Claims in early June that Mike Ashley wouldn’t give Rafa Benitez any transfer funds unless he signed a contract extension first, were seen at the time as just further invented media speculation.

However, with only 18 days to go until transfer deadline day, and Newcastle currently showing a profit in the transfer window, fans are thinking now that maybe this was one press story with a grain of truth in it.

Rafa Benitez has went public in the last week in seeming to back up this story further, confirming there is no money available to him to buy his targets unless some of his current players are sold first.

The launch of the #IfRafaGoesWeGo Newcastle fans protest campaign has only intensified the spotlight on the (lack of) transfer action and on the NUFC owner’s ridiculous approach to (mis)managing the running of a football club.

Little surprise then to see this ‘exclusive’ appear on Sunday morning, with many Newcastle fans already putting it down as the work of Ashley’s PR man Keith Bishop.

The Sun are the ones with this ‘exclusive’, claiming that all Rafa Benitez needs to do to get a “£100m war chest” is to sign a new three year contract.

The thing is, even if this ‘exclusive’ had/has some substance, when you actually read the story, it doesn’t even add up to a major leap in ambition.

The report doesn’t claim Rafa would get £100m to strengthen the squad now if he agrees a contract extension, instead Mike Ashley would supposedly allow him to spend £100m over the course of the next three years.

So that would amount to an average of £33m per season, or £16.6m per transfer window, plus whatever he raises through sales of players.

The ‘exclusive’ conveniently leaving out the fact that even player sales don’t see Mike Ashley playing fair with his managers, the owner insisting on other clubs paying in instalments over a period of years when they buy a player from NUFC, meaning only a fraction of the money is paid up front and would be available to Rafa for instant team strengthening.

Only yesterday The Chronicle reported that Ashley had no intention of changing that stance and when Mitrovic leaves for £20m or so, the transfer fee will as usual be paid instalments, leaving Rafa Benitez with only a small part of that £20m fee to reinvest.

Rafa Benitez has been at Newcastle United for 28 months now and in that period of time the outside (football) world has seen an unprecedented increase in the level of transfer fees, despite this Rafa has delivered a profit on transfer fees in and out for Mike Ashley.

Yet still he isn’t willing to allow the manager to spend any money unless raising even more first.

The Sun:

RAFA WAR CHEST Newcastle to give Rafa Benitez £100m transfer kitty and three-year deal if owner Mike Ashley persuades him to stay

Spaniard  is being pressed to sign after a summer stand-off that saw him work under severe cash restraints

MIKE ASHLEY will offer Rafa Benitez a three-year contract and a transfer war chest of more than £100million.

The Newcastle owner is pressing his manager to sign after a summer stand-off that has seen Benitez work under severe cash restraints.

Ashley is keen to end the dispute by getting the Spaniard to sign a fresh deal through until 2021.

And he is sweetening the offer with the promise of a major spend over the length of that contract.

Suspicion is so high on the Benitez side that he is yet to commit — despite the current state where Ashley will let him spend money only from sales.

If he does not sign this summer, it will leave him in a position where he is likely to run down his deal and get no further cash injections.

  • TheNutJob

    more Fake News

  • Paul Patterson

    It’s from The Sun.
    You’ve even got to check the date on the front of that paper just in case it’s wrong . .

    • Toontaff

      They should put Ashley and Charnley on page 3……….Be the biggest pair ever seen on there.

  • Toonrobbybobson

    Its complete bs because if £100m was available they would spend it and Rafa would stay. Pretty simple. Only reason it isnt happening is because Ashley does not want to give £100m and never will.

    More chance of Sunderland being promoted to the Premier League this season.

    Must think everyone is an idiot.

  • Dillon Tovak

    What a joke.

    Aren’t we due instalments from previous sales such as sissoko which should be bumping up our transfer kitty.

    • mentalman

      Townsend to

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Yea he he’ll no doubt spin it that we have to still sell to buy though

  • Damon Horner

    If Ashley was a man of his word Rafa would already be spending every penny generated, he must think everybody is gullible.

    • panther

      if he was a man of his world he would have sold up years ago, and would just be a distant nightmare

  • Billmag

    Wow £16ml per transfer window you could get 3 Joselu’s with that.

