Jack Colback signed for Newcastle United on a ‘free’ four years ago.

Reports vary on what wages he actually is on but they range from £2m to £3m per year, in other words between £40,000 and £60,000 a week.

We know two things for sure, whatever wages he is on are too high for a Championship side to pay, whilst we also definitely know Rafa Benitez wants him out of Newcastle.

Last season Jack Colback was completely sidelined by the manager, sent to train and play with the kids to try and help persuade him to move.

Colback resisted even a loan move in summer 2017 but finally was persuaded to go to Forest on the final day of the January 2018 window.

Forest have already shown ambition this summer when bringing in nine players, with an outlay of around £25m on transfer fees, but Forest boss Aitor Karanka has now said he still desperately wants to sign the Newcastle midfielder.

At the end of last season, Karanka said (see below) that if Jack Colback really wanted to go to Forest permanently and get regular football, he would accept lower wagers than he is currently on at Newcastle for playing no first team football.

The nine signings already made have been training with the rest of the Forest squad for the past couple of weeks and Karanka says he wants to add Jack Colback to that squad now, with there being only three weeks until the Championship matches kick off.

However, he warns Jack Colback that is there is no solution (to the wage issue) then he will look elsewhere.

We await with interest to see what the midfielder does.

Whether he is willing to put football before money, or refuses to move and sees out his contract not playing, just as the likes of Haidara, Obertan and Marveaux did.

Aitor Karanka talking to the Nottingham Post:

“I know Jack and Jack knows me and the club.

“He was really important here last season.

“It is true that he is on our list.

“We have other players on the list, because he is not our player, and we cannot say that he is yet.

“We have to find a solution to that as soon as possible.

“But if it is not Jack, then we will find another target.

“We are working to bring in another one or two. It depends.

“Now we know that we are an attractive team to come to.

“The main thing and the thing I want to have is the squad together as soon as possible.

“The club has been working really well. We have more or less all of the squad together now and that is really important – it is important for us to have been working together for the last two weeks on the training ground.”

Aitor Karanka – 7 May 2018:

“If Jack Colback wants to be here, they (wages) won’t be (a problem).

 “I have said always that the wages are important but it is more important to bring players here who want to be here.

“When you forget wages, when you trust in the project, and when you want to create something special, that is the main thing.

“The players who came here in January forgot about their wages, that is not what they were thinking about.

“I know that wages are important but I want players who want to stay here, who want to play for us.

“I hope Jack Colback  wants to be part of that.

“I have to speak with Jack Colback (about his future), but for me, he has been brilliant.

“Since he arrived here he has been professional, he has had a good attitude.

“He was on loan and it would have been easy for him to think about playing under his level [in the final match of the season], purely to avoid getting injured.

“But until the final minute, he showed that he was a good player, but also a professional.”

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Do Nufc want a fee for him or is he going on a free & it depends how much they are offering him.

  • Paul Patterson

    My betting is he sits it out on the higher wage . .

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      What would you do if you were on say £800 a week and you were offered
      all these players that are surplus were given ridiculous contracts,
      it`s down to the idiots at Nufc

      • Duh

        We should pay the 400 a week difference for a year when his contract with us would have ended.

        It’s a hard pill to swallow but better than paying 800 a week for a year

        • MichaelMaximusMoose


        • Ram Kishore

          Yes if he takes on lower wages.. we must compensate the difference in wages until the end of his Newcastle contract.
          These things gets added to onerous contract situations i believe

      • Come&TakeIt1836

        Are the NUFC leaders cheap penny pinchers or do they spend on player’s too freely? You flip-flop your position with every situation…

        • KRS1

          They are incompetent, penny pinching when it comes to paying the going rate to sign quality players and awarding average players long contracts on salaries far outweighing their abilities.

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            I agree they get it wrong sometimes as anyone would. I’m not sure it is that materially more than other clubs. They did cut the spending too close for too long that set up the conditions for the recent relegation – although I think relegation was more down to a failure of SM than the spending. I suggest we all wait to see the final squad before we set a verdict for the current window.

            The squad is already stronger than the one that started last year. Townsend may yet replace Ritchie which would be a modest upgrade. If a proper striker or two come in and considering the team finished 10th last year, it will be hard to effectively argue they don’t sign quality players or are flatly incompetent no matter the amount spent.

          • TheNutJob

            no it isn`t

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            Am I correct to take this as a response to ‘the club is already stronger than the one that started last year’? This year’s squad has only two players even marginally beginning to get old (Diame and Ritchie), therefore all the youth in the squad has a(nother) year of PL experience, Dubravka and Kenedy are here, and Ki (today) is a better asset than Merino (a year ago… maybe even today).

            How is the squad equal or worse to a year ago?

          • Ram Kishore

            I would say equal.. not better unless we bring in some competition for perez or someone who gives perez a challenge..

          • Wezza

            That’s another one of the Lee brothers aliases. So sad.

