The latest Newcastle fans initiative to try and get Mike Ashley to change his ways, or preferably sell up, is well underway.

The #IfRafaGoesWeGo campaign gaining instant support and traction, as disaster looms.

Refusing to allow any money to be spent in this transfer window unless players are sold to fund them, will guarantee a relegation struggle this coming season and Rafa Benitez walking away at the end of it, even if ‘successful’ in keeping the club in the Premier League once again.

The new campaign aims to warn the NUFC owner that thousands of fans (especially those with Newcastle United season tickets) will walk away if he doesn’t start backing Rafa Benitez.

However, it appears that Mike Ashley has been having plenty of success in that direction already, without any need for an organised protest campaign.

The club have (inadvertently) revealed just how many Newcastle United season tickets remain unsold.

Last summer, the club announced they had sold out of season tickets (this was then backed up when in November (2017) the club stated that unlike recent years, there would be no sale of half-season tickets as there were none available), there appears little chance of that this time.

For those who were/are looking to buy a season ticket, the club have an online facility where you can look at the stadium plan and see which seat(s) you’d like to buy.

At first after the season ticket renewal deadline (the second one, after NUFC pushed back the original renewal deadline due to poor sales), the stadium plan only showed a handful of areas in St James Park where season tickets were available.

However, now that has changed, and you have a pick of a lot of areas of the stadium, indeed a LOT.

The plan below from the Newcastle United ticketing site shows which areas (in green) you can buy season tickets in.

newcastle united season tickets

The away fans area in the Leazes and the corporate areas (mainly Milburn) never show up as available to buy on the stadium plan but as you can see, there are only a small handful of areas that have sold out so far.

When you go on the club’s ticketing site you can see exactly which seats are unsold and after adding these up, I counted at least 5,246 seats remain unsold (I’m not quite sad enough to have counted individual seats on the plan, as well as being able to look and see which actual seats are unsold, the site also has the number of unsolds for each section, making it relatively easy to tot up).

Whilst I am of course fully supportive of the #IfRafaGoesWeGo initiative, as indeed I am of anything that is pro-fan/Rafa and anti-Ashley, I have always thought that eventually Mike Ashley will add just one too many straws onto the NUFC camel’s back, pushing Newcastle fans just too far.

This summer obviously many Newcastle fans have been convinced to give it at least one more season mainly because of Rafa Benitez sticking it out for at least the final year of his contract.

However, clearly thousands of others though have already said enough is enough.

Hardly surprising really when you think about it.

Whilst there was satisfaction in staying up last season it was a relegation struggle for all but the final few weeks and much of the football wasn’t great, due to the ridiculously low transfer net spend that was allowed by Mike Ashley.

Add to that all areas of St James Park seeing season ticket rises, some by as much as over 20% rises.

Then with only £4m spent in the transfer market and indeed currently having made a profit in this transfer window…

Also, Rafa now going public that indeed he can’t buy anybody else unless selling players first.

You have to congratulate Mike Ashley on the amazing contribution he’s made already to driving fans away from St James Park.

Interesting as well that no tickets going on sale for the Tottenham game as yet, despite it being less than three weeks away. This is even though Tottenham put their 3,100 tickets for the match on sale on Wednesday 18 July. Guessing Mike Ashley and his lackeys are counting on a late rush for Newcastle United season tickets…

I think an extra level of anger is set to be added when single match tickets do go on sale for that opening Newcastle v Tottenham game, with those rises in season ticket prices I think we can be assured we are going to see a good few quid going on individual tickets.

Welcome to Mike Ashley’s vision of running a football club, even Newcastle fans will eventually have had enough, and this is whether Rafa Benitez stays or not.

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  • Wezza

    But wait according to the resident troll Monkseaton Magpies phones were jammed and only a few tickets remained! How about that.
    I won’t ever go as long as Ashley is there.

    • ghostrider

      You’re entitled to stay away as is anyone. But never call yourself a thick and thin or unconditional supporter.
      Bleed black and white and all that.
      Maybe if Ashley sells up and new owners come in who do a Portsmouth you can also stay away until they leave…and so on until you get the Sheikh you desire.

