The Newcastle United fixtures for 2018/19 were announced at 9am on Thursday 14 June.

Almost immediately after the fixture release, the Premier League made their own announcement, stating when they intend to let us know the Live TV matches for each stage of the season.

They do admit that these dates are ‘approximate’ and at times last season they were revealed later than as advertised – but overall pretty much the dates were followed.

The first date to look out for is this Friday 6 July, when the live matches for August and September are set to be revealed.

Then a few days before the season kicks off, we are set to find out on Tuesday 7 August what the live games are in October and November.

All planned dates are detailed below and the very final set of live dates is for the final matchday, all clubs will kick-off at 3pm on Sunday 12 May 2019, with the live games chosen after the 37th round of matches have been played.

This week’s imminent announcement looks guaranteed to see major changes for Newcastle fans.

The matches under threat are:


11: Tottenham (h)

18: Cardiff City (a)

25: Chelsea (h)


1: Man City (a)

15: Arsenal (h)

22: Crystal Palace (a)

29: Leicester (h)

With the first five games against Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester City, as well as at Cardiff, which is their first PL home game of the season, I wouldn’t be surprised to see all of those opening five games moved.

Premier League official announcement – 14 June 2018:

With the release of the 2018/19 Premier League fixtures, supporters can begin their planning for the season ahead.

Fans are reminded that throughout the season there will be alterations to the fixtures.

Match dates can change for a variety of reasons, including live TV broadcast selections and to accommodate matches in European and domestic cup competitions.

For this reason, Premier League fixtures are always advertised as being subject to change.

Below are the approximate dates for when the announcements on matches that have been selected for live TV broadcast will be made.

Period of matches (then planned approx date of announcement):

Aug/Sept     6 July

Oct/Nov       7 August

Dec/Jan       12 October

Feb                12 December

Mar              25 January

Apr                22 February

May              5 April

MW38          After MW (Match Week) 37

  • Paul Patterson

    Would it not be far simpler, for TV and the FA/clubs to get together and sort this out BEFORE announcing the fixtures? Stop wasting peoples time. I don’t bother looking at the fixture list until August.

    • Mark Davies

      Well said. Pointless booking away travel with the fa and sky movements

  • SuperDesHamilton

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    We got a raw deal last season with away games against Swansea, Brighton and Southampton all in a row on a Sunday followed by Burnley on a Monday. No bother for Des Hamilton as we now have televisions and Sky very sad.

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