There as been an ‘exclusive’ update on Tuesday morning regarding the Peter Beardsley situation at Newcastle United.

The former Newcastle star is currently suspended by the club as allegations of bullying and racially abusing young players are looked into.

The Mirror ‘exclusive’ claims that the club are set to ‘stand by him over bullying and racism allegations’ but then go on to confusingly add, that Newcastle United still haven’t made a decision.

The last we heard on the situation was in early June, when after newspaper reports claimed to have knowledge of the findings of the inquiry into his behaviour, solicitors working for Peer Beardsley issued a statement (see below) warning the media as to what they were reporting.

Nothing ever seems to move quickly at Newcastle United and this situation has now been ongoing for the best part of the year.

In the meantime the main player making the allegations, Yasin Ben El-Mhanni, has been released by the club.

This was taken by much of the press as being a result of his making the claims of bullying. However, he was at the end of his contract and simply one of a large number of young players released, El-Mhanni having done nothing to suggest he was good enough to be kept on.

Rafa Benitez obviously has far bigger concerns at the moment but his pleas for a major Academy revamp have also fallen on deaf ears at Newcastle United, so like everything else at the club under Mike Ashley, we will just struggle on with under-investment right through the club.

The Mirror:

‘Peter Beardsley could be back at Newcastle’s academy this season with the club set to stand by him over bullying and racism allegations.

The 57-year-old Toon legend has been suspended by the club since January, but the Magpies have yet to take a decision on his future.

Instead, the player who made his complaints official last autumn – winger Yasin Ben El-Mhanni – has since been released by the club.

There is growing frustration within the club and among parents of players in the academy that the investigation – initially expected to last weeks – has gone on for months.

Mirror Sport revealed exclusively in January that the former England forward was being investigated by club chiefs after Ben El-Mhanni’s official complaint.

In January it emerged that an appeal – contrary to the club’s initial findings – ruled Beardsley did make discriminatory comments and that his treatment of Ben El-Mhanni was “generally unfair”.

A hearing into racism allegations also took place in May. Beardsley has consistently denied the charges, despite written statements made by several academy players in January.’

The Mag – 7 June 2018:

The statement released by Farleys Solicitors on behalf of Peter Beardsley:

“Peter Beardsley is aware of media reports which result from unauthorised leaks.

“Peter Beardsley has no knowledge of the reported ‘findings’ of unfair treatment and discriminatory comments by him towards Newcastle United Football Club’s Under-23 players including Yasin Ben El-Mhanni.

“Peter Beardsley categorically denies the allegations.

Peter Beardsley will not be making any further comment at the present time.

“Peter respectfully requests that his privacy and that of his family is respected.

“As Peter Beardsley’s legal representatives, we will be monitoring media and broadcasting coverage carefully.”

  • Mirandinha9

    Beardsley was a hero on the pitch, arguably the finest player we have ever had. However, he has been a sycophant to Cashley, tarnishing his reputation like Moncur. It has been said repeatedly that Rafa has been mistrustful of Beardsley’s practices and behaviour, thus, I cannot help think that if Beardsley is retained by the club, it is another way in which Rafa will be undermined by the regime.

    • Brian Standen

      Where exactly has it been said that Rafa mistrusted Beardsley practices and behaviours ?
      I don’t recall anything of the sort

      • 1957

        I’ve said for weeks he will return.
        I was told at an u23 game at the end of last year Beardsley was highly regarded by Benitez as a coach (I’m not sure why) and he would be welcome to come back. That suggests if true that while he may not condone Beardsley’s alleged actions, he doesn’t consider them worthy of dismissal

      • Will In Despair!

        Well said ‘mistrustful of’ I’d def like to read that article/post/quote etc, we need links 🤔

    • Wor Lass

      I agree with your first sentence but as for the rest – well, he`s employed by the club doing a job he loves. He`s hardly in a position to slag off the fatman unless he wants sacking. You could call anyone who works for him a sycophant (including Rafa) on that basis.

