Kenedy has been speaking about his return to St James Park.

The winger transformed Newcastle as an attacking unit in the final four months of last season.

Scoring twice and getting two assists in 13 games was a decent return but more than that, at last the Magpies had a player once again who was prepared to run at the opposition.

Having that threat/outlet, undoubtedly helped the whole team play better football and get the results that brought Premier League safety with still over a month of the season to go.

The likes of Diame and Shelvey in particular looked much better players with Kenedy in the side.

After being confirmed on a new one year loan on Thursday morning, the Brazilian has been explaining why he was so keen to come back to NUFC.

By the sounds of it, this transfer was agreed in principle far earlier this summer, judging by what Kenedy has to say here.

Kenedy speaking to NUFC TV:

“I’m so happy to come back to my second home.

“When the club showed an interest in me again and the call came, as the Brazilian expression goes: ‘O bom filho a casa torna’…’The good son will always come home.’

“Everyone likes the movie (Goal) and because there is the connection with Newcastle, I was asked about that a lot. But it’s a beautiful history and now I know already more about the club. I’m more familiar with it and I have been learning more about it during the close season.

“I got through difficulties in Brazil (when I was younger), fighting for my position and my place and today I’m so happy.

“But I’m still young (22) and expect to achieve many more things in my career.

“Newcastle is a club I identified with quickly. Everyone treated me well and I feel so good.

“It feels like family, it feels like home, so that’s why I say it feels like my second home.

I am so happy with this interest from Rafa Benítez, that he came back for me.

“I want to keep it going, the work that I did here before, for the new season.

“I have received many, many messages on social media from the fans.

“They were saying ‘come back, come back.’

“They made me feel appreciated and I was so glad to hear that and feel the love and passion from the fans towards me.

“So I aim to come here in this new season and give everything on the pitch and keep the work going from the season before.

“It’s better now because I have time to do a pre-season. I can work hard, and like last season, we have a good group.

“The guys are together and fight for the results but now I have more time to prepare with them and know them better.

“I expect to do a very good season, I will give everything.

“It’s a new challenge, a new season, a new opportunity.

“I am so motivated to make it like last season.

The Premier League is a big competition and it’s a new beginning for me at the club.”

  • Wor Lass

    Good lad! I hope he can fulfil the promise he showed last season. Having a full pre-season and being involved from the start should help. Now let`s get a proper striker.

    • TheNutJob

      Fulham have just signed Seri from Nice £25m, makes you wonder why we can`t do that instead of the Fat Gringo pleading poverty all the time

      • Wezza

        Ambition. Something our regime of MA and Penfold will never have.
        I think we are in the severe spite mode of MA. All the abuse he has taken (and rightly so except death threats are wrong) has turned him even more spiteful. He is pocketing the lot and then some more. The greed is staggering.

        • TheNutJob

          he hates the Geordie`s

        • Mark Potter

          What has he pocketed? He takes no money from the club. The club spends nearly all of its income on buying players and paying their wages.

      • Ram Kishore

        They have signed two players and value for both the deals are undisclosed. Is it not nutty?

        • TheNutJob

          the fee`s are on the net,

          • Ram Kishore

            In bbc they weren’t reported but yeah just checked Skysports live.. they report combined cost of the both is 30 million +.. that’s some big deal..
            Hope they sign Mitro soon

      • Vodkamagpie

        They don’t have a squad of highly paid players. It’s got nothing to do with transfer fee upfront, it’s wages over a 5yr contract

    • Monkseaton Magpies

      Yes totally agree as good as he was he was never a ninety minute player as he was always a bit off the pace to last a full game.

      • TheNutJob

        did you get that info, he`s in the Hilton Gatesheed & they have lifts

  • Leazes.

    What a load of sickly drivel.

  • Leicester Mag

    What a shame there isnt a Brazilian saying the fat barsteward will soon leave

  • TheNutJob

    sacre bleu, Fulham going potty, spent over £30m this morning on two players, hope they have enough dosh to pay for Mitro

    • glassjawsh-got-banned

      that’s already more than we’ll spend the entire window… Can’t compete with either Wolves or Fulham, your move Cardiff.

  • Salty

    Our form after Christmas had us top 6 if I remember right. We now have that same team again so with just a couple of additions (a 9 and 10) we can consolidate top half and be looking higher.