Some Newcastle fans took comfort that whilst their club hadn’t spent much money so far in this transfer window, the likes of Fulham and a few others hadn’t either.

The last 48 hours have seen the Cottagers splash out £35m on two players from Nice, with midfielder Jean Michael Seri a stunning signing, the midfielder having been expected to join a Champions League level side in the Premier League.

Both Wolves and Cardiff have also had a net spend of some £25m+ so far, meanwhile Mike Ashley is currently sitting on a £6m profit so far, with only 27 days until the transfer deadline.

Not surprisingly everybody at Fulham is ecstatic with this week’s business and with Aleksandar Mitrovic expected to sign shortly, as well as other targets, they are showing great ambition under their Billionaire owner.

Meanwhile, speaking of billionaire owners…the story at Newcastle United yet again, appears to be that for major buys to be made, current players need to be sold first.

Quite rightly, Newcastle fans are asking why the likes of promoted clubs Cardiff, Wolves and Fulham can buy players without selling first, why can’t Rafa bring in his top targets, especially a striker?

As you can see by the comments from the Fulham sporting Director and the Fulham fans (see below), they are full of enthusiasm for the new season.

Compare this to Newcastle where we have a free transfer, a loan signing and £4m on a goalkeeper, with now Merino out for £10m leading to a profit at the minute on transfers.

Rafa Benitez has made some clever signings but the fact he hasn’t even been able to make an offer to buy Kenedy, tells you exactly how little e is being backed by Mike Ashley.

Fulham Director Tony Khan:

“I’m delighted to announce that Fulham Football Club has signed midfielder Jean Michaël Seri from Nice.

“Jean Michaël arrives with Premier League qualities as well as great promise for the future, which is why he has been at the very top of our target list for a long time.

“So, this is a big day for everyone associated with Fulham and working at Motspur Park, and I trust all Fulham supporters are collectively as thrilled and ecstatic as we are that Jean Michaël will be joining our squad as we return home to the Premier League!”

“I’m very pleased that we’ve agreed to a transfer for defender Maxime Le Marchand from Nice.

“Strengthening our squad is always a priority. In that spirit, we’ve done a lot of work on Maxime and believe that his skills and versatility will be valuable assets. Come on Fulham!”

Fulham fans comment via their top Fulham Web message board:

‘If I was Mitro – I’d put in a transfer request to come to Fulham. where else (apart from top 4 teams) he can get the services of Sess, Cairney and Seri! We might still bring in a top quality right wing player! Mitro will be looking for 15-20 goals next season.’

‘I am thrilled to bits with today’s two signings, with I am sure more to come.

Next week will be the confirmation that Aleksandar Mitrovic as another signing. Slavisa and Mr Khan mean business this time, and they will turn our little Fulham, into a club aiming for the top at last. Just watch this space.’

‘It will be shocking if we don’t finish top 8 in the prem. Fulham team looks quality + quality with more additions. What a midfield combo now, WHOOOO!!!!!!’

‘£30m for Seri and Max. £20m for Mitro. £10m for Piazon and Kalas. £15m for Taggart or equiv. If we spend a £100m (I would not be surprised if we did spend that) we will still have £30-35m for a keeper, right back and a striker.’

‘Hopefully, this new guy can slot in and complement Sessegnon. With Seri signed also, we are starting to look good. Hopefully, Mitrovic will be here soon. I am just wondering if players like Seri are working out that it is better to sign for smaller clubs like Fulham rather than sit on the bench at Chelsea and not knowing if one will have game time or not.’

‘Great signings and not even Friday, now let’s get Mitrovic. Come on you whites.’

‘World Cup, what World Cup? Forgotten it already!’

  • mentalman

    How many times have we seen a promoted team spend a fortune on new players and it not work and down they go.

    Brighton and Huddersfield had the right idea last season with a few key additions and then strengthen again in january

  • Paul Patterson

    That’s £31m more than we’ve spent so far. . 💰💰💰

    • Jezza

      In net terms it’s £41 million.

