Monday night brought welcome confirmation that Kenedy was on his way to Tyneside.

Only two months after watching from the sidelines as Newcastle hammered Chelsea, the winger is heading back for a further loan spell to a club where he will get the regular football denied in West London.

Later last night the 22 year old was pictured having arrived at Newcastle central station (see below).

There have also been some extra follow up details from the London Evening Standard about the deal that has been agreed.

They report that Newcastle United were given a figure to buy Kenedy outright now but couldn’t afford to.

Instead they have gone for the cheaper short-term option of paying a loan fee and wages, though there is also an option to buy but at a significantly higher figure than what would be paid this summer.

Chelsea obviously wanting to guard against Kenedy having a stellar season under Rafa Benitez and his valuation soaring.

No figures given as yet on transfer fees that have been discussed but difficult to see Chelsea going below the £20m that Bournemouth shelled out for defender Nathan Ake 12 months ago, after a successful loan spell.

Before Monday’s confirmation of the Brazilian’s impending arrival on Tyneside, previous reports had made claims of Newcastle being given a £20m price to buy now and a £30m one if instead they went for a loan and option to buy.

In this crazy era of transfer fees, those figures are very believable even for a player who has only started 18 Premier League matches in the three years since arriving in England. A player who is still very much potential rather than proven, although Newcastle fans saw more than enough glimpses of quality in the final months of last season in order to be excited by the signing.

Undoubtedly this is a huge lift for Rafa and fans alike but it takes some imagination to picture Mike Ashley agreeing to pay £30m for anybody in 12 months time.

However, as Newcastle fans, under this owner we have been taught that it is a waste of time worrying too far ahead, as Mr Ashley clearly doesn’t. Both Rafa and Kenedy are here now and we’ll take it from there.

Newcastle fans obviously hoping that not being able to afford Kenedy’s transfer fee now, is an indication that serious investment is going to be made elsewhere in the team, especially up front. Only by the end of the transfer window in 30 days time will we be able to see the full picture.

The Mag – Monday 9 July 2018:

Sunday brought a report from The Mail saying that their information was that Kenedy had agreed to come to Newcastle United on another loan deal.

The newspaper claiming that a new year long arrangement had been agreed with the player.

The two clubs said to be ironing out the final details.

Now on Monday night, Sky Sports are reporting their information is that the Chelsea player is now on his way to Tyneside.

The broadcaster detailing that Kenedy is scheduled to have his medical on Tuesday.

After a lot of speculation this does now look to be actually happening, a massive boost for Rafa Benitez and the fans.

No indication from Sky Sports as to whether this loan deal includes any option/clause to buy.

The Mag – Sunday 8 July 2018:

Last Monday the London Evening Standard reported that Newcastle and Chelsea were in talks about a deal that could see Kenedy return to St James Park.

They said that Chelsea were willing to loan out the player for the season and that Newcastle wanted a loan but with an option to buy at the end of it.

This was then followed by other media claiming that Chelsea would sell Kenedy for £20m now but if Newcastle wanted a loan with option to buy, to protect themselves against potential good form, they wanted any buying option to be as high as £30m.

Sunday afternoon has brought another update, with The Mail stating as fact that Kenedy has agreed to come to Newcastle United on a season-long loan.

They add that the final details are being agreed now between the two clubs.

The left sided player has two years left on his Chelsea deal at the minute and The Mail don’t mention whether this loan arrangement includes any option/clause to buy.

With less than five weeks until the transfer window ends AND the season kicks off, Newcastle fans are desperate to hear that a real quality outfield signing has been made, with creativity and goals needing to be added to Rafa’s squad.

The Mag – Monday 2 July 2018:

The Kenedy saga rolls on but potentially one that just maybe, will have a happy ending for once at Newcastle United.

Newcastle gave the Brazilian his first chance of regular game time in three years of English football and he didn’t disappoint.

He wasn’t brilliant in all of his 13 Newcastle United starts but Kenedy did more than enough to give a spark to a team, which whilst it has plenty of hard workers, has few who can beat a man or do something a little different.

The newspapers took his moments of inspiration as then equalling supposed interest from Bayern Munich, PSG and others, which was basically crazy talk (see below).

The left sided player has shown promise but that is promise that he could do well at a Premier League club who are looking to progress and can give him regular football.

Monday has now brought positive news, with the London Evening Standard reporting that Chelsea are willing to let him go.

They say that Newcastle are in negotiations with Chelsea and that a fee of £20m+ is what the West London club are looking for.

