Rafa Benitez, will you please stand up to this moronic Mike Ashley.

Be the bigger man and sign the contract, get the money and spend it on some great players and please the fans!

We have your back.

If it doesn’t work out, get the owner to sack you, you’ve done it before.

Be the more intelligent man, grind his nose into the ground, give the fans something to shout about.

Get his money and spend it for the fans, forget about the academy etc for the time being.

Give us a team that’s capable of winning something,

If it doesn’t work out, fatty will sack you, contract or no contract.

But imagine what would happen up here if we won something.

Let’s go Rafa, SIGN AND SPEND, what do contracts mean anyway?

Liverpool sacked you, even after everything that you had done for them, and gave you £6m compensation.

It just shows what contracts mean .

Come on Rafa, galvanise yourself into action.

Howay The Lads.

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  • Waxi

    We all know he would sign then the fat would still not give him any cash to spend. Sorry but i could not even get past the headline with this jackanory as we all know the way the fat fella works.

  • BillytheFish

    But he is only being offered £100m over 3 years!!!
    That is 6 transfer windows, which is £16.5m per window.
    Premier league Manager and Fans, Championship Club…….

    • Waxi

      Billy we know the TV money for the next three seasons is guaranteed so going on the 125 million we made this year the next three should be about the same. Over the next 6 windows that’s 62.5 million per window going on Cashley’s the club can have every penny it generates. The fact is we all know that is never going to happen. Rafa will be gone at the end of the season.

      • I reckon we have to do with 50-60m spend for the year. We are selling a player here and there, so that’s easily just the TV money (presumably the other half goes to salaries and facilities improvements). Half the the TV money plus 80% of sales generated is not bad.

        • Wezza

          The tv money goes straight into MASH Holdings.

  • A lovely sentiment but Rafa is at his peak and after all, would any of us commit to someone who, if reported accurately, leaves scope to doubt his word? NUFC needs Rafa more than Rafa needs NUFC. Ashley needs to remove his head from his derriere and back his most productive asset.

  • Leicester Mag

    Along with issue that with Ashley the contract means squat there is the more contentious issue of will the fans have his back? Did we Keegan?

  • Gary Linney

    Yep, like it! Rafa go ahead and make your move. Call the FLB’s bluff, he like a gamble anyhoo!
    We do actually have everything to gain and nowt to lose… wish we could lose the Fat Lyin’ Ba5tard tho’!

    • MichaelMaximusMoose

      He has 6 million reasons not to sign

      • Dillon Tovak

        Remember when half the goons on here were saying things along the lines of “I believe he (Ashley) will be gone by Christmas!”
        Haha gullible fools.

        • Kneebotherm8

          Which Christmas?………….Christmas ain’t coming early for us………..that’s a certainty……….

  • MichaelMaximusMoose

    Jesus Wept, if the money was there he`d sign.

  • relaxed

    Terry Parkinson are you thick ?

  • jack

    Ridiculous suggestion , he’d be mad , just like the article

  • glen miller


    • Dillon Tovak

      But he can hardly force Ashley to offer him that contract.

  • Samuel Brown

    That will show Ashley!!! Just back right down and do exactly what he wants!
    Personally I would not blame Rafa for leaving today, let a lone next year. He has a level of decorum far beyond any of the senior members of the club. He is a gentleman who gives everyone his respect and time, yet is not afforded the same by his seniors.
    Have the chat Rafa, demand you want to see Ashley, demand decent funding, if it’s not provided, then you have no alternative choice but to quit!

  • foggy

    Sign and still have a 6 million get out price. Rafa would stark raving mad to sign. Who on Earth would trust the FCB?

  • MP01

    Why tie his hands to £16.5mil each transfer window? With the ongoing TV money, coinciding with the “every penny the club generates” sentiment then surely in future transfer windows, Rafa should have more than a measly £16.5 mil??? – Another scam to hoodwink the fans and provide Ashley with a position of power and a reason not to back him in future transfer windows.

    The mere suggestion that they wont back him til he signs the contract as they don’t want him buying players a new manager might not want shows the exact position Mike Ashley and his bunch of thoughtless cronies when it comes to supporting Rafa.

