Exactly how uncomfortable Mike Ashley is feeling at the moment with the stirrings of protest amongst Newcastle fans, is anybody’s guess.

However, he certainly can’t be happy as the protests are reaching out far beyond Tyneside.

Newcastle fans newly invigorated by the #IfRafaGoesWeGo call to arms, have been doing everything they can to turn up the heat on the club’s owner.

Evidence of it already working on social media are clear to see.

The main Sports Direct UK Twitter account has stopped sending out tweets promoting their products, going from sending out at least half a dozen promotional messages a day to customers, to nothing at all in the last 48 hours. This is a result of Newcastle fans running interference on the Sports Direct tweets, giving a deluge of replies to each of them attacking Mike Ashley and SD.

The same has been the case with the Keith Bishop PR Agency Twitter account, which is majority owned by Mike Ashley/Sports Direct. Having had similar treatment from angry Newcastle fans, they have taken the quite amazing step of protecting their account, which is astonishing for a PR agency to do, this means nobody can see their Twitter messages unless you are authorised to do so by the account holder. Not great for attracting new business!

Also, the club’s official Newcastle United Fans Forum released a statement in support of Rafa Benitez and condemning the lack of support from Mike Ashley.

Maybe the most humiliating one for Mike Ashley so far though, will be the sight of his shameful running of Newcastle United being so publicly challenged in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

Chi Onwurah is a Newcastle United fan who just happens to be MP for the Newcastle Upon Tyne constituency that includes St James Park.

Tuesday saw her present a petition to the House of Common, raising the concerns of Newcastle fans, and it stating; ‘The Petitioners therefore request the House of Commons to take action to prevent unscrupulous football club owners from exploiting the clubs, their fans and local communities, with particular reference to Mike Ashley and Newcastle United Football Club.’

This petition (see below) also had the support of fellow North East MPs Ian Mearns, Mary Glindon and Ian Lavery.

The more and more negative publicity that can be sent Ashley’s way, and the way he acts with regard to Newcastle United broadcast to a far bigger audience, all the better.

Even better, Sky Sports, who have been staunch and willing allies of Mike Ashley in the past, have now fully appreciated where their stance needs to be now.

They gave Chi Onwurah’s petition to the House of Commons great coverage, showing video footage and discussing it at some length. This is as well as giving plenty of coverage now to the wider #IfRafaGoesWeGo protests.

They also revealed that following the petition to the House of Commons, Sky Sports have approached Newcastle United and asked them for their response to it.

This battle can’t be won overnight but I do honestly think that the seeds of change are now being planted and each extra layer of pressure that can be applied, will make owning Newcastle United more and more toxic for Mike Ashley.

What must surely be certain though, is that we will see no repeat of that embarrassing David Craig ‘interview’ with Mike Ashley that was screened on Sky Sports a year ago, where he was not challenged on a single issue regarding his disgraceful running of Newcastle United, instead a free platform for the NUFC owner to push his agenda.

The petition that was presented by Chi Onwurah states:

“Football is an integral part of Newcastle upon Tyne’s social, economic and cultural wellbeing – fans of Newcastle United are heavily invested both financially and emotionally in the success of the team.

“The current manager Rafa Benitez needs the support of both fans and the club’s owner, this support should include investment in players, training facilities and community engagement.    

“The owner Mike Ashley has not made this support forthcoming.

“The Petitioners therefore request the House of Commons, urge the government to take action to prevent unscrupulous football club owners from exploiting the clubs, their fans and local communities, with particular reference to Mike Ashley and Newcastle United Football Club.”

  • Soldier

    The power of social media is not to be underestimated. it can be very effective against a business

    • Leazes.

      Have you tweeted SD yet….. you don’t need to ‘like them’ first?

      @sportsdirectuk #ASHLEYOUT #IfRafaGoesWeGo

      • drc74

        think tbere busy removing peoples comments from their facebook page aswell, 😂

  • kingfisher

    She lost credibility straight away when she did’nt know how to pronounce
    ” Benitez”.Typical of someone who has’nt got a clue about what they are talking about.

    • Leazes.

      She has got a clue what she’s talking about.

      • kingfisher

        Yes apparently so Leazes.Apologies all around.But as I said to morry above,even Radio Newcastle mentioned it this morning.

        • Leazes.

          Better late than nivor.