With prices generally, my surprise is that anybody would be surprised that this could be the asking price.

If we all think he would be a brilliant signing who is better than any of the other wing options, or indeed strikers, then how could we expect any deal to be on the (relative) cheap?

Chelsea sold defender Nathan Ake to Bournemouth for £20m last summer and nobody seems to think Matt Ritchie, who turns 29 in September, would be overpriced at £15m.

So £20m+ is probably what a 22 year old Kenedy with real potential, would be valued at.

The Evening Standard say that Newcastle are angling towards wanting a loan with option to buy.

This could take many forms and indeed Newcastle paid a £2.7m loan fee for Mikel Merino, which then had a trigger for a permanent £6.5m deal with only a token number of games played.

This has been the case with a number of outgoing players as well, such as Thauvin and Cabella.

The arrangement allowing the bulk of the money to be paid at the end of the loan season, not when the release clause if triggered during the season.

Needless to say, an agreement for Kenedy to come back to Newcastle under any arrangement would certainly help give this transfer window lift-off.

The Mag – 13 June 2018:

News on Wednesday morning that Chelsea are prepared to sell Kenedy.

The winger has now been on Chelsea’s books for three years and apart from the successful four months he recently spent at St James Park, he had only started five Premier League matches previously.

It had been claimed that Chelsea were set to loan the 22 year old once again next season but now it is reported they want to cash him in, to then add the cash to their own transfer budget this summer, whether that is with Antonio Conte in charge or a replacement.

With the players Chelsea have in their first team squad, never mind who they may add this summer, it was always a massive longshot that Kenedy would get a reasonable run in the Chelsea side next season, or indeed any season.

The Chronicle say their information from London is that Chelsea have made the decision to sell and now it is up to clubs whether they are prepared to meet their valuation.

Chelsea have made serious money in recent years with their policy of bringing in promising players from abroad, loaning them out, then selling them.

Lukaku went to Everton for over £30m after loan spells, whilst Nathan Ake joined Bournemouth for £20m after the defender had a successful loan spell there the previous season.

This morning’s report repeats the line about the likes of Bayern Munich and PSG being interested but that is surely a joke, as whilst Kenedy showed promise and did well at Newcastle, he is would still be miles away from having a chance of first team football at that level of clubs, who can shop at the elite group of players when buying.

The Chronicle claim ‘ambitious’ RB Leipzig are also interested but if Newcastle can’t land a player ahead of them then Rafa is surely wasting his time at St James Park, Leipzig don’t have Champions League football to offer after finishing sixth, though they are in the Europa League. With the financial power via the PL revenues and so little investment last season, surely this summer is the time for Rafa and Newcastle to show ambition to the likes of Kenedy and convince them NUFC can go places.

The newspaper adds ‘If Chelsea do slap a £20m price tag on the winger as expected, then United could be priced out of the market’, well arguably Kenedy was the difference in staying up last season, as before his arrival Newcastle had nothing really to offer in opening up the opposition. So his ability and willingness to run at the opposition then opened things up and even when he didn’t play well, his presence was still a worry for the opposition and helped create space/opportunity for others.

Fans don’t expect every player to cost £20m but if there isn’t room for at least one or two signings up around that mark if Rafa wants them, then you have to really start worrying. If Newcastle/Mike Ashley expect other clubs to pay at least £20m for Mitrovic then why should there be no expectation of paying the same for a couple of quality players coming in?

You would also have to question, if they don’t go for Kenedy then they clearly would need to bring somebody else in on the left, so if this ends up being a ‘safer’/cheaper option around the £10m or so mark, then is it just a case of false economy, and simply repeating last summer’s mistakes. With Kenedy, you get a player who has already shown he can perform and also somebody who is very likely to increase in value/ability.

Kenedy liked it at Newcastle and he desperately needs regular football at this point, it looks the perfect match where club and player can grow together.

It would make Kenedy the highest paid player at Newcastle and almost certainly mean breaking the club transfer record…but after 13 years it has to happen sometime!

The Mag – 18 May 2018:

On Sunday, Kenedy posted an emotional message on his Instagram account.

The player thanking everybody at Newcastle United and declared ‘I will never forget it.’

That statement (read it below) not sounding like there was any chance of him being at Newcastle next season.

Then today, an interview has been published with the left sided player.

However, the message is hardly any more positive.

Kenedy does say ‘Maybe one day I will be back’ but it isn’t exactly ‘see you in August’.