  • Wor Lass

    Don`t you just stand in awe of that great business brain commonly known as the fat scumbag? What a plan – make it abundantly clear to everyone concerned that Rafa HAS to sell in order to buy then sit back and watch the buying clubs haggle away at the price as the clock ticks down. It`s almost as though he doesn`t want us to buy anyone!

    • joe mac

      he dosnt!….he hates us!

      • Wor Lass

        Try to keep up, joe!

  • Billmag

    Normal club’s add to their squad to help them improve but this isn’t a normal club is it, never will be as long as fatty owns our club.

    • Wezza

      Spot on.

  • Big Hairy Man

    Fulham, like most clubs are ambitious. Mr. Blobby doesn’t do ambition. PL survival will suffice.

    • Kneebotherm8

      Always has…..and it always will…….fckn fat bstrd…..

    • Jezza

      He’s got ambition alright, only his ambition is for S****s D****t not NUFC. He just uses our club as a cash cow and free advertising vehicle to boost his core sweat shop business.

      • Geordiegiants

        And still the sheep will flock.

  • Wezza

    Says it all really. Outspent yet again. No ambition just a cash cow of a club for MA to make hundreds of millions off. Pure greed and now we’re in the pure spite era.

    • Jezza

      Give it a couple of years and we’ll be getting outspent by Blyth Spartans while Fatso pockets more money than ever from our club.

  • JonMag

    the Fat [email protected]@k down South should be hung by the balls along with his acolytes

    • SuperDesHamilton

      Need a canny thick rope

  • Mike

    I dont see any Cashley lovers out in force now…..hmmmmmm

  • SuperDesHamilton

    Ashley & his cronies have cultivated this myth about buying to sell & it’s stuck, yet Fulham can go blow £35 million on quality AND tie up their best player on a long term contract.

    They haven’t sold to buy either…

    Where’s all the folk that tongue punch Ashley’s fart box now defending him ?

  • Vodkamagpie

    Fulham haven’t spent money on transfers for years. They have a championship squad, earning championship wages. How many players have wolves released, 10?, because they were on championship wages. Much easier to release a player on low wages , than our colback saivet etc wages

    • True and we did offer Plea more than Gladbach, but some transfers are not about money. I am still confident we will sign 2-3 really good players before the window is over. Colback, Aarons, Mbemba, Saivet and Mitro will be sold/loaned soon which will let Rafa get more bodies in.

  • Monkseaton Magpies

    Not in the bit interested who Fulham and West Ham sign only us. So far we have got three players in for the season and will get more. One thing for sure is that we have a good all ready and it will be strengthened so stop moaning.

    • Mike Adam

      But those two know everything. Jezza says “The only transfers between now and the deadline will involve players being sold” so it must be true. Come on, I agree that the fat pig is sucking money out of our club and I dream of the day we may have an owner who cares about the club and the fans, but let’s not go overboard. You really believe that there will not be another incoming player? Take a deep breath and look forward to enjoying the new season!

      • Monkseaton Magpies

        Even then Rafa has asked the fans to stick together as he does not want protests or moaners. He gets on with his job and people on here should support the team.

  • Jezza

    This summer’s transfer window, as with most transfer windows over the past 11 years, was always going to be about profit for the fat pig. That’s all he’s interested in. Last summer we were going into the Premiership with a Championship squad so what we got was a very reluctant minimal transfer spend to ensure that Fatso’s huge free advertising vehicle for his core sweatshop business remained on the gravy train.

    Now having finished 10th when we only need to finish 17th there is no need to strengthen the squad and we can even afford to cash in on at least one of our top players as far as the pig is concerned. Therefore what we’ve got this summer is a £4 million keeper and a loan to retain most of what we finished last season with along with a 29 year old journeyman on a free transfer from a relegated club who has been brought in purely to push the S****s D****t brand in the Far East market. That’s your lot I’m afraid. The only transfers between now and the deadline will involve players being sold. Remember transfer windows are not for team strengthening they are for financial gain for the fat greedy pig who is destroying our club.

