Porto and Newcastle United played out a goalless draw on Saturday night.

Like may other European teams/leagues, Porto make a big deal of one of their pre-season friendlies at home, where the players are presented to the fans ahead of the new season.

As was the case on Saturday, they build a number of other events around the match as well, to help make it a special occasion.

That is why there was over forty thousand fans there to see the game, with Newcastle United the guests.

Part of the invitation was no doubt due to the Sir Bobby Robson link between the two clubs, having managed both.

Interesting to see what Porto had to say after the game, this is what they said about the occasion and the actual match on their official website afterwards.

Very polite of them to not mention Newcastle hardly got into their half and the Porto keeper didn’t have a save to make…(watch the official match highlights HERE)


Former FC Porto coach was remembered at Estádio do Dragão

Sir Bobby Robson was remembered this Saturday at Estádio do Dragão, during the FC Porto 2018/19 Presentation. Former coach of both FC Porto and Newcastle, Robson was paid homage by both teams and by the fans at the stadium.

The players gathered on the pitch for a warm homage to Sir Bobby Robson – who passed away on July 30, 2009 -, under a moving round of applause from the blue and white fans and the few hundred Newcastle fans who attended the friendly.

On the giant screens at Estádio do Dragão, there was a video on the career of Sir Bobby Robson, an unparalleled figure in Portuguese and World football. He will never be forgotten.


Dragons played well, dominated and created (many) opportunities, but the tie remained against Newcastle

Returning to the comfort of Estádio do Dragão for a very special match against Newcastle, FC Porto was clearly superior to the English team during the first 45 minutes, creating enough opportunities to reach the break in the lead. The young Diogo Leite, who doubled with Felipe in the centre of the defence, was the first to create danger in the goal defended by Martin Dubravka, but the shot went over the top (2m).

Alex Telles passed to Aboubakar after an excellent offensive play from the Dragons, but the international Cameroonian striker missed the target (7m). Aboubakar, again after a pass from Alex Telles, headed the ball just slightly over, from a corner-kick (21m). The blue and whites remain particularly strong in set pieces and the only reason Sérgio Oliveira didn’t score was that DeAndre Yedlin prevented the goal with a cut on the touchline (32m).

Despite FC Porto’s strong attack, the 0-0 dragged on, but could have been broken right at the start of the second-half: from a direct free-kick, Sérgio Oliveira hit the post, and Marega allowed Martin Dubravka’s to save the second attempt (55m). This moment of the match was one of unhappiness for the Dragons, as the opposing goalkeeper then denied the goal to Soares. In the spare shot, the Brazilian forward hit the top bar (60m). In stoppage time, Marius (90m+1) and Soares (90m+2) also failed to break the tie.

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    Porto were a class apart and only Dubravka & the back 4 saved us from being hammered.
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  • It was clear we need a boost going forward. We can still defend well and Dubravka hasn’t lost the Touch.
    Murphy looked as meh as last year, Ritchie and Ayoze were the only real threat going forward but as we all saw that wasn’t enough.