    • morryJR

      “Hasn’t got a clue what she’s talking about?”
      For a start she is a staunch NUFC fan who gave up her season ticket when Ashley and co. chose the classy Wonga as their sponsor. She has also invited Ashley to Westminster to discuss his so called running of the club….which of course he declined. If that’s being clueless about our ( and her) club’s situation then please let’s have hundreds more like her joining the battle to rid NUFC of it’s odious owner for good.

      • kingfisher

        Fair play morry I stand corrected. I Just thought it strange that she did’nt know how to pronounce Benitez.Even Radio Newcastle picked up on it.

        • Ron

          Yeah – her pronounciation deflated the speech, but not the action or the effect – good on her.

  • Alex

    Ashley and Bishop will have something up their sleeve, and be formulating a plan.

    In itself, that doesn’t worry me. The concern is that the media and especially the sheople, will, for the umpteenth time, swallow it, and take their feet off the protest pedal.

    Do that, and momentum is lost again. This time, it has to go large and be maintained.

  • Peaky

    Hypocrites…Sky Sports & their billions are part of the problem..

    • Leazes.

      Sky have just handed the club £129m to invigorate the squad not Ashley’s MASH account….. any wonder they might be having second thoughts about backing him like their reporter David Craig friend of Keith Bishop? That money was to put on a show was it not?

      • Peaky

        Every screw from every conceivable angle needs to be turned to its tightest now….will it bother him ??? I don’t know….look at how he laughed and sniggered at that parliamentary investigation.

        • Leazes.

          He was uncomfortable and needed Bishop to hold his hand.

          • Peaky

            Somebody needs to hold him by the throat.

          • porciestreet

            Or, just run the fat git over……simples…!

          • panther

            youd need an abrahams tank

          • panther

            take you a while to get past the chins

          • Peaky

            Aye you’re right…..what’s that old joke….he could never play the violin cos he wouldn’t know what chin to put it under…..something like that anyway.

      • Peaky

        I read an article yesterday where The Times business pages compared him to Kim Jong Un…..he complained to the press commission…..they didn’t overturn/reverse the comments….this was sept 2017 I believe.

        • Leazes.

          hahahaha….. which one made the complaint ….Trumps mate?

          • Peaky

            😂😂😂 it goes on to say something like they share a similar rotundness….

        • Kneebotherm8

          I heard Kim Jong Un put a complaint in to the press commission………on the grounds of defamation of character being compared to Ashley…..

      • Lord

        That’s a great point. Backed up by the Man City televised game last year which riled the pundits and not the sort of ‘entertainment’ Sky are paying for.

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Hopefully it’s just the start, every little helps & we’ll see what fatty does to respond or what guff he’ll spout

  • ghostrider

    I hope Ashley doesn’t cave in and just carries on doing what he’s doing.
    This club is in now way in trouble. It is not in bad shape at all.
    It’s revamping on a sensible foundation.

    Newcastle United (if we keep up the sensible way we deal) will become a catalyst for other clubs to follow and survive.
    It seems only Ashley can see he’s flogging a dead horse when it comes to ousting the elite clubs.

    Other clubs are just going for it but there’s very few spaces for so called success.
    I’m fairly happy with the squad and now a few have left, I’ll wait with excitement to see who we bring in to take their places, on sensible transfer fees and wages.

    • Dean reay

      So where would you rather be fighting the relaxation battle every year ,this idiot has ruin this club .And he’s not brave enough to stand up and speak out why.rafa would be happy to stay if he had the money to buy players who would give us a chance to win something but to hold him to ramson to sign a contract 1st is delirious.

      • ghostrider

        So he’s ruined the club has he?
        11 years he’s been at this club.
        2 championship titles = massive excitement.
        A 5th placed finish and very nearly a champions league place…but Europa anyway.
        And as it stands present day,we start a new season coming having finished 10th in the PREMIER league and are in the process of adding to the squad with players who will likely get plenty of game time…unlike those who were shipped out.

        I don’t see anywhere where he’s ruined this club but I definitely do see a steady run club that works economically.

        • workid

          Haha 2 championship titles are a joke mate, we should have never been in that division to begin with. I can only imagine you’re acting the way you are because you want to stand apart from the moaners on here. Fact is though, it’s not ‘economical’ it’s pathetic when we’re outspent by teams that have 20k capacity stadiums.

          We’re not asking to sign Ronaldo, but if Everton spend 50m on a player and Wolves spend 30m on a player, how can you possibly be happy with us scraping around for loans and free transfers?