    • jack

      Yeah it’s not much when it’s spread over three years is it , Ashley’s a joke , more spin by Bishop

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    The Pig giving the thumbs up to Mugpie`s
    “We love you Mike banner”

  • ghostrider

    Speculation here and there and everywhere and no truth’s until the truth is clear to see.
    But let’s go with this claim of 100 million and the potential for Rafa that it’s not clear whether it’s 100 million for 3 years or this season.

    Does it matter?
    If so and it matters to Rafa (obviously having to assume we are dealing with a truth) then Rafa would be signing nothing until he had this guarantee that there would be more to follow in his contract….right?…….RIGHT?

    The man is cast out as super intelligent and leaves no stone unturned…..right?……RIGHT?

    So therefore fans would be better off just riding along with the speculation bandwagon and paying little attention to frenzy created by a small minority to gain a majority frenzy following.

    Just enjoy the transfer market and see what it brings….or doesn’t…but simply look forward to the new season and let’s see what we do.

    As people know, I’m not happy with Benitez and would see him leave in a heartbeat under this so called contract stance.
    For me, he either signs an extension or he stops whining about funds….because, no matter what fans think of him…he’s one man against a big club and he cannot be allowed to call the shots by blackmailing the owner into spending tens of millions or else he’ll just see out his contract.

    If anyone thinks that’s a man who’s dedicated to using his skill to build and who loves the club and fans, then fill your boots…but once you realise that nothing will ever be good enough for this man, who will always have an excuse for any failings to defect away from himself, then the sooner you will realise that it can be more dangerous to back someone like a messiah who can walk away leaving a mess, more than walking away leaving anything good.

    He’s paid big wages for the use of his ability to make players better and to build a squad without having to be handed quality on a plate…but work within the restraints of what the club work on.
    Simple as that and if he has any feeling for the club he’ll sign a contract to be that person…and employee…..EMPLOYEE that can stand loud and proud if he wants to show his mettle.

    You don’t need 30 million players all over the park to have a go. You build your own 30 million plus players and deal higher from that point….not from a semi dry kitty point, with no contingency plan for drying it out.

    I want a manager that commits to Newcastle United with what’s on the table, just as I want players to do likewise and give 100%…not matter whether they cost zero pence or 25 million pounds…etc.

    If Rafa can’t commit, then walk away and be a man and allow some manager to come in who will commit.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      Go do one, you idiot

      • ghostrider

        I’ll take it you disagree.
        Your digs are so mild they’re almost pleasant. Put some effort in.

      • Wezza

        Just block the troll, it infuriates them not getting noticed.

    • csh

      And what if Rafa wants quality to improve further? What is wrong with Rafa showing ambition? He shares the same dream we have – for NUFC to be competitive. The only guy who has his own agenda that doesn’t involve a successful club seems to be Mike Ashley. You live in a dreamworld if you think Ashley is doing right by us..

      • Mayor Vaughn

        Do not EVER use the word ambition when you talk about NUFC!
        It’s not on message.

      • Mayor Vaughn

        Ashley see’s no need to improve quality (Like every other team in the division) this squad finished 10th “easily”. He’ll gamble that with no real money spent, this same team will only drop 6 or 7 places and thus fulfil his only aim, to stay up.

        • Superdooperhooper

          I thought at the time ashley would use the tenth place as an excuse not to spend money . Might have been better if we’d finished 17th!

      • ghostrider

        There’s nothing wrong with Rafa showing ambition…but he’s not showing ambition in the right way, is he?
        He’s merely telling all and sundry that he has big ambitions and wants everyone to match his ambitions…as long as it doesn’t cost him anything.

        I wonder how big his ambition would be if Newcastle United was his club and he owned and managed.
        The saying for all is in, don’t judge someone until you walk a mile in their shoes.
        Rafa needs to walk that in Ashley’s to understand how far he can go without putting this club in jeopardy.

        Sign the contract and make his own ambitions work by doing what he’s paid to do, which is assemble a competitive squad which can hold it’s own, over time, on the field and also in terms of advancement in monetary terms to allow a sensible build without having to take cash on the hip risks to cater for shortcoming’s.