    • I Think Therefore I Am, Will

      Aye, it does makes you thunk. Previous patsy, I’d say are his preference as the manager, I bet he’s not wanting Rafa to sign, as get another patsy in, and boy happy days again! Like the good old Pardy days 😉

  • East Durham Mag

    Does anyone but the most idiotic Fatty hoop lickers 🤪 actually believe that money will be given to spend if Rafa signs a new deal? Oh look there’s Satan ice skating to work.

  • Jate Legend

    It’d be constructive dismissal if Ashley said Rafa could have a fixed amount of cash if he signed and then withdrew on that obligation in the contract. So if it was simply ”sign the contract, you get the money”, I think Rafa would have already signed. There is an impasse which has to be that Ashley is not telling Rafa what money there is available until he signs the contract, and that there is no trust between the parties. Or, that the money Ashley has said is available to Rafa does not meet Rafa’s expectations in terms of being able to compete, so he’s simply going to run his contract down because he is not being given the tools that he feels he needs to do his job. If I signed a contract to manage a department at work, and they said I would have control over who I recruited, a salary budget to bring in the right people, and a set of expenses codes to enable me to deliver my plan, then I showed up and none of it was there, I would be able to quit, not pay any liabilities and sue in a tribunal for constructive dismissal and loss of earnings. Just because it’s a football club doesn’t make it any different.

  • ghostrider

    Wouldn’t it be great to be a fly on the wall where all this bickering/negotiations happen?
    I bet the perceived reality that many fans hang onto in terms of Hatred for Ashley and messiah type love for Rafa, is not as cut and dried accurate by any stretch.

    • Oval85

      You’ve probably been there many times under Mr. Fatso’s desk, you grease bag.

      • ghostrider

        Are you the Carlsberg ad man?

        • Oval85

          Nope, just a regular foreign newcastle supporter who has observed your comments over a couple of years now I think, and I’ve come to the conclusion that you are a complete moron, troll who tries to make as less stick against individuals as you can, while you at the same time try to trigger everyone and wind all against each other.

          Nobody believes or agrees with your puny attempts to make some moron a pro-Ashley, and still you manage to spew out this garbage every day.

          You must get one hell of bonus for X-mas ^^

          • I Think Therefore I Am, Will

            Or a troll on the payroll 🤑

          • ghostrider

            You do know that you have a choice to block me…right?
            If you give up that choice to block me and in fact reply to me in whichever way you feel…god bad or ugly, then you and anyone else like you, only have yourselves to blame if you get yourself so wound up over what you say, is a troll.
            If you decide you want to come back with ” yeah but I just like to see you make a fool of yourself and laugh at you”…or stuff like that….then carry on but just remember that you always have a choice not to read or reply.
            You are in charge of your own mind…make sure nobody else hitches a ride on it, because it can seriously fog your genuine thoughts.

          • Oval85

            It’s funny how you somehow in your deluded mind think that you somehow can make me look like a troll…

            And yeah, I do know I have a choice to block you, and I don’t give up on the choice…. no no no!
            I choose not to, since I prefer responding to your BS rather than ignoring it.

            You are a plague on this forum and you should deservedly be treated as so in the near future by ANY who wants Newcastle to grow like it should!

          • ghostrider

            Fair enough. Your choice is fine by me.
            Carry on.

          • Wezza

            It’s best to just block him mate, a couple of other users here found out he is a MUFC season ticket supporter who trolls here with his brother AND father. Quite a family oh and one of their wives left them. One can see why.

    • Toon Barmy

      I bet the perceived reality that some fans hang onto in terms of Hatred for Rafa and messiah type love for Ashley, is not as cut and dried accurate by any stretch.

      • ghostrider

        I wouldn’t know.

    • Angelswithdirtyfaces

      Well all we get from you is Rafa hatred.

      • ghostrider

        No hatred here.
        I’m not happy with Rafa;s ways but I don’t hate him and have no reason to.

        • Oval85

          But you looove Ashley…

          • ghostrider

            I admire him for what he’s done and I also give him stick for his mistakes and digs…but I certainly understand why he did what he did.

            Love is too strong a word but feel free to use it.

    • Damon Horner

      Not sure what your point is other than to squeeze out some support for Ashley. There may be 50 points of discussion and some of those might have some Ashley understanding but most fans back Rafa because they agree with his stance on the headline points. We don’t know the details so why judge on them?