          Every team in the league has broke their transfer record in the last 3 years except one. Us. Ours goes back to before Ashley arrived.

          • Kneebotherm8

            Aye…………he’s mentioned these “exciting” championship title winning seasons before on this site………he’s a fckn deluded halfwit man………

          • TheFatController

            Well, only an idiot like him would mention the two championship titles brought by Hughton and Rafa, which only reminds fans that, like they themselves do, Hughton and Rafa hate Ashley too.

            So he’s really doing Ashley down when he thinks he’s bigging him up. What a sap that ghostrider is.

          • Kneebotherm8

            👻🏇 is a 🛎🔚

          • ghostrider

            Don’t get mixed up with 20k capacity stadiums against a 52,000 stadium in the belief that we have to better those teams, because that’s the bad way to think and to go about it.

            We finished 10th last season beating many teams who spent much more than we did.
            It’s about getting value for money and also players of that value wanting to play and give 100% whilst bettering themselves.

            I think we do fine overall, in that.
            Many clubs are spending TV money and building a team with 30/40/50 plus million players and those are not even the elite clubs.

            That creates massive wages and also mercenaries in many cases when things don’t go as planned…which they rarely do.

            Too many fans make the mistake of believing Newcastle United deserve to be playing higher than the best of the rest after the elite clubs are taken out of the equation.

            This club will soldier on and do what it does, as and when it does it…whether we wait another 10 years for a trophy or a champions league place…or we manage to do something by hard work and clever build.

            Who knows?…I don’t and yet I don’t care about that.
            All I care about is having a football club and a team that gives their all on the field, with a manager that is focused on giving his all to the club and to bettering what he has to work with.

            Anything extra is a welcome bonus.
            I still live in hope just like I’ve always done.

          • Headless

            20K capacity stadiums?
            If only! Bournemouth capacity 11,360 record signing £20M.
            The FCB always deflects criticism by saying “I can’t compete with Man City” despite the fact no sane Toon fan is asking for that.

          • Desree

            Everton fans must be praying for relegation this season so they can have a real shot at the Championship title next season! Ghost rider logic

        • Milo79

          He’s made a lot of very public apologies for a man who has done so much good for the club.

          2 relegations.

          The constructive dismissal of Kevin Keegan, with Ashley forced to pay £2m compensation, and his disgraceful treatment of Alan Shearer post-relegation.

          The sacking of Chris Hughton.

          Disability discrimination against Jonas Gutierrez; Ashley once again Ashley forced to pay compensation

          Numerous aborted attempts to sell the club.

          The failure to replace Alan Pardew with a manager, followed by the appointment of John Carver and a brush with relegation.

          The appointment of a succession of has-been managers who no self-respecting Premier League side would employ to cut the grass.

          Changing the stadium’s name to [email protected] and back again.

          I could go on.

          • ghostrider

            Some of what you say is very valid and I agree.
            Other stuff is not so cut and dried.
            However, I will say that Ashley has been a lot of things in his tenure, ranging from very good to very bad to as naive/gullible and as green as the grass he oversees at St.James’ Park.

            He’s not the only owner to do so and is in a majority of them that do all kinds of stuff in similar circumstances.
            The problem is, it doesn’t stand out to us fans because us fans deal with our own issues.

            As for the squad being weaker than last season. All that were sold hardly ever played, so it’s hardly weaker.
            Plus the window is not closed, so your point is far from valid.

          • fogghat

            you have some valid points mate but overall MA is bad for NUFC. Why protect him?

          • ghostrider

            I’m not protecting him. I’m in no position to protect him and he does not require my input. He’s capable of looking after himself, clearly.

            However, if you think he’s bad for NUFC then that’s your opinion and I accept it.
            My opinion is, he’s good for the club but he’s not good for the majority of fans of the club.

            Many of my friends support Newcastle United and the odd few support Sunderland and Hartlepool.

            Do you know that both sets of supporters of Sunderland and Hartlepool are excited for the new season. Imagine that?

            I’m excited for the New season with Newcastle….but many are not, or they make out they’re not and would rather spend their time making or being part of some banner and movement to rid the club of an owner without actually knowing what’s around the corner.

            How naive is that?
            How much does that stink of bitterness and sheer stubbornness to their own faces when they relive it of their own nose?

            People ant Ashley out but they never say exactly what they really want.
            All you get is, “just an owner who cares about the club.”…..Or ” Someone who will give the fans the players they deserve.”
            What players do they deserve?

