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New house or a BMW, always a mistake to look at Newcastle United as a long-term investment

3 years ago

Well here we go again. Just a few more days and the latest Newcastle United season will be underway .

So are you up for it? Are you excited ?

I’m afraid that the thought of the coming nine months leaves me in a pretty apathetic mood, although that may well be down to my advancing age. These days, nothing much gets me going .

Unless I take a blue pill.

This will be my 50th season anniversary of watching this basket case football club, having first stood on the Popular Side terraces a few months after our Fairs cup triumph.

So my support coincides pretty perfectly with our 50 Years of failure (The Texaco Cup doesn’t  really count ) and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s me. I am the curse hanging over Gallowgate.

And yet, despite decades of failure, in the past I have always been able to get up for a new season.  I would know that we weren’t destined to win anything but it didn’t matter  I had to be there for the first game, home or away.

Back in the days when Hall was trying to get McKeag out, and the “Sack the board” movement was in full swing,  I was a very vocal supporter of a boycott for the 89-90 season.  Of course that was until the fixture list came out and we had Leeds at home.

I quickly crumbled and found myself in the Milburn on that sunny August day, surrounded by Leeds fans,  who had been given the seats of those who had the strength  to stay away.

That’s because watching Newcastle was a major part of my life and therefore letting  Westwood / McKeag / Hall / Shepherd / Ashley  deny me that “pleasure” wasn’t an option

But it’s funny how you see things  differently as the years pass.  Football really isn’t life and death any more.  If we win, my mortgage repayments don’t reduce, If we lose, my daughter wont come home and tell me she’s pregnant.

Thank God it doesn’t, or else I would have a stadium full of grandkids!

That’s why I have splinters in my backside from sitting on the fence when it comes to the “should we stay or should we go now” debate.

Personally,  I would never have a go at those who will be attending the Spurs game a week on Saturday, even though I believe that a huge boycott is probably the only tactic left for frustrated fans to make a point.

Like an addict coming off his fix, I still need a handful of Newcastle United games to get me though a season, but now the £1,000+ it costs to attend 19 games a season is better used to finally getting  the Nationwide off my back and let me retire.

There was a comment a few weeks back on an article (a very good article in my opinion),  that was along the lines of “just another middle-aged moaning man, who is bitter because his youth is long gone.”

My first reaction was to think “ You cheeky tw.t. Who are you to have a go at someone with decades of support behind them.”

But there is some truth in that statement.  I am jealous and envious of the 20 somethings  attending the match these days. Certainly not for the football they have been served up over the last few years, but for the hope and belief that’s within them, that they will see the club be successful

The fact that us old buggers know better, due to the experiences we have endured, is irrelevant.  Since when did a 20 something listen to his dad .

Back in 1984  I was living abroad and was doing alright.

My dad told me to go and buy a  house  as a long-term investment for when I got out of the Army. I listened carefully to his  argument and promptly went out and bought a BMW .

The  house which was £10k is now worth £100k, while my BMW which was £7k  has been recycled into fizzy pop cans. Safe to say that this was not the greatest decision I have ever made in life.

The naivety of youth.

Anyway, come August 11, shortly before 12.30pm in the afternoon, I will take the long walk to the sofa, find sky sports on the telly and shout on the 11 men in Black and White.

Because when it comes down to it , whatever side of the current divide you are on, the fate of Newcastle United still matters to us all. We all want the same thing,  a team to be proud of.

Besides, this is the season we win a cup. not a long-term investment!


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