    • ghostrider

      Very few people go against their employer. Many can hate their employer and whine about their employer behind his/her back but they will not criticise them to their face or out in the open for it to channel back to their employer.

      This goes for 99% of people that value their job…especially extremely well paid jobs that far exceed any national average …and then some.

  • Wor Lass

    Just typical of our club. Total confusion and zero communication. All it does is fuel the rumour mill and get fans going at each other. All I know for certain about Beardsley is that he`s my favourite ever player for nufc and England and he`s not been a very succesful coach.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      I’ve heard stories of Beardsley behaviour from a lad that works there also nothing racial I might add but always undermines other coaches tried to show them up in front of the youth players & plays youth players off against each other.

      It’s a shame because he’s by far the best player I’ve seen here

  • Peaky

    Rafa’s replacement…..

  • ghostrider

    It’s pretty simple to see.
    Beardsley will always be a legend.
    I certainly do not believe he is racist or anything of the sort.
    I do believe he’s been part of banter and I’m more than sure he’s been on the end of it in many many ways.

    Ok, so here’s my theory on what’s happened and what’s best for Beardsley and the aftermath of it all.

    I believe the young players under him…..some of then have decided to back up one or two players who have jumped on the racism bandwagon…potentially because Beardsley maybe doesn’t feel they’re putting in the required effort or are being disruptive…so they basically turned the tables and maybe they just don’t rate/respect him as a coach, regardless of his legendary status as a player.

    The trouble with this racism stuff is, molehills can be turned into mountains at the drop of a hat with just one mistaken word or a bit or the usual banter being seized upon by a disgruntled player(s).

    Too many young players these days think they’re better than they are and believe they’re superstars in the making.
    They’re generally wrapped in cotton wool in many ways but are put to task by the likes of Beardsley who’s seen the rough and the smopoth of football and will likely not pander to the whim of some players who do believe they’re above the blood sweat and tears of making it.

    This Yasin Ben El-Mhanni seems to have been a problem before we got him but had apparently started to grow up and started to show his talent…so we took him on.
    Makes you wonder.

    As for the club not making a full decision on Beardsley after backing him.
    Maybe it’s because the club don’t feel a role back with the young talent is appropriate under the circumstances, because mud sticks and a media circus can disrupt any new harmony to the players that are left and new recruits.

    And maybe they actually don’t rate him enough to get the best from the players as an aside from anything else.
    Maybe they’re thinking a new role might be better for him.

    All mere speculation by me but that’s how I potentially see this.
    I don’t for one minute believe Beardsley is capable of being a racist or a bully….but I do believe he won’t suffer fools and disrespect in his roles.

    • paul mclaughlan

      your views differ from the lads who Beardsley coached.

    • Will In Despair!

      Beardsley always came/comes across as a decent man, who wouldn’t say boo to a ghost, altho who knows behind closed gates!

      Or maybe some have an agenda, think back to the Mr Shelvey case, at times your guilty until proven guilty with the race card, is that not why it’s one of the aces in the pack of accusations?

      There is no place for Racism in the beautiful game, I always hoped!

      • ghostrider

        I don’t think racism is a problem.

  • S.G.M.

    Innocent until proven guilty.

    • Ron

      Doesn’t the article say he was found Guilty?

      • S.G.M.

        I don’t think “A unauthorised leak” constitutes being “Found guilty”

        • Ron

          I read the bit from mirror saying “In January it emerged that an appeal – contrary to the club’s initial findings – ruled Beardsley did make discriminatory comments and that his treatment of Ben El-Mhanni was “generally

          I took that as being a legal hearing, maybe I’m wrong.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      So Peter, did you say it?

  • Cockneytrev

    He was a great player,,
    He’s a terrible coach and allegedly a rascist bully,,, but he sucks up to Ashley like moncur, so he will not be sacked.
    no other club would put up with his failure as a coach let alone the allegations…
    But of course since Ashley took over at st James, our image as football club has been tarnished and cheapened like every business he has got his grubby hands on!!