      • Rabid Dog

        How do yo define what a “fan” is? I’m curious because you seem to display some sort of elitest privalige where any supporter who does not “go home and away” has no valid opinion. It’s utter BS.
        Your logic never stacks up, EVER.

        • Wezza

          He is just trolling looking for someone to bite. Ironic that he criticises others yet he is a MUFC fan. He is also blocked too.

          • Rabid Dog

            They are all the same. Clarko, Monkseaton, ghostshit….. it’s a shame (read really funking sad) they feel the need to keep “reinventing” themselves with new aliases…

          • SuperDesHamilton

            It’s not a shame it’s worrying that two adult male brothers do these things. I just hope they get fully medicated

        • FatParosite

          Just block him man…

        • ghostrider

          I seem to display nothing of what you mention.

          • Rabid Dog

            Oh bless you treacle…. You aren’t even self aware yet. It’s ok to want attention.

          • ghostrider

            Good job because you are giving me it.

          • pedrodelgardo

            That is the saddest thing I have seen on here.

          • ghostrider

            What?…You giving me attention or me getting it?

    • Superdooperhooper

      He was on the other day saying there’s only 79 season tickets left. I asked him how he knew that. Still waiting for an answer !

      • Peaky

        It’s let the cloud see the cuckoo land where he’s concerned….

      • Wezza

        He didn’t answer because he knows he was lying. All his persona is carefully googled!

      • Kev Newcastle England


  • Lostprofit DBC

    This is all part of Ashley’s plan to destroy us. I can just see him on SKY in a couple of years time saying, ‘not my fault, I tried to give the fans a Premiership club, using a bit of common sense in the running of it but they wouldn’t have it’. Worth the loss of income to hIm to get rid of Rafa and sicken the fans. He can only hate us with a vengeance.

  • LEE

    all of these stay away protests are pointless unless you get the majority behind them, otherwise your cutting your own nose off to spite yourself.
    most of the money is made from tv or player sales, one player sold could be the whole years money from ticket sales.
    i think you have to live with it until a new owner comes along, otherwise your only making yourself miserable.

    • Alreet

      Look at the bigger scope. Its not just about the money from ticket sales its about bums on seats. What the TV world sees at st james. Merchendise. Corporate clients seeing empty seats as well.

      Its a show business now and people are sick of paying their hard earned with no show.

      Still be nice to know what ash is still here for

    • Geordiegiants

      I will say this again, it’s a myth that stadium revenue is not worth a lot of money to the club. It’s still probably a third to a quarter at least of the full income.

      • TheNutJob

        plus the gear they won`t be buying in St James, it all mounts up

        • Geordiegiants

          That is all outsourced like everything else that is connected to the club, but they will want reductions or to get out of their contracts.

    • FatParosite

      You’re perpetuating a myth. Empty seats will have Sky moaning at Ashley. Persistent empty seats will include a loss in TV revenue. It will hit Ashley in the pocket…. where his testicles are.

  • Craig Lindley

    Cashley isn’t having my money this year! No season ticket for me! I haven’t bought any kits or merch during his time as owner! I will be going to the games, but as an outside protestor! #AshleyOut #IfRafaGoesWeGo

    • Geordiegiants

      Everyone should do the same.

    • FatParosite

      You’re not a protester if you pay him to go to the SJP.

      • Craig Lindley

        “outside protester” meaning I’ll be with everyone else outside of SJP chanting and protesting against Cashley until he sells up and leaves :)

  • Nick M

    I think if this had been next year when the supporters on the 10 year deal finishes their would have been a lot more empty seats.
    Why should we pay more money for our seats when there has been no investment.

  • Peaky

    It might not be today…it might not be tomorrow….but believe me somewhere down the line Fatso will get his comeuppance and come tumbling down like a ton of shyte that he is….and I for one will party like it’s 1999….

    • Geordiegiants

      It’s coming, I’ve said a million times before, people like him ALWAYS come to a sticky end.