    • Geordiegiants

      Sure sounds like it Jezza, Rafa isn’t sounding very optimistic either is he?

    • Mark Davies

      There will definitley be more players coming in Jezza. Thats a given

      • Wezza

        I’m with Jezza on that one.
        Kenedy is the token loan signing to appease the fans. There won’t be any serious bids for anyone. Remember, the clubs message is that we are broke – the pushed that lying agenda by publishing the accounts late and very conveniently with the transfer window being opened.
        As for the 126M TV money. That is gone, it is the reason MA did not sell as he can make hundreds of millions a year.

        • Mark Davies

          Thats fair but all i mean is that there will be more signings and i do think we may break our record once mitro is away mext week. Time will tell but heres hoping theres a surprise around the corner. Id encourage noone to hold their breath though and my thought is only based on rafa still being there as if he knows there is a bit to spend

          • Wezza

            They’ve ran out of excuses so we will get nothing from the club, not even the couldn’t get them over the line excuse.

      • Jezza

        I’m really not so sure there will be to be truthful. If there are any new signings before the deadline I can absolutely guarantee that they will be loans or free transfers.

        • Mark Davies

          Im not so sure mate. I optimistically think the record will be broken. But im a daft eternal optimist haha

          • Vodkamagpie

            How can the fool jezza be absolutely certain no money will be spent, when Newcastle have spent over 50mil on average per season , over the last 4 seasons, it’s not logical, plain stupidity from a complete fool

          • Jezza

            I will guarantee that the only way any NUFC transfer record will br broken this summer is if some club pay more than £35 million for Jamaal Lascelles.

            Our outgoing transfer record will NEVER, repeat NEVER be broken while Fatso owns the club. Our transfer spending is getting ever smaller not bigger.

          • Mark Davies

            Jezza, we will see and in the politest way, I have never wanted anyone to be so wrong so much, although I think you be happy to be wrong on this occasion. Fingers crossed

          • Jezza

            Yes I’d love to be proven wrong but you’ve got to be realistic. There’s no point in giving yourself false hope, marra. Rafa knows the score. He knows Fatso is never going to give him transfer funds. That’s why he hasn’t signed a new contract.

          • Mark Davies

            Well probably rigt but its the blind hope that keeps me going. At 44 you’d think id learn one day. Live in the hooe somehow just somehow things change. Problem is ashley cant sell if there isnt a buyer and I think Staveley was just a stooge

        • Mike Adam

          We will mark your words, because you above anyone else knows!

  • Stephen Paylor

    6 million profit plus the Thauvin and Sissoko installments, Mitro out for 20 million, colback, saivet, sels too! Haidara, Gamez off the wage bill…. Happy days Mike, well played mate.

  • Pc07

    Well when Ashley doesn’t spend during this window and walks away with a profit, again! It’s important everyone continues to scrape together as much as they can to continue lining his pockets bt attendijg games and buying merchandise and then complain as much as possible that nothing ever changes despite the fans literally trying nothing

  • Mrkgw


  • Desree

    what is the plan with Ashley? Get one more year out of Rafa and safety. Then sell lascelles and any other players for a fat profit. Bring in a new coach on 1m a year no transfer budget and hope we can survive another season. 246m in tv money and 70m from player sales should generate some profit.

  • Graham Chapman

    Keep Mitro and Ritchie! Mitro coming off the bench to thunder in a header from a Ritchie cross. There is nothing to be gained by getting rid of them in the hope of signing a superstar striker, there aren’t many out there. In fact, I can’t think of anyone. With the current crop of stars getting old, who is coming through in world football? Whoever it was that spotted Andy Cole back in the day deserves a statue.