        Anyone can be ambitious with other people’s money.
        The problem is in people getting lost on what ambition means overall, because it does not mean sick spending to buy trophies and flouting rules.

        Ambition for me is to build your own model and watch it grow….not have off the peg ready to go players with a nest of other ready to go players to fill in for the hiccuping one’s…all on mammoth wages.

        • Mayor Vaughn

          “Watch it grow”! 10/11 years of Ashley and what exactly have we grown into?
          Your “Off the peg” comment may carry some credence if Ashley would even invest anything in the academy but guess what the cupboard is bare.
          20 clubs in the premier league and we are the ONLY club pleading poverty despite not spending a nut (net) for a decade.

          • ghostrider

            What’s wrong with the academy?

            Can you give me a basic rundown on all the major issues to do with the academy and explain why there are issues?
            Serious question this because I’d like to get the insider info on it all.

            As for us pleading poverty. I don’t think we are pleading poverty.
            What Ashley and co are doing, is simply saying that players need to be moved out to allow players to be brought in, in terms of like for like wage bills and obvious transfer cash being released in order to bring in those positions that require filling.

            The club is also basically saying to Rafa. Wheel and deal your way in that vein.

            It may have escaped you but we have already secured some signings.
            A goal keeper on a permanent contract along with a out or contract freebie on a permanent contract and likely decent wages, who would have maybe cost 6 or 7 million, at a guess…in Ki Seung.

            And also a season long loan player in Kenedy.

            3 players as it stands.
            Players shipped out are those that did not feature or rarely featured…so no real loss but fair gains as it stands.

            Also, Rafa is being told that he is not buying in overpriced players. I agree with this, because once you start to pay over the odds…you’re trapped into copying it and then…in short order….you’re on a downward spiral (potentially) with prices being cranked up more and more and players feeling like they can re-negotiate after 5 minutes on the job.

            Basically mercenaries.

          • Mayor Vaughn

            Sounds like you have all the insider knowledge you need.

          • ghostrider

            Can you answer it?

          • Mayor Vaughn

            The distinct lack of junior success answers it, the lack of home grown players anywhere near the first team answers it. Even the mackems and the smogs invest in academies and reap the rewards when young player come good. Ashley invests nothing, he isn’t interested.

        • TheFatController

          The other people’s money you refer to I actually the fans’ – who pay for attendance, other products, and sky packages.

          The majority seem fine with Rafa spending it, makes you wonder why Ashley has a problem. He owns the club, but really he’s a custodian of a public institution located in Newcastle.

          So Rafa is right to suggest we should look to maximise this institution’s potential, and Ashley is wrong to limit it to what’s in the best interests for him and his business empire.

          Logic. It must make you rage.

          • ghostrider

            Rafa has a right to spend whatever he wishes to spend if he is the one putting that money forward.
            Until then he has no authority to spend other people’s money.
            He also does not have the know how to spend the club’s money in between paying all the bills.
            He can suggest maximising the club’s potential as long as he knows what that is in terms of what the club can legitimately generate for him to do so.

            Isn’t that what’s happening?
            Or is this a case of Ashley’s got money stashed down his sock because someone saw it when he climbed a step?

            You see, there’s’s maximising potential and there’s chancing a jump to the death or down a ravine to be broken up beyond reasonable repair.

            Sunderland did that and the assembled workers are now trying to tack weld it all together and bodge up the remaining parts to paint it into something that resembles a fixed and properly working model.
            Only time will tell as to how well that turns out.

            As for us it’s a basic wash and brush up, carefully and we will be good to go.

        • I’ve got the ki

          Further than a 4m keeper, loan and a free transfer I would imagine. Don’t have to walk a mile in Mikey’s massive shoes to figure that one out…

          • ghostrider

            And how do you know we won’t go further?

    • Mayor Vaughn

      You basically want a yes man then!?
      A Pardew, Carver, McLaren, real top drawer talent.

      • Damon Horner

        Sounds like it. Our manager needs to fulfil a role while to get them to sign, the players need to feel loved and important. It has player power written all over it.

        • Mayor Vaughn

          The only role our manager needs to fulfil is finishing at least 17th in perpetuity.
          That is the entire job, all Ashley is interested in.