            What do the fans really want?

            Let’s start with you.
            In all honestly what do you want from Ashley, bearing in mind he is not obliged to dip into his own personal fortune?

          • fogghat

            On balance I think he’s bad for football as a whole. For NUFC he’s walking arsenic. If we only look at his record on relegation you can see that. Etc etc etc so on and so forth.

          • ghostrider

            I think he’s good for football.

          • fogghat

            Silly boy!

          • panther

            it is if we get any injuries

        • TheFatController

          The main influence on one of those championship titles and the 10th place finish is leaving and it will be impossible to replace that influence he brings.

          Disaster usually follows with Ashley. It’s what he does well.

          • ghostrider

            There is no disaster and never has been in Ashley’s reign.
            There’s been plenty of downs and ups and inbetweens, like most clubs.
            Most clubs would love to be in our position.

          • panther

            no just downs

        • MancToon

          Oh yeah, massive, massive excitement.
          It was just as exciting getting relegated as well, wasn’t it?

          You’re an absolute melt.

          • ghostrider

            Can you recall certain clubs that beat off relegation on the final day of the season?
            Can you remember what the atmosphere was like for the fans of those clubs?
            And you think that’s not excitement?
            You also don’t think winning a championship title is excitement?

            We’ve been much more lucky than most teams.
            The issue for some fans is….they want the hard cornet with the flake in and hundreds and thousands sprinkled on for bragging sake.

            It’s such a shame that people cannot get excitement from their club unless everything is in the high stakes.

        • panther

          2 relegations, could easily have been 2 more,selling all the decent players and keeping the money, hes done very well for Mike Ashley

    • MancToon

      How on earth can you defend this man?

      You’re either a SMB (likely)
      One of his PR Puppets (just as likely)
      Someone who has never been to a game and just like to disagree with anyone and everyone (most likely)

      How can you say our club is “revamping on a sensible foundation”??

      What is sensible about how ‘our’ club is run??

      Okay, we’re not in financial trouble, but tell me another premier league club that is?

      People are breaking transfer records left, right and centre, and we’re struggling to get freebies or loan.

      Under Ashley (apart from that one season) we have consistently struggled in the premier league.
      We don’t deserve to be there, we don’t deserve to be winning anything.
      What we deserve is an owner that cares about his club. Ambition. Not just running it on a shoestring budget and ‘hoping’ for best.
      Those days are long gone. Even Stone are spending £12 million on player, in the championship!

      Ashley is in no way helping our club to be ambitious. He’s stagnated us, and undermining an elite manager.

      He does not care about ‘our’ club, all he cares about is a bottom line.

      That’s great for business, but you also need to have a passion for w club to do well. Ashley has none.

      You’re saying you want him to stay because we’re on a sound financial footing? You think him selling up will mean we won’t be?

      Don’t be so naive.
      Don’t be so daft

      • ghostrider

        If Ashley leaves this club we will need someone like him or better to keep it afloat and fighting as it has been for 11 years under him…regardless of skin of the teeth relegations.

        All those clubs that are trying to keep up with the elites by spending massively, will suffer the consequences and fallf rom grace.
        They will be replaced by other wannabe clubs who will suffer the same fate….and so on and so on.

        As for us?
        Under Ashley we can benefit from this.
        Without him…who knows?

        • Shipcote Willy

          Do you think you will have a triple relegation or can your new manager save you?

        • panther

          wont be hard to find anyone better

    • Wor Lass

      You`ve obviously decided to ramp up your trolling activities. I don`t really believe in blocking people because – although you, for example, are obviously malevolent and quite deranged – sites like these need a full range of views to stimulate debate. And it`s funny reading your pathetic attempts to wind everyone up. If I did believe in blocking people you`d be number one on my list. Even ahead of Clarko!

      • ghostrider

        You feel free to do whatever you wish. I will continue to put my opinions across and I won’t have a clue who’s blocking me.
        You and others seem to waste a lot of time saying this stuff.
        Just argue the point….or don’t.

        • Wor Lass

          If I did block you then presumably I`d be blocking Clarko at the same time? happy days!

          • ghostrider

            Try it.

      • MP01

        Don’t be forgetting the good old Monk!!!

    • Shipcote Willy

      Stick to your own team, you’ve got plenty problems of your own.

    • Tony English

      Blimey…let me pick out your key words…

      “carry on…sensible…sensible…survive…fairly happy…sensible”


      Let me give you these words…


      Not really much to ask is it?