With Mike Ashley seemingly pushing Rafa Benitez towards the door and the club trying to crush fans hopes of ambition in the transfer window this summer, we really are hoping for the best but fearing the worst.

Kenedy speaking to official club site:

“I was glad to come here to Newcastle, one of the biggest clubs in England, and I really appreciated the chance to play.

“I’d like to thank Rafa Benítez because he trusted in me.

“I really enjoyed my time here – it was very good.

“All the players, all the staff, they made me feel at home. I felt good.

“I gained confidence from the amazing support and I really enjoyed it.

“Maybe one day I will be back.

“The first game – my debut – was really, really good because I didn’t expect something like this.

“And the game against Leicester was amazing because I’d never seen support like that.

“The supporters were really amazing.

“I really appreciate that because I didn’t expect anything like this.

“The fans were something different.

“I felt honoured to be here; it was something really special and I’m a fan of Newcastle’s fans.”

Kenedy via his Instagram account – Sunday 13 May:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Newcastle United.

“Thank you to all the players, every single person of the great staff.

“The coach Rafa Benitez who trusted me and gave me chance to play for this great club, which I very much enjoyed.

“And of course to all the fans for the magnificent support.

“It was an amazing chapter in my life and I will never forget it.

“Howay the Toon.”

  • gold coast mag

    I know it’s the owner and his lackeys but it’s so depressing when clubs who should be on par with us or lesser-smaller support less tv money etc are throwing out the tens of millions to buy ordinary players, and we’re going hat in hand begging for loans-and yes he brought a lot to us in the second half of the season past, but he is not extraordinary yet…Hopefully he will be this season with consistent time on the pitch.

    • Leazes.

      And yes Kenedy is an Average to Good player….. but this is the way that this owner has constantly presented his operation….’can’t afford it…feel sorry for me’ whilst downgrading the clubs own income from marketing and advertising….

      ….a shameful operation but unfortunately Tyneside is the fifth biggest conurbation in the country and with one team, and its geographically isolation means there is the opportunity to sell and fill seats for the teams that are not such a big draw.

      Ashley never had any intention to sell, and has now taken a club which jostled with Liverpool and Tottenham to rubbing shoulders with Huddersfield and Watford.

      • Wezza

        We are barely even rubbing shoulders with them!

  • Geordiegiants

    Hell of a signing, but it just shows Rafa is not staying past his contract.

    • wheyayeman

      He hasn’t signed, we are wandering around with a begging bowl pleading with clubs for players who won’t get a game.

  • Leazes.

    Having done to death the ‘Club in Debt’ myth we are embarking on the second decade of Ashley misrule with a….

    ……. ‘Can’t afford’ it Lie…..

    …. You have to hand it to Ashley he knows how to keep his master of ceremonies Ryder furnished with excuses!

    Did you ever wonder why Charnley hides from the public?

    They can keep this going indefinitely, perhaps in ten years time it’ll be…..

    …… ‘we lost the money down the back of the sofa’.

  • Paul Patterson

    Yeah, I tell people I can’t afford stuff on a regular basis. The truth being, I don’t want to spend the required amount. Funny how telling fibs work . .

  • SH.ER

    Replaced Merino & got Kenedy back
    The same squad as the second half of last season
    A striker yet to be signed & a no.10 is nowhere to be seen
    We have a bad squad, I’m telling you, don’t be fooled with that 10 place finish
    at some point we were the 2nd worst goal scoring team in the league at home
    We have a bottom three number of complete passes in the final third!!!!!!!
    Wouldn’t be surprised if this’s our last year with Benitez …

    • Leazes.

      Lack of injuries and an abdication of cup football and two timely ‘loans’ martialled by an expensive ‘trophy’ manager has meant that the fifteenth most expensive squad had over-performed and with luck got to tenth….

      ….Ashley has adopted this as a blueprint’.

    • Mark Potter

      You don’t get 10th place and beat Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal with a bad squad. Seven exclamation marks don’t prove anything. The table doesn’t lie.

      Rafa has secured the services of two if the three loanees from the second half of the season. The third made no impact. And made a like for like swap Merino for Ki, but providing more experience at this leave.

      If we had the squad we had in the second half all sesson, that Rafa got the signings he wanted of a keeper and Kenedy last summer, then where would we have ended up? Certainly above 10th given how many points were dropped in the first half of last season.

      But we can move beyond what we achieved at the end of the season. A proper striker remains on the cards, if they don’t spend half of the transfer budget on Kenedy.

