Jack Colback has one year left on his five year Newcastle United deal.

The midfielder frozen out by Rafa Benitez but refused to go out on loan last summer, ending up playing for and training with the reserves.

On transfer deadline day in January, the former Sunderland midfielder eventually agreed a temporary move to Nottingham Forest and impressed in the second tier.

The Newcastle squad returned for pre-season on Friday and the Chronicle are already reporting that Jack Colback will be back with the reserves if he doesn’t move on.

Wages are believed to be the main stumbling block to any potential transfer, with claims of the midfielder earning anything between £40,000 and £60,000 per week, depending on which reports you read.

Newcastle have seen a succession of players prove impossible to move due to wages beyond their ability, Massadio Haidara only the latest to see out his contract to the very end at Newcastle rather than getting football elsewhere but at lower wages.

Nottingham Forest are claimed to be keen to take Jack Colback back and certainly the players want to see him signed up.

Forest Captain Ben Watson partnered Colback in midfield last season and he says ‘everyone in the changing room would like to see Jack Colback back.’

Watson says the Newcastle player ‘did great for us last season’ and clearly wants him to return.

Whilst Colback may need to take a drop in wages, there is no doubt that Forest are going to have a real go at promotion this coming season, already they have a net spend of £25m in this transfer window, so you would imagine they can accommodate Jack Colback if he realistic about any wage offer.

Rafa Benitez has a long list of players he wants to move on and Colback figures highly on that.

Ben Watson asked if he would like to see Forest sign Jack Colback:

“Without doubt.

“Everyone in the changing room would like to see Jack Colback back.

“But Jack has got his issues or whatever to get through at Newcastle.

“He did great for us last season but, if it is not Jack, we have a lot of great boys who can play in that position.

“I don’t know what the gaffer is thinking.

“About whether he wants to sign another midfielder or not.

“We will leave the boss to do the signings and focus on enjoying playing and hopefully enjoying getting three points.”

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Newcastle have around £30m to £40m in unwanted players sitting on their a$$ doing nothing & picking up a Kings ransom in wages every month.
    Penfold`s sitting in his cupboard hoping for the phone to ring so they can be offloaded, that`s not to going well, is it.
    Chaos & Confusion is the norm at Nufc.

  • Paul Patterson

    Take a bloody wage cut then . .

    • Would you? I don’t think so. Colback is not 25 anymore, he knows this is basically the highest wage he’s ever going to get and he’s riding the gravy train till the last bloody stop.

      • Paul Patterson

        Depends on how much you want to play. A decent wage and playing or a cracking wage for not ..

  • Leicester Mag

    Herein lies the fallacy of buying cheap and giving out long contracts. Astonishing the amount of money simply wasted on players who aren’t good enough

  • SuperDesHamilton

    I’ll be blunt because he seems to get a free pass

    F**k off out this club wearside jack

    • Ram Kishore

      Thats a bit harsh..

      • SuperDesHamilton

        Not harsh enough.
        Rubbish player who’s added absolutely nothing at all to this club except a bloated wage

        • Ram Kishore

          I have always been against the 5 year contracts..
          Good they gave away only three year contracts for Joselu and Manquillo.. Both are good squad players though

          • SuperDesHamilton

            5 year contracts are only good for big saleable assets in my opinion.

            Definitely not for someone like colback who plays like a game of space invaders

  • Rich Lawson

    Why ? Does he bring the oranges round at half time ?

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Gingers sticking together

      • Rich Lawson

        It’s the juice that does it.

        • SuperDesHamilton

          Their just vampires anyway

  • I’ll sell Gayle, Colback and Ritchie to Stoke for 30m. Why are we not getting it done?
    In all fairness, those three would almost ensure any team to be promoted back to the Prem.

  • ghostrider

    One minute certain fans moan about Ashley being greedy with wages and such and the next he’s a clown for giving out long contracts on decent wages.

    When we got Colback (for nothing, bye the way) most fans took to him and even mocked Sunderland, as well as more or less throwing a two fingered salute to West Ham who offered him £50,000 a week, which he turned down.

    But since Rafa came, Colback was frozen right out, along with a good few other players.
    Now they’re either all suddenly disruptive dressing room spoilers or Rafa is a stubborn man who simply cast them aside because he has no use for them and yet thought he could just sling them out of the club so he could free up wages and space.

    Colback and co stuck to their guns and good on them. So would I and I’d be more than happy to train with the kids until my contract was up, rather than move on for less and to satisfy someone who treated me like some kind of leper.

    Now, until a book comes out on what’s really went on, then that’s what I’m speculating on.

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Or he’s everything wrong with the regime & absolutely s*** to boot?

    • WrongToon

      “When we got Colback (for nothing, bye the way) most fans took to him and even mocked Sunderland…”

      Did we? I can’t say I recall ever having a discussion in a pub about Jack’s ‘skills’. I can’t recall hearing his name chanted out of admiration at matches. I’ve never heard of anyone booting up FIFA and saying, unironically “first guy I’m getting in is wor Jack.” Not now. Not before. Not ever.
      At best, we hoped that he would score against the unwashed and rub it in as much as he did against us.

      The rest of your comment suggests you are alien to the concept of the workplace, as you seem to advocate retaining underperforming and disruptive employees at huge costs to the employing organisation. Your suggestion that Colback could write or contribute to a book, or that it would be even remotely factual, make me worry about your mental health.

      • ghostrider

        You wasted a lot of time not understanding anything I said.

        • WrongToon

          Usually when you claim that someone didn’t understand what you said you offer clarity. Unless providing clarity is impossible as your ‘point’ never stood.

          Looks like you wasted time proving yourself a dolt.

          • ghostrider

            Like I said.

  • Mxpx

    Surely we could just let forrest have him on a free gets him off the wage bill we win they win Jack gets a big signing on fee to make up the shortfall on his new contract from forrest and we never speak of him again