      • ghostrider

        When does progression cease to be progression for Newcastle United?
        What growth are you talking about?
        Develop what?
        Invest as in what?
        We all have hope no matter what.
        We do compete, we finished 10th the season after winning the championship title.
        I am always proud to be a Newcastle United fan and the players seem to play with pride, generally.

        • Tony English

          Can you not look back at your previous post impartially and see that all the stepping stones in your post which I highlighted are pedestrian?

          “carry on doing what he’s doing…sensible…sensible…survive…fairly happy…sensible” ….can you really not see that?

          I don’t need to specify the areas of change my list of key words refer to, I offer them as an example of everything your post is not…mobile.

          The path at the club needs to be active and ambitious to inspire the current squad and manager, and attract new talent (established and developing) which will in turn give us real hope as fans, and something to be truly proud of.

          • ghostrider

            Ambitious is an easy word to use but you have to know what you’;re using it for and how it comes about to be so,w here Newcastle United (in this case) is concerned.
            You see, I always have hope and

          • Tony English

            Did you drop your phone down the netty half way through that po….

          • ghostrider

            Did y….

  • Billmag

    As much as I dislike Sky they do need to see teams try to improve their product for the amount of money they are shelling out, something our fat slob of an owner is not interested in as long as he gets all the money and advertisement.

  • Steven05

    Chi Onwurah – Thank you 👍

    This needs to gather as much momentum as possible

    • Phildene

      A huge thank you Chi Onwurah for speaking up for NUFC fans-it’s greatly appreciated.

    • Leazes.

      A big ‘welldone’ to the Wallsend lass!

  • Shipcote Willy

    Is this a one off from Sky or have they seen the light ? I am not convinced and feel another Ashley ‘interview’ with Craig coming on, certainly before the season starts. He will blame Rafa for the impasse by not signing his contract, put money on it.

    • Leazes.

      Ashley still has good fiends in Mark Douglas and Lee Ryder….. when they are up against flack they start to detract from the issues so you will see more articles about Supermac’s hatred of Gordon Lee and John Gibson will be dragged out of hibernation to write something disparaging about the regime which ends up being another ramble about SuperMac…..

      …. so its SuperMac from now on I’m afraid…. is it really only 42 years since we sold him?…. time for another recap of his glorious debut for the club we haven’t had one for months. He sits next to John Gibson at the home games you know.

      • Wor Lass

        We sold Macdonald for Cannell, doo da, doo da
        We sold Macdonald for Cannell, doo a , doo da day.
        Still my favourite!

        • Leazes.

          We got Tudor from Sheffield and Hibbit from Leeds,
          MacDonald from Luton and Smith Aberdeen,
          But we got the greatest the world’s ever seen,
          We bought him from Blackpool his name’s Tony Green!

          • Wor Lass

            WHAT a player!

      • Shipcote Willy

        The criticism of Ashley did not last long. Now saying Rafa needs to sign new contract for club to progress.

      • Desree

        hahahaha – love it Leazes – maybe we need the three legends on board. What is the toe sucker up to these days?

  • 501ninedarter

    Sorry but why would this influence him, more hope than substance. If we could take down SD then we could bring pressure to bear but this is nothing to MA.

  • Down Under Mag

    The man has hide as thick as a rhino, he will not even flinch at this. Why would anyone who is happy to exploit child labour, zero-hour contracts and still getting free publicity care what a bunch of fans or media outlets think? Fans of other clubs will continue to buy his cheap tat, he will continue to asset strip the club and as long as things are making him money rather than costing him money he won’t care at all. That is the sad part…unless he wants to go, he won’t go…no amount of fan protests will make any difference.

    • Megatron1505

      He does not have thick skin, he is a petulant child and has shown as much many times.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    So the game is up ?
    Well someone needs to inform Mr Ashley who couldn’t give a monkeys what the public opinion of him is.
    Don’t forget that this is the man who thumbed his nose up to parliament when they asked him to attend hearings.
    He just didn’t turn up and precious little was done about it so what will this latest stuff achieve ?

    • Megatron1505

      Except he clearly does give a monkeys what people think of him, as he has shown many many times.

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        Not that much !

    • The Newt

      While he doesn’t care about the public opinion, he does care about money. Sports Direct’s twitter account being attacked continually and choosing not to tweet is a HUGE win. His business is all he cares about, hit him in the pocket and he has to do something.