          • Damon Horner

            True, but the manager needs authority to even do that, if he has to sit down and shut up then he can’t guarantee the players respect. It’ll be like McLaren all over again.

      • ghostrider

        A yes man?
        I want a manager that works for the club and the fans, not for his own ego.

        • gordon

          “I want a manager that works for the club and the fans, not for his own ego.” And you put Pardew in this category!!?? Wow

        • TheFatController

          Well, that’s one view certainly, yes….

        • I’ve got the ki

          Defunitedly not Pardew, then.

    • Toontaff

      That sounds like a description of Alan Pardew!

      • ghostrider

        I have nothing against Alan Pardew.
        Wasn’t the best manager but certainly not the worst and did a reasonable job at Newcastle, pound for pound.

        • Mayor Vaughn

          Definition of a yes man.

          • ghostrider

            Like 99% of the entire working world.

    • Damon Horner

      As an employee, he has to take what the boss let’s him have (can’t ask for more) but despite being an employee he can’t leave lawfully at the end of his contract without it being blackmail? You have an interesting take on things, sounds like a dictatorship not employment.

      • csh

        Employers that want the best for their business actually listen to the employees. The people on the shop floor are the ones that are best placed to spot potential issues, improvements that could be made. It’s then up to the boss to decide if they wish to implement any advice given. Blind is the man that does not listen.

        • Damon Horner

          Absolutely, especially when that person was hired as a field expert, If Rafa is asking for something which can’t be done, compromise on it and explain it and devise the strategy going forward, Rafa hasn’t managed at the top level by “spending Daddy’s money”, he genuinely understands football.

      • ghostrider

        Nope, I mean he’s basically saying to Ashley that he won’t sign a contract unless he gets everything his way, or he’ll simply see out his contract and walk.
        If you think having a manager in who will not sign a contract is sensible and acceptable, then fair enough, but I think it’s dangerous to keep a manager with that mindset…because it stinks of ego and disrespect and disloyal mindset to the whole club set up, not just a dig at Ashley.

        • Damon Horner

          It’s all on professionalism, if Ashley didn’t trust him to be a professional then maybe he shouldn’t be offering a contract which he reportedly has.

          It tells me how objective you are when you talk about Rafa not signing a new contract only because he isn’t getting his own way, when in reality nobody knows what this his own way is in the detail but by default you are backing Ashley.

          I also know having a year left on his deal is overplayed when you consider the aforementioned professionalism and when you look at how many managers who started last season won’t start this season at the same club.

          • ghostrider

            I look at it from my point of view, which is not shared by the majority and that’s fair enough.
            I don’t have anything against Rafa on the whole. Nothing that can’t be easily rectified, anyway.

            A few simple changes on his part, as well as Ashley’s and we could be solid.
            But this is a case of ranking ego’s where the corporal believes the field Marshall can be beaten down with the aid of a group of privates.

            Therein lies the problem.

        • Mayor Vaughn

          Or maybe he just wants what he’s been promised in the past, once bitten and all that.

          • ghostrider

            What was promised in the past?
            Because my understanding was, he spent a good few weeks away with his lawyer and the club, ironing out all the details of his contract to favour him and the club. Amicable set up.

            Would this be correct?

            So therefore, if he wasn’t getting what he signed for then he could have taken Ashley to court and walked and got a massive payout.
            Why didn’t he?

            Love for the club?
            The city?
            The fans?

            Or maybe he got what he asked for and badly played his hand in the market and only recovering his rep by twisting on loans in January.
            He could have walked.
            He could walk now if all is above board with him and Ashley is wrecking the terms of the contract.
            Why isn’t he walking?

            It seems Ashley has the upper hand on the contract but the fans are being short changed by Rafa and Ashley bickering.

            Now here’s the major key.
            Fans want to stand side by side with Rafa and want Ashley out.

            Tell me which one can afford to run the club?

            It’s not Rafa, is it?
            He is paid to manage and coach the squad of players he has and brings in, with what is made available.
            His contract does not seem to dictate anything else, other than to basically do the job he’s paid to do.

