Igor Biscan was in Rafa Benitez’ squad when Liverpool won the Champions League in 2005.

The former player now believes that if anybody can get Newcastle back into the top six of the Premier League it is his old boss.

However, for that to be achieved, Igor Biscan warns ‘it will take time.’

On Tuesday, Rafa Benitez has revealed that he would be willing to stay for the next 10 years at St James Park, BUT that depends on whether things change in the way the club is run.

Newcastle have only spent £4m so far in the transfer window and we are two-thirds of the way through it, with the manager indicating  that the club have to start getting more serious in their attempts to land his main targets.

Biscan declares that where Rafa excels is that ‘His attention to detail sets him apart from a lot of managers in the Premier League.’

As for is famed attention to detail, the former Liverpool player says Benitez ‘prepares his team line no other.’

Ahead of the Premier League kicking off, we do of course have the small matter of England v Croatia tonight.

A former Croatian international himself, Igor Biscan says that his country’s entire four million population feels the World Cup trophy is their destiny this summer.

Funnily enough, there are fifty million or so people in England who also feel ‘it’s coming home.’

Biscan makes England small favourites to reach the final and play France, with no surprise who he picks out from the two sides, stating Modric and Kane are the key men.

Whoever plays best out of those two may decide this game.

Igor Biscan talking to Betstars:

Do you think Rafa Benitez can take Newcastle to a top six finish?’

“It is a very tough competition in the Premier League and you have to be at the top of your game week-in week-out in order to be successful in this league.

“If anyone can get Newcastle to a top six finish it would be Rafa Benitez but it will take time. 

“Winning any kind of trophy next season will be really difficult as the level of competition is so high.

“Rafa’s priority will be staying in the league first and foremost.”

‘What was Rafa Benitez like as a manager?’

“Everyone knows Rafa is a great manager.

“His attention to detail sets him apart from a lot of managers in the Premier League.

“He also prepares his teams like no other manager.

“His training sessions are always well organised and he always makes sure that every player knows their role inside out.

“I have great memories of Rafa from that (2004/05) season. It was an unbelievable achievement to win the Champions League and a lot of credit has to go to Rafa for that.”

‘What are the biggest strengths of the England side?’

“England’s biggest strengths are the way they set up and the system they play, the composure they have and their style of football. England’s performances have been very surprising, as they are finally producing the quality of football everybody knew they could, with the system of three at the back consisting of players who like to keep the ball on the floor, trying to find solutions, passing the ball forward and taking risks.

“Harry Kane is in great goalscoring form and alongside Sterling, those two are like an old-fashioned English duo up front, posing a constant threat to the opposition even when they don’t really look dangerous. With those two players up front, England will always have a chance on the counter-attack. England look really good, they didn’t have a balanced team for so many years and now they have that, they are where they are.”

‘What’s your prediction for Croatia vs England? Who do you think will win?’

“Croatia have had mixed results against England in the past and the team will be tired from the last two games, but in a semi-final of this importance all the players will be fit enough to give their best. England may be the slight favourite but for Croatia it seems like it’s written for us to go all the way. All the people in Croatia feel that no matter how we play or who we play against, Croatia will go all the way, which would be our biggest success as a sporting nation, considering we have a population of around four million.”

‘Who do you think is the key man for Croatia and who do England have to beware of?’

“Luka Modric is playing really, really well. He’s the best player in the Croatian team but there are a few more players who are able to win games and score goals out of nothing. Andrej Kramarić is a player who’s not a big name, but he’s really confident and will pose a threat. He had a difficult season at Leicester, but now he’s matured and he’s had a really good season in Germany with Hoffenheim. But if I had to choose one player it would be Luka Modric, he is the one player who can always make something out of nothing. He’s very strong on the ball and everyone in the Croatia team will look to him.”

  • Toon 83

    Leicester was a one off. The top six are light years ahead of everyone in terms of club stature and finance. It’s mini league 7th and down. We should concentrate on finishing as high as possible in that. Top 6 is a pipe dream

    • Leazes.

      Why concentrate on survival its not a goal…..why not concentrate on the removal of the Owner?

      Acceptance of the disease will kill you… it has to be cut out.

      • Toon 83

        I know where you are coming from but the top 6 are in a different universe to the rest of the league, and within that top 6 you could argue that the Manchester clubs are so far ahead of the other four when you look at resources and club stature. Chelsea are still spending big but nothing like they were. It’s a money game now mate unfortunately

      • SuperDesHamilton

        Because we are the minority now unfortunately we don’t accept the cancer that resides in our club. Too many do nowadays judging by season tickets sold

    • Down Under Mag

      The tales of sliding doors at this club is ridiculous. What if Sir Bobby had come straight after Keegan left? What if King Kenny hadn’t dismantled a side selling Ferdinand and Ginola and replacing them with Stephan Guivarch? What if when Sir Bobby HAD taken over we didn’t sack him but let him build the team he wanted? What if we hadn’t replaced him with Sourness just to appease Shearer and oust Bellamy? What if Shepherd didn’t get ill and had held out against mike Ashley? What if Ashley hadn’t been so pig headed in negotiations with the Arab potential buyers and they had bought us instead of Citeh? We may never know for certain but I think the answer to most of these would end in the club being substantially better off in league standings and world popularity and spending power than we currently are. For now, those days are gone and as long as Ashley is here then i can’t see us even trying to get back to any sort of glory days… but in the mean time it would be nice to see us at least aim for top half and a cup, but even that requires the sort of investment Ashley does not seem keen on giving the club (even if it is the money the club generates itself DESPITE of the owner not because of).

  • Leazes.

    Quote……..’he would be willing to stay for the next 10 years at St James Park, BUT that depends on whether things change in the way the club is run…..

    That’s the problem, isn’t it? Ashley and Charnley, Bishop, and Barnes actually like the way the club is run! None of them are Tynesiders and all support out competitors.

    The club has been made to struggle deliberately for over a decade, they sadistically enjoy watching as they humiliate any manager who dares to aim for a top placed finish, selling players who the team should be based around, to competitors, for profit which goes to pay for relegations Breaking the first law of running a football club….don’t help your competitors!

    Things wont change and Rafa surely knows that the club has been eaten by the cancer which is Ashley!

    • Kneebotherm8

      Roll on the next 10 years of Ashley………..with more of the same……bye bye Rafa at seasons end………unfortunately….

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Of course nothing will change. Didn’t shay given say fatty enjoys doing things to upset the fans like when he appointed JFK

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    As each season moves on we will have more money available to spend if we can stay in the Premier League. It will also help selling six players who are surplus to requirements and bringing in thirty million plus. We can finish seventh or even higher if we all stick together as Rafa says.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose


    • SuperDesHamilton

      So we’re getting money to just survive every season? What a time to support the club! Can’t wait to tell my kids about the time we finished 17th three times in a row!!

    • Danimal

      If it wasn’t for your hero’s dismal running of the club, we’d now be on 25 consecutive years of PL money. Just think, we might even be able to buy a striker instead of loaning one.

  • Rich Lawson

    Didn’t he have a chart hit in the 70’s with his band ”the red nosed burglars ”I’m a w####r” ?

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Benitez won a champions league with a defence of Djimi Traore, Igor Biscan & the fire power of Baros…that’s impressive