  • Big Hairy Man

    Whenever an article criticising Ashley is published out come the trolls to provoke a reaction. They are neither NUFC fans or even Ashley supporters (let’s face it you can’t be both). I have decided to take Leazes’ advice and do some blocking. The site is so much more pleasant without Fleckman, Monkseaton, Ghostrider etc.

    • Leazes.

      You can bet your boots that when a new impetus to attack Ashley gets underway you will get new names or old names posting…. look out for them with under 10 posts….

      ….If they back Ashley then it’s the same three individuals in most cases or occasionally some of the regulars at ‘a love supreme’ doing a wind up! Kevin, David and Brian Lee.

      The guy who does the ‘Sid James’ thing was on television years ago with his ‘joke’ which he finds bloody hilarious…. Our Stadium shares the name James with the carry on star who died on stage at the Sunderland Empire.

      Yup its at this time they jump in!

      If anyone says they are a supporter of Ashley…well its not true, they are attempting through multiple names to bend journalists into taking middle stance with protesters.

      Douglas and Ryder at the chronicle are constantly in their sights because they are bendable and fans of other clubs.

      • Big Hairy Man

        For the couple of months I have been posting on here I have been fighting with them but now I have seen the light. That’s what they want, that’s their raison d’être. Best to just block them and hope they go away.

        • Leazes.

          Just keep reminding people, every time a new name appears.

          • Wezza

            Sofar the list goes:

            Fleckman, Clarko, MonkseatonMagpies, Ghostrider, VodkaMagpie, Nut, ComeandTakeIt1836, Mark Potter, funlovingexpress, Jonathan Gibson, Martin Rooney, Ben Jones, Rob Brown, mentalman.

            If anyone can add to the list?

      • Superdooperhooper

        The sid James thing leaves me baffled. He comes on once in a while and says ‘what a carry on ‘ and loads of people upvote him. They’re easily pleased aren’t they ?

    • Ba ba.

      100%”correct they are total helmets

  • East Durham Mag

    Fatty will not care one jot and will just be more malevolent and spiteful.

    • nufcslf

      Much closer to the truth. Needs an empty ground snd that will not happen. There might be a tacky film in there somewhere, ‘Carry on Fatso’

  • Ba ba.

    May be just maybe the tide is starting to turn and the fat gimp will do the decent thing keep the faith… Ashley out.!

    • Desree

      By signing a 3m defender? we paid that for phillipe albert in 1994 and 4m for Warren Barton, Marcelino was 6m 20 years ago!

      • Ba ba.

        I’m on about the attention sky and other media outlets are giving us about our plight not on the poor transfers

  • Geordie-7676

    Everyone stop panicking….he has clearly seen the error of his ways…..LIVE UPDATE FROM KEITH DOWNIE – NUFC Have triggered the £3million release clause for Deportivo defender Fabian Schar!

    Wonder how many slazenger underkegs he had to flog for that!

    • Wor Lass

      He really has changed. He would never have got Lascelles` replacement lined up so soon in the past.

      • Fireman Sam

        Is that Mbembas replacement

        • Wor Lass

          Ha ha! Hopefully that`s all it is – plus cover for Lejeune if his injury is more serious.

  • arron

    Im a Liverpool fan and i think all the grief Ashley is getting is justified. don’t no why certain Newcastle fans stick up for him. he doesn’t spend the TV or transfer money received. and there is no progression… If it wasn’t for Rafa Newcastle would be in trouble big time.. and you would still have fans saying it’s not Ashley’s fault he is a bad Apple and Newcastle as a big club with a fantastic stadium and fans deserve more shocked ppl still have his back… Back rafa or he will walk what a great manager but he won’t stay

    • Toonrobbybobson

      Great to have support from other clubs fans!

    • Desree

      I am still reeling from 4-3, F3ck off scouser!

      • arron

        Go f3ck yourself was only saying Rafa will do great things at Newcastle given the chance and backing if ash doesn’t back him he will walk then what and who comes in to do a better job or even a close job with no dough

    • Leazes.

      Nobody is sticking up for him….. we have a few trolls on here who do wind -ups…. they aren’t our fans!

    • Fireman Sam

      We don’t think they are fans, they are paid trolls and mackems.

    • TheFatController

      The biggest shame is that both clubs thrive on a manager who gets into the rhythm of community and fans, and both have that currently, but only one isn’t being secured with backing and trust.

