It is very early days but the people behind the #IfRafaGoesWeGo Newcastle fans initiative have discovered that you can’t please all of the people, all of the time.

Over eleven thousand Newcastle fans are already following their Twitter account @IfRafaGoesWeGo which was only launched on Thursday but others have seen reason to question some of what they are doing.

Saturday morning has seen the #IfRafaGoesWeGo organisers issue an ‘important update’, which chiefly concerns an online funding page they had set up.

That update can be read below but basically says that they have decided to drop the fundraising page idea and refund the donations already made.

They say that there were Newcastle fans not happy with this part of what they are doing, which helped to bring about the decision to drop that fundraising angle.

However, they have indicated that they will be doing fundraising still, only via various other routes.

Obviously I don’t know all the ins and outs of exactly what criticism they have been subjected to and whilst I totally understand why their reaction has been to drop this particular fundraising idea, I wish they had just carried on.

The bottom line is that ANY initiative by Newcastle supporters will be criticised by some other supporters. That is simply the way it is, it is a bit like when Kevin Keegan was here as manager and the team were playing brilliant winning football, if they won 5-1 you could still find somebody after the game who would only want to talk about the goal that was conceded.

Reality is that you DO NEED MONEY if anything is going to be attempted to prevent the further destruction of our club under Mike Ashley and Rafa Benitez leaving.

Do we just expect those who have started the initiative to fund everything whilst the rest of us stand back and pass comment on what they should and shouldn’t be doing?

Anybody who has been remotely involved in any fan initiative will know it can’t be done without some cash being needed.

When this initiative went public on Thursday, I hoped it wouldn’t be a case of just circulating the #IfRafaGoesWeGo hashtag and no substance behind it.

Great to see that that was just the beginning, that there is plans for so much more to it.

The message has to go way beyond Twitter, that only a small minority of match-going Newcastle fans use.

A decent website will need to be put together, things printed onto paper to get the message out there, protest banners produced, flags, whatever.

It all costs money and if we all believe in this then we have to be prepared to do more than spending five seconds and no cash retweeting a message.

People want action to start as soon as possible in trying to change things for the better, it can’t be a case then of say wanting to spend £500 on leaflets or banners or whatever, then having to tell fans this and to then fundraise in some way, delaying things by weeks potentially. There are no superfans out there who will magically make everything ok, whilst everybody sits back and waits for them to do it.

From #IfRafaGoesWeGo


When we started this movement on Thursday we wanted to create a platform for change. Our hope was that we could all come together as fans under a common theme – that Rafa Benitez must stay as the manager of Newcastle United Football Club.

The response from people has been fantastic and we feel that this has given us all a bit of a focus.

It’s obvious that you can’t please all the people all the time. Football is, of course, all about opinions.

We have our own views about the actions needed to generate change and yesterday we came under pressure to set up a fundraising scheme to kick start action. We now feel that was a mistake. Whilst there was a lot of support and a number of donations, the tone of the movement shifted. As we keep saying, we are fans, no more no less. We weren’t prepared (or willing to accept) some of the criticism that came our way and we’ve come to the conclusion that this could undermine what we’re all looking for. A positive platform for change, not another opportunity for us to argue with each other.

We still believe that the foundations for the actions needed are as we set out:

  1. Direct action/protests at and around St James Park
  2. Direct action/protests in connection with Sports Direct
  3. Lobbying, talking to and working with people and groups who can improve the situation at Newcastle United
  4. Marketing and Publicity – making sure that everyone hears our collective voice.

The proposed key areas of activity are:

  1. Campaign website. We need to present a credible, professional appearance to the people we want to work with and influence.
  2. General printed promotional materials including flyers, posters, banners and small flags. This will generate awareness and interest in the campaign and ensure that as many people as possible become actively involved.
  3. Specific printed materials for protest activity outside St James’ Park and selected Sports Direct stores (leaflets, placards and banners).
  4. Major flag display.
  5. #IfRafaGoesWeGo Members Scheme. A campaign to create a real story about the people who will come forward as current Season Ticket holders/regular match day ticket holders and state their intention to walk away at the end of the season if Rafa leaves. A limited number of t-shirts and badges will be produced for the members and their stories will be a powerful tool in the communications activity that is needed.
  6. Lobbying activity and meeting with potential corporate supporters (no cost).

With the number of people engaging with the account we’ve got a great platform to generate funds and we’re more than happy to host and promote fundraising activity going forward within the structure above.

If any groups want to deliver activity in one of the areas above they should email [email protected] with their plans. There will need to be a named individual and nominated bank account and we’ll draw up a brief “agreement” setting out what will be delivered.