      • SuperDesHamilton

        Correct, to many skeletons in his fat closet

    • Mirandinha9

      I am teetotal, though, I’ll get bladdered the day Cashley leaves the Toon

    • FatParosite

      Ashley won’t go for another 2 seasons at least. It would have to involve a failure to get out of the Championship too.

  • Zorro

    Load of rubbish just checked it out most are sold

    • FatParosite

      Why can’t we use lies like Ashley does…. so long as slow of thinking keep their mouths shut.

  • Atilla McNamee

    At the end of the day I think it’s about self-respect. This is an abusive relationship and it’s time to walk away

  • T2

    I suspect most of them tickets will sell still. Even if they don’t it’ll still be packed. It always is. The crowd play a huge part, especially in the big games. The atmosphere was electric in the Man United game last season. If we didn’t have that I’m not too sure the result would have been the same. Any decrease in attendance could have a very negative result. But if people don’t want to go you’ve got to respect it. It’s VERY expensive, especially when you compare it to other clubs

  • nufcslf

    Time to simply f**k off Cashley and play your pysh taking game elsewhere. [email protected]…..

  • jack

    I don’t think 5000 is many ,I haven’t renewed and have no intention of doing so

    • TheNutJob

      Fatty will

      • jack

        Just wish he was gone , you know in the dictionary cockney means an .egg turned bad , well named

  • TheNutJob

    that blows the mad Mugpie out of the water who said the phones lines were jammed and the sever had crashed for online bookings, that lad`s mental

    • Geordiegiants

      We already knew that sock job. 🤭

      • TheNutJob

        i`m looking for a new supplier

        • Geordiegiants

          I hope so 👍, because just like Tesco says. “Every little helps”

    • Desree

      By server he meant Lee Charnley, he crashed his car and couldn’t take calls!

  • Waxi

    My hope is Rafa has had enough of the fat man and leaves us where he found us which given the amount of time he had to save us when he arrived to take over from McLaren was basically the championship. I can’t see any new players coming in this summer and knowing the fat man as we do he will panic buy in the January window and try to keep Rafa at the same time. The man is nothing but a lying toad who is lower than a snakes belly. What a place to be three weeks before the season kicks off and most of us are dreaming of a relegation to try and get rid of fatty

  • nevfur

    So, take the 5,246 and the 3,100 away fans from the capacity that means around 44,000 season tickets sold. Bearing in mind there were tickets available match by match last season particularly in the north west corner there doesn’t seem to be much of a drop tbh especially as more will go before the season starts.

  • Desree

    That is still 10% more in gate receipts than last seasons sell out. Fatty is still winning

  • SuperDesHamilton

    The fat Lee brothers I mean Monkseaton will be the 4K left over

  • Rob

    Still a huge number sold and enough to make match day boycotts affect the players but not mike.

    We need a new owner with sufficient clout and willingness to spend it like other clubs. Till then mid table is the most we can hope for.


    It doesn’t matter if there’s a patchy crowd as the media won’t report it or the seats will get filled by day trippers, I think the only effective way to drum up bad publicity for the owner is to have empty home sections for live games watched by a global audience with a message left behind such as a banner stating the facts of this regimes effect upon progression of the club, The support who don’t go or don’t renew are trying to do the right thing but without concerted effort the man will continue to own us

    • Ben Jones

      You expect a global audience to give a flying FLICK about the ‘plight’ of a group of supporters who’s team is in the premier league. Stop being so wet, 95% of that global audience wish their club was like ours.

      Nowe stop being so wet

  • GeordieReeva

    Then you are a part of the problem…unfortunately.

  • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

    The headline looks all doom and gloom but there aren’t any good seats available as a pair together. all the pairs are in L7 or Gallowgate upper.

  • Peaco

    No doubt Ashley’s plan is to minimise attendance to allow him to demolish various sections of SJP, and sell the land for more student accommodation…..don’t think he hasn’t considered it (pray the land is still owned by the council)

    • Dont stop bobbi fleckman

      The land the ground sits in is owned by the council.

      Why would yo think the land would be sold for student accommodation?