      I don’t follow Klopp too closely but you can tell he isn’t missing out on a variety of fan feedback channels and also with a nod towards heritage.

      It takes a personality with broad shoulders, steely determination and empathy combined to do that. A Hodgson or McClaren just can’t bring that charisma with the ability too.

      Once you have that alchemy, you hold onto it, nurture it, if you’re a smart owner.

      Not all owners are smart.

  • Toonrobbybobson

    Sky need to feel some pain from this. They have supported gleefully his regime and peddle his toxic lies time after time. NUFC fans are some of their best paying punters. They should be careful. If they wheel out some PR tripe like last year I will ditch Sky and have nothing to do with them.

  • Toonrobbybobson

    On another note… this Lejeune injury… Smacks of Rafa trying to stop him being sold. Sevilla have been sniffing about and Ashley would have taken a quick flip on him. If hes injured it goes away.

  • Desree

    20 years ago, if we signed a player for 3m the odds are they would be average. Now I am hearing we are signing a superstar at 3m. Fans are easily appeased, Facundo Fereira was talked up to be some class act.

    • Mxpx

      Not going to pretend he’s a world beater but he scored 21/30 for shaktar donetsk last season so he’s considerably better than the hoss

  • Desree

    It amazes me how one cockney has the Geordie Nation acting like a bunch of pussy cats

    • Leazes.

      He’s a cowardly kid… smashes the windows and runs away!

    • Fireman Sam

      It will amaze me if he gets away with it

  • Stew

    He wanted £400M for the club – this season he won’t spend – he’ll make £30M in sales plus the TV money so he will sell next year having achieved his original asking price
    But he will still get 52000 moaning mugs going every week

    • Westdentoon

      Guess I’m one of those moaning mugs then..along with my 6 year old son who has just got his first season ticket and can barely hold his own p*ss with excitement.
      Sorry like but as much as it has hurt me shelling out for two season tickets under this owner, why the F*ck should I let a fat cockney barstool ruin that for my son. I still remember my first match at his age and there ain’t a cat in hells chance I’m prepared to sit and wait in hope he f*cks off.

      • nufcslf

        Only helping his cause by going. Empty ground and ptotests outside it every match day would shift the fat c**t in a hurry because of the media attention it would get. Never going to happen and that is very sad to let such a sack of sh*t get away with being such a pysh taker for more than a decade.

        • Westdentoon

          I’m all for organised mass boycott of certain games in protest, but staying away long term just makes us look like a poorly supported club, like them down the road & don’t believe fans that choose to go should be made the villains, after all this is down to one man only.
          Just my opinion. I respect yours.

          • nufcslf

            I do respect your point of view and although I do now live in Vancouver, Canada, I still debate with my dad that there is no sodden way that I would step foot in Sports Direct Arena…he would…Fatty has ruined my passion for it all. My empty ground comment is based on the fact that all matches are being televised around the world and with a good reason wouldn’t look like a poorly supported team, but fans standing up for a club that is being poorly run. He has effected the football and made it hard for any manager to put a decent side out that can compete for a whole season and not just 17th will do. On a more interesting note, I am from West Denton before being shipped off to Canada at 14. Enjoy the matches and have a go at the fat [email protected] for me…..

          • Derek Osborne

            It is not Sports Direct Arena, it is St James’s Park

          • nufcslf

            It’s actually ‘St. James’ Park’, but for as long as the that fat c**t upstairs is around it is Sports Direct United that play at Sports Direct Arena. Have you not seen all of the poxy tacky signs everywhere……..

          • Derek Osborne

            well said sir

          • Pablo Diaz


        • Pablo Diaz

          Target Slime Direct rather than the club we support and want our kids to support (they wont if we dont take them for a decade or more)

          • nufcslf

            If those that do go at least let the fat get know he is a leech, then fine. Nothing is said, the football because of lack of investment is shocking most weeks and hardly worth watching on telly never mind paying for. I simply can’t get behind his sh*t cause and won’t until he is gone. Still where my toon tops with pride only knowing none of them have been bought while that fat c**t gets the money. He needs to go before I ever buy anything or even consider ever stepping foot in what used to be my second home. Right now it is the only thing I have any passion left in me for, because his club at present just isn’t worth the effort.

      • Derek Osborne

        well said

      • I Think Therefore I Am, Will

        And that at times is part of the conundrum!
        I’ve often thought about this when I first went, under similar conditions, as there’s been several bad times, tbh I wouldn’t change it, regardless of who owns.
        You have to do what’s right for you, a right of passage, and I hope you both have a great day, sod the politics for now 😉
        Thus goes to show exactly how he’s got many by ⚽”s.