If we feel it fits with the views of the majority of fans on here we’ll set up a specific fundraising page and if people support financially it will go ahead. Hopefully some of the supporter groups who we’ve already been in contact with will be in touch with us again soon.

The current GoFundMe page will be deactivated today and all donations returned. Thanks to everyone who has donated and we hope you understand our decision.

Please continue to post content and promote the movement. Let’s not forget this is all about doing everything we can to get Rafa to stay.


  • London_Mag

    We’re sending out an SOS
    We’re sending out an SOS
    We hope that someone kills
    Mike Ashley with a bottle

  • London_Mag

    Seriously we should hold a demo outside his house in Totteridge. A few thousand of us in his front garden might spur him on to sell up.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Wonder if I’ll be able to fit any of his deck chairs on a train on the way home

    • Geordiegiants

      What’s his address?

      • Leazes.

        You really want to know?

        Montebello, 19 Totteridge Common
        Whetstone, London, N20 8LR

        • Geordiegiants

          That’s where and how it’s going to work, protests at his house. It needs to be peaceful but he needs to feel as much anxiety as our fans feel.

        • Viru leckworth

          Second guessing Ashley may just make him dig his heels in further. However he ain’t budging at the moment so may be worth a try if someone has the balls to,orchestrate it.

  • LA toon

    Go fund me and the ilk are a rip off. However as stipulated funds are required to launch an effective campaign. Will it gain momentum? Maybe, anything is better than bitching and stating the obvious,on sites like this, every day. We know he is a tw*t and does not care about our club, what’s new.

  • Toonarden

    Whenever someone comes up with an idea or plan to start some campaign against this despicable, greedy and unambitious owner there are ALWAYS the usual lily livered suspects who protest on the grounds that “It will affect the team”, “It will make no difference to Ashley”, “You won’t stop me going to support my club”, “Be careful what you wish for”, “He’s stopped us from being a Portsmouth or Leeds etc.” and all the other lame excuses for not fighting for the good of OUR team and club.
    Unfortunately Ashley knows this and we will NEVER escape from his lack of player investment, courtesy to his manager, blatant lies, devious behaviour and constant respect for his paying public.
    We get everything we deserve because we never do anything to prevent it.

  • Geordie Cruyff

    If you pay towards anything like this you may as well throw your money out the window. If you don’t like it don’t go to games. If you genuinely support the team go to matches and enjoy it. SUPPORT THE TEAM NOT THE REGIME

    • SuperDesHamilton

      The regime wrecks the team you gonk

      • Geordie Cruyff

        Ashley hasn’t always been there and he won’t always be. It’s the team that matters.

        • Toon Barmy

          It’s Newcastle United Football Club that matters.

          • Geordie Cruyff

            That’s true mate. Unfortunately Ashley is Newcastle at the moment. It’s his possession

          • Toon Barmy

            Ashley is NOT Newcastle United, when he leaves NUFC will still be here. I have no problems with people who genuinely believe Ashley is doing good for the club, but i hate having my loyalty towards Newcastle United being doubted, just because i am unable to attend games and because of my feelings towards Ashley.

          • Geordie Cruyff

            I’m not having a go at you for not being able to go to games. I was having a go at the people on here who slag people going because they are “part of the problem ” or doing “what Ashley wants” it’s them lot who get on my nerves not you

          • Jonas

            that’s why we and why we want rid of him.

            a patriot should always be prepared to defend his country from its government

    • Toon Barmy

      SUPPORT THE CLUB NOT JUST THE TEAM, when you go to the games you get behind the players because of who they represent. when these players leave Newcastle i have no further interest in them because they are no longer representing Newcastle United, therefore i support NUFC and NOT JUST the team. I am also curious how you expect every Newcastle fan to fit inside St James Park?

      • Geordie Cruyff

        I haven’t got a problem with people who don’t go. I’ve got a problem against people who say they are staying away because of Ashley though. he could be here for another 20 years. So it’s a long time to stay angry if you ask me

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      Exactly GC

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Remember when Michael Martin reported someone on Twitter for raising money for the flags at st James 😂😂😂 was absolutely foaming it wasn’t his idea, bet it’s him who’s done it this time as well

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      Michael Martin is a socialist nutter. Disagree with his politics and he has a hissy flap. Socialists are supposed to be peace loving

      • SuperDesHamilton

        Well that’s one thing we agree on. It’s his opinion & his opinion only that counts. He talks down to people about Newcastle constantly because of his age..ok Michael I’m sorry I wasn’t born then. He’s not even fgoing ok up here anyway he’s a Durham mag since 92

      • Geordiegiants

        They are the extremists these days.

  • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

    Yes it costs money to print things, websites etc. But I’d respect someone setting up a trust to buy shares in the club.

    #ipledge2500 is far better than #moaningfans

    • I Think Therefore I Am – Will

      This is the North East and not that long ago classed as the poor man in europe 🤪

      Although, I bet a great deal would, I doubt many takes will be handing over their 2.5K soon enough!

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        I don’t like that approach. The north east can handle riches, from Science, software, it and good old drug dealing, there is money here. My vision is that only an average of £2,500 is needed. The big boys can throw in 100,s of thousands or millions. The guy who cant afford £2,500 can sell the day and throw in a grand.

      • London_Mag

        I would buy a share in the club if i actually got to own shares in the club, which would be worth money and is an investment. £450 Million divided by 52,000 fans is 9 grand each. A 5 year loan with with Barclays is currently £40 a week. If all the stars, rich businessmen and companies invested significantly more it might lower the burden to say £20 a week each. Newcastle Council might also be able to help with an investment. Also we have many more fans than the 52,000 who attend and around the world this will lower the burden further to say a tenner a week! I seriously think it is possible. Rather than protest these groups should be investigating the potential to have a fan owned club. Someone needs to ask MA if he will sell the club to us over 5 years and then run the campaign and technology to enable fans to buy the shares.

        • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

          I’d hate it for the local council to be involved. They’d get the players signed up to unison or some workshy union and they’ll be on strike most of the time.

          150,000 at £2,500 each buys the club and a bit more spending money.

          A bit of refinancing and shareholders could get £500 back straight away

          • London_Mag

            I think the Newcastle Building society should help by issuing loans at a special rate for those who need it and collecting payments. It would be a good business opportunity for them.

          • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

            I’m not sure if Newcastle BS do unsecured loans but a good idea.

        • I Think Therefore I Am, Will

          Actually recently been reading about fan owned clubs, or association’s created to facilitate such a thing. Say Bundesliga for e.g. I think t’was the FT that had an informative positive article, tho years old now.

          You could say the fact that they’re still going strong, proves it can be done. Clubs that have had positions in top 10 and/or even better 🧐

          As you’ll know, the act of acquiring the club itself would just be the start, tho I’d be well happy to cash in my Bitcoin stash (several others also, when worth something 🤑) in order to help 😉

    • Gallowgate Dave

      As you know Bobbi we rarely agree on anything but you are absolutely bang on with this. I would love a fan owned football club and if people aren’t prepared to put their money where their mouth is they can’t really moan. For anyone without the cash, a £2,500 loan spread over say 7 years would be next to nowt in terms of monthly payments, maybe £35ish per month. Only those reliant on benefits would struggle, most people in employment could afford that and will spend more than that on frivolous things each month no doubt. If fans won’t commit to that they can’t really be considered fans in my opinion (other than those genuinely unfortunate enough not to be able to afford it of course).

      • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

        Spot on, it’s a money & mouth situation, time to align them.

  • benton mag

    The only way for Ashley to leave is for someone to pay what he wants for it we all know he doesn’t take any notice of fan groups he joins a long line of owners/chairman who have held the club back Westwood Seymour mckeag to name but a few in recent times

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      And the answer then was as it is now, he sells at the right price. Fans would be better advised to save their moaning energy, do a bit of overtime and buy him out.

  • Mayor Vaughn

    Nobody should be criticised for going to the match or not going to the match, it’s a personal choice. Unfortunately our club is an absolute joke a laughing stock. It’s owned by a man that wants nothing more than premier league survival that is his only ambition. If Ashley could be guaranteed 4th bottom every year he’d snap your hands off. Total ( unt

  • Andy Mac

    “Do we just expect those who have started the initiative to fund everything whilst the rest of us stand back and pass comment on what they should and shouldn’t be doing?”

    Knowing the “faithful” like we do the simple answer to that is Yes. Lots of people talk the talk but when the tiniest bit of commitment comes their way………..

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      Spot on, 150,000 fans, £2,500 each buys the club and sets it up with an extra transfer kitty.

  • ghostrider

    Why do certain people feel they need to run the club from the inside?
    Just support your club and the team/squad who are part of it and who want to play for it, each and every season.
    Worry when there isn’t a team, or moan when there isn’t one.
    Whilst there is one and one that plays at the highest level in England, then what’s the issue?

    Seriously what’s the issue?