            Managers come and go. Make a messiah out of one when they deserve it….not after 5 minutes at the helm.
            Rafa refusing a new contract tells me he’s a mercenary.

          • Mayor Vaughn

            Only one self serving mercenary in this scenario.
            You need to stop drinking the Kool aid.

          • TheFatController

            Doesn’t it make you angry that everyone loves Rafa?

            You hate him and yet are on your own? You’re born , you live, you die. And in that period you’re in this futile bubble where only you hate Rafa.

            How must that feel I wonder? To be so isolated? Surely even you just think ‘why am I so weird in this world that only I hate Rafa?’

            My point being, even if you were right on him, it must be terrifying to live in a world where only you are right.

            I can’t imagine thinking something and finding no one else at all agrees with my thoughts. I’d start to question my sanity at that point…

          • ghostrider

            I don’t hate Rafa. I just don’t like him whining and believing he is bigger than the club.

        • TheFatController

          Well, yes, that’s one view certainly…

    • Geordiegiants

      You are not a Newcastle fan!

      • jack

        He’s an idiot

      • ghostrider

        7?….8?…Just a guess that mind.

    • TheFatController

      I don’t understand your logic, sorry.

      Rafa should make his players better and then he wouldn’t need £30m players?

      Why then don’t the big 6 do that? Why doesn’t Pochetino, Pep and mourinho etc do it? They’re supposed to be great coaches. Yet they demand big transfer money? Go figure …

      Why do they need Fred at £60m, a £66m goalkeeper, Jorginho for £50m?

      Why do everton need players for £50m. Surely the coach is admitting he’s rubbish when they do that?

      Why do Fulham need £20m midfielders?

      You just buy cheap and coach them into a great PL team. Yet no one has had uncovered this piece of genius you are spouting. Funny that…

      • Rabid Dog

        His logic never stands up, ever. As soon as we develop a player worth anyrhing close to the 30 million he talks about we sell them. We’re never going to have a team of players worth anything like that. Ever.

      • ghostrider

        Those clubs have owners who are willing to splash cash and bend rules. Those managers come to those clubs because of that.

        Guardiola, Mourinho, Pocchetino, Klopp and all the rest of the money no object managers would all struggle to play up top under legitimate in house management constraints.

        One or two may do a fair job under those constraints but very few would do anything major on any regular basis like they do.

        As for Everton. They are another club who are trying to play among the elite money bag owners.
        5 minutes of fame they will likely get…if that.

        As for Fulham. Same again. Look at their owner.
        Fulham cannot afford to play in the high stakes without the owner…no matter what. They would die a death quite quickly or over a few seasons of struggle….yet them and Wolves can play merry-go-round ins and outs to mess with their squads because of their owners….until the fair play kills them off and the next mugs take over their mantle to have a go at keeping up with the Jones’s.

        I do not want a squad of overpaid mercenaries and trust me, that’s exactly what we will get if we dare to try and pay the price of hanging onto the coattails of the established elites…who are established because they’re allowed to be.

        • TheFatController

          Why would fair play kill off wolves and Fulham when their turnover is £150m?

          How do you know the top 6 coaches couldn’t manage well without big signings? Surely Rafa proved the top coaches can cut their cloth accordingly when he went into the championship and won it?

          Where is your proof that Everton couldn’t break into the top 6? they’ve only be had a new owner one and a half seasons.

          You really do like to state ‘facts’ and ‘certainties’ about the future – I presume because without pretending what you want to happen (but have no proof of) is bound to happen, you’d have a poorly thought out illogical argument.

          Which is exactly what you have

          • ghostrider

            Read it again.

          • TheFatController

            Ok, everyone has overpaid mercenaries who are very good at turning up for games and helping their club win them, some for years at the same club.

            What do you want instead of quality players making lots of money whilst performing professionally for their employers (or, as you term them, overpaid mercenaries)?

          • ghostrider

            I want players who are paid sensible wages.
            I want players who come on a sensible transfer fee, considering the silly market.
            I want a manager that can get the best out of them and make those players into top quality players and build from it.

        • Mirandinha9

          If Cashley pays the money, he’ll get the success for the club, though, fundamentally he doesn’t have the ambition or desire to have the success.

