We read all kinds of nonsense in transfer windows but this one takes the biscuit.

With a lot of transfer speculation, whilst you know most of it is complete invention, at least it makes some kind of sense.

However, this one on Newcastle United winger Yasin Ben El-Mhanni is just plain embarrassing.

Actually he is now ‘former’ NUFC winger, as his contract came to an end on the last day of June.

Ever since he was named a couple of months ago as one of those Newcastle players who wouldn’t be given a new contract, he has been increasingly linked with other clubs.

Which is fair enough, except the level of those clubs is getting ever more ridiculous.

Good luck to the 22 year old, and indeed all of those looking for new clubs, but he isn’t very good.

In two years at Newcastle, Yasin Ben El-Mhanni never once got on any league bench, even in the Championship.

He only ever played twice and that was when Rafa played a reserve side in the FA Cup against both Birmingham and Oxford in January 2017. He showed nothing at all in those two matches.

I get to a fair few Under 23 matches as well and he doesn’t even look good in those games, I just checked and he was more often on the bench for the reserves than he was a starter last season!

Despite this, reports today claim that both Lazio (fifth in Serie A last season) and Benfica (second last season in Portugal and in Champions League group stage this coming season) are now ‘chasing his signature’ for next season.

This isn’t a character assassination of the young player but more the ridiculous invention on this occasion by the media.

Even before Benfica and Lazio’s ‘interest’, it had been claimed in various media that Sporting Lisbon, Watford, Besiktas, Wolves, Forest and Leeds are all ‘competing’ to sign him.

He had only previously been on the books of non-league clubs Lewes and Farnborough before Rafa gave him a chance, as the manager brought in a lot of players at academy/under 23 level to try and improve the levels under the first team.

What lies behind the media stories is seemingly wanting to believe Newcastle United are releasing a promising player, solely because of him initiating the disciplinary complaints against Peter Beardsley.

So this them brings reports of these stellar clubs desperately fighting over the ‘speedy and skilful winger’, as though they are competing to sign an absolute bargain due to that disciplinary situation.

It all reminds me a bit of how when we had Pardew as manager and Carr in charge of transfers, it would be claimed in the French media repeatedly that Newcastle were after any number of young players at lowly French clubs. No doubt football fans in France would have been reading the reports and laughing, as if an English Premier League were interested in somebody who probably won’t even make it in the lower French leagues.

As I say above, good luck to Yasin Ben El-Mhanni, but I think he will be back in non-league football.

Even amongst the other young players released by Newcastle United this summer, there are a lot of better quality ones than El-Mhanni looking for a new club.

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  • SuperDesHamilton

    Besiktas have limited foreign players spots

    Sporting club despite current turmoil have more than enough better options in the academy

    Benfica despite buying horrendously recently don’t need this when they’ve got wastes of space like Taarabt in the reserves

    I’ll be shocked if he gets a decent team

  • Laughable! Armstrong is 5 times the player El-Mhanni is and he still can’t secure a loan to play in a position he wants for a top Championship team even!

  • Weyhhadaway

    Not sure where this article was going, media conspiring against the Toon? Someone making up headlines?
    It sounds like an agent bigging up his client in the hope of flushing out the best deal possible.
    Oh and try proof reading before you post, there are some howlers in there mate.

  • ross richardson

    Great at keepy-ups

  • A.kerman

    John Martin.

    You are 100% wrong about Yasin Ben El Mhani. He is still young with great potential if given a chance. His name does not sound right to you and your entourage. That’s why, but believe me he will prove you and racist Beardsley WRONG!


    Ali Kermani

    • Keeganontherebound

      If Beardsley is found to have been racist towards young players he will be rightly condemned by most Toon fan – although he’s a club legend. But saying a player would’t make it into the first team because of his name or skin colour is daft – a quick look at who made the first 11 last year will tell you that.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      If Pedro said & did those things he should be finished forever in football

      But that doesn’t make the lad all of a sudden a great talent, he’s not just wows simpletons because he can do a few tricks

  • 1957

    Truthfully when I first saw him for the U23’s I couldn’t see where all the hype came from… then I remembered it was the Chronicle. He will make a decent L1, borderline Championship player, might have been better if he hadn’t been exposed to our dysfunctional youth / u23 system

  • Mxpx

    I think that he’ll re-emerge in league 1 and stay there considering we signed a non league player that’s not bad but it was always going to be too big of a jump

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Just seen another piece by the mail or the mirror think it’s the mirror saying we released him because of the Pedro debacle…nothing like getting the facts completely wrong or anything

    • Magic mick

      They just make it up dont they

    • Down Under Mag

      So basically, according to the Mirror, any young player not good enough just needs to put in an allegation of bullying/racism and they can’t be let go now??

      • SuperDesHamilton

        You’ve nailed it in one. Gives that lad an excuse for a few years before realises he’s just not very good