A transfer ‘exclusive’ on Monday night reports Salomon Rondon is set to join Newcastle United.

The report stats that the deal is expected to be agreed in the next week.

The West Brom striker has been regularly linked with a move to Newcastle but this ‘exclusive’ doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Teamtalk claim that Newcastle will pull off a ‘cut-price’ deal, with a £4m loan fee paid now and then another £15m to make the transfer permanent next summer.

They (Teamtalk) don’t have a great record with their transfer ‘exclusives’ and I think this is one is doomed to join most of the rest of them.

Salomon Rondon is available for a £16.5m release clause, so not sure how it will be cut-price if we end up paying  £19m altogether.

That is not the only angle to the ‘exclusive’ that doesn’t make sense.

Rondon was signed by West Brom from Zenit in August 2015 on a four year deal, so if they don’t sell him now, the Baggies would get nothing next summer.

Even if they did get him to agree to an arrangement whereby he extended his contract at West Brom by a year (to 2019) so that Newcastle would have to pay the £15m next summer, I just can’t then see how a deal would be working from Newcastle’s point of view.

If the £15m is going to be a guaranteed figure to be paid, it would basically mean that Newcastle would have paid £19m to sign somebody who would turn 30 a month after the (2019/20) season had started, once the deal became permanent.

So Mike Ashley willing to allow £19m to be paid and a three or four year contract to be given to a forward who Newcastle would never stand a chance of recouping any cash on? Very suspect.

As for West Brom potentially letting a loan deal happen with no guaranteed sale at the end of the season, that sounds even more far-fetched, considering his age and undoubtedly going down in value in 12 months time.

The fact that Salomon Rondon has scored only 24 goals over the course of three Premier League seasons is also overlooked.


EXCLUSIVE: Newcastle near cut-price striker raid as WBA eye Boro hitman

Newcastle are expected to tie up a deal for their top summer target Solomon Rondon in the next week – and TEAMtalk sources can reveal an impressive cut-price raid could be agreed.

The Venezuelan striker has been identified by Rafa Benitez as the man he wants to lead his strikeforce next season, with Aleksander Mitrovic expected to make a permanent move to Fulham.

Rondon, 28, has a release clause of £16.5million in his contract but TEAMtalk can reveal Newcastle want the deal as an initial loan – and have offered £4million now and then a further £15million next summer to make the deal permanent.

West Brom would rather sell now, and although Rondon’s wages have almost halved from £75,000-a-week to £40,000, they are desperate to shed his salary and look likely to agree to Newcastle’s request.

And we understand the money will free up West Brom to reinvest in their squad – and one player they are keen on is Middlesbrough’s Britt Assombalonga – who is surplus to requirements under Tony Pulis.

  • Paul Patterson

    The loan part of the report is probably true..

  • Dillon Tovak

    I genuinely believe Joselu upfront with £15m being put to use somewhere else would be better than Rondon.
    He’s about as good as Hos and £10m more expensive.
    Please, please, please just sign an actual goal scorer 🙏🙏🙏

    • Geordiegiants

      Sorry just said similar above before I read this. I agree 100%.

  • H

    I think we know by now the first we will hear of genuine targets is when they sign

    • Desree

      Like the six week chases for Lejeune and Hoss last year.

      The only times we have managed to surprise fans is when Ashley released funds.

      2011, Jan 2013, 2015, Jan 2016, summer 2016.

      All other transfer windows have seen nothing other than one or two signings and endless rumours.

      3 weeks to go you expect Penfold to make deals happen.

      Thanks Rafa for sticking at it. But even he has accepted that he is fighting a losing battle.

  • Clarko

    Who are our scouts scouting? Plea and Rondon? Is that all you found?

  • If we can get the loan move first I am all for taking Rondon on. Don’t believe he’s worth the full 16M now, but might be in the long run.
    Again, he’s a striker with loads of experience and we need that right now in the team.
    I would still want Newcastle to sign a more pacey off-the-shoulder striker and sell Gayle.

    • Clarko

      ‘Don’t believe he’s worth the full 16M now, but might be in the long run’

      How does that make sense?