          • ghostrider

            Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham as 6 teams spending ridiculous amounts of money on wages alone, never mind the pathetic transfer fees.

            So what do Newcastle United have to spend to beat those to success…or are you thinking of a different success with less layout?

          • Mirandinha9

            Success, wholehearted success is when your hero Cashley is gone. How is Llambias these days, still running across a few pitches in his birthday suit?

          • ghostrider

            I don’t know how Llambias is. Do I need to know?

        • SuperDesHamilton

          What rules are they bending? Are the owners deliberately turning in club accounts 6 weeks late like our owner so he can doctor them to fit his own narrative?

          • ghostrider

            Don’t get all super honest about rule bending and late tax returns and pretend it only applies to Ashley.
            The whole world runs on it.
            But never try and push a fact when all you can do is best guess. Just say you are speculating about what is being doctored and that way it keeps it more real.

          • SuperDesHamilton

            Speculating? Just like exactly what you did.

            You really need your hard drive checked

          • ghostrider

            Good, so you admit that you’re speculating.

          • SuperDesHamilton

            Also can I ask, out of how many of the 20 premier league teams which ones returned their tax returns 6 weeks late?

          • ghostrider

            I’m not interested in how many or if any, whether it was 6 weeks late or 6 months.
            It doesn’t interest me…seriously.
            I don’t spend my time trying to slate Ashley’s financial dealings with his businesses …club or otherwise, because I simply don’t know what goes on behind the scenes to do that.
            What I will do is support whatever team is put on that pitch, which is all down to him and who he employs.

            By all means spend y7our time digging up anything you can to paint him in a bad light. I choose not to because I don’t believe he deserves it.

    • pedrodelgardo

      Mmmmmm tasty but dark.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Hello Keith bishop mate, didn’t know you posted on here

      • Wezza

        One of the Lee brothers. I think this is the dopey one.

        • SuperDesHamilton

          Hard to tell which ones thicker

    • gordon

      You and the other collaboraters drivel on and on about Ashley running the club like a business – fair enough. Now, please name me one other business in the world which continually shats on its customers.

      • ghostrider

        It depends what you mean by tishing on its customers.

  • Mayor Vaughn

    What an INCREDIBLE offer!!!!

  • Peaco

    I pray daily for Mike Ashley to suffer a fatal mishap. Preferably an extremely painful and traumatic one.

    • Mayor Vaughn

      Heart attack i’ll wager

      • Geordiegiants

        Anything would do.

      • ghostrider


        • Mayor Vaughn

          Certainly would be

    • ghostrider


      • Mayor Vaughn


        • ghostrider

          Still nasty and nothing to do with honestly.

          • Mayor Vaughn

            He’s being honest about how he feels about Ashley, weather that’s unpalatable to you or not is neither here nor there.

          • ghostrider

            Pure nasty. No need for that at all to be fair.
            Using your bandwagon stance on Newcastle United in order to not only hate Mike Ashley for not spending the required tens of millions apiece on players, you actually wish him dead from a heart attack.

            I’m logging this.

          • SuperDesHamilton


      • Peaco


  • Geordiegiants

    Jabba will come to a sticky end, that there is no doubt. People like him always, ALWAYS do.

  • Albert Stubbins

    Madonna and Justin Timberlake could really spice that headline up. I’m thinking maximum exposure here!!

  • Pc07

    No wonder he won’t sign!!! That’s a pathetic amount for what the club generates

    • Dave Pattinson

      Ashley is a snake, everything he’s said has so far been a load of spin. Why should fans believe this latest attempt to look like he cares?

  • the tea lady

    Reading between the lines, Mr A is trying to “persuade” Mr B to sign a new contract, but as Mr B does not need this job (financially) so he can hold out to get the improvements that he knows are required to make the club more sustainable. So unless some compromise can be reached Mr B will run down his contract and leave to find employment elsewhere, and Mr A will install another Mr P which will be more expensive as he will have to fund a promotion campaign without the premiership TV money.

    • Mayor Vaughn

      If this “offer” is Mr A in persuasive mood then god help us.

  • robbersdog

    If a transfer kitty of £33m a year is supposed to be Mike being really, really generous, then god help us.

