Newcastle United are expected to shortly announce Kenedy as the third signing of the summer.

Sky Sports revealing on Tuesday afternoon that the winger has now completed his medical.

There is still no clarity on whether the year long loan deal will include a buying option at the end of it.

The media being pretty evenly split as to whether Chelsea will have allowed such an option to be included.

With the squad flying off to Ireland on Wednesday, Rafa Benitez will be hopeful that the deal can be completed in time for Kenedy to play a full part in the training camp and squad bonding, the trip culminating with the first friendly of the summer on Tuesday 17 July against St Patrick’s Athletic.

The Mag – Earlier Today (Tuesday 10 July 2018):

Monday night brought welcome confirmation that Kenedy was on his way to Tyneside.

Only two months after watching from the sidelines as Newcastle hammered Chelsea, the winger is heading back for a further loan spell to a club where he will get the regular football denied in West London.

Later last night the 22 year old was pictured having arrived at Newcastle central station (see below).

There have also been some extra follow up details from the London Evening Standard about the deal that has been agreed.

They report that Newcastle United were given a figure to buy Kenedy outright now but couldn’t afford to.

Instead they have gone for the cheaper short-term option of paying a loan fee and wages, though there is also an option to buy but at a significantly higher figure than what would be paid this summer.

Chelsea obviously wanting to guard against Kenedy having a stellar season under Rafa Benitez and his valuation soaring.

No figures given as yet on transfer fees that have been discussed but difficult to see Chelsea going below the £20m that Bournemouth shelled out for defender Nathan Ake 12 months ago, after a successful loan spell.

Before Monday’s confirmation of the Brazilian’s impending arrival on Tyneside, previous reports had made claims of Newcastle being given a £20m price to buy now and a £30m one if instead they went for a loan and option to buy.

In this crazy era of transfer fees, those figures are very believable even for a player who has only started 18 Premier League matches in the three years since arriving in England. A player who is still very much potential rather than proven, although Newcastle fans saw more than enough glimpses of quality in the final months of last season in order to be excited by the signing.

Undoubtedly this is a huge lift for Rafa and fans alike but it takes some imagination to picture Mike Ashley agreeing to pay £30m for anybody in 12 months time.

However, as Newcastle fans, under this owner we have been taught that it is a waste of time worrying too far ahead, as Mr Ashley clearly doesn’t. Both Rafa and Kenedy are here now and we’ll take it from there.

Newcastle fans obviously hoping that not being able to afford Kenedy’s transfer fee now, is an indication that serious investment is going to be made elsewhere in the team, especially up front. Only by the end of the transfer window in 30 days time will we be able to see the full picture.

The Mag – Monday 9 July 2018:

Sunday brought a report from The Mail saying that their information was that Kenedy had agreed to come to Newcastle United on another loan deal.

The newspaper claiming that a new year long arrangement had been agreed with the player.

The two clubs said to be ironing out the final details.

Now on Monday night, Sky Sports are reporting their information is that the Chelsea player is now on his way to Tyneside.

The broadcaster detailing that Kenedy is scheduled to have his medical on Tuesday.

After a lot of speculation this does now look to be actually happening, a massive boost for Rafa Benitez and the fans.

No indication from Sky Sports as to whether this loan deal includes any option/clause to buy.

The Mag – Sunday 8 July 2018:

Last Monday the London Evening Standard reported that Newcastle and Chelsea were in talks about a deal that could see Kenedy return to St James Park.

They said that Chelsea were willing to loan out the player for the season and that Newcastle wanted a loan but with an option to buy at the end of it.

This was then followed by other media claiming that Chelsea would sell Kenedy for £20m now but if Newcastle wanted a loan with option to buy, to protect themselves against potential good form, they wanted any buying option to be as high as £30m.

Sunday afternoon has brought another update, with The Mail stating as fact that Kenedy has agreed to come to Newcastle United on a season-long loan.

They add that the final details are being agreed now between the two clubs.

The left sided player has two years left on his Chelsea deal at the minute and The Mail don’t mention whether this loan arrangement includes any option/clause to buy.

With less than five weeks until the transfer window ends AND the season kicks off, Newcastle fans are desperate to hear that a real quality outfield signing has been made, with creativity and goals needing to be added to Rafa’s squad.

  • Wor Lass

    Good news! I would have thought that he`d bonded enough in the second half of last season to make up for a slightly late arrival in Ireland.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Ireland`s a joke, players missing, Rafa waiting to see if anymore signings are made, waiting to see who`s leaving,
      [email protected]@king shambles

      • Alan Graham

        Give it a rest

        • MichaelMaximusMoose

          another fake, Take a hike A$$hole

          • Alan Graham


          • Soldier

            he`s on the ball mate, you`ve made 8 comments on here upto now mostly having a dig at people, you`re not only a troll but a fake. go play silly games on the chronicle they are daft enough to take idiots like you seriously

          • I Think Therefore I Am

            I cannot understand how true fans can continually support this owner by handing over their hard earned cash!