      • If we take him on loan and he plays better and scores more than Gayle/Joselu, he’s worth his money. I don’t see how my statement could have been more clear. I wouldn’t pay 16m for him now, with the record he’s got. Much rather we buy Slimani for 20m or keep Mitro on the bench.

        • Clarko

          Oh your statement was very clear, clearly stupid.

          ‘If we take him on loan and he plays better and scores more than Gayle/Joselu, he’s worth his money.’

          Why wouldn’t he be worth £16m if we buy him now ‘and he plays better and scores more than Gayle/Joselu’?

          • Because he has a proven record of not scoring enough goals (more than 10 goals in his last 3 seasons to be exact) = not worth 16m. Is it really so hard to fathom? I am not a native English speaker, but I try to speak plainly so people understand.
            Loaning the player will make him prove he’s worth the buyout clause and if he proves not to be worth it, we don’t buy.

          • Clarko

            ‘Loaning the player will make him prove he’s worth the buyout clause and if he proves not to be worth it, we don’t buy.’

            That’s better.

    • Dillon Tovak

      Experience of what? Low goal scoring figures in the PL?
      He’s not the answer, he’d probably be a beast in the championship, WB should keep him.

      • That’s what I mean, we can certainly use him, but no way is he worth 16M now, without proving himself.

      • Rafa has a way of bringing the best out in players, and Rondon back to his best is a beast. But that is not a guarantee, and I do agree if we buy him now it’s taking a big risk. That’s why a loan move is the better option.

  • Wezza

    If this ‘exclusive’ is true it seems like loan now pay later after MA sells the club. It’s probably not true at all and we won’t pay the asking fee. Next.

  • Geordiegiants

    Hoss is just as prolific as Rondon. 🤯

    • 1957

      At a quarter of the price, which really says it all about this deal… The Monk will be salivating though at the thought of Big Mike breaking the transfer record

  • TheFatController

    Ashley will only sanction loans or FTs whilst Rafa has one year left.

    Plus players won’t sign a circa four year contract for Rafa if he’s not committed to the club.

    So I’d say any rumours of loan signings may well be credible.

    If you look at it the other way, which £20m player would sign for us permanently with Rafa currently out of contract in 10 months despite a contract offer to him being rejected for the last 4 months?

    Rafa asks to see ambition, Ashley said last year he has none. So which one is making sound bites that say the right thing but knows ambition ain’t ever happening and he’s off as soon as he’s free, and which one is saying it as it is because no real ambitious investment is ever happening?

    • mentalman

      if they offer him a decent contract that he is happy with then a lot of £20m players will sign for us permanently

  • Peaky

    The landlord of the pub I used to frequent is a lifelong Baggie…..he says this bloke is worse than shoyte (brummie accent)…..that is straight from the hoss’s mouth….as it were.

    • Desree

      The headline says bid for top striker. Then there is no mention of one, just Rondon.

      • Peaky


    • MadMag83

      Are you sure he’s a Brummie if he supports the baggies?

      • Peaky

        Sounds like one….mind you he’s half pis*ed most of the time…

  • Leicester Mag

    What’s the betting we get him on loan, if he’s successful someone else will trigger clause. Like everything Ashley done on the cheap irrespective of the interest of the team. When will people realise you are being mugged by the chump

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      The Fat Guy won`t be paying that amount for a 30yr old

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    NO, NO, NO.
    He`s another 🐎

  • Wor Lass

    How we save money is easy, Jim – we take him on loan then send him back at the end of the season or before if it looks like we`ll be safe.

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      I don`t believe it anyway, the Pig won`t pay that fee for a then 30yr old

  • Graham Chapman

    Which “goalscorer” are we supposed to sign? I can’t think of one. I’d rather we didn’t buy one than fling £20million on someone just to stop us all from whinging. I wish that there were an Andy Cole waiting in the wings but there’s no one out there.

  • Graham Chapman

    I guess that we’ll have to hope that we stay up with our 4-6-0 formation.

  • I Think Therefore I Am Will

    Not going to happen, it’s been apparent for a long while that no players will be bought.

    How many non stories is this now?

  • Mike

    more fake news….get your season ticket now