    Even if we spent the entire £100m right now, I doubt that we’d finish much higher than we did last season. Middle ranking teams like West Ham, Everton and Bournemouth are spending that kind of money in this transfer window, whilst we feast on scraps.

    • Leazes.

      Haha they get more than that from TV even deducting the wage bill…. nice round figure and the phrase ‘warchest’ which amounts to diddly!

    • Mike Adam

      West Ham yes, Bournemouth has signed 1 player David Brooks from Sheffield United and Everton has brought in a new manager but hasn’t signed any players. So I am not sure how you can say that they are spending 100m in this window, not yet anyway.

  • toonterrier

    The money probably includes players and boardroom wages for the season plus travel costs which will leave us with £5m to spend on a centre forward. More than likely we’ll get Andy Carroll back on loan.

  • T2

    This has to be resolved one way or the other. I hate to say it but If he isn’t going to sign the extension we need to take action
    We can’t have a full season of Rafa playing games, If he’s not committed we need to look elsewhere. Nobody is bigger than the club. If he wants to sign great, sign the contract and buy some players, if he won’t get rid. I love the bloke but this needs to be sorted asap

    • Megatron1505

      Mike Ashley offers Rafa a shitsandwich, and we should sack him for refusing to eat it. Logic————-> You

      • T2

        It’s not a bed of roses or anything, but it’s not hell on earth either. I want him to stay, but only if he’s committed. Otherwise he should go unfortunately

        • Megatron1505

          Logic —————> You

        • Damon Horner

          You’re basing a lack of commitment on not signing a contract put in front of him, with terms he might not be seeing as best for the club. Surely the results and his relationship with the players tells otherwise?

  • Lostprofit DBC

    Spiteful, vindictive, small minded, short sighted, greedy, nasty, vengeful and awkward – and he hasn’t even started yet. Next time we go down he will call in his interest free loan.

    • FatParosite

      Don’t let Monkwearmouth Bagpipes see that list. He will see those as extremely positive attributes.

    • Mayor Vaughn

      He only requires one word, Disgusting.

  • NUFC9

    If we can get a higher fee by letting the buyer pay in installments over 3/4/5 years, fair enough. Where though is the money from the installments that are coming in now for players we sold 2 or 3 years ago for big money, Sissoko, Wijnaldum, etc?

    • Ben Jones

      In the clubs bank account, why? The fans want visual access to that now n’all?

      • Superdooperhooper

        In someone’s bank account yes . It certainly hasn’t been spent on players

    • T2

      I’ve got a feeling the money is there to spend if Rafa commits.

      • Soldier

        Then he would have committed, wouldn`t he

        • T2

          You never know mate. He might want another job. If he commits he’s tied down.

          • Danimal

            Not really, managers leave clubs all the time.

          • SuperDesHamilton

            He’s leaving. He’s already told all the staff at the training ground its his last season. Lacelles wants away too

  • Geordiegiants

    How can this be possible? The fatcunt has said that he is selling up and is not investing any money in the club, he has also reaffirmed his statement.

    • ghostrider

      To sell you have to have a buyer. Do you know of any genuine buyers and not cheap chancers?

      • Danimal

        Sadly, we all know of one cheap chancer.

        • ghostrider

          Hardly a cheap chancer. More a calculated risk taker in some areas and a careful operator in others, whilst also being strong willed against mass dislike.
          The man started off as Mr naive.
          Became a Newcastle fan, literally. Every fans friend and ever willing to stand with the fans.

          Then the big bang happened and the rest is history.

          • SuperDesHamilton

            He’s a chancer

          • ghostrider

            All business people are chancers. All people are chancers in life.

    • Fireman Sam

      he is not even allowing the club to invest its own money!

  • Down Under Mag

    I’m sure he will get that sort of money to spend….the day before the window shuts and told that has to include wages for the entire contract as well…

    But seriously though, I do see money being there but there is a massive stand off and Ashley is to blame because he has let Rafa down before so Rafa wants reassurances that it won’t happen againshley won’t give those reassurances.