      • Geordiegiants

        We managed to beat all of the above with a bad squad, we may have a decent first 11, that like any team on the day can win a game against anyone, but we have anything but a decent squad.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Usual negativity from the Mag. It’s great news as we can see how he gets on and buy him later. Even Spurs when they pay a player for £30m pay £5m a year as they cannot afford to pay up front. Rafa was always going for a loan deal as it will free up money for yet more signings. Very impressed with Lee Charnley for getting this deal done and bodes well for the future.

    • wheyayeman

      Nope won’t buy ! You are an Ashley apologist and therefore a complete disgrace.

      • Garry Norman

        Or someone talking reason, which for some makes him the enemy

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        You`re a 100% correct

        • Monkseaton Magpies

          Please see above would like to see how many games this wheyayeman bloke been to.

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        The ones who are a disgrace are the people who do not go to games. Ashley has put in “280m of his own money into the club and kept if a float. No one else has put a bean in so you should be thankful or would you rather have the mess at Sunderland, Villa, Leeds, Portsmouth and Coventry. Every penny is spent on players and it’s been proven time and time again.

        • SuperDesHamilton

          The ones who’s are a disgrace are the ones who accept the lies, the relegations, the dross & penny pinching & still go to home games.

          The atmosphere is dead at st James real fans don’t go, away games is where the heart beat is. People from Newcastle unlike you & your brother.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Rafa did this deal, Penfold did the paperwork

      • Paul Patterson

        Rafa- Now come on Lee, spell your name on the form.
        Lee- L.E.E.
        Rafa- Yes. Now for the big, long one.
        Lee- C.H.A. . . Can I just use the stamp please?

    • jack

      Your an idiot

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Ashley in cheap option shocker.

      Impressed & Charnley don’t go in the same sentence. The bloke struggles to make cups of tea

  • wheyayeman

    Couldnt be more disappointed ! Rafa is leaving in 12 months. Ashley disgusts me.

    • porciestreet

      And everyone else connected to the club.

  • Dingus

    Well, there goes the entire budget for next summer’s window! Hope he picks up where he left off. Great player

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      There are no budgets

  • Paul Patterson

    Interesting how some people are saying this frees money up for a striker. If we were poor, I’d be all for it, but put it this way, why spend a fortune on Kenedy AND a cracking striker, when you can do neither . .

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      He`s not going to lay out £20m for a striker, this signing will free up sweet

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Couldn`t afford him, well a load of bull schitt & there`s no chance of the Pig buying him next summer either.
    That`s another nail in the coffin in respect of the relationship between the manager & the Pie man
    Odious [email protected]

    • Paul Patterson

      There’s a world of difference between ‘can’t and ‘won’t’.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        which ever way you care to put it, he won`t be bought

        • Wezza

          Yep, won’t, not can’t.
          Just like MA said he cannot compete with City… ‘cannot and will not’
          He isn’t good at lying to the public that’s why he rarely talks.

    • porciestreet

      He would sooner schitt himself than put a penny in the slot the miserable 845tard.

      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        True enough, all the supposed £20m deals are the imagination of the media nothing else

  • Peaky

    Holding tight for a geography lesson from Leazes about the area of Brazil Kenedy originates from…..🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Wezza

    ‘couldn’t afford to.’

    126M TV money and we couldn’t afford to.

    Obviously the TV money has been pocketed so saying we couldn’t afford to is somewhat true.

    Rotten regime!

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      He deliberately does it.

  • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

    “there is also an option to buy but at a significantly higher figure than what would be paid this summer.” Tell me, how do you know this?

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      It`s hardly likely to be lower, is it.

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        If you read the Chelsea view, they only wanted to loan him. Most likely due to the managerial position it makes no sense to sell him now

        • MichaelMaximusMoose

          Chelsea are looking to bring in new players & they always sell some of their youngsters to do it.
          He`s up against the likes of Hazard & Willian

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Chelsea rent players out until they know they aren’t going to make regulars in the first team.

            They have been made to look mugs by selling too early.

          • Megatron1505

            Chelsea have a history of renting players out until their value increases in order to make maximum profit.

            We have an 11 year history of not paying fees in line with market value for decent players.

            But you keep dancing in the rain and telling everyone you’re not getting wet Bobbi.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            Your first point is spot on, the 2nd point is irrelevant in this regard, if we’ve managed to reduce how much we pay for players, fantastic. Chelsea will be aware we bargain hard when it came to Atsu and I bet they hope they do the same.