    • Peter Ellis

      When you say “sucked up to Ashley” do you mean follow the terms and conditions of his employment? You try contradicting your employment contract at work and see how far that gets you.

      • Ben Jones

        Have you been to Manchester before Peter? You’re about to become a Manc with a brother, I hope it doesn’t come across as a big of a surprise as it has to the rest of us

      • Cockneytrev

        You know exactly what I mean,,,,

  • Desree

    Mitros replacement?

    • Peaky


      • MichaelMaximusMoose

        Nut wants his Lawn Mower back, the grass is 6ft tall

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    there was also historical cases against him which is a shame, i don`t think he`s a racist.
    i think his views are from days long gone & are not now acceptable.
    he`s a poor coach & should be found another position within the club.
    One of Newcastle`s greatest players but he needs to conform to this day and age .

    • X,WHY,Y MAN.

      If that is the case then people with his attitude should be nowhere kids of a different ethnic background.
      He is making a mockery of campaigns like “Show Racism The Red Card”, And would have been a player around the same time Shaka Hislop was.

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    This club under Ashley’s tenure cannot do anything right !
    The way this has been handled seems similar to one of those “Public Enquiries” that the government does when a disaster, War, Terrorist act etc, Happens.
    They go on for months and spend loads of the tax payers money, But never comes to a satisfactory conclusion.
    In the end they are strung out for so long until the public get sick of them and it gets wrapped up !

    In the end Beardsley is exactly what Ashley wants and he has took the kings shilling with him.
    He is nothing but a pathetic sycophant who isn’t very good at his job but it is his loyalty which is the defining factor, So he will no doubt keep his job.

    • Hughie_Gallacher

      Spot on, mate. We all know people like him, don’t we?

      • X,WHY,Y MAN.

        We certainly do.

    • Will In Despair!

      A.k.a whitewash, strung out so the majority are so sick of it that any drib conclusion is a happy end of all the 💩

  • robbersdog

    Great player, but there’s no smoke without fire and it would be better for all concerned if someone else was in charge of the academy.

  • Mike

    great player crp coach his record speaks volumes should have gone just for that

  • Tino11

    I don’t know if he is or isn’t guilty of the racism and bullying allegations, but he should have been sacked well before these came to light. His win % as coach has been shocking for a good few seasons now so he should have been sacked for that alone. Great player, one of my favorites, but if he had been first team manager with that record he would have been sacked.

    • Down Under Mag

      The bullying has been brought up a couple of times now but truthfully I suspect youngsters who think they should be treated as a superstar and that they are doing the club a favour by being around. None of that detracts from the awful record of Pedro as a coach though and for that alone a change needs to happen. I’m hoping that the club are trying to prove a point that the young players don’t dictate who stays and goes in the coachign setup, but hopefully they move Pedro on and allow an overhaul of the academy and reserve setups…but that would involve an eye on the future of the club and we can all see that Ashley has no interest in long term stability and viability of the club…he will jettison the club as son as it stops being profitable for him…no matter what state he leaves it in!

    • Kev Newcastle England

      Best ive ever seen

  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    Apparently the whole set up that Beardsley is part of is supposed to be a complete joke !
    They have pitches of kids playing against each other where these so called coaches do nothing but stand and talk to each other ignoring what is happening on the pitch.
    No wonder there is little to no progress being made and I have this on very good authority.

  • Down Under Mag

    Great player but a complete yes man under Ashley…THAT is why he is being kept around. Without even going into the bullying accusations (which has happened on more than one occasion now), the fact is we simply are not coaching our youngsters properly…and he should be moved on and allow a complete revamp of the academy and reserve setup to try and actually develop talent rather than stifle it (or see it go to other clubs out of desperation). Wouldn’t surprise me if he gets the first team job when Rafa leaves…