    There is also squad numbers that will no doubt be complicating things. Now Colback has gone that’s another spot freed up and if we manage to offload at least 5 or 6 more then we have room to bring in some more first teamers…until then any player bought will be taking up squad space that we don’t have, meaning we will be looking at paying some players who can’t play for us due to registered squad number limits. Ashley won’t like the thought of that and is probably one of the main reasons Rafa is being told to sell before he can buy.

    • Fireman Sam

      And judging by the last set of accounts, those players contracts have been written off anyway. £37.5m is a lot of wages

      its 5 jack colbacks with 3 years left on their contracts! this still needs further examination, which should be getting done by the local rag.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Where do these sorry excuses for “Journalists” get their stories from with this latest Alice In Wonderland s***e ?

    • Tweed Mag

      Spoon fed by a big white rabbit.

  • Mayor Vaughn

    I’ve never wished harm on anyone (Mackems and Tories apart) but Ashley is a different animal. If karma is real this bloke is due some soon.

    • ghostrider

      Just hope your nastiness doesn’t get its own karma.

      • Mayor Vaughn

        I’ll be fine

  • Tweed Mag

    Rafa continues to run rings around the Ashley Puppets. Bishop must have exhausted his contacts at ‘Sky’ and ‘The Mirror’. So they try to out-fox us all by engaging ‘The Sun’.

    • Leazes.

      United don’t have a director of football or anyone on the board with football knowledge, the budget is controlled by an overpromoted office assistant, a Land contract specialist lawyer and a PR wallah.

      Everyone wants the football bloke to have control but it hasn’t happened.

      The club had nothing to lose in investing in Benitez’s judgement and before you ask I don’t believe that he would have signed Joselu in desperation if he’d had control, there would have been the promised Rafalution.

      This isn’t so much a board as a plank!

      • Tweed Mag

        One day they will walk the plank. In the meantime it is a bit of a shambles.

  • Mike

    ho ho ho Santa Cashley comes early this year….now have you all been good?

  • Al Devon

    Guaranteed the money is there but Ashely refusing to let rafa spend it on players a new manager doesnt want so he will want assurances Rafa is defo staying. If he walks I bet a new manager gets a stack of cash just like McClaren did…needs to be some compromise from both sides

    • I’ve got the Ki

      No chance. It’s a total ruse. Latest misdirection to avoid spending any money. It’s always something.

  • Wezza

    Two letters can sum this exclusive up…
    P R

    Keep it coming you don’t fool us.

  • MadMag83

    There are two ways of looking at this, and neither of them put Ashley​ in a good light.

    If it’s pure PR then he looks a snake.

    If it’s a genuine offer then he looks incompetent (as usual). Why wait until the season is only weeks away? Why wait until season ticket sales are poor? And £100m over 3 years is pretty pathetic for a Premier League club.

    • Wezza

      He has backed himself into a corner this time. If he sells soon I will eat my hat.

    • Fireman Sam

      it is less than the annual profit expected with the tv deal and current wage bill

      but it DOES factor in a relegation

  • Wezza

    PR is coming out thick and fast now which means this new movement has him worried.
    As hard as it is to understand the mind of the maniacal one, just had a thought…
    Next PR exercise:
    “Ashley gives in, says Rafa can spend the lot”
    Only for Rafa to sign a new contract and for MA to say “only kidding” with his fingers crossed.

    That would be a new low!

  • Lewis SG

    Not happening.
    If he is going to give Rafa £100m, he might as well sell the club at £300m.

    • Fireman Sam

      exactly, rather than risk running the team down, losing a world class manager and getting relegated.

      That is not business, it is suicide

  • Donald Dong

    Ha ha. The magical 100 marketing spin, doesn’t even sound good, never mind about the blue prints. Rafa can get things steady at 50s but under this new marketing promotion scheme, the calculation comes up to not even 50 in the first year, actually he will be lucky to get a third of that amount, that is probably after selling his players too. So he is right not to sign anything with the.con artist, Mike is desperate

  • Fireman Sam

    “If he does not sign this summer, it will leave him in a position where he is likely to run down his deal and get no further cash injections.”

    And what if Rafa justifiably walked out, perhaps after January. Would Mike take the risk of not reinforcing the team with money that should be there to spend?

    or has he already pocketed the TV money??