          • Megatron1505

            It’s extremely relevant if the transfer fee is £20m, because we won’t pay it this year, next or ever whilst Ashley holds the purse strIngs.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            It’s only relevant if there is proof that Chelsea had asked £20m. There is nothing but paper talk to suggest that and it looks very much a guess or an agent feeding to get a deal. Why would Chelsea sell a 22 yo who has done very well in the EPL for 6 months. Their business model includes a rent-a-player strategy until the player can either play in their first team or be sold at maximum value. In this case, neither apply unless his contract runs down?

            Add to the fact they have looked foolish selling DeBruyne and Lukaku recently AND the coaching situation is uncertain. Why would they sell?

          • Megatron1505

            So your point rests on a perceived valuation of a player which you disagree with.

            My point rests on “if” that valuation is correct then we won’t pay it, which there is plenty of empirical evidence of.

            I think yours is the relevance which needs to be questioned 🤔

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            The empirical evidence being we’ve not paid more than £18m for a player? I don’t think that’s the point. I’m pretty sure that should mike Ashley be convinced the player will be £10m more valuable in 12 months, he’d say go for it.

            IT really doesn’t matter about a valuation if the selling club aren’t actually selling at all.

          • Megatron1505

            All of which is an irrelevant assumption 🙈😂

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            I’d say that was absolutely key

          • Megatron1505

            How can your irrelevant assumption be key?

          • Wezza

            Thank goodness for the block button!

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Here`s how i think it played out, he was offered to Nufc for say around £20m.
    then you have to pay a £20m player around £80 grand upwards a week.
    according to Chelsea`s own figures Kenedy is on £25 grand a week, so why pay 80 when you can pay 25, remember the Fat Oaf`s a shopkeeper it`s all about money with him.
    believe you me the Pig is that mean

  • Toon 83

    There’s a lot of negativity towards Ashley again. People saying he took the loan so he didn’t have to offer Kenedy more money, what’s wrong with that!? It’ll save wages to use elsewhere. If Rafa didn’t have clowns like Sels and Lazaar sitting about maybe we could have had the extra funds to make this permanent.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Aye those two will have made all the difference like…

      11 years of penny pinching. People like you are to blame.

    • Wezza

      Of course there is negativity. 11 years of it. If the way you see it as if it will save wages to use elsewhere then yeah that sounds plausible. But if history is anything to go buy, the money saved from buying outright will not be reinvested.
      Lazaar is on 120K a week (or so the accounts would have us believe) so I don’t blame him for not shifting.

    • jack


  • Lostprofit DBC

    Great news, 2 big permanent deals imminent.

    • jack

      Ha ha

    • Wezza

      Is there? Are they free transfers?

  • Andynufc

    Hahahahaha couldn’t afford transfer fee but Ashley thinks he’s entitled to 400 million for the club. That’s what he’s reduced this club to. Cheap signings, freebies and loan deals. I pray for the day when Ashley chokes on a mince pie

    • Andy Mac

      Make that two cos he’s a greedy fkkr

    • molend

      You make a very fair point. We’re not competing in the transfer market. This means:
      a) we’re var nigh broke, in which case Ashley can hardly justify a 400 million price tag
      b) 400 million is a reasonable ask, in which case we can’t be var nigh broke and should therefore be able to afford some players.
      if the club’s finances are healthy and we aren’t ambitious, something else is going on

  • Tony English

    Looking at the article, what do we know as fact?
    1] Kenedy is in Newcastle to discuss a deal.
    2] that’s it.

    At this stage we….
    DON’T KNOW that it’s a loan or permanent…
    DON’T KNOW if there is an option to buy…
    DON’T KNOW if the club ‘can’t afford’ to pay for a permanent deal..
    DON’T KNOW if the club can afford him but are being tight…
    DON’T KNOW what the transfer fee or wages are or would be…

    Most of us share the same opinion of Ashley, that he’s a tight wad / ar se hole, and history rightly makes us fill in the blanks with negatives, just as S ky sports spend 23hrs out of 24 filling in the blanks with guesswork the same as we do here.

    Ask yourself, when was the last time the chronicle got anything right before it happened? We’re still waiting for Socrates to sign!

    • Wezza

      Well, the London Evening Standard did state that we couldn’t afford to buy outright and it is widely reported to being a loan.