      • ghostrider

        We all judge and jury on anything and everything…with or without facts.
        It’s the nature of the beast.

        One mans junk is another mans treasure.
        One mans hate is another mans like.

        That’s just the way it is.

        The only issue with any of it is when mass opinion becomes a truth over minority, whether there is any truth in that mass opinion….or not.

    • Mirandinha9

      Is Derek alright?

  • Paul Patterson

    Ashley doesn’t want Rafa to sign a new contract.

    • No, he wants to, but not on Rafa’s terms.

    • Atilla McNamee

      This may well be true. He may be trying to force him out so he can claim the £6m. It’s the sort of stunt he’s pulled many times since 2007

  • LA toon

    As everyone is aware of Ashley’s modus operandi, I would have thought Rafa would have negotiated a “get out” clause, specific to this scenario, in his contract. This then would have allowed him to walk away without a penalty. Players seem to be able to negoitiate a relegation clause, especially when signing for the Toon!

  • Ben Jones

    Take the hit Mike and sack him, we need a committed manager willing to sign and commit to the club. Asap so the new guy gets the funds Rafa is turning his nose up at

    • Jate Legend

      By the time we found another manager, the transfer window would be closed.

  • Foggy

    Contracts are meaningless these days and easily broken. Sign it Rafa, you can always walk away.

  • Atilla McNamee

    The problem is that even if he signs he knows he won’t be given anything to spend. He hasn’t over the past two years. Why should it be any different now? Not sure how you can speak for NUFC supporters in saying ‘we have your back either’….

  • Mark Bacon

    I cannot believe some of the comments below and this article! Idiocy abounds ! The reason Rafa won’t sign is because he has not been backed properly since joining newcastle and he knows he won’t be backed once he had signed. Rafa is an honest man who is trying you force Ashley to invest in our club. Which unfortunately is never going as he does not give a toss about the club!! Rafa may work another miracle and keep us up again this year but it’s only a matter of time till Ashley’s greed will take us down again once Rafa leaves and we have another puppet for a manager. Fair play to Rafa for showing once and for all what a pr1ck Ashley is, as he is prepared to withhold TV cash which is already available at the potential expense of us getting relegated again !!

  • Wezza

    ‘sign the contract, get the money’

    He won’t get money though even if he signs. Is this article written by a troll alias?

  • Damon Horner

    If Rafa feels like he has been let down already in a position of good faith he won’t stand in the same trap again. I can understand Ashley not merrily throwing money at a manager who looks set to leave in 10 months but it boils down to how much value his has attached to Rafa compared with his faith in a new manager, it works both ways too but I can’t see us being Rafa’s best offer.

  • T2

    I don’t think he’d sign it either way. I think he’ll see the last year out because it would hit him in the pocket to quit. Then next year he won’t have the issue of a release clause for another club to take into account. I think we’ve kept him this long because there hasn’t been any concrete offers for him and he can’t walk because of the clause. It’s all good sating he loves the club, but it’s financial reasons that have kept him here. He’ll be off next season, no doubt

  • FatParosite

    Would you sign a contract with a known liar? Get a grip man.

  • magpiefifer

    Why should Rafa sign a contract with a proven liar!?
    Would you!??
    There’s no way someone of Rafa’s intelligence,status and integrity will sign a piece of paper on the basis of a promise from such a snake in the grass!!!

  • Jonas

    I’d like Rafa to say and make it known that he’ll sign if the club/owner promises to try, like every other club and not waste its huge potential.
    then when he doesn’t sign it will out Ashley (for the benefit of the willingly ignorant) for the disgrace he is.

  • Down Under Mag

    It has been widely reported that Rafa’s current contract has a clause in it that prevents Rafa from leaving without either his new club or Rafa himself being forced to pay Ashley a large sum of money. I suspect that Ashley will want something similar to protect his investment and Rafa wants assurances that money will be available before he signs anything and wants his own clause that grants him a free escape should the owner reneg on his agreement as he has done in the past.

    Out of the two of them only one has something to prove, Ashley is the one who no-one trusts and needs to prove he is willing to match the managers ambition. Rafa isn’t even wanting to go on a silly spending spree with all of Ashley’s savings…he just wants to be able to compete…but Ashley knows this will create hope for the fans, expectations and unbalance his carefully developed web of cost cut running of the club.