike Ashley is that he wants to sell the football club.

My understanding from various press sources is that an offer was made for the football club for £300 million by a consortium fronted by a Ms Amanda Staveley, which was rejected by Mr Ashley and deemed to undervalue our club.

You could argue that Mr Ashley owns the football club and he has every right to ask a price that he sees fit. In my eyes, this is fair enough. With this being the case it seems we are at an impasse with a difference of £100 million pounds.

We all know that many clubs, including successful and famous ones, none more so than Barcelona, are owned by their supporters. Surely there has to be a solution in creating an environment whereby any takeover by any group can be partially supported by the region to allow our club to succeed.

Can we not create a model whereby the interested consortium owns 75% (£300m) of the football club and the Newcastle community own the other 25% (£100m). This giving Mr Ashley the exit he has publicly asked for.

I dread the future of our club unless something is done within the next 12 months. I fear that we will lose this opportunity and more specifically our manager.

Surely there is enough will from local businesses both large and small. Local business people, celebrities and the public, not even mentioning the loyal fans who travel home and away to support their team.

To have the opportunity to invest at a level that suits them in a scheme which allows us all to own a small stake in our beloved club, with the chance to allow it to thrive, rather than just stagnate with the year on year threat of relegation.

Ms Staveley, there are many people much brighter than me with greater influence and more finances in our region who would be interested in supporting you to buy our great club, if we could have a club that tried to be the best that it can be. We don’t expect success but what we demand is a club that endeavours to be the best it can be.

The will is there, I think it just needs someone to reach out and make this happen.

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  • Ba ba.

    Great idea but would the fans put there money were there mouth is. I would but not so sure many others would… Lot of finical restraints on people and families.

    • nevfur

      Not to mention Staveley wanting all of the club for £300M not just 75%

  • Dingus

    There is no crossroads. Nothing is set to change. We reached our destination some time ago and we’re staying until the ownership changes. Which looks unlikely because he’s enjoying himself too much. Antagonising Geordies and making lots of money, his two favourite pastimes.

  • Mrkgw

    The only thing that ‘Mr’ Mike Ashley needs to do is to leave. Over a decade of mistakes, mismanagement, under-investment, pain and turmoil. Enough is enough. ASHLEY OUT!

    • ghostrider

      Do you mean leave no matter what?
      Like, no matter who comes in?

      As for pain and turmoil….I’d say any fan in pain and turmoil is self inflicted.

      • Mrkgw

        One of few Ashley apologists.

        • ghostrider

          A realist.

          • GhostIsRidingAshley

            What’s more ‘realistic’, that you and about three other people are right about Ashley or everyone else is right about him? Think before you answer.

          • TheFatController

            Maybe goatrider et al are all a collective – ‘we are Ashley’?

            Like the Borg in Star Trek, or ‘I’m Spartacus’ with Kirk Douglas.

            Brainwashed morons spouting utter tripe ?

        • Jezza

          A Manchester supporting troll to be precise and he is one of only two Ashley apologists here, the other one being his brother. They post under 30 or 40 different ID’s.

          • Leazes.

            Yes that one is!

        • TheFatController

          You get more sense out of Shaun ryder than goatrider…

      • Superdooperhooper

        And you and Ben Jones are the same person . You’re both ‘realists’ and you both call other people sadomasochists Give it up

        • ghostrider

          Assumptions are fine. You can make them all day long and night for as long as you wish.
          You’ll always be wrong but, so what, eh?

          You have my permission to ask the moderating team on here or the admin if we are the same. I’m sure they’ll know…..or are you just happy to believe otherwise.

          Whatever you choose is fine by me.

          • SuperDesHamilton

            Two mongs trying to put mong each other.

          • ghostrider

            Makes no sense.

          • SuperDesHamilton

            You’re a mong

          • Superdooperhooper

            OK I’ll ask people who don’t exist if you’re real or not. What moderating team is this ? It’s a tuppenny hapenny website

          • ghostrider

            It’s still moderated and admin run.

          • Superdooperhooper

            By who? Have you read the terms and conditions?

  • mentalman

    Will the fans be putting in 25% of the transfer budget too

    • ghostrider

      Nope…and this is where the trouble would begin.
      It’s one thing gathering the money together to simply buyout. The next step is to walk the walk instead of talking the talk and blaming Ashley when things don’t go how certain fans think it should.

      The chance to do something, is there and I think Ashley would embrace it, in terms of…even allowing an easier path than he would to a consortium of outsiders… devilish as some people think he is.

      I’m sure Ashley would walk away from this club, leaving it in the hands of the fans, because there’s no comeback’s on him if it all goes teets up and yet the fans have to be in control of the club’s destiny from that point on…even down to finding the money for the transfers and the record breaking transfers that they demand of others.

      Time to put up and take charge, the right way, instead of thinking spending funds on banners and leaflets to create widespread city unrest will aid the club in any way.

      • Ben Jones

        I can see it now . All the really really funny fans would be ringing up Barca and claiming they’re the owner of NUFC and enquiring about Messi with an informal 200m bid . Oh it’ll be hilarious

      • TheFatController

        Ok, let’s not blame Ashley, as you suggest. Sounds like a plan.