      History tells us that WE DO KNOW that the MA/club are being tight. MA won’t ever change.
      126M TV money and we won’t spend on Kenedy… the excuses are running out. This time it’s cos Rafa won’t sign a contract extension and rightly so. It doesn’t work the way of sign and we will tell you the budget, Rafa is a professional and the club regime are not. What will be the excuse next year? Another potential club buyer so we won’t spend? More and more people are realising the truth of how MA operates.

      Agree about the Chronicle bit though!

      • Tony English

        The Evening Standard is a free paper edited by that arch belle nd George Osborne. Their sports section is an unreadable rehash of that mornings stories which they’ve transcribed from Skys ports, who in turn compile their stories from local rags like the Chronicle.

        It’s actually worse than the Chronicle.

        In all the sports reporting probably 95% of what they report is rubbish. The other 5% has already happened.

  • jack

    If we have any money then that’s good,but beginning to doubt if there is in fact any money at all .I get what people are saying to use the money we may have to buy a striker , but then to say the fee for Kennedy would be higher again if we buy him at the end of next season doesn’t make good business sense ,surely we could have bought him now and loaned batushsyi with a loan to buy at the end of the season .Then Kennedy would be in any any price increase would have been to our benefit .So far we’ve spent four million ., which is pretty disgusting , so maybe the report is correct and we can’t even afford 20m I think there’s no budget and the only money available to Rafa is what he creates through sales , it’s pretty worrying .The fat man strikes again , Mash holdings has another big deposit

    • HarryHype59

      The club collected £126m last season in TV dosh. If we truly have no money where has it gone?

      • jack

        Same as all the money over the years , mash holdings bank account , still wondering where the Andy Carroll money went , he’ll get found out one day with his dubious accounts

  • Mxpx

    Surely this deal being structured in installments is the best way forward for both clubs with Kennedy becoming our player permanently HOWEVER we and the player appear to be in a decent position here as in the next two years Kennedy is out of contract if he’s here for the next year then suddenly he’s in the final year of his contract when he gets back to Chelsea if he refuses to agree a new deal with Chelsea he is then worthless and if they don’t have plans for him to play they either have him collecting dust for a season or arrange a loan for him which may as well be a free transfer

  • Arty Hume

    We should enjoy him for another year as thats all we will get. After that TFCB will not pay the price and Rafa will be free of his contract. IMHO this year will be better than last year, but will ultimately end in Rafa leaving as he will not be lied to again. Anyway what happened to the take over and the other bids??? Forgotten about already???

  • East Durham Mag

    Fatty and Penfold deride other teams offers for players surplus to requirements at Newcastle but won’t pay the money other clubs ask. Can anybody see the 💩 selling up when he is coining in easy money from his football club?

  • Desree

    Where is Jezza?

    • Wezza

      He was back when we signed Ki, said he wasn’t expecting much if any activity and he was right. He called it before we even signed Dubravka that it would be loans/free transfers.

      • jack

        Said the same thing myself mate , got a wager with someone on here .that we don’t have a net spend of over 15million ., there is no money , only what’s generated from sales , we were forewarned of this when he published accounts of 90m loss in championship , which was totally corrupt accounting , I don’t know why or how he’s getting away with it , if we want the club back we have to take it back , but selling up rubbish will never happen Why would it ? , he’s creaming us now so why would he ever sell

  • Andy Mac

    “Newcastle fans obviously hoping that not being able to afford Kenedy’s transfer fee now, is an indication that serious investment is going to be made elsewhere”

    I’m a Newcastle fan and I have no hope whatsoever 🤔

  • HarryHype59

    Please stop with the “couldn’t afford it ” BS. The club is rolling in TV money and has never been richer in it’s entire history. Ashley just doesn’t want to spend money.

  • jack

    It’s just been reported that it’s a straight loan with no option to buy , if that is true it’s scandalous . And gets worse by the minute , don’t think there’s gonna much investment this transfer window. I wonder if Anita Is available , I’m sure Rafa could convert him to a striker , our club is a joke under the fat man .Wish he would just sell , once Rafa has gone he may have to .The Kennedy deal is a complete joke

  • Leicester Mag

    Helicopter for players moving out, yellow Reliant robin for incomings.The only surprise is Kennedy agreeing to this. To 3Ms point our chubby del boy presumably sees this as a way to avoid paying big fees or wages. Welcome to the newest model in the shop window, no chance is he plays well of this ever being permanent. Only permanent thing is the continued con artist in charge

  • wheyayeman

    I don’t always agree with Jezza but I miss him

    • Mike Adam

      May I ask, why?