          • Ram Kishore

            I could swear most fans believe or see the transfer fee as the real value for players even when good show more ability when they come to the club for lesser fee or for free and end up playing better

        • TheNutJob

          if you follow the Toon then you know they give players long contracts with the intention of selling them on for a profit,
          the problem they have though is they buy mostly rubbish because of Fatty`s budget & in the last few years it`s backfired on them big time
          they got lucky with Gini and Moussa

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            ‘Buy mostly rubbish’… are you claiming the current squad is mostly rubbish?

            I accept that everybody hits on some and misses on others. NUFC certainly is carrying some ‘deadwood’ on their payroll. I’m guessing that is pretty standard for all clubs and the amount NUFC is dealing with is relatively proportional to the amount other clubs have and their total payroll.

          • TheNutJob

            the squad of 25 only 8 or 9 are premiership standard if you think otherwise then you should take up tennis.
            no wonder people block you
            don`t bother me again, you`re blocked

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            We likely agree on the 8-9 but I guess the difference is I would not consider all of the rest rubbish. They did cobble together 10th place as a group after all.

            Certainly the manager helps make them more than the sum of the parts. That’s his job and so I’m glad he can do it. If he had more, he could do more. SM had much more and did much less.

          • Duh

            And Liverpool and Spurs were mugged

      • Paul Patterson

        Different league of payments I’m afraid. As a non footballer, I couldn’t afford to half my wage, but when you’re talking about £60k a week, I’m sure I could survive on £30k, even if you put me in a footballers lifestyle, especially when I’ve been getting £60k for a number of years. That is of course if I still want to play football, if not then I’ll sit it out on £60k and do nowt.

        • MichaelMaximusMoose

          i understand but these players live in a bubble, if they want him to leave give him a free after all he came on a free

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            I don’t think you’ve thought this through, he’s offered free but has a contract, we’d have to pay up his contract.

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            Maybe instead the clubs negotiate his value and then subtract off the difference between his old salary and new. NF pays this ‘savings’ to him as a sign-on bonus.

            NUFC effectively does pay out the difference in salary for the one year but moves on an unwanted player and doesn’t get saddled with the full, useless salary. I’m not sure that is quite the exact middle ground but it is getting closer to a win-win-win between the three parties.

          • Come&TakeIt1836

            My take from it all is that you’re a crass individual who cannot support his opinions and thinks one-sided conversations and ignorance is bliss. Despite that and your ill will, as odd as it may seem, my response is to wish you all the best.

            It would be a waste of my time if my responses were blocked to everybody but since open-minded people who want to engage in fruitful discussion can still see them, I’m glad to always be given the last word. 😉👍🏼

          • Peter C

            I agree about your point about the free transfer, the club should give him one.

            But it’s Mike Ashley, we’re talking about here. He wouldn’t give away a sweetie, which had been licked, for free.

          • Rich Lawson

            I’m not clear,is there a fee involved,or is he just sitting on his hands saying I won’t do it for less money ? I’d certainly give him a free.

        • Ram Kishore

          Ig he would want to protect his huge earnings which he may not earn at the new club..
          But at the end of the day anyone earning that kinda would want to make it in full.. plus footballer’s pro careeers are short which is also a reason

    • Desree

      The lad is honoring his contract you could say

      • Paul Patterson

        That’s a diplomatic way of saying, ‘I’m not bothered about playing, so I’ll sit back and take the higher money’.

  • Peter C

    If he wants to play football, and that’s his priority, he’ll move on. If it’s about money, he’ll sit out his contract, or wait for a better offer.

    What it boils down too is, how much money does one need.

    A drop in salary shouldn’t be that hard of a blow to take, for a man who’s been a professional for 10 years, and doesn’t come across as the kind of playboy footballer, as some do. Surely, he must be financially secure, for the rest of his life by now.

    Over to you, Jack.

    • Rich Lawson

      Quite right,he earns more in a week than most working folk do in a year,he must have investments/pension plan as well.Does he want to play competitive football or sit on his a##e for another year picking up money for nowt ? Go,take a wage drop to a still substantial amount for a weeks ”work” and show some respect to yourself,the club and fans.

  • mentalman

    Perhaps he is being an honourable professional and completing his contract rather than walk away from it

    • PhilK

      He’s hanging on to a level of pay he’ll never see again. Understandable I suppose

  • Mxpx

    I live 20 mins walk from the city ground in Nottingham send Jack my way I’ll take him for a pint or 20 and get him drunk enough to sign anything and march him down to see karanka… However I will want a 10% cut on the money I’ve saved the club and “expenses” ie beer money paid upfront this is the length I would go to for this club!

  • PhilK

    Colback seems to think he’s worth Premier-level wages. Obviously he’s not.
    But it’s agents. If he can hang on at Newcastle getting three times what he’s worth every week ? I’d do the same to be fair