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Debate: Comments on: ‘Why life is just so good now for Mike Ashley at Newcastle United’

9 months ago

The latest article to be highlighted in our debate feature is: ‘Why life is just so good now for Mike Ashley at Newcastle United’

Every article we publish on The Mag, fans are invited to comment at the end of it (it only takes a minute to register and then you can comment on anything you read on here).

There are some great conversations between supporters commenting on what has been written, not always agreeing with the author…or each other.

We are now regularly/irregularly picking out an article that has produced interesting debate afterwards.

Sometimes the comments can be more interesting that the initial article…but not everybody reads the comments, so we thought some of the conversations deserved a bigger audience.

The article highlighted today has already had 106 comments so far and the basis of the article, is the writer explaining how Mike Ashley has now got everything running in his favour at Newcastle United but the owner not likely to use his good fortune for the benefit of club, manager or fans.

(If you want to read the original article and/or leave your own comment (or you can do it at the bottom of this one…) go HERE):

Some of the comments after  ‘Why life is just so good now for Mike Ashley at Newcastle United’:

Toon 83:

‘I think people need a reality check. We aren’t Manchester City or Real Madrid. We can’t just pull money out of thin air.

We aren’t a big club, so we can’t attract elite players and we don’t have the money to pay big wages. We aren’t ever going to compete. If you don’t like it, don’t go. I’m not a fan of Ashley, but I’m realistic. We’ll get more players in I’m sure. Keep the faith. If we can get a few in we could aim to be a solid mid table team in a few years.’


‘This is the typical ignorance that Bishop loves to hear. Self regulating expectation management.

It’s nearly as stupid as support the team not the regime divide and conquer spewed by morons who do not have the intelligence that god gave wheelie bins. You are the cancer that Ashley uses to rot NUFC my friend. You and your shoe gazing self flagellating pragmatism allows a great club to cower at the mercy of a bloated egocentric dictator. The sooner NUFC is rid of your type the better.’

Mark Andrews :

‘No we aren’t real Madrid or man city. And we aren’t Huddersfield Town either . But they’ve hugely outspent us since coming up from the championship with us. Even though they’re a much smaller club in an even less fashionable area.’


‘Championship clubs with 15 to 20,000 gates are outspending Nufc.

They don’t get huge TV payouts either.’

Toon 83:

‘I would love to see us blow money on big players, but you’ve just got to look at the likes of Leeds to see that doesn’t always work.

I hope we do get a decent striker, but it’s hard when you are a small club to get top class. Hopefully we’ll get a solid striker who we can get knocking a few in.’

HarryHype59 :

‘Are you actually a NUFC fan? NUFC are not a small club.

NUFC club can easily afford to buy a £30m plus striker if the owner changed the recruitment and payment policy.’

Geordie Mother's Day Cards -

Tom Wilson:

Fact of the matter is, look at where we were prior to his ownership of the club and compare to where we are today. We are everything a small club now due his reckless appointments and decisions in addition to two relegations which could have been avoided all during his eleven years as owner. The fact that our debt has massively increased, now we can’t even compete spending with championship clubs.

Prior to MA we were ahead of teams like Spurs and Everton now look at where MA has took us, even behind Huddersfield, Brighton and Burnley.’


‘This dumbed down asset stripped club’s attitude to it’s position is not out of Ashley’s pragmatism in reaction to ‘reckless appointments and decisions’ Ashley has reduced us to it’s bare parts, to run on empty in the same way he runs all his businesses.

This is a well planned affront to the way any club builds for success not just ours. The PR stunts, the commonly held lie about how Ashley has saved the club from extinction. All of these have been meticulously planned to keep the club where he wants it and keep the gullible in the dark about his asset stripping. He will not be happy until he has left us with a carcass. Do NOT be fooled this is all part of the well planned show.’


‘I never fail to be amazed that people still reference Leeds spending money they hoped to earn from champions league qualification as relevant to today where clubs competing with us simply spend the tv money in advance.

So Leeds spent what they weren’t guaranteed to get.

The likes of Bournemouth and Huddersfield spend what’s guaranteed to come in. It’s not like Leeds at all, the finances of the game are completely different now.

To be told by Ashley apologists we shouldn’t break transfer records etc set 10 years ago because we might do a Leeds tells us this club has now severely reduced the fans’ ambitions in English football …’

Monkseaton Magpies:

‘We spend every penny which is guaranteed. So spending any more would be doing a Leeds.’


‘You can spend guaranteed tv money early.

Do you think Bournemouth care that they’ve been fined £5m for spending to reach the PL? Now they will soon clear £120m annual revenue for a fourth season ?

They don’t hang around, having reached the PL, they spend what they’d have coming as soon as to ensure they secure another’s year beyond.

So you completely missed the financial policy I was outlining – probably because you’re codependent to Ashley and want to see him as equal to other PL club owners. Seek help.’

Mark Andrews:

‘Why hasn’t he (Rafa) signed this gleaming new contract then ?’

Dont stop bobbi fleckman:

‘He’s a political, strategic manager. He’ll sign when he knows he hadn’t got a better offer, simple as that.’

Paul Patterson:

‘Anything remotely successful that happens at this club will be despite Ashley. Anyone who says different is an idiot.’

Ram Kishore:

‘U r entitled to your opinion and so do others ..

Just because they share something that’s even a bit differing doesn’t mean they are idiots..

Would u feel better if someone calls u an idiot because of the opinion u share ..

U have all right to be critical of owner and other fans too.’

Monkseaton Magpies:

‘Rafa is happy, our captain is happy, the players are happy. Four more signings and most fans will be happy. Sadly there will be some fans who are never happy.’

Dave Pattinson:

‘4 more signings? What type? Cheapos, loans/ freebies/ out of contract guys who are desperate?

Hope not, but experience sadly says otherwise.’

Mark Andrew:

‘He’s proper off the map! Rafa’s just a prisoner seeing out the last year of his sentence and Monkseaton thinks everything is rosy in the garden!’


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