            There’s no way he’ll ‘truly invest’ in the squad for the right reasons, and not just to try dig himself out of a hole and a mess that he’s created 😱, say, by appointing lousy Managers in the past, but you know the rest!

          • Soldier

            they have a low IQ Ashley is nothing but an asset stripper

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            By ‘true’ I presume you to mean something along the lines of ‘pure’ as opposed to ‘truthful.’

            A ‘pure’ fan is a fan of the club elevates support of the club to being their highest decision criteria and holding that decision in spite of lesser criteria. By holding the Club itself as the most important criteria, then a ‘pure’ fan of NUFC follows the club regardless of ownership, league, manager, squad, or other people’s opinions. See the team down the road… their ‘true’ fans will still hand over their cash to the club. Many ‘less true’ fans will not.

            If you are suggesting you will boycott NUFC or think others should not give the club any money, then you are by the very definition not the ‘purest’ of fans. Your support criteria elevates ownership or some other criteria above the club itself. I do not doubt your being a fan but you asked about ‘true fans.’ To call yourself or others that do not give the club their money the ‘true’ fans is simply poor and incorrect logic and explains why the ‘truest fans’ do.

          • I Think Therefore I Am

            Aye, pure isn’t quite the fitting word I was looking for. In fact, there’s no such thing as a pure fan 🙃 tis never a good idea composing when in such a hurry!

            Although, I believe even the most loyal of fans can get greatly disillusioned in/with ‘whatever’ then drift away.

            Quite similar to 3 close peeps I know. Supporters of ‘down the road club’ for 40 to 55 years, cancelled their season tickets for quite a few years, Short sells up and instant renews, regardless of their current position.

            Actually, I never like to admit this, probably some of the most loyal fans I know. In fact, there’s a bunch of about 12, club fans – helped out in the past, manly Roker. They all know the likes of Ball very well etc. other players also, but I always show disinterest, because I am 😁, tho I’d happily have one of their Autograph collection, it’s vast, particularly Mr Best, I digress!

            As one Mr Keegan alluded to, how the club will last longer than the owner, it’ll always be around, so until then, quite a few of us will continue to stay away, never spend another penny, regardless of if we’re happy to or not, especially the ones which lost their jobs!

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            Fair enough. Personal financial responsibilities should always prioritize over fandom choices. I think we ultimately agree that some people will support the club with their money regardless of the owner or other circumstances.

            If people will withhold judgement until the window shuts, I think we will all find the club has a squad that is remarkably stronger than a year ago at the start of the season. I think most would agree it is already stronger since most of the young players have a year more of PL experience and Dubravka and Kenedy (reportedly) are in day 1. Also, for this year, an experienced Ki is better than a young Merino although certainly in future years this valuation likely flips. Diame and Ritchie are the only key players getting to the upper end of their prime years and Ritchie may yet be replaced for a slightly younger, more offensive option.

            Therefore, if nothing else happens, the squad ought to be trending to be comfortably above 50 points this season. And I think there will still be 1-2 added to the defense (young, lower cost options) and 2-3 striker/winger/#10 added… maybe even another goalkeeper. Maybe then the target is 60 points or more… and then who really cares about the owner or if/when transfer records are broken?

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Is there ever clarity when Nufc are involved in a transfer
    excellent signing though he is, to date we`ve signed 1 loan & free transfer,
    you can see where this windows going.

    • Icky (Heaton)

      Sadly, the very same as the previous decade, not 1 iota of ambition, be it cup or League 😭

    • Billmag

      MI5 springs to mind.😎

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Rafa will be happy with this one. He has a quote in the Chronicle today calling for the fans to get behind the team but that will fall on death ears on hear. Wor flags seeking new members and funds to keep up their amazing work. Going to be a great season.

    • Damon Horner

      I like the manager and I like the players, better than the mercenary types we signed previously. Our fans should back the team.

      • Geordiegiants

        I think on the whole they do, you are always going to get the odd Knacka, although we have opinions on here we all get behind the team and players.

  • Leicester Mag

    Ashley to spend £30M to activate clause – Norfolk and Chance, one year loan in the shop window

    • Soldier

      spending £4m on a keeper must have made his eyes water

  • TheNutJob

    CR7 signing for Juve, £105m even after an 11th hour phone call from Penfold

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  • Geordiegiants

    How many times we going to have a Kennedy storey about the exact same thing?