  • Albert Stubbins

    The net is closing in fatso- your time is nearly up. Lets all stay united and give it to him at every opportunity. His hate for us and exploitation of our club will not be tolerated any longer.

  • Greg Armstrong

    Protests, smear campaigns, petitions to parliament against the man who controls the money. Great strategy. I’m sure Mike’s really feeling the love and can’t wait to hand over 200 million for a spending spree.
    Here’s a question. Would you rather he got out for good or threw money at it and stayed for the foreseeable future? Because it seems to me that idiotic activist websites like this and the fans that follow them don’t seem to know what they want. If he is planning to get out then he is going to expect the club to function under its own resources until a buyer is found. Any sane person would not throw money at something they are trying to get out of.
    The problem is…….open hostility and a toxic atmosphere inside the stadium from fans who lose their minds whenever they think there is not enough money being spent is unlikely to attract many buyers.
    I surely hope you clueless lot are the minority.

    • Pablo Diaz

      Are you for real or employed by the other lizard Keith Bishop? Ashley has already refused the money he PROMISED in his Sky Sports interview *facepalm*

      There is literally nothing less he could do and you call everyone clueless. You are a fake lizard Bishop propaganda account or otherwise the real clueless.

    • I Think Therefore I Am, Will

      ‘any sane person would not throw money at something they are trying to get out of ‘

      This is already the problem of which has been the same policy year after year, so he’s doing that anyway, of which we shouldn’t notice the difference.
      Ah diddums, let’s not eek, scary or frighten poor Mr Ash💩, as we could all just be the feeble pasties he’s wanting, and allow him to disrespect the fans, as well as erode the club to such an extent that’s happened, but no please don’t scare him, or even worse rock the boat!
      I’ve posted this before, several members of my family (& few mates) are mackems – like some Toon fans, they give up their season tickets a few years back, because the happenings at their club, now they’ve renewed their season tickets immediately upon the sale, shrugged their shoulders with their worsening predicament, and have said they feel part of the club again, and getting on with it smiling, even tho each season unlike Newcastle, they had ambition and would give the likes of cups a go.
      It’s a horrific scary thought as that could well be Newcastle, but at last, theoretically, they have the club back!?!

      So everyone has their own level they take strife up to.
      Some would prefer the mackems position; and Newcastle without the odious goit, others wouldn’t, but at least the growing momentum is showing that we the fans do actually have fight!

  • Tony English

    “Exactly how uncomfortable Mike Ashley is feeling at the moment with the stirrings of protest amongst Newcastle fans, is anybody’s guess”

    Ok, I’m “anybody”, let me guess…he has his feet up, is feeling well fed, rich, probably a bit drunk, he’s had his pudding, and he feels very, very comfortable. So NOT uncomfortable at all.

    “Maybe the most humiliating one for Mike Ashley so far though, will be the sight of his shameful running of Newcastle United being so publicly challenged in the House of Commons on Tuesday”

    The most humiliating one? Seriously? A man who has no respect for parliament feels humiliated by an MP? Whilst we all agree NUFC is part of the fabric of life, Newcastle has had a 48.8% drop in government funding for council services since 2010 – I appreciate her efforts, but surely every working minute of Chi Onwurah’s time should be spent fighting that battle?

    If she want’s to criticise Ashley she can come on here on her time off and be accused by Leazes of being a troll from Manchester like every other newbie.

    • I Think Therefore I Am, Will

      I agree to a certain point, after all you don’t get where he has with not being think skinned etc, but where I hope to perhaps see a difference is in the hope that all sales across all his platforms are hit, then again he’ll face the gruelling of Shareholders, which apparently he loathes with utter discontent, gotta be some pleasure in that somewhere.

      • Tony English

        It’s a fine balance, we obviously have to make our displeasure known but the worry is his bloody mindedness makes him dig in deeper and gives him another reason to keep the club on a drip feed.

        Personally I think any vocal criticism of him, be it on bedspreads or chants or online, that highlights his weight or place of birth, allows voices in the media to take the focus off his record and spin the story into “they don’t like cockneys up there”.

        We need to get away from the school playground insults, they only muddy the issue and turn the camera on the fans when the spotlight should be firmly on the finances and his under investment.

        He should be judged, not us.