Only 23 days to go until Newcastle United and the rest of the Premier League reach transfer deadline day.

The changes voted through by the Premier League, meaning the summer window now ends over three weeks before the rest of the major European leagues on Thursday 9 August.

So far, over £750m has been spent collectively by the top tier clubs, an average of around £37.5m each.

Some clubs of course, haven’t quite reach that kind of average…so far.

Ironically, Newcastle United have actually, in a roundabout way, exceeded the transfer expectations of supporters.

Last month (26 June 2018) we asked Newcastle supporters, how many more signings (Martin Dubravka having signed permanently in May) did they expect the club to make by the time of the first friendly of the season in three weeks time.

Thousands voted and produced some very interesting stats, the results of our poll published on 27 June (see below).

With Mike Ashley dragging expectations so low and little sign of movement, a massive 63% predicted zero signings before tonight’s game against St Patrick’s Athletic.

Another 22% voted for one, whilst 9% said two.

In actual fact, the 85% who said one or none have been proved wrong, Ki Sung-yueng arrived on a loan two days after (29 June) our poll results were published, whilst Kenedy then came in on another loan a week ago.

If we had phrased the question as how many players would be bought, then the 63% voting zero would have been proved correct, unless of course we have exciting news ahead of tonight’s kick-off…

The arrivals of Ki Sung-yueng and Kenedy are obviously welcome but a loan signing and a 29 year old free transfer hardly suggest putting major building blocks in place for a successful future.

What are your expectations for these next three and a bit weeks…?

27 June 2018:

The question we were asking on Tuesday was: ‘How many Newcastle signings will there be before the first pre-season friendly in 3 weeks time?’

In only 20 days time now, Newcastle United take on St Patrick’s Athletic.

This is the first of five friendlies and coincides with yet another annual pre-season training camp over in Ireland.

No new faces have been added to the NUFC squad so far, with only the Martin Dubravka confirmation that his loan deal had now become a permanent move.

Fair to say that Newcastle fans had expected some movement by now in the summer transfer window, the transfer window has now been open exactly six weeks – with another six weeks to go.

So we wondered, how many new players did fans think Newcastle will sign by the time that St Patrick’s Athletic match comes around?

After that first friendly there will be only three weeks until the window shuts and then add on a couple of days and the Premier League season kicks off.

There must be signings in these next three weeks, surely?

The pre-season training camp is usually seen as essential for as many new signings to be part of as possible, to get them properly integrated into the group, so Rafa will be doing everything he can to get the right players in by then.

Can he succeed though and what backing, if any, will he get from above?

So how many Newcastle signings did fans think will be made by 17 July? The results:

63% Zero    

22% One     

9% Two

4% Three    

1% Four

1% Five or more

Quite staggering really, almost two thirds (63%) of fans think there will be no Newcastle signings in these (now) next 20 days.

Then when it comes to zero or one new signing, that figure rises to a massive 85%.

Only 15% of the fans who voted think Newcastle will sign two or more players in these next crucial 20 days.

Desperate times, at least when it comes to expectation of the club moving forward and showing any ambition under Mike Ashley.

  • DeadToiler

    Just want to hear about us signing players not just pointing out the obvious

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    So when even more signings come in even one will prove that only 2% of fans on here know what they are talking about. That I would say is a fair reflection of a really depressing site which has very little or no good news about our club.

    • Desree

      Read the Chronicle of that’s what you want.

    • Big Hairy Man

      Not likely to be much good news about our club until 🐷 waddles off into the sunset.

    • Toonrobbybobson

      The reality is right now is no news. This while the rest of the Prem steps forward.

      That is a true reflection. Its black and white.

      No other way to spin it.

    • Fireman Sam

      Keep dreaming

    • TheFatController

      The away shirt is really nice.

    • Mark Andrews

      We’ve got a minus net spend so far . Spin that!

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Because theirs no good news about the club.

  • Geordiegiants

    Even when the cancer leaves, he will leave a nasty trail behind him. We are going to be royallyfucked unless we are bought out by a multibillionaire and he buys everything lock stock and barrel. Jabba will have all of these deals in place with his toxic empires, like kit distribution, advertising etc.

    • TheFatController

      HMRC too.

  • Stephen

    Don’t count your chickens.
    I forecast Lacelles in Mikes helicopter on transfer deadline day.

    • Fireman Sam

      I can see that too, get someone in on a free as a last min replacement. Or keep Mbemba (like a new signing)

  • MP01

    Loan signings and Free Transfers – How can we continually fork out millions on Loan Fees and expect to sustain steady growth/progress? Expectations of Mid-Table Mediocrity as MA uses our club as an advertising tool for his other business interest.

  • Toon

    More Ashley whining from a season ticket holder, get a grip. The polls on here are a joke and mean nothing, actually writing reflective articles on them mean you belong in clown school

  • Fireman Sam

    Once Ritchie is sold, a replacement brought in for half the price, no striker brought in and Lascelles sold on the deadline day, my expectations will be met.

    Love to know where the tv money has gone.

  • HarryHype59

    It is nigh on certain NUFC will be involved in yet another relegation battle as rivals invest and progress from last season. Fatso is risking the main revenue source again by refusing to invest adequately in the first team.