        So, given that actions have consequences, whose actions most contributed to the following?

        – two relegations?
        – Joe Kinnear, Alan Pardew, John carver, Steve McClaren appointments and subsequent fallout?
        – Hughton being sacked but now the highest placed manager in the league tier system of all those I mention above?
        – Keegan, Gutierrez legal cases ?
        – HMRC investigation?
        – Rafa unwilling to commit any longer than first agreed before he had experience of the ambition (or lack of) of the club to progress in line with best practice in top level football?
        – advertisers unwilling to touch St James due to the huge ‘share of advertising voice’ SD get for free?
        – Accusing Staveley of not making a bid, but she then provided evidence of three consecutive bids ?

        Plenty of others, but let’s start with the blame for that list?

        Just one name will do, or allocate one name to each problem that can take the blame ahead of Ashley ? (And don’t say Rafa, that’d be childish and immediately weaken your argument)

        • SuperDesHamilton

          Ghost rider doesn’t know what to do with all these cold hard FACTS

    • Leazes.

      You don’t need to, you just get a seat on the board and allow the release of the TV money, the repayment money, the season ticket money….

      …. you then make the advertisers pay for their advertising and release that to the manager, then you take control of your own merchandising again and the boycotts on the club will stop when the fans know its going into the clubs coffers.

      Change the law to allow all clubs to have a stake in their club and a say in the boardroom, there will be a push for this!

      If United had more than one stakeholder they could have stopped the sale of land and the asset strip! There has to be fans of the club in the boardroom, we existed for 130 years with Newcastle people there, and in 2007 that changed when fans of another club took over… Ashley and his entourage are fans of London clubs….all of them…. we needed them like a hole in the head…. they’ve got nothing to do with this City… no ties at all.

      Staveley has links though, she was the hope, but again you are depending on individuals having ambition, we saw with Hall his ambition melt away, that’s why a fans representation with links the City and local media could work not just for us but every club who are sick and tired of their own incumbent narcissistic owner! And there are a lot of clubs with them!

      • Jezza

        You’re feeding the troll, marra. Mentalman is yet another of the many ID’s used by those two brothers from Manchester.

        • Leazes.

          Who has he trolled, no I don’t think he is, and no they’re not from Manchester the youngest lived there (Kev from Manchester was actually from Co Durham) and the elder one frequented the place, Soccer fans not especially United fans.

          • Jezza

            He’s trolled me for a kick off. I’m sure Mentalman is one of those two. I blocked him long ago because he was constantly coming out with exactly the same deliberately provocative pro Ashley guff.

          • Leazes.

            Well he’s made 1500 posts and I haven’t found anything totally stupid…. its a bit like saying all UKIP members are racists… they’re not some are c*nts.

          • SuperDesHamilton

            Maybe he has a different opinion that’s all. Ever thought of that?

            Leazes the grass 🐍

  • robbersdog

    Yeah, but what happens to the owner/fan relationship when hundreds of millions have to be spent on the squad?

    We were a publicly quoted company under Sir John Hall and fans owned part of the club at the time, but it wouldn’t work these days because other clubs have super wealthy owners who are prepared to pump huge sums into their clubs to achieve success.

    We don’t need a convoluted ownership structure, we just need an owner who believes in NUFC and shares the vision of the fans. We don’t expect to be like Man City or Chelsea (although it would be nice), but right now, we don’t even compete with the likes of Everton and West Ham in the transfer market, and that’s not good enough.

    • Leazes.

      The owner hasn’t even spent the clubs income, he removes some of it.

      We have to put an end to the omnipotent single owners that have come into football since Walker in the 90s…

      ….its been the most damaging thing since Sky and the ubiquitous ever spreading advertising and engulfing choking commercialism!

  • GlasgowMag

    Sorry he has no intention of selling the club, why are so many still believing this spin!! Nothing has changed since he first bought the club his main objective is to promote the SD brand on a world stage which the premiership provides the platform to achieve this. The only way to get him out is to tarnish the brand otherwise I’m afraid he could be with us for the foreseeable future!!!

    • Leazes.

      How can you tarnish his products…. everyone who buys that stuff knows they are buying poor quality which is bottom dollar and is designed to fall apart.

      Since poundlands demise he’s become the high street and internet ‘Grot Shop’…. we have to change the law to get shot of the lot of them.

      • GlasgowMag

        No I think you’re wrong on this!! Yes his own brands are certainly looked at as low quality but his new business model is looking at the premium brands as well as fitness facilities all under the one roof. He is also looking at expanding his brand throughout Europe as well other parts including the Far East. So If his association with the toon starts to tarnish his main SD brand and all associated companies with fan protests etc then owning our club will then become a liability hence hopefully he will offload!!

        • Kneebotherm8

          You’re spot on there with that analysis……that’s why he bought the club in the first place all those years ago……..

        • SuperDesHamilton

          He’s never ever ever wrong, that’s his problem

  • DeadToiler

    Are these people really trolls or just have opinions that most don’t agree with? Why would people waste so much time on a site pretending to support a club? I couldn’t be arsed to pretend to be a ManU or Sunderland fan.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      It’s the mentally deficient Leazes, a bloke who calls everyone a troll but he’s the one who until 92 use to go to Roker park